Super TV, Super Junior, Super Excited!

Super Junior’s Super TV is a new variety show on XtvN – a new entertainment-focused channel launched to reach their target audience ages 15-39. I’m super excited that Super Junior is going to entertain us with Super TV!

Episode 1 recap

SJ members Eunhyuk, Heechul, Shindong, Leeteuk, Donghae, and Yesung brainstorm with Kim Yoogon PD and staff for ideas for their new variety show. Episode 1 is a bit chaotic as they talk over one another and brew ideas for how the show should take shape. Like Three Meals a Day but with frozen food (Leeteuk, really)? Missions like jumping into ice water or going into the sea (Eunhyuk, you first)? And so the crazy ideas begin.

The SJ members meet in their old dorm – they are flooded with nostalgia. (There’s a picture of Kyuhyun who is currently serving in the military, *sniff*, b well, Kyuhyun.)

Heechul feels that it’s little burdensome being XtvN’s forefront show. There is so much to consider: Leeteuk chimes in that time slot is important – to reach target viewers it should be between 8 PM and 12 AM. Eyunhyuk doesn’t think they should overlap with Music Bank. Maybe put their show in front of Youn’s Kitchen, or after it? Heechul wants to ask if Youn’s Kitchen will do two parts and they can be in the middle – hysterical!   

So far, Shinwha Broadcast was the only successful long-running idol group variety show. Super Junior wants to come up with their own format – food, quiz, reality, travel, talk – they’ve all been done. How will their show be different and captivating? Movie? Crazy idol? (dol means crazy in Korean, dol is in idol, > crazy idol)

Everyone pretty much agrees that Heechul has the highest popularity/likability factor these days. What about the others? They decide on a variety skills pentagram to determine each of their star qualities. Each SJ member is scored by the others on a 1-5 scale (this is fun, check it out) for 1) hosting ability, 2) quick wits; 3) reactions; 4) stamina; 5) sandbag (they refer to this as the Kim Youngchul role – someone who can be on the receiving end of other’s jokes and take the hit like a sandbag like comedian Kim Youngchul).

Here’s how the members were rated:

Leeteuk:  hosting – 5; wits – 3; reaction – 4 or 3 depending on his mood; stamina – 5; sandbag – 3. He gets teased for being a hosting-holic, even acting as a host when it’s not necessary. 🙂

Heechul (entertainment-trendy guy): hosting is all over the map with a 1 if the guests are a boys group and 5 if the guests are a girls groups so he ends up with a 2; wits – 5 (they actually want to give him a 10 because he is unrivaled in this area); reaction – 2 (again, depending of the gender of the guest-ha!); stamina – 1 (he admits he can’t do well outdoors and he can’t take long shootings and wants to give himself a zero); and sandbag – 1 (people don’t know how to take his jokes). Leeteuk calls out, “Then, Hyung, you only specializes in quick wits!” Enhyuk teases that Heechul will be bright only if the first guests are female.

Yesung: They all agree quickly that he actually isn’t a variety person. (Poor Yesung, he isn’t satisfied with their evaluation of him at all.) He scores a 1 for every category except they give him a 5 for sandbag (sigh). Even though he protests and tries to demonstrate reactions, Yesung ultimately has to agree with the others. “Oh, I’m stressed,” he says, not satisfied with the results. They give him the nickname 1Sung for his scores of 1.

Shindong: hosting – 5 (he is unrivaled as a host and they want to give him a 10 for hosting events); wits 4; reaction – 5; stamina, I think he got a 1 since he has mental breakdowns if it gets too tiring and long; sandbag – 3 or 4. Shindong gets positive comments for good distribution of all around skills although he laughs that his ratings don’t make sense. Shindong is all over the place.

Eunhyuk: hosting – 2 (“I’m not the hosting style”); wits -Shindong says that before the army he was the best quick wits of them all but now he’s a 4); reaction – 4; stamina – Heechul comments that as a singer he has the best stamina of SJ members, but in variety is it a 1 or 2?  Youngchul sandbag – 5.

Donghae: They all think he is kind of difficult to evaluate (today’s most difficult variety baby) . He is always so awkward. Shindong teases that he has a phobia being in front of the camera. Even though there is no 0 score on this scale, he receives zeroes in every category: no hosting experience, no wits, no reaction, no stamina whatsoever, no sandbag ability.

Results of the evaluation determine that Shindong is the best with Leeteuk close behind as Super TV hosts.

Next: Deciding Super Junior’s Rules 2018

  1. Don’t be late
  2. Be careful on SNS
  3. Appearance management
  4. Practice singing and dancing
  5. Yesang please do well 🙂
  6. Participate in important meetings
  7. Follow the leader well

The rules are completed with their heart and soul in it. What are consequences for breaking the rules? Ice water, no pay that day, taking members and staff to dinner, hugging the offending member (some are enthusiastic while others groan at the penalties). But they are determined to do well.

The staff wants to make a rule that SJ can’t show dissatisfaction with a mission. Wait! They won’t just accept that! SJ wants exception coupons (members throw out where they will have to draw the line – no heights, won’t eat certain foods, can’t shoot too early in the morning (don’t want to appear with morning swollen face) – can’t they avoid some things? Otherwise it’s too extreme and tiring.

Leeteuk♥ is the kind of idol variety staff loves – he will do everything. Donghae insists he’s no good at games.

Above all – they can’t release spoilers.

On the ride to a party to celebrate the kick-off of Super TV the crazy SUJU guys can’t stop with the ideas for a show format. How about secretly filming a member on a blind date? After all, the others would know so well how he would react. (I’m cringing for the date. Or would it be like WGM?)

Or members living together, pairing the most awkward members together; Heechul/Leeteuk; Eyunhyuk/Yesang; Donghae/Shindong (more groans, they lose energy). Group trip, mental medical checkup, guests, missions . . . the ideas continue.

The previews look amazing, stay tuned for episode 2!


  • It looks like Super TV is set to be a regular show already rather than having a 4-episode trial that is extended if it’s does well. They are hoping that, like Shinhwa Broadcast, it can last for three years. (Note: Korea’s longest running idol group Shinhwa has a variety program with six members called Shinhwa Broadcast. The program had 70 episodes.
  • I love how Eunhyuk is teased for holding a grudge.
  • Nicknaming Yesung 1sung for receiving all 1s for his scores – “Sad but funny” as Leeteuk said.
  • This was behind-the-scenes brainstorming and it was kind of messy but fun. Everyone except for thinker Donghae got excited and talkative (Heechul and Leeteuk are chatty anyhoot). I think this is going to be fun!
  • I love how the guys fight/bicker/tease like they’ve probably always done. Leeteuk really is the vitamin of the group, Shindong is the voice of experience and confidence, Heechul is the sly, shy, minimal effort guy, Eunhyuk is dying to get back his pre-army stamina, Yesung can’t shake his 1sung label, and Donghae seems unsure, or is he just thinking everything through? As the newest baby variety, I think he might show hidden charms.
  • It’s good to see members of SUJU together for a new venue! Fighting!

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