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Temperature of Love ep 17 – 18 recap - Episode 17 Jung Sun and Hyun Soo walk down the hallway of the hotel. He playfully holds up their clasped hands for the CCTV. This time he wants to leave evidence. Jung Woo drives home alone. He thinks back on the conversations he and Jung Sun had about dating, the time five years ago when […]
Temperature of Love ep 15 – 16 recap - Episode 15 Jung Woo wants to comfort Hyun Soo who has just quit as the writer for “Unruly Detectives,” but as he touches her cheek she brushes away his hand. “You’re drawing lines even in this situation,” he says with a tinge of disappointment. All right, he just wants to make sure she won’t regret […]
Temperature of Love ep 13 – 14 recap - Episode 13 It’s hard for Jung Sun to deal with his parents. He always thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. Looking back, he realizes that she always adjusted herself to his dad. His mother craves her son’s attention, but her behavior has turned him off from giving her affection a […]
Temperature of Love ep 11 – 12 recap - Episode 11 December 2012 With Hyun Soo in tears over realizing too late that the person she loves has slipped through her fingers, Jung Woo drives her home. What kind of situation is this? His plan to ask Hyun Soo to date him, no – stay by his side, couldn’t have gone worse. He was […]
Temperature of Love ep 9 – 10 recap - Episode 9 Filling in the story ~ 2012 Hong Ah learns that Hyun Soo has won the writer’s contest. Her jealousy rises to the surface. She calls Won Joon. She wants him to come to Seoul to hang out. He happily agrees. A few seconds late she calls him back and tells him he is […]
Temperature of Love ep 8 recap - 2017 Jung Woo has invested in the drama production industry just like he said. He arrives at the filming site after finding out about the disaster between the director and writer Hyun Soo and tries to smooth over the situation. But the director is unreasonable and shouts “Are you going to take her side?” “You […]
Temperature of Love ep 7 recap - Episode 7 Jung Sun calls Hyun Soo to share the good news about his internship with Alain Passard and wants to meet up. Hyun Soo wants to hide that she’s been crying and tells him not to pester her. But he shows up at her apartment anyway waving cheerfully. When she quotes an old idiom […]
Temperature of Love ep 5 – 6 recap - Episode 5 A look back at the night before reveals Jung Sun and Hyun Soo’s parting moments after spending the day in Beolgyo. Hyun Soo says goodnight and drops her keys as she fumbles to open the gate. She is flustered, not in a bad way, but happy and shy as she goes inside. Jung […]
Temperature of Love ep 3 – 4 recap - Jung Sun runs with Hyun Soo, but she doesn’t want to hold hands. He wonders why when she doesn’t even think of him as a man. He isn’t one to cling to someone who has rejected him he assures her. She tells him she likes that about  him. They are in the center of Yeouido […]
Temperature of Love ep 1 – 2 recap - Hi readers of cimiart and thank you for checking out my recaps of a new kdrama, Temperature of Love. Each episode is a short thirty minutes, so I plan on recapping two at a time. That’s four episodes a week – I hope I can keep up! Seo Hyun Jin has a long list of […]
My Father Is Strange recaps – behind the scenes -   As we bid a final farewell to the cast of My Father Is Strange – here are a few parting shots. We hate to see you go! Entertainment Weekly interviewed the cast at the filming of the last two episodes and at the after show cast party. With one last look at the highlights we […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 52 recap, Final - Aw, we’ve come to the end of My Father Is Strange, how will we part with such a wonderful family? As far as endings go, this one is tops! Thanks for following cimiart recaps for the past six months. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of what has become one of the more endearing kdramas […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 51 recap - Mi Young thinks she is going to surprise Joong Hee when he enters his apartment, but she is the one who gets the surprise of her life when his mother enters. With a look up and down his mother asks, “Who are you?” Joong Hee arrives a moment later and quickly assesses the situation, wincing […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 50 recap - Dad can’t believe that Lim Jong Hwa is willing to testify. It feels like a dream to him. He thanks Hye Young for all she has done to make this happen. But she warns Dad that this is only the beginning and they will have to see if a retrial is granted. If nothing else, […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 49 recap - “Jong Hwa?’ Dad asks twice. But the man in the hallway turns and leaves. “Let’s go,” Dad says to his family. Only Hye Young knows that it was, indeed, Mr. Lim Jong Hwa. Everyone waits for Dad and the others to return from court. They are all relieved at the probation sentence. Grandma is so […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 48 recap - Hye Young shows Mr. Lim the newest article mentioning Lee Yeon Seok. She tells him that’s her dad. Along with Byun Han Soo, the three men went to judo school together. Mr. Lim looks shocked. She continues that her father didn’t kill the student back then. She thinks he was the witness. Mr. Lim denies […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 47 recap - Mi Young runs to Dad’s side as he gets pelted with eggs by Joong Hee’s fans who have read the most recent article. Dad doesn’t want her to clean up or defend him. He understands how the fans must feel. The whole family is shocked when Dad walks in the house covered with garbage. They […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 46 recap - Joong Hee walks Mi Young home. “Sweet dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he says. But Mi Young walks inside without saying anything, leans against the wall, and cries so hard she can barely breathe. His words, “I love you, Mi Young,” are painful for her to hear right now. The next morning, Mi Young avoids […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 45 recap - Hye Young introduces herself to the police officer at the station as Byun Han Soo’s attorney. But Dad doesn’t want a lawyer, especially his daughter. He will face the investigation alone. He’ll tell the truth and receive the punishment he deserves. Mom has told the other children the whole story. To say they are shocked […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 44 recap - Mom finds Dad cleaning out the refrigerator at Father’s Snackshack in preparation for selling the business. He tells Mom to sit down, he has something to say – he will turn himself in tomorrow. Joong Hee left this morning and told him to leave things as they are. He didn’t want their children to suffer […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 43 recap - Mi Young is surprised at the food Dad has prepared. “When did you make all these?” she asks. Dad has packed a lunch for her and Joong Hee to take to work. He wonders if the fight and threats to sue between Joong Hee and Director Ryu got straightened out. Mi Young explains that the […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 42 recap - Joong Hee drops the bomb that he and Mi Young are not related. He explains that Mi Young’s father was his father’s best friend. His father died, and when he showed up, her father took him in like his real dad would have. He only found out this truth recently. “You’re not insane,” and he […]
My Father Is Strange episode extension - Here’s an article about KBS extending My Father Is Strange for two more episodes – yay! That will make the kdrama 52 episodes long, and somehow it is keeping my attention and the ratings are fabulous. Stayed tuned for the full 52 episode recaps here at cimiart! Check out the article at my favorite kdrama […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 41 recap - This is Mi Young’s episode. The drama started out with her story and it picks up again here in a way that addresses the issues she is up against and the struggles she faces. I’m on Mi Young’s side all the way ~ When Mi Young realizes what she’s said to Joong Hee, she is […]