Original fan art by Cimi

Jonghyun blue






EXO Next Door 13 effects


EXO Next Door episode 13




EXO Next Door episode 12

EXO Next Door 11 photo image

EXO Next Door episode 11



EXO Next Door ep 10 drawing, Chaneol, D.O., Baekhyun, Sehun, bromance

EXO Next Door episode 10

seo taiji

Seo Taiji

 Seo Taiji

Lee Joon as Tae-Oh in Gap Dong (kdrama0 -The Haircut-

Lee Joon as Tae-Oh in Gap Dong (kdrama)


DO as Kang-woo

 D.O. as Kang-woo in It’s Okay, It’s Love


Three Musketeers Dal Hyang - Jung Yong-Hwa

Jung Yong Hwa as Park Dal Hyang in The Three Musketeers




Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon


trot lovers

Eun-ji as Choon-Hee in Trot Lovers


 Hong Jong-hyun

Hong Jong-Hyun


Lee Jong-suk Dr. Stranger

Lee Jong-suk in Dr. Stranger


                         so ji sub

So Ji-sub as Moo-hyuk in I’m Sorry I Love You



You’re All Surrounded       Go Ara and Lee Seung-gi


scene from You’re All Surrounded



Park Seo-joon and Uhm Jung-hwa in   Witch’s Romance


       Chan-yeol Shin Sung-woo black

Chanyeol and Shin Sung-woo (aka Mama Shin) Roommate season 1

        min woo kang joon

Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-woo

Roommate, season 1 & 2

        Seo Kang Joon as Seung-Hyun in Sly & Single Again

Seo Kang-joon as Seung-hyun in Sly and Single Again

Jonghyun blue



Yoo Hui Yeol   Sketchbook

JGS paisley 001

Jang Geun-suk

          Martina and Simon 1,2,3 tag 001

eatyourkimchi.com   Simon and Martina


Yoon Shi Yoon – Barefoot Friends

    G dragon portrait 001

G-dragon     Kwon Ji-Yong

   g dragon ink drawing 001

G-dragon, pen & ink

  g dragon WIN



  G dragon star 001



Yang Hyun-Suk YG 2014-04-14_10-

   Yang Hyun-suk      YGE boss man

Xuimin     EXO


Chen –  EXO

          Luhan EXO bright

Luhan  –  EXO

     Chanyeol 1

Chanyeol  –   EXO

  kai and tao bright colors

Kai and Tao   –  EXO

              Xiumin heart

Xuimin     EXO

           jeon inkwon

Jeon In Kwon


Song Jae-Rim as Mo Il-Hwa in Inspiring Generation

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10 thoughts on “Original fan art by Cimi

  1. I love your Eatyourkimchi one… Your drawing style is really fun! Even though the pictures don’t look exactly like the person, they capture the spirit so well that I can immediately recognize who it is! What kind of art media do you use? Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi midnightramenattack,

      Funny, I just checked out your site – clicked on it through dramabeans – small world! Thanks for the comment. I use Prismacolor and Copic markers and ink, kind of a throwback Peter Max influence graphic arts style before digital art. I am working with ART RAGE and a touchscreen stylus with my iPad but I’ve got a ways to go with that before I have a finished piece. Also, I have a Huion graphics tablet – again, time consuming to get good at it. Right now I’m drawing Seung Ho from Imaginary Cat, a work in progress. In my mind, I’d like to do a webtoon of Blood (kdrama that I recapped and has an amazing following). Time + a studio would help 🙂 Speaking of eatyourkimchi, I sort of lost track of Martina and Simon since they moved to Japan. It was a fun site while it lasted in Korea, though.

      Happy recapping yourself!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You found my site from Dramabeans? I found your site from the Open Thread today, too! I’m trying to get active with comments since I’m a new blogger, haha… So you do both traditional and digital art? I’m sort of a beginning artist so I’m kind of interested in things like that. It looks cool! Do you know about Deviantart.com? It’s the official website that artists, beginner or expert, go to to post their art and comment on other’s art. There’s a ton of fan art (including Kdrama and Kpop) and other fun stuff in different media (both digital and traditional) and you can just get lost there clicking on all the amazing pictures! I would like to post some art there someday… you could post pictures there, too. Nothing to lose! You could get quite popular that way.

        I’ve only seen the first episode of Imaginary Cat (didn’t have time for the rest…) but I thought it was adorable! Maybe if I have time I should catch up on it… I just loved that huge, grumpy, and lovable cat. Are you planning on including it in the picture with Yoo Seungho? 🙂

        Blood… Don’t know much about it but it’s it so awesome that An Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun are going to get married??? They seem like such a happy couple!

        I was also kind of disappointed to know that Simon and Martina were going to Japan when I first heard the news, but I do enjoy seeing some of their videos in Japan. They are always funny.

        Best wishes for your blog!


  2. Yes, I like Deviantart.com, but am unsure how to join. I may look into it again now that you mention it. It could be fun to be a part of the kpop fan artists. There sure is a lot out there! Mostly I do traditional art but would like to get into digital art for webtoon and who knows? Imaginary Cat is adorable. I also watched Seung Ho in Remember – War of the Son. Both kdramas were on at the same time and it was an emotional rollercoaster! I also watched The Magician, a Korean movie that recently came out with Seung Ho. It was okay-ish. If you’re new at blogging I’d say that one of the important aspects is to post often and connect with Google+ , Facebook, and Twitter. I really only autopost to Google+, but all are available through WordPress. Thanks for the good wishes – and the same to you and good luck with your art ventures!


    • Thanks for the blogging tips… I got a twitter account (but am just sitting there with it in a clueless way… haha) but don’t know about the other two. I’ll have to do some googling to find out how to use them to promote my blog. Joining Deviantart is pretty easy, just like signing up for any other website. It’s a must if you’re seriously considering art. The community there is really fun and supportive. Send me an email once you get your account, I’ll be your first watcher. 🙂


      • Wow, dramabeans is the best meeting place for kdramaaddicts and kdrama bloggers, right? On quick glance, if you go to WP Admin, then to Settings, it’s a place to start for auto linking your blog to other social media sites you have (or create). I’ll take you up on emailing you when I get around to Deviantart. May check it out this weekend! Tumblr is a good auto link because there are lots of kdrama and kpop connections. Most of my followers other than WP and email are from Tumblr.


    • By the way, I see we both love Akdong Musician (Akmu) – loved, loved, them on Kpop Star 2 and think they’re amazing and will only get better. Somehow, I don’t see them at YGE, they’re so not high profile or kpop idol manufactured. I’ve watched all Kpop Star seasos (except the 1st one, never went back and watched it). I’m a fan of Yoo Hui Yul, he is my favorite judge (although I liked BoA on season 2).


      • I have heard of Kpop Star auditions but never really took a look, I just watch Akdong Musician’s MVs and a few of their live performances though. Maybe I should Youtube their audition and see how they started out! …I’m back from seeing one where they sang a song called 뜨거운 안녕 and wow, they are just as good then as they are now! I’m really looking forwards to their new album, which will be out on May 2, I believe. I think it will be Chanhyuk’s final project before going to the army. I saw an article and he said that he wanted to go to the Marines. They really do their best at whatever they put their minds to doing!

        I know Yoo Hui Yul from watching Yoo Hui Yul’s Sketchbook, and he’s a fun host with a sense of humor. I guess you can say I’m a fan too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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