Temperature of Love ep 25 – 26 recap

My apologies to cimiart fans for the delay – first, I was traveling this week and second, I started Poldark, a PBS Masterpiece Theater show that has swept me off my feet. In some ways, Poldark gives me the same feels that a good kdrama melodrama with excellent acting, a good story with twists, and suspense brings. I’ve watched six episodes of season 1 and it has won my heart. (Any Poldark fans out there?) I’ll be spending my time this week dividing my viewing time between Temperature of Love and Poldark. So many choices! So little time!

Episode 25

Jung Woo challenges Jung Sun to stand up and fight for what he wants, warning that he will steal Hyun Soo if he isn’t on his game. Hyun Sun is shaken but tries to act normal when Hyun Soo stops by. She knows he is upset that she drove home with Jung Woo. “You smelled like alcohol. Do you drink when you work?” asks Jung Sun. She begins to explain but stops, wondering why she has to justify herself.

Jung Sun prepares something for them to eat. When she asks what’s up between him and Jung Woo a distracted Jung Sun replies “nothing” but cuts his finger while chopping. Hyun Soo reaches over to help but Jung Sun pushes her hands away.   

Jung Woo drinks alone as a pojangmacha thinking over his friendship with Jung Sun and how’s everything is changing.

The next morning Hyun Soo jogs, feeling the change in relationships as well.

She ends up at On Entertainment early in the morning to catch Jung Woo before his busy day starts. She questions him about what is going on between him and Jung Sun. He comments that she must be nervous; it was easier to sway them than he thought – they acted like their relationship was so strong. Hyun Soo knows how to answer and tells him that she can find her way back when she is swayed, but Jung Sun isn’t like her. Can she accept that he is so unstable he wonders, jabbing directly at Jung Sun’s weakness. Hyun Soo is resolute and tells him that she likes that about Jung Sun as well as his spirit. He is only 28; not many have experienced the success he as at such a young age. Jung Woo tells her that she is being mean to him. She replies that she can only balance her relationship with Jung Sun, that way only one person gets hurt.

It won’t work that way, Jung Woo informs her, because he and Jung Sun aren’t strangers. Their lives – personal and business – are too intertwined. “Stop acting like your boyfriend’s mother and go home and work,” Jung Woo says curtly. Before she leaves, Hyun Soo wants to know why he isn’t trying to make money off of her script; other production companies don’t look at her work that way. He asks if she wants to go to another company. She says that she keeps her promises, but as for the ending of her script – it will be a happy one. Their conversation ends. As Hyun Soo leaves the building she runs into Jung Sun’s mother who looks at her suspiciously for coming from Jung Woo’s office in a jogging suit. Mother, always assuming and too forward, lets herself in Mr. Parks office and asks why he and her son are not getting along and if he can’t help the restaurant financially. Jung Woo tells her that it isn’t becoming for her to get involved in her son’s business. She doesn’t stop there; she asks about his relationship with Hyun Soo. At that, Jung Woo calls his secretary and asks her to bring some hot tea for Ms. Yoo, and leaves for a meeting. Jung Sun’s mother doesn’t know when to stop.

Word is out in the industry that Good Soup isn’t doing well. Soo Jung gets a call offering her a job at another restaurant. The chefs overhear and wonder if she is going to leave. Soo Jung thinks that leaving might help with the restaurant’s financial situation. She tells Jung Sun that she would like to talk with him – why doesn’t he just hire a regular server instead of a sommelier? She can go somewhere else and still help with the wine list. He tells her to go if she has a better offer. She says that’s not why she is giving her notive. Won Joon is the one who tells Jung Sun that she is leaving to cut down costs . . .

Hyun Soo pops her head in her mom’s classroom to say hi. She wants her family’s approval of her relationship with Jung Sung. However, Mom is unexpectedly reserved and worries that Jung Sun isn’t stable and is too controlled by his mother who she doesn’t like at all. Surprisingly, Mom brings up Sung Woo. Hyun Soo is taken aback, but her mother thinks his stability and obvious like for her is not something to ignore. Who should call just then but Jung Sun’s mother, wanting to meet Hyun Soo for tea. Clearly, Hyun Soo’s mom doesn’t like that one bit.

Hyun Soo meets Jung Sun’s mother for a somewhat unpleasant conversation. She blames Hyun Soo for the rift between her son and Jung Woo. Then she proceeds to reveal the messy details of her married life, how Jung Sun was caught in the middle, how she moved on again and again with other men in her life – she can’t stand to be alone – She describes her son as a flower that bloomed in trash. “Can you handle that?” she asks Hyun Soo. “Yes, I can. I’m in love with Jung Sun,” she tells his mother.

The staff at Good Soup is glum. Jung Sun tries to lighten the mood by telling them it’s not their job to worry – they should leave that to him. They answer, “Yes, Chef,” but everyone is stressed. Jung Sun asks to meet Jung Woo on the roof. He tells him that the anger he stirred up in him woke him up. “I respect you. Our friendship is on trial. I want to take it to the end,” he tells Jung Sun. Jung Woo doesn’t have much to say, but one thing’s for sure: he won’t be easy on him.

Joon Ha is spending more and more time at Hyun Soo’s – of course it’s Kyung that he is interested in. He mentions that, oddly enough, On Entertainment has submitted her script and Hong Ah’s script and that only one can be chosen to be produced. Hyun Soo only comments that Jung Woo will act wisely. It seems like everyone, even Joon Ha, is discouraging Hyun Soo from being with Jung Sun and pushing her and Jung Woo together. He tells her that he’s been there – being in a relationship based on love – and that it didn’t last. She understands what he is saying; all the same, she’d like to give it a go herself and see how things turn out.

Jung Woo signs a contract with Director Min for Hong Ah’s drama. She isn’t happy about that at all and has no qualms telling Director Min that if he makes any changes in her script, she might kill him. That spunk is what Jung Woo likes about her. Her reputation precedes her and there isn’t anyone, not even Jung Sun’s mother, who doesn’t think she is complicated and requires too much energy.

When one of the chefs takes Hyun Soo and Kyung into the storage room as part of their interview tour, Hyun Soo comments that it’s emptier than last time. Kyung asks what she means by last time and Hyun Soo has to cover quickly so as not to reveal the real story of why she is so familiar with the storage area. Another sign that Good Soup is not doing well.

When Jung Sun arrives home, his mother is waiting for him. She butts in his business – work and personal – to his great displeasure. Worse yet, Hyun Soo shows up. Mother tells her that she liked her before, but not now. The two of them sure are having

He apologizes for his mother’s behavior toward her. Hyun Soo tells him it’s not a problem, her mood changes a lot and she is cute.

It’s been kind of a rough day all around.

Jung Woo receives a new business improvement report for Good Soup. Later that day, Jung Sun gets a call that Eric Song – a Michelin three-star chef – will be dining there with Jung Soo that evening. The kitchen is abuzz with meticulous preparation and much anticipation.

Eric Song is engrossed in his meal as everyone waits with baited breath for his review on the food . . .

Episode 26

Eric Song has nothing but rave reviews on the food. Jung Woo agrees. When Won Joon checks from the kitchen to see how things are going, he beams at the sight of Eric Song’s completely clean plate; he ate every last bite – the ultimate compliment for a chef. Jung Sun is called to the table and is pleased with the compliments. But when Jung Woo tells him that Eric Song is going to work with him to create a new menu, Jung Sun isn’t happy at all.

He takes the conversation that follows with Jung Woo outside and tells him that he won’t agree to that. Good Soup is all about his dishes, not someone else’s. Jung Woo tells him not to be so arrogant. Jung Sun bursts out that he him he will give him his shares back. “Won’t you regret this?” Jung Woo asks. He tells him that management isn’t easy; that he only got this far with his help. It looks like the partnership is crumbling.

Jung Sun applies for a loan with the land that his grandfather gave him as collateral.

The producer has chosen Hong Ah’s drama and tells Joon Ha to work with her instead of with Hyun Soo. When Joon Ha asks Jung Woo who will work on Hyun Soo’s drama then, Jung Woo says nothing. Hong Ah couldn’t be more pleased to get the call that Joon Ha will be directing her drama – it’s just what she wanted.

Hong Ah has a bit of writer’s block and realizes that she doesn’t have anyone to share her good news with. She takes a ‘single’ break and spends time with herself taking selfies and posting them. Losing Won Joon’s attention is bothering her most of all.

Jung Soo stops at Good Soup for her belongings. Hyun Soo and Kyung are there for an interview and ask if she took another job. “I like Good Soup the best,” she answers, and says that she is taking a break. Won Joon follows her out – with her hair down and in casual clothes she has really caught his eye. He wants her to stay, not only for the restaurant but because he really does like her. She agrees to it.

As if Hyun Soo didn’t realize how bad the restaurant is doing, Kyung fills her in with even more details on the dire situation. The worst part is that Jung Sun won’t listen to Mr. Park and things have gotten pretty bad. That worries Hyun Soo. She talks it over with Jung Sun but he assures her that he has things under control. What he doesn’t

Hyun Soo and Joon Ha meet with Jung Woo. Joon Ha is frustrated that he has been assigned to work with Hong Ah and taken off of Hyun Soo’s drama. That leaves Hyun Soo’s drama up in the air. Hyun Soo tries hard not to rock the boat and says that she will work with whomever she is assigned. Jung Woo tells her that they can’t be sure when her drama will air. She leaves it at that.

Things have been pretty heavy lately, so a spontaneous trip to the grocery store together lifts the mood for Jung Sun and Hyun Soo. He tells her to choose anything she likes and he’ll make it for her. He doesn’t tell her that his loan came through, but for today – he can buy anything she wants. Hyun Soo grabs his arm and is lighthearted.

But with her teasing, she insists on grabbing a bag of groceries and causes it to fall and rip. Jung Sun’s mood darkens, “I told you not to,” he scolds and makes Hyun Soo tense. She apologizes and he does too, but his response gives her cause for concern.

Jung Sun confides in Won Joon that he will buy out Jung Woo and continue the restaurant on his own. Won Joon asks what he will do if Jung Woo refuses, but Jung Sun is sure he knows that they cannot continue this way. It’s time to part ways. Why would he want to remain as partners? “Because of Hyun Soo,” Won Joon reminds him.

Jung Sun brings the contract to buy out shared to Jung Woo who asks how long he thinks he will last. “I will last,” Jung Sun replies confidently. He will never get involved with money with him again. Jung Woo’s response hints at something more, “You’ll be back. We don’t want this to drag out and embarrass you.” As much as Jung Sun wants to end things, it doesn’t seem as if their money issues is over.

Daniel and Mother dine at Good Soup. Jung Sun greets them stiffly and goes upstairs. Daniel complains that her son isn’t friendly at all to him. She suggests they go up to his apartment for coffee.  Daniel loves his bachelor pad and Jung Sun is obligated to serve them coffee since they’ve invited themselves in. The uncomfortable subject of Mr. Park and Jung Sun splitting up prompts a comment from Daniel that he seemed like such a nice guy; after all he helped him with his exhibits. Jung Sun freezes – he realizes his mother has gone to Jung Woo for money. Not only that, he supported Daniel in France, too.

Mother tries to scoot out – she didn’t want Jung Sun to find out that she’s been getting money from Jung Woo all along and she knows how he will react. Jung Sun is furious and grabs his mother’s arm and shouts, “Oma!” Daniel conveniently steps out. She tells Jung Sun that he is hurting her and to let go. How could she? He told her never to ask someone close to him for money. Yes, she asked for money – this is how she is – who else would she ask? Then he should have given her some she says defensively. Jung Sun comes undone – his mother has crossed the worst line she possibly could have and there is nothing he can do about it. He panics.

Hyun Soo is alarmed when she calls and hears Jung Sun sobbing.

She immediately jumps on her bikes and pedals like the wind to get to him. Jung Sun collapses on the floor unsure of what to do.

When Hyun Soo arrives, Jung Sun acts like nothing is wrong. But she knows better; she wraps her arms around his waist, lays her head against his back and whispers, “Let’s live together.”


  • Jung Woo has such an advantage when it comes to the battle of the nerves. He can read Jung Sun better than Jung Sun can read himself and knows how to push his buttons. It’s as if Jung Sun thinks he is beginning to accept his own emotions instead of suppressing them like he has done all his life, but this is too much. Jung Woo coming at him on one side and his inconsiderate, opportunistic mother on the other and Jung Sung is an emotional messy sandwich. Poor baby.
  • In the back of my mind I think that Jung Woo wants Jung Sun to man up to the situation and face reality. Something like doing Jung Sun a backhanded favor – in a way. Then again, he seems shocked that Hyun Soo loves Jung Sun so much and isn’t swayed – at least outwardly. Hyun Soo is pretty strong and resolve is built into her personality, but how long can she resist the naysayers including her own easy-going mother? Not to mention Joon Ha, Jung Sun’s mother, and – of course, Jung Woo. The only ones in their corner are Kyung and Won Joon.
  • I’m worried that Jung Sun won’t open up to Hyun Soo – that is not a good sign for a relationship. And Hyun Soo is trying to be strong for both of them. She has stepped back from pushing her own drama in hopes that Jung Woo will ease up on Jung Sun. It’s complicated and I suspect that Jung Woo sees through that. Plus, Jung Woo is right when he told her that she can’t separate her relationship with him from her relationship with Jung Sun. They are all too intertwined and that’s the truth. Jung Woo isn’t a bad guy (is he?) but his pursuit for what he wants is relentless and he won’t take no for an answer.
  • I think Jung Sun is going to have to face his situation but I am worried that losing Good Soup might break him. I said it before and I still wonder if he might disappear again. It might be his best survival tactic to save himself. That would leave Hyun Soo feeling that she couldn’t make a difference for him and for her together and that would be bad.
  • On Entertainment has chosen Hong Ah’s script with Joon Ha as the director (against his wishes.) So, that leaves Hyun Soo free – is this Jung Woo’s retaliation against Jung Sun through her? Right now she isn’t going to make waves. I have to wonder if this threesome has to be so very complicated or if revenge is a stronger motivation that inner peace.

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