Blood 블러드 ep 16 recap Kdrama

blood, Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Sang, Ji Jin Hee, Ri Ta

Blood 블러드 episode 16 

Ji Sang accuses the Director of having such greed that he threw away his friends and mentor. In a delusional rage the Director shouts, “That’s right! I ordered their murder. It was me!”

Blood ep 16, recap kdrama, Director, vampire, Ji Sang, killed parents blood 16 recap kdrama, Ji Sang learns the Director killed his parents

In a frenzy, he continues to spit his outrageous and twisted reasoning that they were cowards and wrong, and he was the one who wanted to save the world. Ji Sang angrily shouts that saving the world by killing people is insane. The ugly truth about the Director’s intentions and murderous actions are revealed.  The Director coldly says he has no guilty conscience and that he was justified and right. Furthermore, he heartlessly says he’ll never regret it and that it was for Ji Sang’s pitiful self.  At that preposterous admission, Ji Sang lunges for his throat; the Director retaliates. He tells Ji Sang to kill him if he wants to. Does he think that will end things?

Ji Sang throws back that what the Director values more than his life – he will destroy that. What he sacrificed his entire life for, he promises to destroy. Ji Sang then asks if he killed Dr. Jung Han Su, too. It is nothing for the vampire Director to fully admit that the one who threw his chance away before his parents was Dr. Jung. With their fiercest vampire expressions, they retreat and assure one another this is not the end.

blood 16 recap, kdrama, Ji Sang apoligizesblood 16 recap, kdrama, Ga Yeon, vampire

Ri Ta gets a call from Ji Sang. He wanders the streets in a daze now that he got the Director to admit with his own mouth that he killed his parents. As he passes some guys, he bumps into one of them. They challenge him and tell him to apologize. They won’t let it go and are ready to rumble, but just then Ri Ta shows up. She tries to calm every one down. She apologizes for Ji Sang and asks them to forgive him because he is drunk. When one of them slaps Ri Ta’s phone out of her hand, Ji Sang moves in to fight. Ri Ta shakes her head no, and tells him to let it go. He stops himself and apologizes. They escape a brawl. She thanks him for holding back.

Ga Yeon asks Dr. Creepy if he really had to kill Byung Soo. He doesn’t like her and wonders how she became the Director’s student. He choke-holds her for being too nosy and asks, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” He lets her know that she will not get special treatment just because she is the Director’s favorite. It’s a warning, or perhaps more of a threat. Ga Yeon complains to the Director that killing Byung Soo was too much. He replies that it had to be done. Crushing a wine glass in his hand, he tells her he wants to forget past memories and not let them influence him.

blood 16, recap, kdrama, Ri Ta loses cell phone, Ji Sang, vampires blood 16, kdrama, recpa, Ji Sang misses parents, Ri Ta, vampires

Back at their house, Ji Sang, Hyun Woo, and Ri Ta discuss the patients’ side effects. Ri Ta realizes she lost her cell phone on the street when she picked up Ji Sang. That night, as Ji Sang rests on his bed, he confesses to Ri Ta that hearing from the Director that he killed his parents is taking its toll on him. Although he has been preparing his mind to accept the truth of his parents’ death, it is hard. She asks why he didn’t take the Director out, and he replies that he would have become a monster if he did that. She says he did good. He opens up and tells her that he only listened to his mother, but now he is listening to her. Beside his mom, she is the first person to make his heart feel something. As he dozes off she responds that today, he was more human than anyone out there. Not to mention cool and handsome. To the sleeping Ji Sang, she has a few words to say, as well. She has been afraid to depend on anyone since her parents died because they too, might disappear suddenly. That fearful emotion came back, but she likes it, that he means that much to her.

blood 16 recap, kdrama, Ri Ta confronts Uncle about illness he kept from herblood 16 recap, kdrama, Ri Ta, vampirs, Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun

In the morning, Ji Sang comments that Ri Ta looks like she hasn’t slept. She says she is okay, but has somewhere to go this morning. She stops by to speak with Uncle Chairman about his illness and the fact that he did not tell her about it. She scolds him for not letting the people close to him provide support and comfort. Instead, he relies on the Director who is developing drugs from malicious viruses for his own treatment. Uncle is harsh, and hurls hurtful words that she wants to inherit Taemin and have him die. Ri Ta is stunned. What does he think would be more important to her than him, she sadly asks. Money? The hospital? After his accusation, she can only ask what is important to him, then. “I don’t think it’s me.” She reminds him that it is hereditary and that she could get it any time, and he never thought to tell her that. It is a sad realization for Ri Ta, not just withholding his illness from her, but his real motivation, she suspects, is not on the up and up. Although he weakly adds that he was going to tell her at the right time, she will have none of it. “The time has come and gone. You can’t undo what has already been done.” Poor Ri Ta feels betrayed and alone.

blood 16 recap, kdrama, Ji Jin Hee, vampiresblood 16 recap, kdrama. Yoo Ri Ta, Aunt Choi

There is a police inquiry about missing person Suh Hye Ri. Dr. Creepy reports that an investigation was requested by Taemin’s New Drug Team 1. The Director tells Dr. Creepy not to continue injections for the time being. Surprisingly, Dr. Creepy strongly disagrees and encourages the Director not to veer from their path. The Director says he has his own plans. Dr. Creepy says they shouldn’t break their principles, but continue.  After all, he reminds him, they’ve stopped in the past like this. Where else and how long have these two vampire mafia worked together? Meanwhile, Aunt Choi continues her private investigation and discovers that Leader Suh left with her suitcase and drove to the Director’s apartment complex. Then the car returned three hours later but a man parked it. The car’s black box may reveal more.

As if facing Uncle wasn’t enough, now Ri Ta enters Aunt Choi’s office. She says she didn’t want to worry Ri Ta with Uncle’s illness and that’s why she kept it from her.  Ri Ta says Aunt has not taken care of Uncle in the best way. They know Uncle is being manipulated by the Director because of his illness. She should have told her so they could have protected Uncle. And about the hereditary illness, if she really was worried about her, then Aunt would have told her. “Don’t say it was for my own good. None of it was for my good,” Ri Ta says bitterly. She tells Aunt that she doesn’t understand her or Uncle. What are they up to, she wonders?

blood 16, recap, kdrama patients fight, Dr. Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampiresblood 16 kdrama, recap, Dr. Jung finds out the Director killed his father

It was only a matter of time before an infected patient brawl broke out. When the bandaged security guards block Dr. Park from entering Ward 21A, he simply holds his hand up for the countdown and they let him pass. Worthless dudes, take them off the payroll. Dr. Park tells the nurses to stop any injections by the New Drug Team in Ward 21A and let him know if anyone tries. Just then, a nurse runs in for help; two patients are fighting. The two male patients who have regularly received injections are very aggressive. They have to be pulled apart. Everyone is tense and scared.

Ri Ta’s day is filled with bold encounters. She faces the Director and tells him not to give her uncle any injections. The Director says it is too early to do so, but her point is that she doesn’t want Uncle to receive it at all. Period.  He tells her that she has no say in the matter and fears that she knows too much. Furthermore, his consideration of her was only because of the Chairman. She and Ji Sang are too close, but she answers back that he will protect her and take care of everything. That is most worrisome to the Director.

Dr. Park knows he must tell Dr. Jung about his father’s murder. He enters his lab and turns on his cell phone that recorded the Director’s grim admission. Dr. Jung is outraged and must be restrained by Dr. Park so as not to go after the Director. That won’t solve anything, he reminds Dr. Jung. When Dr. Choi enters, Dr. Park asks her to give them a few moments alone. She goes to Dr. Yoo and honestly lets her know that she feels the virus research team doesn’t trust her and is keeping information from her. It is ruining relationships, she tells Dr. Yoo.

blood 16 recap, kdrama, Ji Jin Heeblood 16 recap Uncle Chairman and Aunt Choi argue

Dr. Jung confronts the Director about his father. The Director  is openly cold about the whole thing – a murderer with absolutely no remorse. Rather than kill the Director, Dr. Jung states that doctors should fight like doctors, and  he will neutralize VBT-01 and turn everything back to his original state. (That makes me really happy to hear, I hope Dr. Jung leads the way and really can pull that off!) The Director tells him he hopes he doesn’t meet the same fate as his father, but Dr. Jung sternly replies that even if he leaves this world, it won’t be alone. Go, Dr. Jung. Go!

What is the relationship between Aunt Choi and Uncle Chairman? He is furious with her for knowing about his illness. He says no wonder she was so obedient to do what he asked her to do. She says she did it for his future. He angrily accuses her of planning for her future, not his. Will she reveal his sickness at a board meeting to his demise? She said she would have already done that, if it were true.  They’ve revealed their lowest suspicions of one another, and any trust that was there has badly eroded. (While I do think they were once a team and collaborated to do away with Ri Ta’s parents, I also think she has preserved his position, and as a result, her own as well, until the Director got involved.) He collapses on his desk and fumbles for his pills.

blood recap 16 Dr Park, Dr. Yoo, Dr. Jung discuss VBT-01 blood recap 16 Ga Yeon asks the Director to move Na Jung to a regular ward

Dr. Park storms into Dr. Creepy’s lab and orders him to stop the injections. Although he won’t take orders from Dr. Park, he slyly lets him know that the Director already asked him to stop the injections that morning. Dr. Park, Dr. Yoo, and Dr. Jung discuss why the Director would have ordered injections to stop for the time being. It can only mean something bad, and they intend to find out the reason. Ri Ta worries that the infected patients will be released from Ward 21A, and, although they are against what is going on there, they agree that keeping the patients isolated is the only way to prevent further, unwanted spread. It is a nightmare-ish dilemma.

Ga Yeon asks the Director to move Na Jung to a regular ward. She hasn’t been injected yet, and Ga Yeon doesn’t want her to be an experimental patient. The Director says he will think about it. It seems that he is buying time to decide what to do with Ga Yeon, who is becoming a pain in the neck to the Director.

The Director and Dr. Creepy are not on the same page. Against his orders not to inject patients, Dr. Creepy gets past the nurses and secretly injects Na Jung. He is serious about what he said to the Director earlier about not veering from their research and has taken matters into his own hands. Creepy Dr. Creepy.

blood 16 recap Ri Ta moves to her apartment, Ji Sang helps cleanblood 16, recap, kdrama, replacement phone, Ji Sang, Yoo Ri ta

Ri Ta is ready to move back to her apartment. Ji Sang is still worried, but he’ll ask Hyun Woo for security measures. She nonchalantly adds that he’ll come by every day, anyway, right? He slides a small, wrapped package her way. It’s a phone. Since it was his fault that she lost it, he replaced it. She likes how streamline and pretty it is. He says no biggie, he grabbed it in just a few minutes. Well, he admits, it took an hour to choose just the right one for her. She giggles. Such a cute exchange.

Uncle Chairman steps into Dr. Creepy’s office. After their conversation, he very slowly walks down the hall, hunched over. Dr. Creepy seems pleased with whatever transpired. I suspect Uncle has asked for injections against the Director’s unwillingness to let Uncle have them.

Hyun Woo has good news. He reports to Ji Sang that the virus contains an ingredient called hasopatoxin (of course, it’s rare, like everything other substance in this drama). It  strangely reacts to other compounds, which means if an infected is exposed to a particular reactionary compound, they will have an immediate reaction and start to cough due to an allergy-like trigger. Therefore, it is a way to determine who is infected by this reaction. Hyun Woo says he needs five days to get the substance; Ji Sang gives him two. Like a true scientist, Hyun Woo is up for the challenge.

The Director calls Uncle Chairman and wants to meet with him, but the Chairman is suddenly away for three days. The Director mulls this over. (Remember, when a person is injected they need a few days away. That’s why Leader Suh was heading out with the blood serum when she was caught, and stopped…for good.)

Ri Ta comes down the stairs holding her arm. Ji Sang stops her and asks her if something is wrong. Nothing, she replies, but he pulls up her sleeve to reveal a small band-aid. Is she sick and why did she have a blood test?  She says it is just part of her physical and nothing to worry about. Ji Sang notices she is not acting like herself and wants to talk. He tells her that, like him, she is a terrible liar. What is she hiding? They promised to tell each other everything. She doesn’t remember that conversation. He brushes over it, well, something like that.

Dr. Creepy and the Director discuss the findings of the others research which is more advanced than they realized. Not only is VTH-16 an antibody to VBT-01, it can transform an infected back to a human again. The Director recalls the words of Dr. Jung, that he will return things back to normal, again, if he is able. Dr. Creepy tells the Director that they must get their hands on all the resource material available (namely, Hyun Woo’s and Dr. Jung’s research).

blood kdrama, Ji Sang and Ri ta Kiss

Ri Ta downplays the blood test. But, when she says that everything around her changed in a second, that trust seems to have disappeared from those around her, she is despondent. Her heart is a big, empty room – a  room without windows. She doesn’t mind being sick, but burdening others scares her. Ji Sang realizes she has been comforting him all the while when she feels like an empty room. She sat on his cold bed and listened to him while she was having a hard time, too. Once, she him that his reasons for wanting to be human were vague. He tells her that he has a concrete reason: with a human heart and its warmth, he wants to love someone,  share time with that person, live eventfully with her. Finally, he can give her a reason as to why he wants to become human. While he might not be able to fill that empty room, at least he can be a small window, so the room won’t be dark. Ri Ta has something to say: she likes him, human or not. The warmth of his body was never that important to her. Gulp, so very sweet, VTH (vampire to human).

blood 16 kiss 2blood 16 recap, kdrama, Ji Sang, Ri Ta, kiss, Ahn Jae Hyun

Kiss scene: you’re welcome.

Back at the drawing board, Dr. Jung asks Dr. Choi what she sees on the computer screen. It’s a genuine eureka moment – a discovery too good to be true: the VTH-16 antibody is alive and at work!

blood 16 recap, kdrama, eurekablood ep 16 recap kdrama, Na Jung is injected

Ga Yeon runs into Dr. Park. He asks how she is handling Byung Soo’s death. She’s sad but managing. If she needs a bowl of soup, he tells her, he’ll eat with her, crawly creatures and all. Ga Yeon checks on Na Jung. She is not responding. A closer looks shows the unthinkable: telltale signs of having been injected have appeared. Ga Yeon confronts the Director. He didn’t promise to not inject Na Jung; after all, she is a test subject and has been from the beginning. He only said for the time being. She wants him to save Na Jung like he saved her, but he screams that it was enough to save her. She is getting under his skin, and he angrily choke-holds her to the wall. She is  letting her memories influence her emotions, and that is a weakness. Remember the feeling that you felt standing on that ledge, he warns her. She overhears him tell someone to do whatever is necessary to Hyun Woo to get what they want. Ga Yeon is drawing closer to the light and away from the darkness.

blood ep 16 recap kdrama, Ga Yeon and the Director

Ji Sang mops Ri Ta’s floor as she moves back in to her apartment. He gets a text that Hyun Woo is in danger from a private number. In a panic, he jumps in his car and speed home.

blood 16 recap kdrama, Ji Sang gets text that Hyun Woo is in dangerblood 16 recap, kdrama, Hyun Woo flips on lights

Hyun Woo and LUUVY  make ramen – basic, no egg. As he sits down to eat, LUUVY warns that there are intruders. Emergency! Emergency! The infrared vampire  detectors tell Hyun Woo that there are three of them. He is prepared. With his sunglasses and stun gun, he is ready to flash on the ultraviolet lights .

blood ep 16 LUUVY shuts eyes

Cutest thing: LUUVY shutting its eyes, too. Lights on! But the vamps came prepared with glasses and aren’t affected. While two take down Hyun Woo, the other steals files from the computer. Ji Sang arrives in time to face the vampire mafia hit men. Hyun Woo is in their clutches and cries out, “Ji Sang!” Sorry, boys, he won’t let this go.


blood ep 16 recap food

Like Hyun Woo, I’ m keeping it simple. A bowl of rice and snap peas with hot sauce.

  • Waiting all the way to episode 16 for the kiss at least provided the chance for Ji Sang to allow his feeling for Ri Ta to develop into something substantial. Ri Ta has softened, too, and let someone into her life. Especially after the bitterly disappointing encounters with selfish Uncle and what’s-she-up-to Aunt. I really do feel sorry for her. She lost her parents, Sister Sylvia, and now she finds out she never really even had and Uncle and Aunt who cared for her for the right reasons. I fear for when she finds out even more about their involvement with her parents’ death, which is bound to happen. She doesn’t deserve this.
  • So many secondary characters are falling by the wayside, and I don’t mean just by dying (there have been plenty of those). Where is Dr. Kiss-up Woo? How about undervalued Dr. Lee?
  • Don’t the vampires have other cool stuff going on than just sitting around waiting for their chain to be yanked by the Director? At least it is a tiny bit interesting having Dr. Creepy stand up to the Director. They seem to have more equal footing which makes me wonder who is he, anyway?
  • I love the unshakable fortitude of Dr. Jung. He seems like a real person.
  • The Director is bad through and through. He deserves no benefit of the doubt. None, whatsoever. He goes back, somehow, with Dr. Creepy and Uncle Chairman. They’ve been together before, and for what terrible reasons, we can only guess.
  • 4 more episodes – I hope there aren’t a lot of loose ends left dangling. They have to wrap up:
    • Uncle and Aunt’s stories
    • Leader Suh’s story ( because they couldn’t just let it go, it comes up in every episode)
    • what the vampire pack meeting was all about
    • the research and success of VTH-16 in eradicating VBT-01 and reversing the damage already done
    • the love story between Ri Ta and Ji Sang, of course
    • the puppy love between Dr. Choi and Hyun Woo
    • Have we seen everything LUUVY is capable of?
    • What happens to Na Jung now that she’s been infected
    •  Okay, I guess there will be more revealed about Dr. Creepy
    • Anything more about Kochenia? I wish more of the story occurred there, it seemed like such a cool vampire setting
    • I’m sure there’s more – feel free to add to the list

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5 thoughts on “Blood 블러드 ep 16 recap Kdrama

  1. Hello Cimi,
    Hope the simple meal is adequate for you.
    I am also gonna grab a few slices of chicken and rice…
    The kisses finally arrived. Ok it was nicely done in very sentimental and heartfelt way. Not in the grabby, hot and unexpected way like in most k-dramas…
    Is this the first on screen kiss for Ahn Jae Hyun? I read it took them three hours to film. I wouldn’t mind to be in Rita’s shoes…


  2. Hi Cimi

    1) I love how PJS spoke about we promise to tell each other everything to the bewildered Rita who doesn’t recall having that conversation….
    Hahaha. It’s pretty hilarious how he made that up and talking as if they were couples making promises to each other – commitment and the kind of thing that holds a romantic relationship together…Oh boy he has not even started anything with her officially…

    2) Oh there’s a very charming scene of him touching his lips recalling the Kiss, before bumping into Ga Yeon

    3) Ga Yeon seems to be wavering but it’s kind of a big contrast to her earlier schemes/actions – not blinking an eye when she swapped the pills and gunning down pjs…will she “betray” the man who saved her?

    4) I love how you came up with VTD – vampire to human

    5) Dr Jung shines in this episode. Fight DTD (doctor to doctor) and he won’t go down alone. Stand your ground.


    • I thought it was great that Ji Sang came up with the promise to each other and not Ri Ta. Something like that would usually be the other way around. I also liked that he got how she kept what was going on in her life to herself while watching over his needs. That was perceptive of him.

      The thing about Ga Yeon is that I don’t really care about her. The show is making Dr. Creepy the uber baaddie instead of her, which – as you pointed out, was not the case earlier with her. The biggest fault I find with this drama is that there are too many “others” in it – side stories that don’t really do enough for the plot and bog it down.


  3. Dear Cimi, I agree with you completely on
    – PJS initiating the “commitment”
    – PJS being perceptive
    It’s obvious now how much he cares for her and perhaps the moment (by the pool bench) she shared about the boy who rescued her, he may have felt something then….

    I also don’t really care about Ga Yeon and others too…yes totally agree. She was interesting when she appeared to be fighting for his attention but now not so…
    I get it that Ga Yeon cares about the little girl but the patients’ problems are getting too much screen time. Just like what you observed, I’d prefer they cut down on some parts….


  4. I forgot to mention this in the previous episode – there was a scene that Ga Yeon was telling Rita that she/PJS accidentally touched and she felt he was icy cold.
    Rita gave contrary remarks – some excuses… And I find her next remark to herself very funny – touch here, touch there, touch everywhere….
    Hahaha it was so obvious that she was jealous …


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