Temperature of Love ep 21 – 22 recap

My title for this episode: Mushroom Tart

Thank you, kdrama, for doing my thinking for me. I gave myself romantic intentions whiplash after hearing Jung Woo’s explanation to Jung Sun. Five years is a long time and I have to agree that it was Jung Woo and not Jung Sun who was by Hyun Soo’s side during that time. Jung Sun really did disappear and even though there were misunderstandings via an unreliable go-between, Jung Sun never did contact Hyun Soo while he studied in Paris. Enter Jung Woo, whose timing for work and things personal coincided with Hyun Soo’s life in every way.   

Trust, respect, love, ~ how are they related, anyway?

The initial shock of the proposal dinner has left Jung Sun barely holding it together. Hyun Soo reads that things aren’t right and decides to tell Jung Woo what she has been meaning to say – that the love she lost and found is Jung Sun and that they’ve recently started dating again. Jung Woo says nothing. Hyun Soo tries to make small talk. The atmosphere feels weird. When it’s time to serve the special cake Jung Sun manages to get it to the table but without the ring that is supposed to accompany it. There is no way he can follow through on that. Jung Woo coolly wonders if there is something else at which point Jung Sun asks if they can talk, leaving a confused Hyun Soo alone at the table.

Thankfully, Hyun Soo’s mother has the intuition to give Hyun Soo a call just when she needs it most. Hearing her mother’s voice in the middle of whatever is going on at the moment is all she needs to feel calm.

Jung Sun is shaken; he doesn’t even know where to start. Jung Woo says that when he visited him in Paris the woman he spoke of was Hyun Soo. Oh, so they both liked her back then Jung Sun realizes. “Not liked; I still like her,” corrects Jung Woo. While Jung Sun was in Paris it was Jung Woo who was by her side when she won the writing contest, debuted with a drama, and was sick during Christmas and New Year’s.  Furthermore, during those years, he never saw Hyun Soo date although he knew she had someone on her heart. But that person was never with her. He thought that if she could cherish someone like that, then she would also cherish him if she grew to like him. That’s why he waited; that’s what he hoped for.

Jung Sun asks Jung Woo if he knew that Hyun Soo is his girlfriend. He did. Jung Sun begins to boil over. How could Jung Woo ask him to prepare the proposal if he knew that? “It’s only fair for you to feel the pain I felt when I found out about you two,” Jung Woo replies seriously. Jung Sun asks what he did wrong. Jung Woo says he did nothing wrong. He is angry at him because he can’t get angry at Hyun Soo. “The dice have been thrown. Let’s do things our own way,” says an intentional Jung Woo.

Jung Woo returns to Hyun Soo and says he’ll leave first. “Aren’t you going to ask me what’s going on?” Hyun Soo says that if it’s something she needs to know he’ll tell her. Even in this situation, Hyun Soo remains consistent in that way. Jung Woo tells her that he planned to propose to her. “My feelings for you are sincere. You may not like me as a man, but we have a mutual trust, am I right?” She agrees. Trust is the most important thing to him. He wanted to be by her side so that she could lean on him. He had planned to propose before he knew about her and Jung Sun, admitting that he saw them in Yeosu. With his intentions clear and his heart on his sleeve, he’s laid out all of his cards; he thinks this is the beginning for him and her.

Flashback 2015: Hyun Soo has fun at the batting cage. She’s pretty good, too. Jung Woo wants a turn. With a home run hit, he makes the lap around the bases. They walk and talk about work; her script is being well received. Even though she has had calls out of interest, she is loyal to On Entertainment and that pleases him. Their business relationship is off to a good start; she tells him that she respects him.

Her success has allowed her to move into a nicer house. Later, Jung Woo stops by with housewarming gifts. He leaves quickly but Hyun Soo runs out to thank him. He has more good news: SBC will air “Unruly Detectives.” Hyun Soo is thrilled – it’s her big break.

When his stomach rumbles she offers to get him something, but he dismisses it and says he will eat on the run. She feels bad and comments that she hopes he meets someone nice and gets married. “I want you,’ he replies boldly. But, he tells her not to be nervous; he will keep his promise and won’t make her uncomfortable.

Hyun Soo shakes her head back to the present as Jung Sun comes up from behind and wraps his arms around her. They’ve both been caught off guard. “We need to talk,” she says. They unravel the events of the evening – neither of them saw this coming. Feelings are complicated. And now, they’re involved in a way that makes their relationships with Park Jung Woo difficult to navigate.

It’s true: Jung Woo has laid out all of his cards. He is betting on respect as the catalyst for love and one thing he knows is that Hyun Soo respects him. Jung Sun is weighed down with the thought that while he was in Paris Jung Woo was with Hyun Soo. And Hyun Soo thinks about the strange turn of events at dinner that night. Everyone is unsettled.

Having had the night to think things over, Jung Sun goes over to Hyun Soo’s the next morning to talk. They sit on the playground swings – a place where kdrama conflicts are sorted out. He thinks it’s important that no matter who tries to shake their relationship, they shouldn’t change how they feel. She tells him that she isn’t confused or shaken. He is relieved. It’s been a rough episode for them, but they reassure one another that nothing has changed between them.

Several days pass. Hyun Soo works on the drama. She gets a call from Jung Woo and hesitates, but answers. He scolds her for always making him call first. It’s about her appointment with actress Yoo Hye Jung – they’ll all meet later at On Entertainment.

Jung Sun arrives at Good Soup with fresh snapper. Soo Jung and Won Joon set up the dining room. She informs Jung Sun that there are hardly any reservations for the week. There isn’t much else to say. Won Joon gets a call from Hong Ah. She wants him to bring her something to eat, but he can’t leave during work. “Have it ready, then,” she asks rather inconsiderately. Soo Jung, who likes Won Joon and dislikes Hong Ah, prickles at the call.

Hyun Soo and Yoo Hye Jung hit it off as soon as they meet. Hyun Soo is thrilled that Hye Jung is so openly excited to meet her. “My heart fluttered when I read your script,” is a comment that writers dream of. Hye Jung is full of compliments. She is sorry that her schedule won’t allow her to star in this drama, but she hopes that she is the first one to read the next script. “My gosh, of course,” gushes Hyun Soo. The two women get along swimmingly.

Daniel notices there are fewer and fewer customers at the restaurant. Mother is defensive. They argue over money. He hugs her as he leaves but asks her to stop nagging. Not good signs. Mother stops at Jung Sun’s apartment and asks why business is so slow. “It’s none of your business. Let’s live our own lives,” he tells her. The last thing he needs is her nagging him.

Hong Ah arrives at Good Soup and wants to brush by Soo Jung into the kitchen, but Soo Jung stops her. “It’s against the rules for non-employees to enter the kitchen,” she tells her curtly. Hong Ah is put out, but Soo Jung wont’ let her by. She tells Won Joon that Hong Ah is waiting in the dining hall. He brings out a lovely packed lunch but with a glance, Hong Ah puts up a fuss. She didn’t want it packed, she wanted to eat it there. She acts ungrateful and bratty and Soo Jung has had enough. “I have something to say to you,” she says, surprising both Hong Ah and Hong Ah. “Go ahead,” Hong Ah says dismissively. “Let me have this man.” Take that, Hong Ah.

Episode 22

Soo Jung says she has liked Won Joon for a while and can’t stand to see him treated so poorly by Hong Ah. “Go ahead. However, it won’t be easy to change his heart. He’s liked me for the past eight years,” Hong Ah replies carelessly. Won Joon looks as if he is watching a ping-pong match as the women discuss him. Now he pipes in that it won’t be hard to change his heart. He likes Soo Jung’s charisma. “Oppa!” whines Hong Ah. Won Joon acts cool and tells her goodbye. Back in the kitchen Soo Jung apologizes for speaking up, but she thought Hong Ah might treat him better if she knew someone else liked him. Won Joon feels pathetic but thanks her for lying so well. It made him feel good for a moment to think that someone else liked him. “It’s not a lie,” Soo Jung admits. This makes Won Joon’s eyes light up.

Joon Ha is looking pretty scruffy these days. He plays games on his phone while Kyung cooks ramyeon. When the doorbell rings Kyung expects Hyun Soo, but instead Hong Ah stops by. She’s hungry and was in the neighborhood. By the way, when did they start dating she asks Kyung and Joon Ha.  Kyung yells at her for making such an absurd comment. But Hong Ah says it’s obvious they’re having a fling. Kyung and Joon Ha trip over each other making excuses and backhanded compliments until Joon Ha scurries out the door flustered.

Hyun Soo and Jung Woo are happy about how well the meeting with Yoo Hye Jung went. Things are looking up for Hyun Soo’s career. Jung Woo suggests they get a bite to eat at Good Soup. He can tell Hyun Soo is hesitant. He tells her the restaurant isn’t doing well and they should support it, plus this is work, not personal, and Jung Sun knows they’ll be together for work. Anyway, he would be mad if they ate somewhere else. She agrees to go.

As expected, it is an uncomfortable situation. Jung Sun is doubly concerned in the departments of love and work. He watches them nervously from the kitchen doorway.

Hong Ah can’t let the conversation at Good Soup go. She is annoyed over Soo Jung’s comments. But when she calls Won Joon he chooses not to answer. Hong Ah is restless.

Before they leave, Jung Sun wants to speak with Jung Woo. Outside. “Hyun Soo and I are in love,” he tells him. Shouldn’t he stop what he is doing? But Jung Woo doesn’t think Jung Sun is as innocent in all this as he thinks. For instance, Jung Sun didn’t tell him that he knew that Hyun Soo was the writer for the guest appearance in her drama. Or the time he canceled on him to go. to Yeosu with Hyun Soo and gave another excuse  – aren’t they being childish, the way they are fighting over a woman? Love requires two people Jung Sun reasons. It’s not a situation where you win alone. Jung Woo reminds him that he has had to fight for everything in life and he has won. Not to mention that they are in different positions: Jung Sun doesn’t have to fight because he has Hyun Soo’s heart. On the other hand, if Jung Woo wants to express his feelings for her, he is the one who has to work for that. Jung Woo has an air of assurance about him while Jung Sun seems frustrated.

What about their friendship? Jung Sun calls after him. Oddly, Jung Woo replies that he thinks it is just the beginning of their true friendship.

Hyun Soo waits for Jung Sun to call. She seems a bit nervous. At the restaurant, he told her that they would meet up later, but so far she hasn’t heard from him. She is done waiting by the phone and goes to his apartment.

He is happy and relieved to see her; he’s been turning over Jung Woo’s words in his mind and is weary. He hugs her, lingering over her fresh scent. They talk about the restaurant and how it’s doing. He tells her that he will return to the TV program to make up the deficit. Also, the investor is Jung Woo, so he doesn’t want to disappoint him not to mention that their relationships are inextricable more than ever. They talk about that they won’t be shaken, how they won’t change toward each other, confidence, obstacles . .  . Hyun Soo brightly thinks that  Good Soup will get out of deficit if he concentrates on winning a Michelin Star.

Mother unashamedly goes to Jung Woo for a loan – she’s made a few bad investments and all that. She promises to pay him back when Daniel sells his paintings. Jung Woo is politely silent.

Leave it to Mom and Dad to cheer up Hyun Soo and Kyung. They’re all going out to dinner to that place, Mom suggests, that was closed the last time. Hyun Soo calls Jung Sun to make a reservation and, well – meet her parents. If he doesn’t want to, she tells him, that’s okay but Jung Sun says he’ll meet them.

Mother and Daniel make it a habit to eat at Good Soup these days. Soo Jung seats them; they are the only customers so far. Hyun Soo shows up with her parents; Mom needs to use the washroom and Hyun Soo tiptoes out to the veranda and lets Jung Sun know they are there.

Jung Sun is nervous to meet her parents. Mom freshens up in the restroom and can’t help but stare at Mother who is dressed on the flashy side. They make eye contact and Mother is a bit snippy and forward. Mom apologizes.

The only customers in the place are Hyun Soo’s family and Mother and Daniel. Hyun Soo can see that Jung Sun is nervous. He wants her family to like him. She tells him he has nothing to worry about. When they enter the dining room . . .

Mom waves at Hyun Soo and Mother waves at Jung Sun – and everyone looks around. What’s going on?

Oh no! The families will meet in this unplanned situation.


  • Having seen the events from last week’s episodes solely from Jung Sun’s perspective, I have to say that Jung Woo has good reason to follow his heart concerning Hyun Soo. He has been by her side for five years and their relationship has developed a trust that, in Jung Woo’s mind, is a strong basis for marriage. Hyun Soo agrees that they have a mutual trust, but her take is that it has built a solid professional relationship in an industry where that is important but rare. She respects him; he takes that as a doorway into her heart.  He can’t understand how a man, how Jung Sun specifically, could disappear for five years and not be by the side of the woman he loved, or liked back then. He has more life experiences and it is clear that makes Jung Sun nervous. Will Jung Sun leave again if circumstances call for it? That has to be a question in the back of all  of their minds and that could make him or her waver. Jung Woo knows that. What would Hyun Soo’s heart do then? I was ready to throw Jung Woo under the bus last week, but the flashbacks make me realize that he has been clear all along toward Hyun Soo and has given her all the room she needs, has been professional and a gentleman while expressing his true feelings for her, and has kept his promise not to make her uncomfortable.
  • The one who is shaken is Jung Sun. Good Soup is faltering and he is beholden to Jung Woo to make his investment work. Now they are rivals in love and Jung Sun doesn’t know what to do since Jung Woo won’t back down like he wants him to and expected him to. Weren’t they friends? Jung Woo doesn’t think that’s the question here – business and love survive circumstances that require change. Being inflexible is the problem and Jung Sun is the inflexible one here. Maybe he doesn’t understand Jung Woo right now and is intimidated by his confidence.
  • It was fun to have Park Shin Hye make a cameo appearance as actress Yoo Hye Jung. I liked how the two women clicked and how Jung Woo felt left out. Their good chemistry points to something exciting down the road for Hyun Soo, but will it be that easy?
  • In true kdrama fashion, I suspect as I mentioned that Jung Sun will leave again. Or betray Hyun Soo in some way. The repeat mention of the Michelin Star makes me uneasy in the sense that the pursuit of it might have something to do with relationships unraveling. I also think someone will fall sick or get in an accident and complicate the three-way relationship thing that won’t go away. Speaking of the triangle, I like that Jung Sun is going to have to up his game in the commitment field if he wants to make his relationship with Hyun Soo solid.
  • I hope Soo Jung and Won Joon become a couple. So long, Hong Ah.
  • I think Jung Sun’s mother is on her way to being alone again. Clingy, money talk, begging for a loan, taking advantage of people – none of those is becoming behavior.
  • Temperature of Love is right up there with My Love From Another Star in quality, story, and acting. I really like it and hope the ratings support the show!

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