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My Father Is Strange – ep 32 recap - Joong Hee returns home after the conversation with his psychiatrist ex-girlfriend. After listening to his issues, she told him that his feelings for Mi Young don’t make him a pervert or a lunatic. The fact is he knew her first, and then he met his father and discovered that she was his daughter. Having feelings […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 31 recap - Joong Hee looks at himself in the mirror with Mi Young’s kisses all over his face. It is more than awkward between them. Time for the shoot: Joong Hee gets compliments from the director for being in character, but they need to do one more take. He tells Mi Young to get the van washed, […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 30 recap - The family gathers to celebrate Jun Young’s happy exam news. Grandma is especially affectionate toward Jun Young. “I told you people should shine when the time is right. I knew he would pass this time,” she raves. Mom serves yellow corvina (fish) as a special treat. “We’ve set the date for Hye Young’s wedding,” Mom […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 29 recap - Spoiler: Finally, finally! Jun Young passed the civil exam! I would have had a royal fit if he failed again for the sixth time. But let’s begin at the beginning of this episode. Hye Young comes in the house and barely acknowledges her parents. Mom follows her into the kitchen and scolds her, but Hye […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 28 recap - Well, that didn’t last long and I’m actually disappointed. It’s a showdown of insults between the mothers and it is nasty from the get go. Landlady Oh wears an outrageous red fur coat in the heat, flaunting her money in a ridiculous way. Mom gets a makeover and a stylish cream suit and jewelry compliments […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 27 recap - Hye Young is loaded down with gifts for Landlady Oh’s household. She is as sweet as cotton candy to Jung Hwan’s parents, and Husband couldn’t be more impressed. Her special attention to Chico, the dog, completely wins him over. Hye Young has come to make amends with Landlady Oh and apologizes for her harsh behavior […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 26 recap - Landlady Oh goes around in circles but she always ends up in the same spot: her son can’t marry Hye Young. Yes she apologized, but she was mistreated by her. Jung Hwan reminds his mother that the situation was her fault in the first place. But Landlady Oh insists that, no matter what, she will […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 25 recap - “Let’s get married!” Hye Young suggests to Jung Hwan. “For a year.” “What do you mean for a year?” he wants to know. The truth is she doesn’t want to lose him, but she isn’t sure she is a good fit for marriage. What if she makes him unhappy? What if he regrets marrying her? […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 24 recap - Landlady Oh appears at the Byun’s front door. She asks to speak with Hye Young. Mom steps between them and tells Landlady Oh that if she has anything to say she can talk here or leave. Landlady Oh apologies for showing up unannounced and Mom and Hye Young realize something really must be wrong for […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 23 recap - Hye Young and Jung Hwan meet outside his office. Neither is doing well. Hye Young wonders why they have to break up. “Don’t you love me, Jung Kwan?” He tells her that he loves her. But he’s come to a realization: the truth is, he is too ordinary for her. He wants to marry someone […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 22 recap - First of all, a great BIG ♥thank you♥ to the  viewers and followers for the half million landmark at cimiart! I love our kdrama community that shares and enjoys watching and talking about dramas and k-entertainment. I am amazed at the level of international interest in kdramas and the many countries represented that visit cimiart. […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 21 recap - Jung Hwan stands before Mom and Dad apologizing profusely. Dad can’t believe he dared to show up! But, he gives Jung Hwan a chance to say what he came to say. The family nervously sits around the table. (Joong Hee stands back and watches from the hallway.) “I should have visited and asked for permission […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 20 recap - Mom has walked in on her daughter wearing a bathrobe in a man’s apartment. She yells uncontrollably at Mi Young while Jung Hwan tries to shield her from Mom’s blows. That’s bad enough without what comes next. Landlady Oh arrives, too, (having accidentally received photos of the lovebirds on her phone) and angrily forbids her […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 19 recap - Hye Young and Jung Hwan are caught by none other than Ra Young, who has texted her sister photos of them together as evidence. Hye Young calls Ra Young who is waiting around the corner. They have a sisters talk at a coffee shop. Ra Young demands, “What are you going to do when Mom […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 18 recap - Mi Young strongly protests against Jun Young and Yoo Joo living at home once they’re married. Joong Hee suddenly protests, too, saying that there are too many people living in the house already. But he knows the real reason why Mi Young doesn’t want Yoo Joo living with them. When Mom asks Mi Young why […]
My Father is Strange – ep 17 recap - Joong Hee’s arrival brings all sorts of surprises; not the least of which Mi Young is one of Dad’s children. “Are you his daughter?” Joong Hee asks the despondent Mi Young. Mom’s “what a coincidence” is the understatement of the year. The introductions to the family members bring mixed reactions; the siblings respond coolly to […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 16 recap - Even a calming pill won’t lessen the shock of Mom’s news. “Your dad has…another son.” The children want to know what she means. Mom explains that it happened before they married. Dad had no idea that the woman he dated had a son. He just found out, too. “Things like this only happen in dramas,” […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 15 recap - Mom is very upset at Dad for inviting Joong Hee to live with them without discussing it with her. There are so many issues that it raises and she can’t believe that Dad didn’t think things through. Dad says he understands but how can he ignore Han Soo’s son who thinks that he is his […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 14 recap - Joong Hee drops a bomb on Dad and tells him that he wants to live with him. Seeing Dad’s happy family together makes him want to join in. Dad readily agrees. Hye Young is upset that just about anything in life can be changed – except for one’s parents. She misses Jung Hwan; perhaps there […]
My Father is Strange – ep 13 recap - Yoo Joo is the guest of honor for dinner at the Byun house. Mom has made all of her favorite dishes and Yoo Joo can’t decide what to eat first. Mom is pleased. Grandma asks how they met. Flashback: Jun Young is supposed to pick up Mi Young. She attended her high school reunion and […]
“EVERY KOREAN LOVES MY FATHER IS STRANGE” -   Our fire-y kdrama couple, Hye Young and Jung Hwan, plus oldest brother, Jun Young, are guests on Happy Together. It’s really fun!  With ratings at 27.1% Jaeseok introduces this weekend drama with “Every Korean Loves My Father Is Strange!” Ryu Soo Young brought a cake he baked that morning to celebrate Happy Together’s 15th […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 12 recap - Mom and Hye Young stand at the police station against Landlady Oh and Jung Hwan over the accusation that Mom stole Landlady Oh’s ring. Hye Young realizes Landlady Oh is the building landlord (and also someone who caused her issues eight years ago). But no one else knows this relationship. Just then, a policeman notices […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 11 recap - “It’s Jun Young’s child,” Yoo Joo tells Mom and Dad.  They are stunned and speechless. She tells them that Jun Young can fill them in with the details. He has the sonogram. With a polite bow to her in-laws, Yoo Joo leaves. Mom and Dad sit speechless for a very long time as if all the wind […]
My Father is Strange – ep 10 recap - Joong Hee tells Dad that he is ready to listen to what he has to say. Dad apologizes that he didn’t’ recognize him at the restaurant. And he says that he’d like to be his father. But Joong Hee doesn’t want that from him. He points out that if it wasn’t for being drunk that […]