Temperature of Love ep 19 – 20 recap

All’s fair in love and war.

Hyun Soo and Jung Sun aren’t in any hurry to leave the refrigerator locker. Later, they head up to his apartment where Jung Sun wraps Hyun Soo in a cozy blanket and makes a hot cup of tea. “Love is so interesting,” says Hyun Soo thoughtfully. She asks if he remembers when she met his mother. “My mom’s a very difficult person. She has a very a complicated family history,” he explains. Hyun Soo actually thinks that meeting his mother made her love him even more – somehow she is sympathetic towards her.

Him: “I love you; I’m in love with you.”

Her: “I know.” Their sweet, quiet, moment lingers.

Her phone rings, but Jung Woo’s call to Hyun Soo goes unanswered.   

Jung Woo pulls into to Good Soup’s parking lot. He sees them come out of Jung Sun’s apartment. Hyun Soo trips, she is wont to do that as Jung Sun tried to warn her, and he helps her up. There is an eerie pallor to the scene as Jung Woo watches them from a distance.

Hyun Soo struggles on her bicycle uphill with Kyung on the back. They’ve divided the task of interviewing the staff at Good Soup for the new drama. The first on the list is Ms. Lim. Next the chefs; they want to know about the hardships of training, team camaraderie, and any other tidbits of information.

Jung Woo calls Hyun Soo. “What are you doing?” She tells him she is doing interviews. He wants to meet for lunch; he has something to tell her. Hyun Soo eats and waits patiently; after a while Jung Woo says that he should just get straight to the point: he sent her script to famous actress Yoo Hye Jung. Hyun Soo is excited but thinks the actress won’t star in her drama because she is a nobody. Jung Woo hesitates, knowing that Hyun Soo is dying to hear more. As it turns out, Yoo Hye Jung likes the story and, even though her current schedule won’t allow her to be in it this time, she wants to meet Hyun Soo in person.

Hyun Soo is delighted. Jung Woo suggests they take a walk. Hyun Soo hopes that meeting this actress will open an opportunity for another chance down the road. Jung Woo has other things on his mind; he is still trying to bridge the work-personal gap between them and hopes that she will be more available when he calls. Hyun Soo, thinking ahead to meeting a star actress, tells him that she will be available. She works from home, so she can dash over to discuss work anytime. That’s not what he meant.

Jung Sun is busy creating a new dish. He offers a taste to Jung Woo  who has shown up with perfect timing. But they both think something’s missing. “What brings you here?” asks Jung Sun.

Jung Woo wants to get to know more about him these days. Jung Sun, completely unaware of his partner’s ingenuous intentions, happily tells Jung Woo that he has a girlfriend now. The one who dumped him when he went to Paris – they’ve reconnected. In fact, he’d like to introduce her to him. Jung Woo tells him to bring her this weekend when he proposes to his girl. And I had hopes that Jung Woo would stop himself from this cruelty toward unsuspecting Jung Sun. Jung Woo’s expression is almost sinister. He knows perfectly well the person is Hyun Soo; but he also knows that Jung Sun is innocent in this three-way relationship. Jealousy has darkened Jung Woo’s heart.

Restaurant trouble is brewing too: there are calls about the allergic reaction story and customers are cancelling reservations. There are Internet woes too: it’s too expensive; it wasn’t that great; the chef is young and only showed his looks; they didn’t check carefully and almost killed a customer. The comments are worrisome. Jung Sun tries to remain optimistic.

Hong Ah waits for Jung Woo in his office. She continues to be aggressive and puts pressure on him. For starters, she doesn’t want to work in Hyun Soo’s old studio; it’s a jinx. She asks how casting for her debut drama is coming along. She wants good air time; he tells her the script has to be good to get good actors. She reminds him that he has clout in that area. He pushes back and tells her not to get ahead of herself. She is a bit out of line. Her personality is both her strength and her weakness.

Hong Ah unexpectedly stops by Hyun Soo’s house where they are working on Kind Soup script. Because she is making a debut she is in a good mood and has brought gifts. Kyung is thrilled to receive a pretty blouse from Hong Ah, but Hyun Soo is cool and excuses herself to her room. Hong Ah knocks, “Are you still mad at me?” But Hyun Soo isn’t ready to make light talk. She needs time to clear up her feelings toward her.

Jung Woo seems agitated. Clearly, he is conflicted over his feelings for Hyun Soo, the fact that he knows she and Jung Sun are seeing each other, and that he is about to stab Jung Sun in the heart.

Hyun Soo works on the script at home. Jung Sun texts: What are you doing? I miss you. She texts: I miss you, too. Want to meet up? She rides her bicycle to Good Soup, and they enjoy the night air together.

When they return, Jung Sun wants her to taste test a new menu item. “It’s called Oyster Pop Champagne Granita. Granita means Italian ice sherbet.” Hyun Soo loves its exotic taste. She is excited to tell him about the famous actress who wants to meet her. Jung Sun surprises her when he tells her that he saw “The Man Who Eats Rare Steak” in Paris. Hyun Soo smiles happily; she is regaining her confidence.

Jung Woo sits at his desk with a bottle of scotch and the Kind Soup manuscript. It’s 11: 20 p.m. He calls Hyun Soo, “Come to my office. I need to talk to you.” It’s about their relationship – same old same old. She seems apprehensive. When she arrives she tells him, “You seem different lately.” He asks how her writing and the interviews are going. “Does Chef On help you a lot?” She smiles, “Yes.” Jung Woo who is blurry and too drunk to drive her home tells her, “I don’t think I can control my emotions today.” He walks her to the elevator and thanks her for coming.  Although she won’t cross the line he wishes wasn’t there, she tells him not to carry (work) burdens alone. “I can be someone you can talk to,” she says. He looks at her longingly, wishing her feelings for him were different than what they are.

As they ride down the elevator he asks if his proposal back then (five years ago) seemed weird. Her thoughts are different now, she tells him. “Love and trust are two different words. You can love someone even if you don’t trust them.” He thinks that marriage requires trust, though.

Hyun Soo is clear about her feelings and can honestly tell him that she hopes he meets someone nice because he is a good man. Worst thing she could say to him in his frame of mind. His gaze at her is all wrong because he knows too much and can’t stop himself from doing what he is about to do.

Mother shows up as she pleases these days at Good Soup to her son’s dismay. She cheerily tells him that Daniel will pick up breakfast on the way over and the can eat together.

Hyun Soo is making progress on the script. She gets a call from Jung Sun’s mother and answers tentatively. With a mother’s prerogative, she tells Hyun Soo that she is happy to know her phone isn’t broken as she suspected since she hadn’t heard from her. In any case, she is at Good Soup. Hyun Soo tells her that she is headed there shortly. Then they will meet, concludes Mother.

It’s yet another uneasy and unavoidable moment between Jung Sun and Daniel. Mother nonchalantly mentions that she called Hyun Soo to join them. Her comments about marriage, age, consideration, weddings, intentions annoy both her son and her lover. Jung Sun abruptly heads out. Daniel doesn’t look pleased, either.

Jung Sun calls Hyun Soo and tells her not to come. But Hyun Soo says she can handle his mother on her own. Besides, getting to know his mother will help her get to know him better and love him more.

Episode 20

Kyung and Hyun Soo continue to interview the staff at Good Soup. Hyun Soo notices there are fewer customers. She asks Ms. Lim (Soo Jung) if the allergy incident is the cause. “Rumors spread fast in this industry,” she replies. As expected, the newest staff member, Min Ho, has plenty of scuttlebutt. He whispers that he thinks Soo Jung likes someone. “Who is that?” Kyung  asks, interested in getting the scoop.

Won Joon and Hong Ah bicker and flirt. Soo Jung overhears and is bothered. She comments to Kyung that she doesn’t like the way Hong Ah talks rudely to Chef Choi (Won Joon). This makes Kyung wonder if the person Soo Jung likes (according to Min Ho) is Won Joon. Actually, I like that.

Mother and Hyun Soo meet on the terrace. They are both proud about the article in the magazine featuring Jung Sun. Hyun Soo’s reaction is that he is so handsome!  Mother says the best thing she ever did was give birth to him. The second best thing, she adds, was getting divorced.

Mother tells Hyun Soo that Jung Sun protected her in what was an abusive marriage. Still, he suffered the most. But, what can she do to change that? Mother’s que sera sera attitude is her trademark. How about shopping together Mother suggests. Hyun Soo asks why she wants to get closer to her. Well, they’re both dating younger men, so they could double date. Her son works hard every day. She hopes there is someone who can make him happy. And the truth is, his face brightens when he talks about Hyun Soo. “Really?” Hyun Soo smiles.

Hyun Soo’s parents get a health checkups in matching pink and blue gowns. Dad seems worried about Mom’s frequent headaches and suggests a CT scan. Gosh, I hope it isn’t something serious.

Jung Soo’s plan in on track. He picks out a simple ring at the jeweler’s.

Meanwhile, Jung Sun sketches a fancy cake for Jung Woo’s proposal. Won Joon admires his design. Coincidentally, Hyun Soo stops by the kitchen and fusses over the lovely cake drawing, too. She even suggests tiny touches here and there.

Kyung is annoyed as she lets in Joon Ha. He flops on the couch and asks, “Is Hyun Soo dating Chef On?” When Kyung affirms that they are, he wonders out loud what happened with Jung Woo, then? She turns around at that news – Jung Woo likes Hyun Soo? With a wrist flick he says it’s been for a long time. But, can she make him some ramyeon? Irritated, she tells him to make it himself. But when he drops the pan accidentally on purpose, she scolds, “Are you a child?” and puts on the water to boil.

Jung Sun takes special care to greet the customers, aware that business is down. Jung Woo is having dinner there, too. “Your restaurant is getting empty,” he says bluntly. He wonders if Jung Sun is being realistic enough. By the way, how did he come up with the name, Good Soup? Jung sun describes the combination of his online nickname, Kind Soup and the Korean tradition of soup as a meal.

Jung Woo gives Jung Sun the proposal ring to hide in the dessert. It’s hard to know what’s in Jung Woo’s head just now as he asks, “Do you know that I like you?” Jung Sun smiles and tells him that he likes him, too. Jung Woo is surprisingly serious and continues, “We all have different priorities in our lives.” He has seen relationships break – how will it be for them? Jun Sun is certain that nothing will come between them. “Why?” asks Jung Woo. “Because you’re you,” an upbeat Jung Sun tells his friend with all sincerity. It sounds odd after Jung Sun’s profession of allegiance to his friend to hear Jung Woo say that he can’t stop himself – he is going to take it to the end. Jung Sun wonders what he means by such a curious statement. With that, the two men clink their beer cans, “cheers.”

The next morning, a bright Hyun Soo jogs past Good Soup and calls out to her love, “good luck!” as if Jung Sun could hear.

Jung Woo has called Hong Ah to discuss her script. “It’s good,” he tells her. She gladly takes the compliment. He will begin casting the actors. As for the director, he will find someone fitting. She asks about Hyun Soo’s drama and just to stir things up, reminds him that he can’t neglect her for Hyun Soo. Without a segue in the least, Hong Ah proceeds to remind him that Hyun Soo and Jung Sun are in love and there isn’t room for him in between them. “Why are you telling me that?” he asks. “Because I like you. Even if you get hurt, it’s good to know in advance,” she replies coyly, and walks off leaving her usual trail of intentional emotional debris. On her way out she runs into Director Min. He doesn’t have anything to say to her (since she refused to help out with “Unruly Detectives).

Director Min and Jung Woo have a rocky working relationship, but Jung Woo is savvy enough to know that even if he doesn’t like the director, he is good at what he does. Word has it that Director Min is a free agent these days and Jung Woo offers to scout him. He thinks they might make good partners.

After the finishing touches for the proposal dinner, Jung Sun calls Hyun Soo and asks if she is free tonight. He wants her to come to dinner. She is happy when she agrees to join him. The plan, of course, is for him to introduce her to Jung Woo and his fiance as his girlfriend.

Jung Woo’s game is on. He calls Hyun Soo for dinner. Does it have to be tonight? She has plans. He tells her she doesn’t’ have a choice. She understands; they agreed that until “Unruly Detectives” is done and over with, she is on call. Business is business; there’s nothing she can do.

She lets Jung Sun know that something came up and she won’t be able to meet him after all. She apologizes, but he understands and says they can see each other any time. She tells him that he is as warm as the sun. He jokingly scolds her for making fun of him.

Jung Woo picks Hyun Soo up at her house. She seems a little surprised that he chooses to eat at Good Soup, and can’t help but smile. Jung Woo notices these little things; it makes him even more driven to make his point. They are ushered upstairs to the terrace. Hyun Soo is surprised a second time when she sees the fancy table setting and string of lights. “Is there a special occasion?” she asks. Jung Woo looks straight ahead.

Ms. Lim notifies Jung Sun that Mr. Park has arrived. With a smile, Jung Sun makes his way to the terrace. As he approaches, Jung Woo waves to greet his friend.

But the smile disappears from his face; Jung Sun stops dead in his tracks. He has a look of bewilderment as he realizes the woman Jung Woo is going to propose to is Hyun Soo. Suddenly their previous conversation floods his mind: 

JW: If the woman you like likes another man, will you give up?

JS: I might give up but not until I gave it my all.

JW: Then what if that man was me? Would you still go all the way?

JS: Of course. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Hyun Soo looks uneasily at Jung Sun; something isn’t right. Jung Woo makes his move, “Let me introduce you two properly. He is the man I like the most. This is the woman I like most.”


  • What a set up, I mean what a set up! Even though we knew this was coming, my heart sunk to the bottom of the ocean when Jung Sun walked up to the table. Getting run over by a steamroller would have been more merciful. The deliberateness and the way Jung Woo proceeded was diabolical. I mean, he doesn’t even dislike let alone hate Jung Sun, but what he did to him was something one would only do to an arch-enemy. Why?! What is in Jung Woo’s past that allowed him to carry such a despicable plan toward Jung Sun? And Hyun Woo as well – this is every bit as in-your-face toward her. I mean, knowing that the one you call friend is in the kitchen making a lovely proposal cake for you and knowing that it will kill him to find out that you both love the same woman is cowardly. I can’t reconcile in my mind that the handsome, successful, seemingly thoughtful Jung Woo that I liked so much could devise such a cruel plan against “the man who I like the most.” Really? I get rivalry and I get that one might not give up, but Jung Woo’s ego wouldn’t take no for an answer from Hyun Soo. She truthfully has differentiated between her work relationship and her personal relationship with Jung Woo and has stated her intentions. He would never hear it that way, however. Finding out that she was seeing Jung Sun (why him and not me?) made him crazy. Yes, his actions are that of a crazy man who is possessive of a woman to the point of ignoring her wishes and thinking that, no matter what, he will get what he wants. Okay, that’s creepy. Jung Woo has used his professional clout to demand loyalty but he is being disingenuous in his intentions. I don’t like this one bit. But it does make me more curious about what makes Jung Woo tick.*
  • What else is going on in the show and does it even matter? Mother and meh-Daniel won’t last. Mother is such an opportunist, but I can see why Hyun Soo can sympathize with her.
  • Hong Ah is shamelessly into everyone’s business for the sake of causing trouble and making herself a part of their stories. That’s sad. I hope she and Director Min have to work together. I also hope that Ms. Lim Soo Jung and Won Joon end up together since that story line emerged thanks to chef Min Ho.
  • I love Hyun Soo’s enthusiasm for this drama, but where is it headed now that Jung Woo has shattered so much, not least of all – trust. *When he mentioned trust and marriage it made me wonder if he had a previous marriage or engagement where trust was broken and he was left with a wounded heart.
  • It’s really late – gotta get some sleep. I welcome any additional comments on these two episodes that delivered so much love and pain.



2 thoughts on “Temperature of Love ep 19 – 20 recap

  1. whooosh , that was tense. As much as I hate Jung Woo now, am just surprised at how these two men spoke about Jun Sung’s relationship but there was no name dropping of the girlfriend. Maybe , thats how it is in SKorea, but where I come from , the first thing to tell your friends or families is the NAME of that person. Maybe , this was for plot advancement.
    Thank you cimiart, I enjoyed the recap

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sandra,
      This was really a heart-wrenching couple of episodes, right? Friends, lovers, partners – what a tangled mess. It’s almost as if Jung Woo expected everyone to read his mind. And not mentioning the girlfriend’s name by either of them – I think the drama purposely made their personalities (both Jung Sun and Jung Woo) extremely private, serious, and independent so that not revealing who they were dating until the big event made sense in the context. I also wonder why Jung Woo waited so long (over five years) to reveal his heart. Jung Woo is an odd character, but that’s because Kim Jae Wook is such a great actor. He really is – I hope he gets a lead role in a romance drama soon!


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