Temperature of Love ep 17 – 18 recap

Episode 17

Jung Sun and Hyun Soo walk down the hallway of the hotel. He playfully holds up their clasped hands for the CCTV. This time he wants to leave evidence.

Jung Woo drives home alone. He thinks back on the conversations he and Jung Sun had about dating, the time five years ago when he confessed to Hyun Soo and the tears she shed over the man she loved and lost, when he told Hyun Soo that her emotions were all over the place, and now tonight looking across the bridge and seeing Jung Sun and Hyun Soo together. What is this?   

“Do you want to sleep together?” Jung Sun asks. “Sure,” Hyun Soo answers. They set their alarms at the same time and count down 5,4,3,2,1 – and fall asleep together. Apart.

The vacation is over. Jung Sun concentrates as he prepares something just for Hyun Soo. She and Kyung hang out at home in comfy casuals and curlers. When Jung Sun texts that he is outside she panics and scurries to freshen up. But there is only a pot at the door and a note: Hyun Soo, I know you like spicy foods. Eat this while you work. The caramel is for when you are running low on sugar.  

Hyun Soo meets Jung Sun at Good Soup: she took a cab to beat him there.  How could he just leave the food and take off? Is he playing hard to get? They begin their day in a playful mood. He gives her a ride back to her house. Last night solidified their relationship and they are happy and lighthearted.

Jung Sun is pleased to see repeat customers at the restaurant. There is a special note that one customer has an allergy to nuts. They prepare a puree without nuts and set that plate aside. Amidst the kitchen hustle Min Ho, who is unaware of the special request – moves that plate over to make room for the desserts. Jung Sun thinks he has the right nut-free dish and sends it out first.

Hyun Soo meets with Jung Woo. “Your look matches the chilly weather today,” she comments. He gets right to business: he wants to produce her manuscript “Kind Soup Won’t Answer His Phone.” She is hesitant because she just stepped down from “Unruly Detectives.” But he wants her to go ahead and work on it. Also, Hong Ah will be using her old studio. Hyun Soo is diplomatic and says that she will work from home. One more thing, Hong Ah joined the writing team for “Unruly Detectives.” Hyun Soo lowers her eyes and quietly says that she thinks Hong Ah will be an asset to the team. However, she doesn’t want her to change the original story line. That’s something Jung Woo can’t guarantee – it will be up to Hong Ah. She will talk with her, then. In any case, Hyun Soo promises to write him a good script.

Hong Ah comes around the corner as Hyun Soo waits for the elevator. She is on her way to meet with Mr. Park to sign a contract. They decide to meet afterward; both have something to say.

Oops! The customer who is allergic to nuts got the wrong salad and is covered with hives and having a hard time breathing. Her husband yells for someone to call 911. The angry husband grabs Jung Sun, but there isn’t time to wait for the ambulance Won Joon (doctor, remember?) determines, and Jung Sun drives them there himself.

Hyun Soo is direct about how she feels toward Hong Ah’s behavior – first, she warns her not to use her copyrighted material for “Unruly Detectives.” Then, Hyun Soo reminds Hong Ah (who acts like nothing happened) that she led her to believe that Jung Sun was a playboy and that she’d never have a chance while he was in France. She valued Hong Ah’s friendship and listened to what she thought was honest advice. Even when Hong Ah was spiteful, she let it slide because she was having a hard time. But Hong Ah’s manipulation hurt her relationship with Jung Sun back then and she paid a big price. Hong Ah is a selfish brat and says that she was jealous and hated her friend’s success. She couldn’t stand seeing her get ahead or have good things come her way. But that won’t be a problem anymore now that the tables have turned.

“I am appalled,” is all Hyun Soo can get out.

Joon Ha hangs out at Hyun Soo’s (where Kwang is staying). He relays a sad, personal story to Kwang, “Before my mother ran away, she boiled me a dozen eggs. Now I love them.” She tells him not to burden her with such a personal information. He jokes that women always fall for it. When Hyun Soo arrives, Joon Ha tells her that he wants to direct her new drama. Kwang frantically tries to dissuade her, saying that he’ll get too artsy and go overboard. He overhears and acts hurt, but insists on directing it. Hyun Soo wonders what he likes about it. It’s unique and he likes the sad ending. She says she is going to change that. He doesn’t think she should. All the while, Kyung and Joon Ha bicker about the food which makes Hyun Soo smile at all their flirting.

Hyun Soo excuses herself and texts Jung Sun: What are you doing?” But Jun Sun is tied up at the hospital just now. The doctor says the customer will be all right, but he feels responsible. The husband blames the accident on the TV exposure; has Chef On become vain? They liked the restaurant better when there were fewer customers. Jung Sun apologizes and will pay for all of the medical fees.

The staff nervously waits for word about the customer. The chef who set aside the dish insists that it wasn’t his fault. Jung Sun arrives just then and says that he takes responsibility for everything that happens in the kitchen. But, he has to know what happened so that it can be prevented. Min Ho apologizes; he must have moved a dish when he put the desserts on the counter. Jung Sun says it was his fault that he didn’t confirm things. From here on in, communication is key – even if it’s busy they must be clear. “Yes, Chef!” they reply in unison.

Jung Sun calls the TV station and cancels his appearance on “Star’s Favorite Dish.” He has taken the angry customer’s words to heart; perhaps Good Soup has grown too fast too quickly and now this has happened. It’s been a rough afternoon. When he sees Hyun Soo’s text he answers; I’m drinking water. It’s such a pitiful reply and she texts that she’ll be right over.

Hyun Soo brings him a gift ~ it’s a pair of running shoes. She bought them for him so he would come running to her. She wants him to try them on. “Thank you for this and everything else. I was caught in a complicated situation but this has made me feel better,” he tells her. Hyun Soo shows him the script “Kind Soup Will Not Pick Up His Calls.” He asks if it’s supposed to be him. Yes, she smiles. But he doesn’t like the title; he feels it will have a sad ending. They are interrupted by the bell; it’s Jung Sun’s mother. Hyun Soo wants to hide. She’s scared; she wants his mother to like her. Mother takes a look at her son’s feet with two different shoes on and asks, “Did you get a present from her? Aren’t you going to introduce her to me?”

“She’s my girlfriend, Lee Hyun Soo.” Mother acts a bit difficult but Jung Sun reminds his mother that he won’t put up with that. With a smile, Mother asks Hyun Soo to have tea together. “Okay,” Hyun Soo replies tentatively.

Episode 18

Jung Woo gets a call from the TV show asking why Jung Sun dropped out. That’s news to him, but he says he will look into it.

Mother and Hyun Soo have tea. Mother does all the talking: how much older is she? What does she do? What does her parents do? Haven’t we met before? (Yes, five years ago, but she only reconnected with her son upon his return from France). Hyun Soo tries to leave politely after their conversation, but Mother insists she meet her fiance. Mother introduces her to Daniel as Chef On’s girlfriend. Mercifully, Hyun Soo begs off joining them because she has work to do.

On her way out Hyun Soo runs into Jung Woo. She tells him that she is headed home. “Let’s walk together,” he suggests. They don’t say a word, but his mind is filled with past incidences of their conversations, the lines she drew against his hopes that she wouldn’t, and how Jung Sun fits into the picture. It’s an unwelcome love triangle. “Go in,” he tells her when they reach her house. “Mr. Park I have something to tell you,” she says.

Him: “Number 1, it’s personal. Number 2, it’s work-related.”

Her: “Number 1.”

Him: “Don’t say it. I’m taking off.”

Jung Woo and Jung Sun meet on the veranda. “What are you thinking about?” Jung Sun asks. “You. I heard you won’t be on the show. The producer called me.” Jung Woo wants Jung Sun to go on the show since he requested it in the first place. He knows about the allergic reaction at Good Soup, but still, they’ve made a commitment.

Jung Sun thought about things while taking the customer to the ER. He thinks Good Soup is moving too fast. He doesn’t think that’s the way to go. Jung Woo disagrees. He wants him to stick with the show. It’s too soon to make such a conclusion. Jung Sun says he won’t go.

“Then why do you need me? You just do what you want.” Jung Woo tells Jung Sun that he may be the owner of Good Soup but he shouldn’t forget that he can take him down at any time. Jung Sun says he hasn’t forgotten. That’s why he is making compromises. But it’s not enough, Jung Woo presses. Jung Sun asks Jung Woo to trust him. Can’t he go with that feeling he had in the beginning? “Feeling,” Jung Woo repeats, staring into space.

Jyun Soo wakes up to her alarm. The first thing she does is text Jung Sun: What are you doing? It may as well have been to both men in her life: Jung Sun runs at the gym and Jung Woo works off his pent-up emotions at the baseball cage.

Roomies Kyung and Hyun Soo have morning coffee together. Kyung asks Hyun Soo if she likes him so much. “Is it obvious?”

“It’s so obvious,” laughs Kyung.  When she refers to Jung Sun as “my man” both women gasp! It’s come to that. Joon Ha is hanging around Kyung more and more these days and when he shows up and rings the bell, they are inclined to ignore him. Kyung isn’t as keen on him as he is about her – for Kyung, he is just a co-worker.

Jung Sun returns home after his run to find Jung Woo waiting. “Make me some breakfast,” he requests. Jung Sun goes all out – that’s all he knows to do. The soup on the stove reminds Jung Woo of the time that Hyun Soo couldn’t eat it because it reminded her of Jung Sun. They talk; Jung Woo asks if Jung Sun has ever experienced pieces of a puzzle falling in place all of a sudden to form a clear picture. He has; it’s like when something happens that makes everything line up suddenly. Jung Woo becomes subtly direct: “If the woman you like likes another man, will you give up?” Jung Sun thinks he might but only after giving his all. Jung Woo agrees. Now for his not-so-subtle statement: “What if that man was me? Would you still go all the way?” Jung Sun doesn’t waver, “Of course. Would you do the same?” Jung Woo would. One thinks the example is hypothetical, the other is stating the true situation.  Jung Woo is confident, stating that he is going to propose next week. Jung Sun smiles and promises to make Jung Woo the star that night. I don’t like the expression on Jung Woo’s face after this conversation.

Oh his way home Jung Woo texts Hyun Soo: What are you doing?” She texted Jung Sun earlier asking if  she could come over for an interview and is waiting to hear back from him. So she texts Jung Woo: I’m going to an interview. That makes him think that at least she isn’t spending time with her boyfriend. Yeesh, things are getting twisty tangly.

Hong Ah waits for Jung Woo to arrive at his office. She informs him that she won’t join “Unruly Detectives” because it’s too out of control. On another subject (and what she really came to say), Hong Ah goads him about how disappointed she is in his love life matters. She thought he would be more assertive toward Hyun Soo, but what has he be been doing these five years? Why hasn’t he made a move? Doesn’t he know who he is up against? He tells her to stop. “Ms. Ji. You have a tendency to push people to the edge. You’ve aroused me enough. Please write like this.” In other words, keep your drama in your dramas.

Hyun Soo and Kyung dine at Good Soup. They are pleased when Jung Sun steps out from the kitchen to greet them and asks if everything is okay. “Enjoy,” he tells them. “I’ll see you later,” Hyun Soo says dreamily.

Jung Woo’s mind is filled with Hong Ah’s questions: Why are you behind? Why haven’t you made a move? He grabs his coat and walks out.

Hyun Soo waits for Jung Sun to finish up at work. They flirt: is he bothered that she texts so often? Does she mind that she has to wait for a reply? Does he know what ‘what are you doing’ mean? – I miss you. Why is she the only one who texts that?

He pulls her close. She asks if she can touch his scar (with the Salt tattoo alongside it). “How did you get hurt?” It happens to all chefs, he was injured hen he was training, he tells her. Why the salt tattoo? Well, it awakens all other flavors. Jung Sun becomes uncharacteristically transparent and tells her that after his parents divorced he moved to France with his mother. He was sixteen and very lonely. She tears up. He hugs her. She says, “I want to kiss you. You can dodge it if you want to.” He joking dodges her kiss to make her laugh.

Then he asks if she wants a teenage kiss, a 20s kiss, or a 30s kiss? She’ll take all three with a refrigerator kiss, too.

That’s what she gets.


  • It seems like a lot happened and at the same time a lot didn’t happen. Hong Ah is still busy stirring up trouble; she is so mean. Jealously is cruel to friendships.
  • Jung Woo is scary although kdrama men don’t let another suitor keep them from going for the person they like. But he knows he is the only one in this triangle who sees the whole picture now and is playing on that information. It is very hard to watch because I love Jung Woo (waving my arms and shouting “over here, second lead Jung Woo!!) but I am scared for what might lie underneath his disappointment and spurned love. Mostly for what he might do against Jung Jun, but really, can he only hurt him and not Hyun Soo? The thought that he is going full force ahead with his proposal knowing that it will kill Jung Sun to find that Hyun Soo will be the one sitting across the table – I just don’t know. Could Jung Woo possibly think that sort of behavior will result in him being Hyun Soo’s choice? Maybe he regrets that he wasn’t assertive enough and, with nothing to lose, plans on baring his soul.
  • Ah, finally, the passionate love. It was revealing of Jung Sun to admit that he was afraid she would dodge his kiss on the train five years ago. They’ve come a long way – no more crossed signals, no more misread intentions. Their passion is on the same page – a kdrama feat – and I am rooting for them in a cautiously optimistic way.
  • The allergic reaction incident was odd – will there be more to that in terms of Good Soups’ reputation? I love the brief kitchen scenes with our handsome chefs. I’m not as taken with the Kyung/Joon Ha storyline, but that’s okay because she is Hyun Soo’s friend and they both need that.
  • One thing I’m not sure of is if Hong Ah dropped out of “Unruly Detectives” because of the conversation she had with Hyun Soo or if the story really is something she doesn’t want her name associated with.
  • I don’t think Jung Sun told Hyun Soo the truth about his scar. There has to be more to that story.
  • Like I said, a lot happened and yet still there are many things left up in the air. For now, walk-in refrigerator cuddling is a nice place to end this episode.
  • How about you, are you as enchanted with Temperature of Love as I am?

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