블러드 Blood ep 17 recap kdrama

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Blood 블러드 episode 17

blood ep 17 Ji Sang saves Hyun Woo, vampire, kdrama, recapblood ep 17 recap, kdrama, Hyun Woo, Ji Sang, Red Sun, vampire, luuvy

Ji Sang races to the house after receiving an anonymous text that Hyun Woo is in danger. Three vampires have come to steal VTH-16 computer files and hurt Hyun Woo. In a vamp rage Ji Sang attacks two of them, but the third escapes with the flash drive. Hyun Woo goes to take his best shot with a stun gun, but it sticks. Yikes!  LUUVY flashes red sun* and distracts the intruder in time to allow Hyun Woo to take a shot – bull’s eye. He tosses a syringe to Ji Sang who successfully subdues the other one.

Ga Yeon calls Ji Sang to ask about a patient, but really she just wants to know if Hyun Woo is okay. When she hears his voice in the background, she is relieved. Mission accomplished. Back at the vampire cave, Director Wook actually seems pensive when he tells Chul Hoon that no one could guess that Dr. Creepy would suddenly come back home. They obviously share a past, and it is a good guess that he has enough power to worry the Director and possibly throw a wrench into the works.

blood 17 recap, kdrama, Hyun Woo thanks LUUVY blood 17 recap, kdrama, hyun woo, Ri Ta, Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun, vampires

Aw, wuvvies for LUUVY from Father, Hyun Woo. He earned his weight in scrap metal for saving his life. Ri Ta walks in to see two bodies the floor.  Are those infected, she asks? Hyun Woo explains they came to steal data and one got away. When she asks if the Director now has control of VTB-16, Hyun Woo snickers. What they stole was a fake file, a decoy. The research was safely stored in anticipation of the bad guys hunting it down. Ji Sang calls the Director and asks if he received the goods, although he shouldn’t have taken it so aggressively like that. The Director says they don’t have anything to hide from each other. Ji Sang thinks otherwise. Killing people, he replies, is a practice the Director can keep himself. The Director is done with small talk. He tells Ji Sang he fails to realize the most important thing: whenever he wants he can get rid of the people who mean the most to him. Yoo Ri Ta has only been safe out of courtesy for the Chairman, but no longer. If anything bad happens, Ji Sang warns, he will have to be prepared, too. The Director says that is in his hands. So cold and calculated. But, the Director adds, there is good news. He will notify Ji Sang of the time and place tomorrow and deliver it to him. Hyun Woo comments that he is a master at baiting people.

blood 17 recap kdrama, Director Lee threatens Ji Sang's friends, Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Jin Hee blood 17 recap kdrama, Ri Ta gives Ji Sang a kiss

Ji Sang is worried and tells Ri Ta to stick with her regular hospital duties. No worries, she responds, she and Eun Soo went to a fortune-teller who told her that she is supposed to live a long life and will get married within a year. She is not afraid to be by his side and to protect the hospital, so he shouldn’t worry. She pecks him on the cheek; he smiles shyly.

blood 17 recap kdrama, killer of the century blood 17 recap kdrama, the chairman takes the vaccine

Ga Yeon’s suspicions about Dr. Creepy grow, and she presses Chul Hoon for a lead. A little research reveals his true identity: Joo In Ho is really a biochemist with a dark record. An old headline reads: The Killer of the Century Who Showed No Remorse. A death row inmate – dun dah dun dun dah!! In a daring and dangerous move, she confronts him and he seems taken aback when she greets him as Mr. Victor Hansen.

A flashback confirms that Uncle Chairman asked Dr. Creepy for the vaccine and he happily obliged.  Aunt Choi continues to beat a dead horse by tracking down Leader Suh’s last steps.

The Great and Evil  Set-Up

blood recap ep 17 Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun blood recap 17, Ji Sang and the Director argue

Ji Sang and the Director meet for the “good news.” He projects a live camera shot Na Jung and Ji Sang realizes she is infected, too. The Director tells Ji Sang he plans to release the patients. What? Why? It makes no sense. It is because he couldn’t eliminate the side effects. His attitude is cold, as if to shrug and say, “Oh well. too bad.” At this point, he doesn’t see a reason to continue the research. Ward 21A patients were guinea pigs, and now that the Director didn’t get the results he wanted he is ready to dispose of them just like that. Unless, he baits Ji Sang, someone does something about it. After all, he chides, if he (the Director) had VTH-16, he’d probably experiment to see if it could eliminate the side effects. But, he doesn’t have the vaccine – Ji Sang has it – and what can he do? Ji Sang asks if he is saying he should use the vaccine to continue the Director’s experimentation for him. The Director says not in so many words, but Ji Sang could try it if he wanted to help the patients.

blood 17 recap kdrama, Ahn Jae Hyun, Dr Park

Ji Sang understands perfectly that this is blackmail: the Director has set up an unthinkable situation where he used patients and now is willing to dispose of them because things went wrong. Ji Sang, who has the vaccine the Director wants in his own hands, is faced with the dilemma of trying to fix the disastrous experimentation and fatal side effects of VBT-01 by using VTH-16. That means he is doing what the Director wanted all along. If he doesn’t cooperate, the patients will be released to infect others and, ultimately, die a painful death. It is a recipe for chaos, and the Director is quite pleased. Evil, monstrous, mad scientist Lee Jae Wook has done his dirty deed. As if to throw him one last bone, he tells Ji Sang that if the five of them (Hyun Woo, Ri Ta, Dr. Choi, Dr. Jung, and Ji Sang) come up with something amazing, he promises to guarantee their lives. Rat scum.

blood 17 recap, kdrama Dr. Jung, Ri Ta, Ji Sangblood 17 ward 21A chaos, vampires, Ahn Jae-Hyun

Ji Sang reports the bad “good news” to the team. Dr. Jung is outraged. He and Ri Ta agree they cannot do what the Director wants or he will never stop. However, when they enter Ward 21A, the situation is far worse than they ever imagined. Chaos ensues: the patients have gone berserk. One patient even bites Dr. Jung. Ji Sang has no choice. He makes a call to the Director and tells him that he will research the side effects. Although it is the blackest of blackmail, Ji Sang wishes to spare the infected patients. The Director gets what he wants, patients be damned.

blood 17 recap kdrama, Ji JIn Hee, Ahn Jae-Hyun, vampiresblood 17 recap kdrama, Ga Yeon and Ji Sang

Aunt Choi marches into the Director’s office and brings up missing person, Suh. He blinks nary an eyelash as he confesses that he killed her. As Aunt Choi gets up to leave, he tells her she cannot take a step without his permission or he will kill her. But, perhaps she’ll hear out his new plan. Since he cannot trust Uncle any longer, he has a deal for Aunt. Does she only want to be Uncle’s loyal dog and remain in the measly position of assistant? If she does what he asks, the Director promises Taemin will be hers. What’s in it for him, she wonders. It’s simple: he gives her Tamein and he gets a place to freely conduct his research. They both get what they want. She asks for time to think it over. WHAT??

A recap of the day’s events leaves Ri Ta feeling that the Director won. Dr. Jung says no, he just won this round. They need to work on the humanization of the vaccine and that’s Dr. Jung’s specialty. Back in Ward 21A, the patients have been subdued. Ji Sang asks Ga Yeon why she cares for Na Jung. She reminds her of herself, alone with no one to care for her, that’s why. She asks why he always says nice things to her. It’s because he envies her, how she gives warmth no matter what. He hopes she always stays that way. She envies him because he became warmer, and these days he seems to be in love. Oh…

blood 17 recap, kdrama Hyun Wooblood 17 recap kdrama, Young Hee from Kochenia, Ahn Jae-Hyun

Hyun Woo it’s all mixed up when Ji Sang and Ri Ta explain that in order to help the patients in Ward 21A, they have to continue the Director’s work. It’s a Catch-22.  A letter arrives for Ji Sang from overseas. It’s a picture of Young Hee. Really? Aw, how sweet that he’s saved articles about her all along as they have been in touch. When he comments that he should go see her sometime, Ri Ta says they should  go together.

blood 17 Ji Sang shows green eyes, vampireblood 17 Hyun Woo and Soo Eun

The time has finally come to fill in Dr. Choi. When Ji Sang confesses that he is infected with VBT-01, she asks if she is on hidden camera. He flashes his green eyes. She’s  hysterical and passes out. Hyun Woo looks especially handsome as he asks her if she is okay and holds her hand. When she passes out again, he leans over to brush her hair and…. LUUVY pipes up: “Kissing a woman who is sleeping is a crime.”  They should really let other kdramas know that.

blood 17 recap, the Director kills Chairman Yooblood 17 recap, kdrama, vampires, J, Ga Yeon, Ji Jin Hee

Sorry, Uncle, the gig is up. Chul Hoon tracks down Uncle and brings him to the Director. He grabs Uncle’s arm and confirms that he has received the vaccine. The Director asks why Uncle went behind his back to Dr. Creepy while preparing an ominous syringe. There are no more chances for betrayer Uncle. Meanwhile, J shows up at Dr. Creepy’s lab with a message from the Director. However, Dr. Creepy has no intention of going down on the Director’s orders. J gets it in the neck as Dr. Creepy reminds him that, after all, the first person to create this lethal vaccine was him. Ga Yeon finds J dead as a stake. Chul Hoon and Ga Yeon return J’s body to the highly displeased Director. Yep, Dr. Creepy took all the research data and ran. There is nothing more the Director hates than losing at his own game. He orders Chul Hoon to find Dr. Creepy and bring him back.

blood 17 recap kdrama, Ri Ta dresses warmblood 17 recap kdrama, Ji Sang and Ri Ta in bed

Ri Ta asks Ji Sang if she can sleep over. When he turns around, Ri Ta is cutely dressed from head to toe in her warmest down coat, furry hat, and gloves. She is prepared for his cold bed and his warm heart. No other girl in the world would get to experience this, she sighs. An embrace keeps them warm and cozy side by side.

blood 17 recap, kdrama Sonen, Hyun Wooblood 17 The Chairman is infected

LUUVY brings a  special delivery: Sonein. Hyun Woo mixes it into a perfume spray for Ji Sang and Ri Ta. He makes a pretty bottle and asks Ri Ta to give it to his Eun Soo. If you wear the spray an infected will begin to cough when exposed to it. Their identity as an infected will be revealed.

Aunt, oh Aunt, who are you? She decides to trust the Director. He tells her she won’t regret it. She says that is something she can’t know in advance. When she visits Uncle, he informs her, she will understand things more clearly. Uncle calls Ri Ta. She is shaken by his stiff voice and brief words, even though he tells her that everything is okay and he will keep in touch.

blood 17 recap kdrama, Ga Yeon is infected, Ahn Jae-Hyun

Before Ji Sang makes rounds, he checks on patients’ stats with Ga Yeon. As he passes by her, she begins to cough.


chocolate pie

A slice of chocolate pie keeps me going until the end.

  • They didn’t do a bad job with the Great and Evil Set-up that forces Ji Sang to use VTH-16. Most Evil Director only cares about the experiments continuing because….(can anyone remember what the point is?)
  • The patient chaos was ridiculous. I mean, the doctors escape when the stupid divider comes down, but the nurses have to stay? It doesn’t make any sense. So stupid.
  • They tossed us a small bone: Young Hee and Ji Sang have kept in touch. Gee, that’s nice. Cause my head only exploded about a hundred times during this episode with all the crazy vaccine and virus nonsense.
  • There’s hardly anyone I care about anymore; not Dr. Creepy, not even the patients – or should I say the Ward 21A story line; not Uncle and not Aunt; not Ga Yeon. Gosh, I’m kind of rooting for Hyun Chul, the only remaining baddy minion with a name who goes waaay back to episode 1.
  • Okay, two cute relationship scenes to keep the romance alive – the coat scene and, on a smaller scale, the fainting scene because Hyun Woo is in it.
  • Three more episodes – I’m sticking it out for you!

*Link to explanation of the meaning red sun sometimes seen in kdramas at:   http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2012/07/red-sun.html

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  1. Thank you Cimi!
    1. Rita should dress like this more often – she looks cute. And especially when she has the cutest guy ever next to her.
    2. Please don’t give up on the recaps… I think you must be the only one giving a proper recap for Blood. There are many (international) fans who watched it and will be watching it so rest assured you won’t regret the hard work.
    3. I don’t know what’s the deal with Dr wook. Maybe he just wanna invent an improvised serum to help people and himself but somehow he just lost the bigger picture after decades of unemotional attachment with anything or anybody.
    4. Dr creepy is more evil than Dr wook coz he is psychopath who delights in killing. Dr wook doesn’t appear to feel happy killing people like he does.


    • Hi Elle,
      Haha, it is a long haul – 20 episodes – and I’ve carefully avoided reading any spoilers (since I only watch what I am recapping next). 17 down, 3 to go – thanks for the cheer! What’s next, I wonder?


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