Sometimes I think I am living my life backwards. I worked at the West Yellowstone Dairy Queen a couple of summers ago just for the fun of it. On my off days, I toured and hiked in Yellowstone National Park where nature’s colors and land forms are surreal. I felt like I was on a different planet. I even spotted a wolf or two – a rare sighting. A couple years before that I spent a month in New Zealand’s south island city, Christchurch, where I visited a friend who lived there at the time. Someday I hope to do some art from sketches and photographs from that remarkable trip.

Things you will find in my blog are art, kdramas (Korean dramas) and kpop (Korean pop music) fan art, weekly FT Island Hangul Live Korean lessons, and random thoughts on Roommate (a Korean reality show).  Cimitoons page is my kdrama inspired cartoons.

Other interests ~

Gardening: Until three years ago, I had never gardened. The herb garden has been delightfully abundant the last three years. The plants received minimum care; nevertheless, they thrived. So did the tomato plants, pumpkins, and zucchini. I can’t say it is something I will always do, but for now, the garden’s success is easy motivation to plant again this year. I even make herb wreaths when I feel like it, but if you want to know if it is worth it, my answer is to just order from Martha  Stewart and save yourself the trouble.


Books: Books have been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. I am on a non-fiction kick right now, and regularly peruse the new publications at the library. Please look forward to my page on books soon.

Kdramas + art: I wonder what I ever did before watching kdramas (Korean dramas) which fill my evenings after work with just the right amount of lighthearted escapism. I live for the next episode and have tallied over 375 kdramas. Somewhere along the way I tapped into my creative juices and love creating  marker and ink drawings inspired by kdramas and kpop with a dash of manga influence. I have to be in the mood to stop something I am watching to sketch. Most of the time I note the frame I want to capture in a drawing and return to it later.

An extension of kdrama exposure: Although I need a bit more discipline, I am casually learning Korean as some words have become familiar just from watching so much Korean entertainment. I have found kindred spirits on dramabeans.com  – a blog where kdramas are thoroughly recapped and analyzed from all angles by javabeans, girlfriday, and a host of clever writers, and visitors can post to their heart’s content. We all go there to rant and rave about the weekly kdrama lows and highs and read other beanies’ posts. It’s all in good fun and fabulously therapeutic.  \ /   Fighting!


chalk pastels ~ Yellowstone River, drawings from the summer I spent in Yellowstone National Park

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18 thoughts on “About

  1. hi there,
    I love books as well as anything about kpop. I have a huge collection of Christine Feehan, Judith McNaught & Julie Garwood. These are my fav authors. Aside from the drama “blood” which are airing right now , I am a fanatic fan of Ji Chang Wook. After I’ve finished all his drama’s I am going to start watching all Ahn Jae-Hyun drama’s. I’ve been searching for “blood” recap but cannot find it anywhere even dramabeans…at last I found your site. Thanks a lot for the recap.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Elle. It was quite the find, the Enchanted Forest coloring book. Working hard to get that final Blood episode done, I have a lot of thoughts on it in addition to a proper recapping. And, hopefully, a spot on your blog under “kdrama recaps completed.” Heh. I need to check your blog to see what you are recapping these days.


  2. Oh I love those drawings of Yellowstone Park! They’re so lovely, and inspirational! You seem like a nice person… Book reading makes you smart (like Mama ALWAYS says… *sigh*), and gardening is an admirable hobby, which my little sister (HapeeBizeeBee) happens to possess, as well. Kdramas also do replace reality for me sometimes, when I’m into them… Anyways, God bless and I’m always wishing you well!


    • I spent a summer in Yellowstone and did some watercolors and pastels. I already have a couple of books I want to review for this post, The Birth of Korean Cool, and Koreatown (a new cookbook with lots of information that is culturally enlightening to a non-Korean like me). Look forward to it! Thanks for checking out my blog. I would really like to recap Beautiful Gong Shim but I am worried I don’t have time right now, I’ll have to see.


    • Oh no, LastJuniorStanding, your nice comments on Korean Slang were “trashed” by me when I mistakenly hit that instead of send (I replied). So sorry. Anyway, I replied that I like to eat at Sushi Tora where the owners are Korean (woman) and Japanese (male). She helps me with a little work here and there by speaking slowly so I can get the pronunciation of some of the cute sayings. Thanks for stopping by my blog – maybe there’s a way to find the post, I’ll look around in the administrative options. Hit a button wrong and things disappear – so scary !


  3. I have been reading some of your recaps and they have been on point. Just recently I saw the blood kdrama and loved every minute of it and your recaps. I was wondering would you ever do a recap on a Chinese drama? There is a drama I have been watching on dramafever which is amazing and fell in love with… It’s called ice fantasy. I would recommend it if you like the fantasy supernatural.

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    • Hi Norma,

      So you’re enjoying Blood, and now that our OTP is married in real life, it is even more exciting, right? It seems like Blood still gets pretty good viewership in many countries. Ice Fantasy – a Chinese drama – I hadn’t considered it up to this point. I am going to look it up as I haven’t see it and I am wondering if it is airing right now? I liked Faith with Lee Min Ho that was fantasy during the Goryeo era, but I think it would be hard to recap. As for Chinese drama, I don’t think I’ve ever watched one yet. I watch a good number of jdramas and tons of kdramas. Anyway, I’ll check it out since you recommended it.

      Back to Blood, a lot of fans were hoping for a second season, not sure if that will happen. Are you watching Ahn Jae Hyun in Cinderella and Four Knights?

      Thanks for commenting on cimiart!


  4. I’ll be honest – as a Korean it mystifies and offends me that non-Koreans believe they have some grasp of the Korean language and culture simply because they have spent time watching k-dramas and k-pop videos. This is equivalent to suggesting you can appreciate American culture by watching soap operas and MTV.


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