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My Father Is Strange – ep 49 recap - “Jong Hwa?’ Dad asks twice. But the man in the hallway turns and leaves. “Let’s go,” Dad says to his family. Only Hye Young knows that it was, indeed, Mr. Lim Jong Hwa. Everyone waits for Dad and the others to return from court. They are all relieved at the probation sentence. Grandma is so […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 48 recap - Hye Young shows Mr. Lim the newest article mentioning Lee Yeon Seok. She tells him that’s her dad. Along with Byun Han Soo, the three men went to judo school together. Mr. Lim looks shocked. She continues that her father didn’t kill the student back then. She thinks he was the witness. Mr. Lim denies […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 47 recap - Mi Young runs to Dad’s side as he gets pelted with eggs by Joong Hee’s fans who have read the most recent article. Dad doesn’t want her to clean up or defend him. He understands how the fans must feel. The whole family is shocked when Dad walks in the house covered with garbage. They […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 46 recap - Joong Hee walks Mi Young home. “Sweet dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he says. But Mi Young walks inside without saying anything, leans against the wall, and cries so hard she can barely breathe. His words, “I love you, Mi Young,” are painful for her to hear right now. The next morning, Mi Young avoids […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 45 recap - Hye Young introduces herself to the police officer at the station as Byun Han Soo’s attorney. But Dad doesn’t want a lawyer, especially his daughter. He will face the investigation alone. He’ll tell the truth and receive the punishment he deserves. Mom has told the other children the whole story. To say they are shocked […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 44 recap - Mom finds Dad cleaning out the refrigerator at Father’s Snackshack in preparation for selling the business. He tells Mom to sit down, he has something to say – he will turn himself in tomorrow. Joong Hee left this morning and told him to leave things as they are. He didn’t want their children to suffer […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 43 recap - Mi Young is surprised at the food Dad has prepared. “When did you make all these?” she asks. Dad has packed a lunch for her and Joong Hee to take to work. He wonders if the fight and threats to sue between Joong Hee and Director Ryu got straightened out. Mi Young explains that the […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 42 recap - Joong Hee drops the bomb that he and Mi Young are not related. He explains that Mi Young’s father was his father’s best friend. His father died, and when he showed up, her father took him in like his real dad would have. He only found out this truth recently. “You’re not insane,” and he […]
My Father Is Strange episode extension - Here’s an article about KBS extending My Father Is Strange for two more episodes – yay! That will make the kdrama 52 episodes long, and somehow it is keeping my attention and the ratings are fabulous. Stayed tuned for the full 52 episode recaps here at cimiart! Check out the article at my favorite kdrama […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 41 recap - This is Mi Young’s episode. The drama started out with her story and it picks up again here in a way that addresses the issues she is up against and the struggles she faces. I’m on Mi Young’s side all the way ~ When Mi Young realizes what she’s said to Joong Hee, she is […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 40 recap - “Happy birthday, Abeoji,” says Joong Hee as he joins the family celebration. Grandma tells him to be sure to sleep at home even if he’s busy. To the rest of the family, Joong Hee is now Star Ahn. But Mom and Dad are stiff, not knowing what to do or what might happen with him […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 39 recap - Husband has fallen prey to lease fraud to the tune of $100,000. Hye Young’s law firm contacted her when he stopped in to consult with them. So when Jung Hwan and Hye Young confront him with the situation, he has no choice but to review his living options. He plans on going to a hotel […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 38 recap - Warning: be prepared with a box of tissues and a warm cloth to lay across your swollen eyes after this episode. Relationships are emotional that way so hold on to your seats for one turbulent roller coaster ride! Mom wakes Dad up from another nightmare. He is drenched in sweat and is bothered that Joong […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 37 recap - Oh no! It’s that episode. Husband hastily signs the consent form for Landlady Oh’s surgery even though she pleads with him to read it over carefully. The doctor says they will be down for her shortly. Landlady Oh is scared, but Husband is brusque and insensitive. Hye Young looks on with disdain toward Husband’s uncaring […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 36 recap - Joong Hee wonders how Dad could look so different now from the picture that his mother left with him of Dad when he was younger. He calls Dad to let him know that his mother returned to the States and to relay the message from her that she is sorry she came to their house […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 35 recap - Let me start out by saying that I like Joong Hee’s mother ! As Joong Hee watches from his car, his mother and Dad pass by without recognizing each other. Joong Hee wonders what’s going on. Ahn Soo Jin enters Father’s Snackshack and finds Mom sitting there. “Welcome,” Mom greets her, thinking she is a […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 34 recap - Hye Young is stunned at what she saw on the dash cam. When she returns to the house a chipper Landlady Oh wants to know if she cleared up the car issue. “Mother, Father, Jung Hwan. There is something you should see. Let’s go to the living room,” she calmly but firmly says. She pops […]
Korean Cooking - Look! I tried cooking some new dishes tonight and they weren’t too bad~in fact, the chicken was delicious! Of course, I’m eating while watching My Father Is Strange episode 34. I’ll recap it soon; look forward to it 🙂 Recipes from Koreatown cookbook ingredients for the Andong Jjimdak 안동찜닭 (sweet soy braised chicken) Eating a […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 33 recap - The Byun family is stunned at the information posted online about Ahn Joong Hee and his recently found father. Joong Hee gets a call from Mr. Kang who is very upset that this information has been leaked. That black and white picture is online, too. Who had access to that, and why did they leak […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 32 recap - Joong Hee returns home after the conversation with his psychiatrist ex-girlfriend. After listening to his issues, she told him that his feelings for Mi Young don’t make him a pervert or a lunatic. The fact is he knew her first, and then he met his father and discovered that she was his daughter. Having feelings […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 31 recap - Joong Hee looks at himself in the mirror with Mi Young’s kisses all over his face. It is more than awkward between them. Time for the shoot: Joong Hee gets compliments from the director for being in character, but they need to do one more take. He tells Mi Young to get the van washed, […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 30 recap - The family gathers to celebrate Jun Young’s happy exam news. Grandma is especially affectionate toward Jun Young. “I told you people should shine when the time is right. I knew he would pass this time,” she raves. Mom serves yellow corvina (fish) as a special treat. “We’ve set the date for Hye Young’s wedding,” Mom […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 29 recap - Spoiler: Finally, finally! Jun Young passed the civil exam! I would have had a royal fit if he failed again for the sixth time. But let’s begin at the beginning of this episode. Hye Young comes in the house and barely acknowledges her parents. Mom follows her into the kitchen and scolds her, but Hye […]
My Father Is Strange – ep 28 recap - Well, that didn’t last long and I’m actually disappointed. It’s a showdown of insults between the mothers and it is nasty from the get go. Landlady Oh wears an outrageous red fur coat in the heat, flaunting her money in a ridiculous way. Mom gets a makeover and a stylish cream suit and jewelry compliments […]