Blood블러드 ep 15 recap kdrama

blood poster Ahn Jae Hyun, vampires

Blood 블러드 episode 15

The Passive-Aggressive War

blood ep 15 kdrama recap Ji Sang, Ji Jin Hee, vampiresblood ep 15 recap kdrama Hyun Woo, Ji Sang, vampires, Ahn Jae Hyun

Ji Sang becomes more aggressive now that he knows what buttons to push. Poor J is a pawn in this game and takes another beating. In order to challenge the Director, Ji Sang leaves him with a choice to kill J to show he was their mutual enemy or, if he lets him live, reveal that he and J are connected. Ji Sang tells him to send him a picture of the dead vampire as proof. The Director can’t contain his anger at J and orders Chul Hoon to kill him. What will be his fate? It is such a lose-lose situation for our vampire boys.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama Ji Jin Hee, vampire blood ep 15 kdrama recap, Park Ji Sang and Yoo Ri Ta puts him to sleep

That night, Ji Sang lies awake on the couch. Ri Ta offers to let him sleep in the room (he has given her his room since her apartment is unsafe), but he won’t do that. She says she will return home, but he doesn’t think it is safe, yet. Ji Sang grabs her wrist as she gets up to leave and asks her to sit with him. He is unable to fall asleep. Just her presence is a comfort, that is enough. He falls asleep as she calmly strokes his hair.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama Dr. Park and the Director, vampires blood ep 15 recap kdrama, Dr Park Ji Sang counts down to the security

The next day, Dr. Park enters the Director’s office and informs him there might be a commotion today. Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo confidently enter ward 21A to draw blood samples. They draw blood from Na Jung, the young woman who is her roommate, and the liver cancer patient. No longer are they willing to sit back and do nothing.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama The Director is not happy that Dr Park and Dr Yoo took blood samples, vampires, vbt-01blood ep 15 recap Dr Park takes down security, Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampires

Dr. Park tells Ga Yeon to step out, this has nothing to do with her. She says that she is fine and stays. The security guards rumble down the hall to stop them. The Director tells Security not to let them get away. Security forms a blockade. Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo won’t back down. Dr. Park tells them they have until the count of five to let them pass or they will be looking at the clinic ceiling in pain. Security moves in and Dr. Park goes into action. Bam! One, two down. Bam, bam! Another bites the dust. And another. Wham! the big guy gets it good.  As he heads out he tells them they should have taken his word for it.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama, the director barges in the lab with ji Sang, Dr Jung, Dr yoo, Dr Choi blood ep 15 kdrama recap, Ji Sang and the Director talk, vampires, virus, vbt-01

Dr. Jung continues research on the virus in his lab. When his assistant, Dr. Choi enters, he hides it because she is not in the inner circle of completely knowing what is going on. Suddenly, Dr. Yoo rushes in with the blood samples from Ward 21A, while Dr. Park scuffles with more guards. Dr. Jung asks him if he will be okay for causing a ruckus. Dr. Yoo retorts that this won’t be settled by being a gentleman; they should have handled it this way from the beginning. Dr. Jung tests half the samples right away and hides the other half for Dr. Park to bring to Hyun Woo. Director Wook barges in and demands the blood, but Dr. Yoo says it is already being analyzed. He asks Dr. Park to step out and talk. He accuses him of using his supernatural strength to fight off the guards, but Dr. Park says he is quite the fighter with his usual skills. The Director wants him to stop butting in concerning Ward 21A , after all what good will it do for the other doctors to know about their virus? Dr. Park disagrees and won’t back down. The Director’s smooth talking is no longer working.

blood ep 15 vampire doctor, Dr. Jung, virus blood test, blood ep 15 recap kdrama, Dr. Choi cute face, vampires, Ri Ta, ji Sang living together

Aunt Choi continues her missing person search on Leader Suh. Ga Yeon thinks over what is going on – the patients who are in pain, the irrational behavior, the aggressive treatments, and seems uncertain as to where she stand. When the liver patient shoves his daughter in uncontrollable anger, Ga Yeon seems troubled.

Dr. Creepy Replacement insists Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi hand over the blood and the analysis. Just then, he receives a call from the Director and leaves. Dr. Choi reads the results and is stunned. So, the vampire virus is a real thing? Dr. Yoo tells her she saw the results herself, didn’t she?  VBT-01 causes one to become a vampire for real? Now that Dr. Choi knows, she must keep the information a secret.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama, Ga Yeon, the Director, vampires blood ep 15 recap kdrama vampires gather at bonfire

Ga Yeon and Dr. Creepy discuss the patients’ behavior in the hall. She asks if he is injecting them with round three of the virus. He tells her to back off, just because she is the Director’s pet doesn’t mean he has to treat her the same. Who is this guy, anyhoot? Ga Yeon goes to the Director and asks if Na Jung, the child with cancer, is receiving experimental injections. The Director says she is not, but warns her that she is asking too many questions and should not become his weakness or it could be fatal. She apologizes and leaves. He seems bothered that she is suddenly so nosy.

It’s a vampire pack meeting! Dozens of vampires gather around a bonfire. Among them are J and Chul Hoon. A doctor, but we aren’t sure who, has ordered them to gather. He tells Chul Hoon to make sure they all inject themselves to hide their true form. Did someone remember the marshmallows?

blood ep 15 kdrama recap, flower scene, rita, ji sang blood ep 15, recap, kdrama,  Ji Sang and Ri Ta, flowers

Ji Sang, Ri Ta, and Hyun Woo review the analysis on the smuggled blood samples. (LUUVY rolls past with bags of trash. Pfftt.) There are dangerous reactions that could occur. It is only a matter of time. Ji Sang and Ri Ta take an evening stroll. They come upon a cute couple playing in the park flowers. Ri Ta wants to try it too, for fun. Ji Sang totally doesn’t play along. When she hides in the flowers and calls out, she tells him to pretend. He says how can he when there is a talking flower? Cutest thing he’s ever said. He straightens her cold fingers by intertwining his with hers. Very sweet, a moment of lightheartedness they both can use. At his house, he uses the tiniest lint brush on the floor to clean up her hair. Ri Ta asks him if he has dated. He is silent for a long time. He attempts to logically explain the difficulty in controlling feelings and reactions for an infected. But the truth is, there are times when he should control those feelings, and perhaps times when he should let his feelings control him. It is an uncomfortable moment in some ways, but their feelings for each other, shouldn’t they not suppress them? A test hug confirms that it is real and a good thing.

blood ep 15 recap kdrama, Ji Sang and Ri Ta hold handsblood ep 15 recap, kdrama,  Ji Sang hugs Ri Ta, vampire,

Dr. Creepy seems to be under the weather. He takes his temperature: it’s low. Time to inject the make-me-more-human-like blood serum. He closes the office blinds, but as intern Byung Soo passes by hears groans and peeks in. What he witnesses is a vampire transformation: claws, eyes, fangs. The shock is too much for him as he staggers down the hall. He stops to catch his breath when Dr. Creepy strangle holds his neck and kills him. Clearly, stumbling upon vampire secrets is hazardous to one’s health. He covers up the death by hanging Byung Soo from the ceiling where Intern #2 unsuspectingly discovers his body. Director Wook is extremely upset that Dr. Creepy made such a big mistake and beats him up. At the scene of the crime in the hospital, Dr. Park slightly senses an infected and guesses that the intern must have learned a secret and was killed. Insulted by the Director’s harsh reprimand, Dr. Creepy licks his wounds and laugh hysterically; he seems to have an agenda separate from the Director (who is rapidly running out of trustworthy infected minions).

blood ep 15 dr is sick blood ep 15 recap kdrama,  intern killed by vampire

Hyun Woo took the words right out of my mouth: there is too much going on at once – it is hard to know what to think. Ri Ta comes up with the idea that maybe there is a way to detect the body temperature compound in an infected. Hyun Woo is impressed and wonders why he didn’t think of that.

blood ep 15 Hyun Woo, vampires. recap, kdramablood ep 15 Chairman and Director argue over treatment

The Director reports the sad news to Uncle Chairman and Aunt Choi that intern Byung Soo committed suicide. They prepare for Taemin PR damage control. Aunt Choi is told she can leave. Uncle Chairman asks the Director if he can begin taking the injections. He is willing to be a subject even if the compound isn’t perfected. The Director tells him that’s not possible. Uncle gets very upset and throws out that he is the one funding all this. Director calms him down and asks him not to become foolish is his desperation. Concerned that Uncle may go directly to Dr. Creepy, the Director stops by the lab and tells him not to give Uncle injections if he happens to ask. Dr. Creepy smiles and says he understands what he is saying.

blood ep 15 Yoo Ri Ta meets the Chairman's doctor, kdrama recapblood ep 15 Ri Ta meets with Uncle doctor, rare diseas, hereditary, incurable, kdrama, recap

The scoop on Uncle Chairman is out. Ri Ta happens to run into Uncle’s doctor (who is from another hospital).  She lightly asks about her Uncle. When the doctor asks if Aunt Choi has told her everything, Ri Ta is puzzled. The doctor realizes Ri Ta has not been told about her Uncle’s health condition. When Ri Ta fishes for information indirectly, Aunt Choi continues to hide Uncle’s condition from her. She realizes something is not right and is bothered that Aunt (and Uncle) have kept something very serious from her. Uncle’s doctor tells her that his condition is rare, incurable, and hereditary. While Ri Ta’s father did not have it, she still has a 50/50 chance of getting it. She is very upset with Uncle and Aunt for not telling her a thing all this time. Was it really so that she wouldn’t worry, or…?

blood ep 15 Director, the bomb, antibody, Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampiresblood recap kdrama ep 15 Ji sang

Dr. Jung and Dr. Park decide it is time to provoke Director Wook with something more aggressive. He receives a CD marked Bomb. What Director Wook sees is a powerfully aggressive antibody to VBt-01. He calls Ji Sang and tells him to stop by so they can discuss the research development. The Director acts cool about the antibody that Ji Sang has at his fingertips. So, the antibody that eats everything it touches, what is it called? It’s name is VTH-16, vampire to human, Ji Sang tells him. I like aggressive, unafraid Ji Sang. The Director says, fine – but he doesn’t think he’ll be needing it. Ji Sang comments that if he had worked with his parents and Dr Jung back then, he would have gotten much further and with good results. Ji Sang eggs him on: but instead he wanted the virus research for himself. He wanted recognition and when he didn’t get it, he acted recklessly. The Director’s ire is up and begins to spew out hateful words: that his parents were wrong and cowards. They wouldn’t listen to him, and he was the one who was right. They could have all been powerful, but they wanted to take a weak direction and ruined everything. With the intent of getting the Director to admit it with his own mouth, Ji Sang continues to belittle and confront the Director about his motives versus his parents’.

“Is that why you killed them?” he asks. An agitated Director shouts, That’s right, I ordered them to be killed.”

blood 15 recap kdrama DIrector wook admits he killed Ji Sang parents



I was hungry: beef and broccoli stir fry for dinner.

  • Is there anyone who is solidly on the Director’s side? I can’t think of a single one (other than unsuspecting Chairman Yoo). Ga Yeon is wavering with her questions to the Director and the way she stood up to Dr. Creepy. It seems like the girls in Ward 21A have grown on her. I wonder if she sees herself in the 25-year old female patient who is receiving experimental injections.
  • Everyone who is infected is pretty much out of control: the Director, Dr. Creepy, J and Chul Hoon, and several patients. Ga Yeon must take regular doses of serum and the fact that she isn’t driven like the other infected keeps her more or less level-headed. Even Ji Sang, who works hard to control any side effects, has had outbursts, too.
  • Why am I cheering for the renegade vampire pack? The doctor on the other end of the phone who gave the instructions must be Dr. Creepy. That doesn’t make me happy, but still, those who were purposefully infected by the Director for the cause of creating a superior being society were victims. You know, we have to consider that Ga Yeon falls in that category, too, and appears to be weighing what she does blindly for Director Wook against her own convictions. He won’t be happy about that.
  • I love aggressive Ji Sang. He has lost his fear and is coming into his own understanding of the battle and how he wants to fight it. The solid group that has formed – Ji Sang, Hyun Woo, Ri Ta, Dr. Jung, and Dr. Choi – I like them individually as much as I like them together.
  • VTB-16 (vampire to human 16th formula) – must be the continuation of Ji Sang’s parents and Dr. Jung Han Su’s work. Remember when Hyun Soo reminded Ji Sang that they closed the research because the antibody killed everything? So, the new good guys team must be continuing to improve on the formula that Ji Sang’s mother began.
  •  Well, at least we got a hand-holding scene and a hug with Ji Sang and Ri Ta. Better than nothing.
  • Any guesses if anyone else is going to die, and if so, who? (No spoilers, please.)

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10 thoughts on “Blood블러드 ep 15 recap kdrama

  1. Hai Cimi, thanks for a fast recap, i barely finished reading ep 14 recap and bam, ep 15 is online already.

    Seriously, your meals is making me hungry 🙂

    I love aggresive Ji Sang as well, it’s really fun when he’s being all condescending and kicked butts as well. The fight scene in ward 21A was also pleasing to the eye. That last scene between Ji Sang and Director evil was really good. Him goading the Director cleverly until the Director slipped and admit the horrible truth. Hurray for AJH, his acting has really improved, the scene was intense with both him and JJH on equal platform.

    I kinda pity Director Wook, Ji Sang and Rita has been giving him attitude at work, dont think that would have gone without consequences in the real world. But then again, one of those two is a star surgeon and the other is the hospital heiress, so maybe they would have got away with it in the real world hahaha.

    Poor Director Wook is also surrounded by conflicting people, first compulsive J and Chul Hoon is always ready to defend his subordinates. I dont like the look of Dr Creepy and him pushing for Na Jung to be vaccinated with the serum doesnt sit well with me and Ga Yeon. Noticed i used her name Ga Yeon? I kinda like her now. I dont think Ga Yeon would take it too kindly if the Director gives Dr Creepy the go ahead to use the serum on Na Jung. Especially after he promised Ga Yeon he would not do so. Dr Creepy is looking very fishy with him smiling all the time, like he has something up his sleeves. Why would you take the serum in your lab, you know it’s going to be painful and have you moaning and emitting weird noises. Go do it in your house, you do have a house dont you Dr Creepy? Poor Byung Soo. At least we get to know his name from that hehehe.

    Rita and her uncle chairman and aunt choi dilemma. Something’s going to happen between those three and it doesnt look good.

    As always, we are treated to sweet and cute moments between Rita and Ji Sang. I like it a lot. Him telling her to stay until he sleeps, the hand straightening scene and finally the confession scene. I burst out laughing looking at Ji Sang cleaning the floor of his room but then i was quickly subdued by their sweet exchanges. He finally confess his feelings for her that he likes her as a woman, isnt that what that scene was?


    • Hi JanuaryBlues,

      I guess I have no charitable feelings for the Director because of his screwy mindset that is bent on creating superior beings like himself (and preserving himself and his interests) to the detriment of others. He dispenses of people right and left, from Ji Sang’s parents to Leader Suh, to the unsuspecting patients in the death ward (not to mention all the attempts of near-deaths for the same reason). It’s the age-old good versus evil theme.

      I also reverted to Ga Yeon, as she seems to realize she is being used against her will, which she may never have had to question before. Something dawned on me: remember when she applied and Dr. Park hired her? What if he didn’t like her and they hired one of the other interviewees, instead? How is it that she, an infected, was hired as planned when it was actually a random decision on Ji Sang’s part?

      The confession was sweet and hard for him to do, but he did it. Way to go, Ji Sang~


      • Hai Cimi,

        Someone pointed out that during the interview Ga Yeon mentioned her late mother which i think caught Ji Sang’s attention since he too lost his mother.

        As for the Director, i am not agreeing with his objective or the way he goes about trying to achieve it, not at all. I am simply sympathizing with him as someone who is trying to complete his work, achieve his objective etc but is being hindered by the people around him. There will always be people at work or at school who will be giving you attitude because they are or think that they are hotshots, people who does not contribute because they are indecisive or non committed and people who will back stab you without blinking because they want to further their own cause. Of course, what it is that is to be completed is no where near the evil or bad territory like what the Director is doing. I just feel for him in that way.

        I am still vague about the Director’s obsession with Ji Sang. In the first few episodes Hyun Woo mentioned that whoever uploaded the Kochenia gravesite pictures on Taemin’s database obviously did so to lure them to Korea. It was obvious it was the Director who did so. But why did he lured Ji Sang there? My understanding is that he wants Ji Sang to join his research but in what capacity? Does he want Ji Sang to contribute his and whatever his parents findings are to the research or does he want to use Ji Sang as a test subject or does he have any other purpose for Ji Sang? Whatever he intended is now out the window because Ji Sang had caught on to his evil intention.

        Must also mentioned how ineffective the Director’s plan is, how could he not research thoroughly about the people at Taemin, like Dr Jung. How can he not know Dr Jung father was his mentor? How can he not know there’s an online article with his pic and the research buddies he killed off floating around on the web? Why didnt he hired an IT genius like Hyun Woo? Tsk, Tsk, i guess he really deserved to fail.


      • Originally, he wanted the only child of two infected. But, that seems to have gone by the wayside. The whole experimentation and injecting patients with the virus is unclear. Director Wook considers infected superior beings, but what for?


  2. Hi Cimi, January,

    1) Dr wook doesn’t seem to know a lot of things; the past between Rita and Ji Sang and the Dr Jung, son of his former late mentor …

    2) I guess it was a general interview for a few short listed candidates to be placed under respective heads of departments. I supposed Ga Yeon was “coached” much earlier to mention her late mom and positioned her as an underdog to buy Dr Ji Sang’s sympathies. Assuming nobody wanted to hire her, Dr wook can still hire her as a general doctor..


  3. Hi January,
    Yeah you are right about that oversight… Dr wook should have scanned thoroughly on the web for his pics which would give away his odd youthful appearance …
    Maybe he was careless coz nobody bothered him for the past 30-40 years…


  4. Hi cimi,
    Finally Ji sang made some moves… Took him forever and I had to google pituitary gland and whatever tocyn tocyn … Just to be sure hahahahh … What a sad boy. Never dated before tsk tsk tsk….

    Ah yeah I like talking flower.. He can be pretty corny. That’s his best line after Paris Hilton, Golum.. She probably didn’t see that coming.

    What I like about Ji sang is that his eyes smile … And I think Rita is very sweet when she relaxed and smiled at the surprise hug.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi cimi, January,
    I think the virus corrupted Dr Wook. The playback scenes of him visiting young ga Yeon revealed him as a kind and caring doctor…
    Bit by bit the virus had overtaken his good and humane traits. It’s such a pity coz he would have been a good and accomplished doctor if he had not come across this powerful virus.
    He tried to suppress the humane side of him thinking it will thwart a greater good for mankind, interpreting that as a weakness. But with that resolution, he is perpetuating more evil which may lead to extinction of man.


    • Hi Lyndie,
      You would be surprised at how many people still check out the Blood recaps daily, perhaps it is delayed showing in other countries? In any case, you are not alone in watching the very much loved kdrama, Blood. And, the last few episodes get better, so be prepared to love it a lot. Good for you for sticking it out. Do you know what you might watch after Blood? I am recapping a current kdrama, My Beautiful Bride, which has an pretty amazing lead, Kim Do Hyung, whose UDT (underwater demolition team) Marine background makes for some fabulous fight scenes when he is provoked by loan sharks and other annoying lowlifes. But, there are SO MANY good kdramas to choose from that I am sure you wont’ have any trouble finding a replacement after Blood. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your love for kdramas at cimiart. Let us know how you like the ending, too. Fighting! \/


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