Temperature of Love ep 27 – 28 recap

Hyun Soo and Jung Sun walk together in the night air. She was startled that he cried. She asks if he is surprised that she wants to live together. “Do you want to live with me?” he asks, holding her hands in his. “I want to make you happy,” she replies. They get something to eat in a convenience store and talk. Jung Sun tells Hyun Soo that the reason he didn’t have a cell phone when they first met is because he didn’t want his mother to track him down. But she did anyway. Hyun Sun tells him the she is going to let his mother into her life. He doesn’t want her to sacrifice her life for that. She doesn’t consider it a sacrifice. When he asks why, she says that it’s part of being close to him.

Hyun Soo worries that Jung Sun is swaying. She tells him to sway as much as he wants, she will hold on. But his analogy is that it’s like trying to save a drowning person; you can’t save them until that person gives up or you will both die. Jung Sun feels like everything he has tried to suppress has blown up – he fears things might get uprooted. Hyun Sun looks alarmed.  Jung Sun looks lost.

Jung Woo is summoned to the conference room where Hong Ah and Joon Ha argue. He doesn’t want to direct a story that doesn’t make sense. She says her script is based on a true story. He says it’s not believable. Jung Woo can’t get them to be civilized to each other and Joon Ha storms out. Hong Ah, in her usual fashion, demands that Jung Woo buy her lunch. At Good Soup.

Jung Sun asks how the lunch suits them and tells Jung Woo that he should have been the one to come to him first. Jung Woo says, no – this is a work lunch meeting, but wants to meet Jung Sun on the terrace after. Jung Woo stands on the balcony overlooking the terrace and recalls the times he and Jung Sun had pleasant conversations and joined together as partners in this very spot. Jung Sun asks how much he lent his mother and why he did it without telling him. Jung Woo is right when he says that he did him a favor; if he didn’t lend her the money she would have gone to someone else. In the end, Jung Sun is burdened that his mother inconvenienced Jung Woo. And about buying out the shares, Jung Woo tells Jung Sun to stop at his office with the contract.

Jung Sun also has flashbacks in the Good Soup kitchen of happier times he and Jung Woo spent together in their venture that is about to end. Neither of them thought it would come to this.

Hong Ah lingers after lunch at Good Soup, unhappily watching Won Joon and Soo Jung working together. She leaves in a huff, saying that she won’t be dining there again. Won Joon calls after her, “But you always come back.”

Hyun Soo has coffee with Mom. She sighs; love is so hard. She tells her mom that she asked Jung Sun to live with her but he refused. That actually makes Mom like him more. They meet Dad for lunch. Mom tells Hyun Soo that back when the articles about “Unruly Detectives” came out, they received a present from Jung Woo. Mom figured they’d end up dating, but now it seems awkward and she wonders what she should do – give it back? Dad says that would be rude and they should think about what to do. Hyun Soo is uncomfortable – Mr. Park’s affection for her shows up everywhere it seems.

Jung Sun and Jung Woo sign the contract for Jung Sun to buy out his shares. Jung Woo gives him one last chance to back out, but Jung Sun is resolute. When Jung Woo extends his hand to shake, Jung Sun won’t because he doesn’t want to be swayed. He also asks for the exact amount his mother borrowed and promises to pay it back.

Hyun Soo calls Jung Sun – the conversation is distant. Joon Ha complains that he can’t work with Hong Ah. He just wants a chance to work with Hyun Soo. The producer is frustrated with the ongoing situation.

The staff heads home after a late nigh at Good Soup. Won Joon stumbles over his words as he talks with Soo Jung. She suggests they date for a month and see how he feels after that. “Would that be okay with you?” he asks. She replies that’s it the chase that gives a person the butterflies; after a month she is sure he can decide if he wants to continue dating her or run back to Hong Ah. Won Joon grins widely. Soo Jung is pretty cool.

Jung Woo finds himself spending more and more time in the family home of his youth. He drinks alone and thinks of when he was a young boy coming home to his mother after school. “You’re becoming weak,” he tells himself.

Hong Ah spends the day alone taking and posting selfies to the tune All By Myself. Having cleared her head, she calls Mr. Park and tells him that she needs to work. So, she wants a meeting with Director Min and a plan on how the casting is coming along – she is ready to get things rolling. Jung Woo has a headache over the whole directing debacle. Hyun Soo is waiting for Joon Ha to meet her in a conference room, but to her surprise, Jung Woo knocks and enters.

Upon seeing her sitting there, Jung Woo recalls that time back in early 2017 when Kyung told him that Hyun Soo was sick over the stress with Director Min. He takes her to the hospital in his car. He looks over his shoulder, worried, at she lay stretched out in the backseat with her head resting on Kyung.

This time he can tell her the good news that she and Joon Ha will be working on the drama as originally planned. Joon Ha is thrilled; the three of them decide to celebrate and eat dinner together.

Jung Sun thinks about how Hyun Soo told him that she wants to make him happy. He calls her and this time he asks where she is. Jung Woo and Joon Ha know that Jung Sun is the one calling her and when they see how happy it makes her, they tell her to go on and meet him.

Jung Sun picks her up. The roller coaster events of the past few days have worn them down. But Hyun Soo and Jung Sun try hard to shake it off. She wants to see his tattoo and rolls up his sleeve at a stoplight.

He reaches for her and pulls her close:”Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere.”

Kyung meets Hyun Soo at the door; she is obviously happy that they will be working on the script with Joon Ha as the director. By the way, Kyung says, she happened to see that “R-rated kiss” in the car between her and Jung Sun. Hyun Soo wishes it were so; instead she feels nervous. When she sees Jung Sun she is happy and nervous at the same time. When they’re apart, she is nervous that they’ll stay separated forever. Kyung says it’s love, but Hyun Soo wonders what this uneasy feeling is.

Episode 28

Jung Sun starts out the day announcing his new goal to the staff – he wants to work toward a Michelin star. “Let’s be on our toes until November,” Jung Sun tells his staff. “Yes, chef,” they answer.

Hyun Soo .wonders what Jung Sun is doing. Instead of calling she sneaks into the kitchen at Good Soup “Guess who?” she says, wrapping her arms around his back. He is happy to see her and hugs her tight. “I’m by your side,” she tells him. He snuggles his head in her shoulder.

They shop together for herbs for the terrace and work side by side building garden boxes and planting pots. After a long day they eat jajangmyeon. Who should call Hyun Soo just then but his mother. He tells her not to answer it. But she does. She tells Mother that she is with her son now. Mother tells her to be extra nice to her son who is having a hard time.

Jung Sun is upset. “Mom and I aren’t on good terms. I don’t want you to be a messenger between my mom and me,” he tells Hyun Soo.She asks him to put himself in he shoes. But Jung Sun says talking about his family is hard for him and there are things she doesn’t know. He seems surprised when Hyun Soo says that his mother told her some of the family’s background. “You and your dad are different. I’m fine, you and your dad have different lives,” she reassures him. 

Jung Sun changes the subject an asks Hyun Soo if she wants coffee. He wishes she wouldn’t bring up his family. She feels closed out.

Jung Woo gets a call from Hyun Soo’s mom. She asks if he can make time for her. He is free today, will that work? They meet at a cafe; Mom has brought him a gift as a thank you for being so good to Hyun Soo and her family. It’s a jar of her homemade citron – it’s good for colds, she tells him. He thanks her.

Jung Sun struggles with his family’s background that has come to haunt him. What is he supposed to do with his meddling mother who has dragged Sung Woo into all this by shamelessly asking for money? His call to his mother is stern; don’t drag Hyun Soo into their disagreement and add up her debts and give him an exact amount he tells her.

Hyun Soo stares out the window. Things weren’t supposed to change between her and Jung Sun, but they have. She asks Kyung, “We do I feel alone when I’m in love?”

It’s Good Soup’s first day with a new menu and Jung Sun calls his staff to be on their top game. There are two reservations and who knows, they might be from Michelin. Soo Jung handles the dining room expertly; the chefs are precise and focused.

Jung Sun and Won Joon look on as the guests dine. Jung Sun doesn’t think that they are from Michelin, they wouldn’t be so obvious. The service and meal are perfect; but alas, the two men pay with a business card.

Director Mi and Hong Ah meet to discuss the drama. They are both stubborn and inflexible and Hong Ah hands him a business agreement so that he won’t mess with her script. He is flabbergasted, but the truth is, they are the same.

Hyun Soo relaxes on the couch but not for long. Jung Sun’s mother calls. Hyun Soo hesitates before answering. As is her style, Mother provides tmi; she will be upset after meeting with Jung Sun and wants to eat afterwards with Hyun Soo. That really puts her in the middle of Jung Sun and his mother.

Mother is a little afraid of meeting with Jung Sun knowing how upset he is with her. The meeting is brief; she tells Jung Sun that she borrowed about $50,000 from Jung Woo. He wants to know the exact amount, but his mother is vague. He leaves more stressed than ever.

Mother meets Hyun Soo at a restaurant but doesn’t have much of an appetite. Instead, they have a drink. Or two.

Soo Jung has selected several wines for the new menu and tastes and evaluates them with Jung Sun and Won Joon. They agree on the perfect accompaniment for their menu and toast to their choice.

Mother asks Hyun Soo, “Will you listen to my life story?” Hyun Soo tells her to go ahead. Mother cries over her failures and flaws; Hyun Soo is sympathetic. By the time she meets up with Jung Sun she is drunk. “Guess who I met up with?” she teases.

“Who?” he asks.

“Your mother.”

“What? You drank with my mom?”

“I was moved. I want to be good to her.”

Jung Sun lets go of Hyun Soo’s hand. He asks if his mother called her again.

Didn’t he tell her that things are rough between him and his mother? Why did she go? Hyun Soo doesn’t think she should have to ask him before she sees his mother; she has her own relationship with her. Jung Sun reasons that if it wasn’t for their relationship, she would have no need to go to his mother. Hyun Soo says that getting close to him includes becoming close to his mother. He asks if it’s because she is nervous about him. Hyun Soo admits that she is. Because he was never unsure before. What if he leaves again? He says she doesn’t trust him. She denies it.

“You’re nervous that I’ll give up and disappear again.” Jung Sun is disappointed in her and walks off.

“Do you think it’s fun and games for me? Why do you only think of yourself?” she angrily calls after him.


  • Love and business – both are so complicated. Perhaps it’s youth and inexperience, but Jung Sun is acting out of fear and panic these days. He tries to keep a strong front especially in the kitchen, but with so many things falling apart, even that is becoming more and more difficult. I hate that he can’t shake his mother. She is so needy; she has Daniel to occupy her time and has crept into Jung Woo’s life, so why doesn’t she give her son space? But, that isn’t her nature or her history. Like so many kdrama stories, family debt is such a drag and a heavy load. Still, there is a smidgen of pity that I have for his mother and Hyun Soo feels the same way.
  • For someone who has suppressed his emotions, Jung Sun sure is operation on emotions as Jung Woo has pointed out several times. Right now, I’m leaning towards Jung Woo as the better man; it isn’t a hard thing for me to see it that way. He is doing Jung Sun a favor by making him face his own reality and learn to deal with it. Jung Sun wishes to handle some things with a quick fix but when that doesn’t work he panics and makes decisions on, yep – emotions – suppressed or not. I’m not looking forward to Jung Sun sinking deeper and not accepting help/love from Jung Woo and especially Hyun Soo. Sometimes Hyun Soo acts like his mother, too, which she would never have to do with Jung Woo. Hyun Soo is trying so hard, but at some point, isn’t she going to feel that Jung Sun’s rejection of her effort isn’t worth it? Wavering. Jung Woo is patient and wavering is happening.
  • Joo Sung really is cool about dating Won Joon, but I wish he weren’t so wishy-washy about where he stands. It may be fun for a month, but if I were her, I’d hate the set up. Who knows, maybe he will fall for her instead of difficult Hong Ah. Who, by the way, has everyone wrapped around her little finger except maybe for Joon Ha, and I’m not sure why. A little alone time with herself energizes Hong Ah; nothing can get this girl down, I have to give her credit for that.
  • I find it interesting that Hyun Soo’s mother contacted Jung Woo and gave him a thoughtful homemade gift. The Korean sense of obligation and debt is far-reaching. Speaking of her parents, they are so refreshing, not overbearing at all, which makes them a safe place for Hyun Soo to turn. Their reluctance about Jung Sun must make her second-guess herself though; she is used to their support and unconditional love so their hesitation must feel odd, as if in the back of her mind she wonders if they aren’t right.
  • I’m not sure why the director/writer musical chairs happened in the first place since in the end, Joon Ha did end up with Hyun Soo and Director Min with Hong Ah.
  • Jung Sun, you can’t carry your load alone. Let Hyun Soo help!

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