Temperature of Love ep 23 – 24 recap

Intense, switch-up, challenge.

There are several awkward moments as everyone realizes Hyun Soo’s and Jung Sun’s families are both in the dining room at Good Soup. Hyun Soo asks her dad about the protocol for introductions and they muddle their way through. Since the mothers had a minor run-in in the bathroom, neither is very keen on finding out their children are dating.

Daniel is less than enthusiastic about his involvement in all this. And Hyun Soo’s mom is as cordial as she needs to be without being rude but no more.

Jung Woo meets with Joon Ha to discuss “Kind Soup” script. Joon Ha likes it with the new ending that Hyun Soo has written, but Jung Woo feels like the original ending is better.   

After reviewing the business report for Good Soup, Jung Woo schedules a meeting with Jung Sun. Even though food quality and preparation is positive, the financial stats aren’t very favorable; Good Soup is losing money. Jung Woo asks Jung Sun for purchase prices and costs. Jung Sun says that’s not what they agreed on, but Jung Woo says he can’t allow the restaurant go bankrupt.

The kitchen staff jumps to attention when Jung Woo strolls through unannounced. The air is tense. As he leaves Jung Woo says over his shoulder, “Keep up the good work.” But the staff is nervous.

Hyun Soo’s mom is especially out of character after dinner. She asks when Jung Sun’s mother divorced, if she plans on marrying that man, and what Jung Sun’s father does. Dad tries to lighten the atmosphere, but it is clear that Mom has concerns.

Jung Sun’s mother also has something to say to her son about the families meeting. She doesn’t think Hyun Soo’s family likes him all that much. Jung Sun asks her not to interfere, but she has a pretty strong opinion that things won’t work out.

Joon Ha and Kyung show up at Hyun Soo’s. Joon Ha mentions that Jung Woo wants to see her. She gives him a call and he asks to meet with her after dinner.

The producer and Hong Ah discuss her script. He is mildly positive about it, but she wants assurances that it will get produced. He holds back a bit. When Hyun Soo and Jung Woo meet, he tells her that he liked “Kind Soup Doesn’t Pick Up His Calls” with the original sad ending. The conversation quickly switches to their personal feelings – he accuses her of putting her own story in the script. She disagrees. He says she’s changed. She says she was in pain for five years over the love she thought she lost. He replies that he has been in pain for five years thinking that she would be his. She tells him that a drama with a happy ending is popular and that’s what people want. He wants a unique drama that holds a small, loyal audience.

They part ways without resolving their different views on her script. Hyun Soo feels uncertain; this is more than just about the script and feels complicated.

On her way to see Jung Sun she runs into the producer and Hong Ah who are leaving Good Soup. It is getting uncomfortable running into Hong Ah now that she is a part of On Entertainment. Hyun Soo stops in to talk with Jung Sun after their families met.  She asks how he liked her parents. He thought her dad was really nice. She assures him that her parents liked meeting him and had a favorable impression. It seems that Jung Sun feels uneasy about his own family dynamics as Hyun Soo talks about her family – how her parents are so in love and that she and her sister are close now. When she asks what his father is like, Jung Sun answers that he is a dentist. Hyun Soo wonders if he doesn’t want to talk about his father or if his feelings towards him are unresolved.

Hong Ah marches into Good Soup and confronts Soo Jung. When Won Joon ignores her, Hong Ah gets snippy. She follows him into the kitchen and asks if he’s grown tired of her. They bicker, but Hong Ah realizes she doesn’t have him wrapped around her little finger any more. Won Joon asks Soo Jung to stay while he has something to say- he thanks her for expressing her feelings and apologizes for overreacting and creating misunderstandings. The relationship configurations remain unconfirmed.

Hong Ah is flustered and wants to talk with Hyun Soo. She complains that Won Joon has changed, but Hyun Soo tells her that Won Joon is the same and she should be nice to him. She tells Hong Ah to be satisfied and not to compare herself to others. Jung Sun reviews the report with Won Joon and hopes that Jung Woo will keep his promise to give the restaurant a year to get established. Won Joon tells Jung Sun that he is surprised Hyun Soo never fell for Jung Woo considering that he made his feelings known .

Jung Sun wonders if Won Joon can get over Hong Ah and he is happy that Soo Jung was clear about liking him – after all, he’s a handsome guy with a lot going for him. That makes Won Joon’s heart feel warm. Won Joon wonders if Hyun Soo expects a proposal from Jung Sun. That seems to worry Jung Sun a bit. Pressure is mounting from all sides.

Hyun Soo works at her computer and lists the options: a happy ending or a sad ending – which is more realistic?

Jung Woo reviews the most recent data on Good Soup and asks Jung Sun to meet with him. The numbers don’t lie: either cut back on staff or cut back on ingredients cost. Jung Sun argues that he can’t compromise quality like that and he is running a fine dining restaurant with minimum staff. Plus there is great teamwork. “Was the allergy incident because of great teamwork?” Jung Woo asks directly. What can Jung Sun say to that?

If Jung Sun can’t make needed changes, Jung Woo thinks he may have to withdraw his investment. That would breach their contract Jung Sun insists. Might be, Jung Woo admits. Jung Sun is flustered and asks if this is a fight over love – is Jung Woo using work to sway them (Jung Sun and Hyun Soo)?

“Are you exhausted already? You can give up right now if you want,” challenges Jung Woo. Jung Sun asks if he has any affection for him and while Jung Woo does, if he has to choose between the two, it’s Hyun Soo.

Episode 24

Jung Sun’s mother stops by with flowers for Jung Woo but ducks behind the desk when Jung Sun walks past. She doesn’t want her son to know she occasionally stops by (always unannounced) to pay a visit to Jung Woo. Hong Ah has a meeting with Jung Woo but Jung Sun’s mother insists on going in first. Hong Ah learns that she is Chef On’s mother after they are both snippy toward one another. Mother drops off the flowers with as a thank you to Jung Woo for being so nice to her and her son. Jung Woo tolerates her intrusion.

Joon Ha discusses the script’s ending with Hyun Soo; he thinks the ending should be happy to encourage the viewers to love.Hyun Soo can’t help but smile at the flirtatious  behavior between Joon Ha and Kyung even though they disguise it as petty bickering.

Hong Ah wants to work with Joon Ha as the director for her drama, too. She doesn’t want to work with Director Min. But Jung Woo tells her that he is currently working with Hyun Soo. That doesn’t make Hong Ah very happy. She’s afraid that he will be difficult like he was with “Unruly Detectives.” Jung Woo is confident Director Min and Hong Ah can manage to work together for a good result with her drama.

A text from Hyun Soo makes Jung Sun smile. They meet at the swings like a couple of young kids and hold hands. They both had a hard day. She tells him the drama will have a happy ending. He tells her there was an incident but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Hyun Soo wants him to push her. It’s refreshing.

Hyun Soo and Kyung jog. They have to get in shape before beginning working on the drama. Hyun Soo is the vitamin, encouraging Kyung to keep moving.

Jung Sun is determined not to have to let any of the staff go. He works diligently on a new dish to creating something tasty with less expensive ingredients. The staff tastes it and declares it a success.

It’s Jung Woo’s birthday, although not a very festive one. Joon Ha offers to celebrate with him but he declines, “That would be upsetting,” he jokes. He’ll just stay home. He’s there to inform Jung Woo about his meeting with Hyun Soo; they’ve decided to go with a happy ending. Jung Woo isn’t satisfied and wants another meeting all together. Guess who’s calling Joon Ha – it’s Hong Ah who won’t settle for Director Min and is taking matters into her own hands. Jung Woo gives her credit for being persistent and knowing what she wants. The two of them meet for lunch at Good Soup but Joon Ha tells her that he’s working with Hyun Soo and can’t/won’t do both. Before she leaves she stops in to see Jung Sun. She happens to mention that she met his mother who was going to see Jung Woo. That’s enough unpleasant information for Jung Sun to call his mother and ask her what in the world she thinks she is doing.

He asks her what she is doing going to his office. “You’re not doing anything weird, are you?” he questions her. She asks why he doesn’t trust her and raises her voice, “How long are you going to hold the mistake I made over my head?” He warns her not to bother Jung Woo.

Hyun Soo and Kyung interview Won Joon for the drama. Hong Ah comes in from the veranda and joins them; things are different between her and Won Joon now. Hong Ah isn’t getting her way these days. She is upset that she can’t work with director Joon Ha because Hyun Soo already is. On top of that, Soo Jung has Won Joon’s eye and now Hong Ah tries to act aloof. When Soo Jung comes by the table to ask if everything is okay, Hong Ah mumbles, “I don’t like her.”

Jung Sun works on developing new dishes. It’s time for Hyun Soo to interview him, now. As they talk she compliments him on his gentle personality. At first, she thought he was a troublemaker because of his tattoo and scar. He tells her that he won’t fight, that’s why his parents divorced. She is thoughtful for a moment; it’s the first time he has said anything about his family’s past. “That’s why I hate violence,” he tells her. With a call from the kitchen, Jung Sun has to head downstairs for dinner preparation.

Kyung lets Hyun Soo know that Joon Ha is concerned that Jung Woo doesn’t want “Kind Soup” to have a happy ending.

Jung Sun stops in Jung Woo’s office. “You’re drinking.” Glancing at a card on his desk, Jung Sun realizes it’s Jung Woo’s birthday and joins him for a drink.  Jung Sun has something to say; he can’t cut staff or lower the cost of good ingredients. Instead, he won’t take a salary. Jung Woo says he predicted that. Jung Sun asks why he didn’t suggest that in the first place, then. “To shake you up,” Jung Woo coolly replies. Jung Sun tells him his plan won’t work. Jung Woo wonders how long he can last without getting paid. “Even if I can’t last, I will,” he tells Jung Woo as he walks out. This is a war.

A stressed Jung Sun runs at night. He thinks over the past conversations between him and Jung Woo – how their partnership began, the promises they made, the beginning of a friendship. And how a woman that has come between them has slowly but surely changed their bond and made them fierce competitors. Perhaps for the first time, Jung Sun doesn’t know what to do. He almost seems panicked as he showers an wonders himself if he can last against Jung Woo. It is a fight he didn’t see coming and doesn’t know how to handle.

Joon Ha has arranged a meeting with himself, Kyung, Hun Soo and Jung Woo but he didn’t tell the women about the set up. When they arrive at a lovely country home, they are confused. When they arrive, Jung Woo steps out of the front door. The lovely spot of Jung Woo’s childhood home. Of course, Joon Ha doesn’t know there is an undercurrent between Jung Woo and Hyun Soo. There is a suspenseful atmosphere. Hyun Soo feels uneasy.

Joon Ha tries to convince them that talking it out with Jung Woo is a good thing. Hyun Soo argues that he should have told her the plan. He says she wouldn’t have come if she knew.  Jung Woo seems different, more intense.

As usual, whether he likes it or not, Jung Sun’s mother has something to say. She wonders if there is a problem between him and Mr. Park Jung Woo. He tells her to stay out of it. She doesn’t want to see him suffer. He tells her to live her own life.

Joon Ha is clueless, unaware that the vibe between Jung Woo and Hyun Soo is not good. He suggests they just socialize and settle on a happy ending to the drama. When Kyung gets upset and tells him that he is careless and lied about the set up and walks out. Joon Ha follows her. He tells her that she is lying too – she knows he likes her but acts otherwise. She doesn’t want to date, that’s why. She has to concentrate on becoming a writer.  He thinks she may never date at that rate. Of course that upsets her and she runs off with him trailing behind apologizing.

That leaves Jung Woo and Hyun Soo at the house. He needs something stronger than wine and pours a drink. She and Jung Sun text: What are you doing? I’m at a meeting. Should we meet later? I don’t know when it will end. She smiles. Jung Woo watches. When Joon Ha and Kyung get back, they’re ready to leave but Jung Woo says that he will take Hyun Soo home; he has something to talk to her about. She tells him that she was texting Jung Sun. He tells her if that’s her line to reject him, then forget it. She says his behavior is starting to be obsessive. He calls it passion. What is attractive about a woman whose heart belongs to someone else? she asks. He thought she would forget that love during the five years, but she didn’t like he counted on her doing. She turned him down for work before, but this time she changed he comments. Hyun Soo comes right out and tells him that wanting someone who has given her heat to someone else is wrong. Sung Woo won’t give up on her. If that’s the case, perhaps she can’t keep working with him. On that note, he drives her home. They don’t say a word on the way.

When they get to her house, Jung Sun is waiting on the stairs. She knows he must not like that Jung Woo dropped her off and runs to him and takes his hand. Jung Sun wants to talk with Jung Woo; Hyun Soo nervously goes inside. The two men walk a ways; Jung Sun tells Jung Woo to stop pushing himself on a woman who doesn’t want it. Jung Woo says she hasn’t said that to him. Jung Woo has the upper hand and tells Jung Sun that love can change. Jung Woo says it won’t change for them. Jung Woo calmly but firmly says that he, Jung Sun, will change: he is still trying to find his way and is young, and besides, what can he offer Hyun Soo? On the other hand, Jung Woo says that he can do everything for her and that he cares about her future.

Jung Sun clenches his fist. Jung Woo gets in his face and tells him to get mad if he is mad. “I’m going to steal your woman,” and points his finger, determined. He tells him to hit him. Jung Sun throws a punch out of rage thinking, Ironically, I became free that day.



  • Jung Woo’s life experience gives him confidence that Jung Sun doesn’t have and he uses it to his maximum advantage. That is definitely getting to Jung  Sun. All of a sudden Jung Sun’s confidence is corroding from the faltering restaurant he is in charge of to his friendship and now, fierce competition with Jung Woo over the woman they both love. Jung Woo is an interesting character who, I am realizing, we know less about than we probably need to know in order to figure out what makes his motor run. He has amazing patience and persistence that have served him well in business, that’s for sure. In the department of love, things are kind of murky. He has picked up on one very important thing, though, and that is that Hyun Soo gave up love five years ago for work and he is counting on that happening again plus the fact that when she was ready to give her heart to Jung Sun – she did. Jung Woo, interestingly enough, is hoping that commitment can be his once Jung Sun falls away (at least according to his theory) and Hyun Soo looks at him as a man who has been there in the shadows for all along. It’s just that he is getting a little scary, seeing that he controls Hyun Soo’s future and Jung Sun’s future and if he has to make the choice between them, he will obviously choose Hyun Soo. That scares Jung Sun as much as his own wavering does. In fact, it is such an easy choice for Jung Woo which means Jung Sun’s future is in the balance. This episode reveals that Jung Sun realizes Jung Woo is no joke.
  • Jung Sun’s mother sure is a thorn in his side. Her intentions are always selfish and that makes Jung Sun nervous, even mad – because it is seeping into his life and making his uncomfortable. He knows she does what she wants. What is the incident she referred to that Jung Sun holds over her head? That, we don’t know yet.
  •  Joon Ha has more and more clout as a director in the production of Hyun Soo’s drama. Not to mention that Hong Ah isn’t going to let up on wanting to get him to direct her drama probably at the expense of Hyun Soo’s. It’s a tight group and, unfortunately, everyone is using everyone else’s weaknesses to get what they want with, perhaps, the exception of Hyun Soo. The altercation between Jung Sun and Jung Woo has to make her nervous. It comes on the heels of Jung Sun telling her that he hates violence, and yet his buttons were pushed to the point of committing a violent act when he punched Jung Woo.
  • I think Jung Woo has done what he has aimed to do – shake Jung Sun and Hyun Soo’s relationship. Or has Jung Sun broken free and found a new inner strength?

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