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My Father Is Strange – ep 16 recap - Even a calming pill won’t lessen the shock of Mom’s news. “Your dad has…another son.” The children want to know what she means. Mom explains that it happened before they married. Dad had no idea that the woman he dated had a son. He just found out, too. “Things like this only happen in dramas,” […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 15 recap - Mom is very upset at Dad for inviting Joong Hee to live with them without discussing it with her. There are so many issues that it raises and she can’t believe that Dad didn’t think things through. Dad says he understands but how can he ignore Han Soo’s son who thinks that he is his […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 14 recap - Joong Hee drops a bomb on Dad and tells him that he wants to live with him. Seeing Dad’s happy family together makes him want to join in. Dad readily agrees. Hye Young is upset that just about anything in life can be changed – except for one’s parents. She misses Jung Hwan; perhaps there […]
My Father is Strange – ep 13 recap - Yoo Joo is the guest of honor for dinner at the Byun house. Mom has made all of her favorite dishes and Yoo Joo can’t decide what to eat first. Mom is pleased. Grandma asks how they met. Flashback: Jun Young is supposed to pick up Mi Young. She attended her high school reunion and […]
“EVERY KOREAN LOVES MY FATHER IS STRANGE” -   Our fire-y kdrama couple, Hye Young and Jung Hwan, plus oldest brother, Jun Young, are guests on Happy Together. It’s really fun!  With ratings at 27.1% Jaeseok introduces this weekend drama with “Every Korean Loves My Father Is Strange!” Ryu Soo Young brought a cake he baked that morning to celebrate Happy Together’s 15th […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 12 recap - Mom and Hye Young stand at the police station against Landlady Oh and Jung Hwan over the accusation that Mom stole Landlady Oh’s ring. Hye Young realizes Landlady Oh is the building landlord (and also someone who caused her issues eight years ago). But no one else knows this relationship. Just then, a policeman notices […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 11 recap - “It’s Jun Young’s child,” Yoo Joo tells Mom and Dad.  They are stunned and speechless. She tells them that Jun Young can fill them in with the details. He has the sonogram. With a polite bow to her in-laws, Yoo Joo leaves. Mom and Dad sit speechless for a very long time as if all the wind […]
My Father is Strange – ep 10 recap - Joong Hee tells Dad that he is ready to listen to what he has to say. Dad apologizes that he didn’t’ recognize him at the restaurant. And he says that he’d like to be his father. But Joong Hee doesn’t want that from him. He points out that if it wasn’t for being drunk that […]
My Father Is Strange – episode 9 recap - Dad follows Joong Hee to his apartment door, but Joong Hee won’t let him in. “We have no need to talk. Therefore, don’t bother me anymore,” he tells Dad. Knocking and ringing the bell avails nothing. Dad finally leaves. Joong Hee’s only consolation is Al the turtle. The next day, Dad shows up again and […]
My Father is Strange – episode 8 recap - Mom opens a gift box and takes out a lovely designer bag. Inside the bag is a peach. She takes it out and it grows and grows ~ then she wakes up. “Could it mean that Jun Young will pass the exam?” she wonders. She tells the family about her dream at breakfast. Hye Young […]
My Father is Strange – ep 7 recap - Joong Hee is drunk and in Dad’s face. “I’m your son. Don’t you get it?” But Dad seems curiously unresponsive as if he doesn’t remember or what Joong Hee is saying isn’t familiar to him. Makes me think that Dad has had a traumatic experience that has affected his memory somehow (In light of the […]
My Father is Strange – episode 6 recap - Joong Hee musters up the courage to go to Father’s Snackshack. Dad welcomes him as a customer and asks, “Is it a go-go order?” Joong Hee can’t find any words to say. Dad brings him asks what he’d like to order. Joong Hee orders instant noodles. His brow is knit as he looks around at […]
My Father is Strange – episode 5 recap - Joong Hee wakes up with a nasty hangover. He looks around at the mess he’s made, and suddenly has a vague recollection of leaving a sloppy, pitiful message on Director Ryu’s voicemail. With typical hangover regret, he checks his phone and finds six missed calls from Director Ryu. He figures he is doomed. But Director […]
My Father Is Strange – episode 4 recap - Neither Mom nor Landlady Oh will back down on their stand over the lease renewal. Since Landlady Oh won’t accept their offer to pay the full rent increase, Mom threatens to sue. Mom has held her temper up until now but Landlady Oh has crossed the line. She is extremely upset that Landlady Oh doesn’t […]
My Father Is Strange recaps - My Father Is Strange recaps
My Father is Strange – episode 3 recap - Mi Young tries on her navy suit in preparation for her new job. Posting online as Judo Girl she asks: Someone who bullied me in high school is at the company I just got a job with. Shall I give up working there? But I don’t want to miss my hard-won chance. Responses: Just go […]
My Father is Strange – episode 2 recap - Jung Hwan and Hye Young end up as panel members on “Love and Battlefield,” a TV show that discusses various topics on love and marriage. Real people with real issues ask for advice. Seeing Hye Young face-to-face makes Jung Hwan relive their break up. The first topic is about a guy who fell for a […]
My Father Is Strange – episode 1 recap - Another Lee Joon kdrama, yay! I’m excited and ready to recap this weekend drama about a former boy band idol, his faltering acting career, and the family he gets involved with. Lee Joon was wonderful as In Sang in Heard it through the Grapevine (2015). Got my coffee, pastries, and feet up for episode 1 […]
A week’s worth of kdramas – week of February 18-24 - Hey there kdrama lovers! This week I watched a couple of kdramas, a k-movie, and plenty of k-entertainment. I mostly watch at night into the wee hours of the morning which is a great way to unwind and escape into kdramaland.  Check it out! Saturday Feb. 18 I Live Alone 193 We got a peek […]
A week’s worth of kdramas – week of February 11-17 - As far as kdramas go this week, I’m watching Defendant, Tomorrow With You, and retro Coffee Prince. I am definitely feeling a kdrama void since The Legend of the Blue Sea, Weightlifting Fairy, and Goblin ended. There are a couple of new k-variety shows (sneak peeks below) that I tried out in addition to the weekly […]
A week’s worth of kdramas – week of January 28-February 3 - Here are some highlights of what I am watching. This week’s trending theme: memory loss, either by erasing or amnesia. Saturday, January 28 The Legend of the Blue Sea final ep 20 I’m head over heels for Joon Jae (well, really for Lee Min Ho) when the walls come down from his emotional issues and […]
A week’s worth of kdramas – week of January 21-27 - Last week I putzed around watching a lot of variety show episodes and fewer kdramas, but this week I made a deliberate effort to watch The Legend of the Blue Sea, catch up with Goblin, and keep up with Missing Nine (which I am recapping), and Defendant. Saturday, January 21
A week’s worth of kdramas – week of January 14-20 - Saturday January 14 WGM (We Got Married) ep 356 I’m growing fonder of Choi Tae Joon, not necessarily because of WGM, but because I like him as a host on Hello, Counselor and he has a role in the new kdrama, Missing Nine. Tae Joon helps Bomi study for her driver’s license. She is positive […]
Missing Nine – ep 2 recap kdrama -   No Day But Today It is a complicated episode with scenes that take place after the crash, scenes that take place in the present where Bong Hee is back in Korea, and yet other scenes through Bong Hee’s story as her memory begins to come back in bits and pieces. Chairwoman Jo is persistent […]