Temperature of Love ep 15 – 16 recap

Episode 15

Jung Woo wants to comfort Hyun Soo who has just quit as the writer for “Unruly Detectives,” but as he touches her cheek she brushes away his hand. “You’re drawing lines even in this situation,” he says with a tinge of disappointment. All right, he just wants to make sure she won’t regret her decision. She might, she admits, but she will lose her pride completely if she doesn’t quit under the circumstances. She wants to write again, and if she doesn’t quit before she gets fired she won’t be able to live that down. Jung Woo understands and offers to drive her home.

Good Soup staff cheers for their success after Jung Sun appeared on the TV show, “Star’s Favorite Dish” and got rave reviews. The restaurant is booked a week out. Jung Sun tells everyone to take two days off and rest up.   

Hong Ah watches Jung Sun on the TV show over and over, wondering if she really likes Jung Sun or if she is after him because he rejected her. Won Joon is drunk and happily wraps his arms around Jung Sun as they walk home and tells him that he loves him with his heart and soul. Jung Sun shoves him off telling him that he stinks. Suddenly Won Joon’s phone rings – it’s Hong Ah calling and he is thrilled. Never mind that it’s because Jung Sun spurned her, he is just happy to get her attention any way he can.

Jung Sun sees that he missed a call from Hyun Soo, but when he calls back, she doesn’t answer. Still, he is going to go to her place because he can’t just go home on such a happy day. Jung Woo drops Hyun Soo at home; it’s been a tough day. “I’m sorry, I feel apologetic, thank you” –  these are things Jung Woo doesn’t want to hear her say to him anymore. He’s looking for a different response from her for his consideration towards her. She asks if he is approaching her as a man. When he replies yes, she thanks him and laughs, not sure how anyone could see her other than pitiful at this moment.

Jung Sun texts Hyun Soo: Are you sleeping? Do you want to meet? She recalls his words, I’m scared. You pushed me away once . . . and that she said she would think about it.

Her: Where are you?

Him: In the neighborhood.

When Hyun Soo opens the door, she is startled to find Jung Sun standing there. He succeeded in surprising her, he grins. She asks why he is so happy. His smiles brightly and tells her that he drank with Good Soup staff, they are busy these days with lots of customers.  My worst day turns out to be his best day, Hyun Soo thinks. She’ll be right there she tells him, but he doesn’t want her to come out. He is happy that he saw her face and tells her to go inside. Hyun Soo watches him through her window, his words ringing in her mind, I despise stirring up emotions. I’ve never confused you. Why do I always have to be the one to assure you? Jung Woo’s words play over in her head as well, Your problem is that you think too much, especially about love. Just do as your heart tells you. Two men pulling at her emotions, her heart, her love.

Won Joon happily meets up with Hong Ah for a run. She treats him badly, but he is a puppy ready to take a beating from her for the sake of her attention.

Hyun Soo packs up her things in the office. Kyung is upset for her, but it also leaves her without a job. Hyun Soo invites her to stay at her place and encourages her to write her own script. Kyung isn’t confident, but Hyun Soo reminds her that everything has its own time and hers will come. Kyung cutely tells Hyun Soo that she is the best!

Jung Sun’s mother cooks for the two of them on his day off. She can’t say enough about her handsome son and how jealous she is that he is young and has his future ahead of him. Jung Sun is abrupt, not willing to have a forced conversation with her. She wants to spend the day with him and go shopping. He tells her to shop with Mr. Min. Can’t he call him Professor Min and be nice for her sake? Daniel makes her happy. Jung Sun says someone once told him that happiness comes from within: someone else can’t make you happy. “You should grow up,” he tells his mother. But, she has always been this way, she shrugs, and doesn’t plan on changing.

Over lunch, Hyun Soo and Kwang decide to take a trip together to Yeosu. Joon Ha barges in and makes himself at home with unsolicited comments about dating and temperaments. Kwang is annoyed to death by him and bickers which makes Hyun Soo laugh, but when he comments that Mr. Park is having difficulty because of the “Unruly Detectives” mess, Hyun Soo becomes serious.

Jung Woo meets with the producer, but at this point the producer can’t fix things. It falls on Jung Woo to piece together how this baby will roll until the end.

Hong Ah reads online that the writer for “Unruly Detectives” has been replaced and that Lee Hyun Soo dropped out for health reasons. “As if,” she scoffs. She calls Kyung to stir up trouble saying that now that Hyun Soo was fired, what will she do? Kyung boldly defends Hyun Soo and tells Hong Ah that she didn’t get fired, she chose to quit. She is fiercely loyal and won’t leave Hyun Soo’s side.

Hyun Soo looks for hotels online. Her ever-supportive parents stop by which makes Hyun Soo happy. They aren’t surprised to find Hyun Soo upbeat even in her tough situation. Her father encourages her to date people, mother even asks if she is seeing the CEO. It’s true, Hyun Soo tells her parents, that they see each other often these days but it’s all in bad situations. Hyun Soo suggests they go somewhere for dinner and she knows just the place.

Jung Woo calls Jung Sun and asks what he is doing on his day off. Jung Sun cheerfully tells him that he has something to report. Mother excuses herself and heads out just as Jung Woo arrives. The good news is that Good Soup made a profit this moth. Jung Sun is relieved that he won’t have to let employees go at least. Jung Woo suggests they hang out tomorrow. Jung Sun wonders why he isn’t spending the day with the person he is going to propose to, or is she even real, he teases? Jung Woo promises he’ll find out soon enough. But for now, he is on his way to sort out production problems now that Hyun Soo dropped out as the writer for “Unruly Detectives.” Jung Sun realizes Hyun Soo didn’t mention that to him; it’s the first time he is hearing that she quit.

Hyun Soo is disappointed to find that Good Soup is closed on Sundays and Mondays; she had wanted to eat there with her parents and sister. Hyun Yi comments that it doesn’t suit them, anyway. Before they know it, the sisters are arguing like old times. “Stop it!’ Seeing your children fighting in front of your eyes is the most upsetting thing as a parent,” their dad scolds. Mom and Dad walk hand in hand and talking, hoping that Hyun Soo will meet someone kind and discussing their retirement plans. The sisters walk behind them; Hyun Yi brings up that she actually likes “Unruly Detectives.” Hyun Soo tells her, “It’s about us,” which makes her sister smile, but then she asks if she really is that mean to betray a brother … Hyun Soo says that’s exactly what she would do without hesitation. Her sister picked up on the director’s lack of story-building, though. Hyun Soo is glad to her that her sister gets it. “I like you. I can almost forget all those horrible things you did to me,” an appreciative Hyun Soo jokes. “Just know that your family will always be the last people standing for you,” Hyun Yi reminds Hyun Soo. I love their family dynamics.

Won Joon works diligently even on his day off testing out a new method for preparing meat. Jung Sun is curious about the process. Won Joon confesses that he’s asked Hong Ah to come and eat there; he knows she is selfish and inconsiderate of others but love takes many forms. Guy talk.

Jung Woo reads over another script written by Hyun Soo, “Kind Soup Will Not Pick Up His Calls.” He has called in Joon Ha to discuss considering producing this melodrama. Joon Ha isn’t sure and wonders what Jung Woo’s motivation is. After all, he’s stayed by the side of a woman who isn’t interested in him and has opened up opportunities for her. Ouch. But Joon Ha thinks he’d like to direct something like this; he’s never had the chance to take on a project of his own choosing and he’d like to work with Hyun Soo. Jung Woo looks thoughtful.

Won Joon waits with anticipation as Jung Sun tastes his creation. “It’s delicious,” he declares to Won Joon’s satisfaction. Hong Ah, snobby as ever, arrives and has nothing nice to say to Jung Sun. That’s okay, he’s on his way out – have a good meal. Hong Ah can’t help but toss in that Hyun Soo got fired and is in a bad situation. She hopes he suffers. “Okay, I’ll fulfill your wish and suffer a lot because of her. I’ll also love her a lot,” he replies to get under her skin.

It’s a bright city night. Hyun Soo runs and thinks. About where she and Jung Sun were and where they are now. It’s true; he has always been clear about his feelings. Jung Sun is out for a run, too. He ends up at the wall and smiles to find the little flower peeking out of the harsh rock. The flower spot is Hyun Soo’s destination, too.

When she arrives Jung Sun is there admiring the sturdy little flower. She sneaks up behind him and says, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?” He is startled. “You seem okay. I read the article,” he lets her know. She says that once she comes to a decision she doesn’t turn back. He shows his consideration: they’re in different places so while she’s having a hard time, he’ll refrain from boasting too much about Good Soup’s good fortune. The way he cares for her makes her smile.

She is going on a trip tomorrow, she informs him. “With whom?” he asks. She wants to show Kwang, her assistant writer, a good time for sticking by her side.

Jung Sun calls Jung Woo to cancel their guy date. He promises to make it up to him. Joon Ha strides in and tells Jung Woo that he has an idea: he thinks it’s time for him to make a move for Hyun Soo. Jung Sun doesn’t agree. “This is fate. Let’s meet her accidentally on purpose at the bridge tomorrow.” Jung Woo looks up as if he is actually considering this idea. Oh no! Why is he taking his love cues from Joon Ha?

Episode 16

As Hyun Soo and Kyung head out for their getaway trip the doorbell rings. It’s Jung Sun; he’s come to carry their luggage to the car and escort them to the hotel. It’s a bit of fun spontaneity that thrills Kyung even though it is clearly a show of chivalry towards Hyun Soo.

Jung Woo goes along with Joon Ha’s birdbrain idea to intercept Hyun Soo and surprise her. He knows what the women’s plans are through Kyung although no one else is on to his plan to create a romantic meeting. Why does Jung Woo seem uneasy? And why do I fear what’s to come? Meanwhile, Kyung plays an entertained third party between Hyun Soo and Jung Sun. She and Jung Sun playfully tease Hyun Soo – their common denominator.

Hong Ah is keeping her irons in the fire these days. She meets with Writer Park and butters her up with a designer gift. Writer Park complains that Hyun Soo has talked smack about her and wishes for Hong Ah to clean up the mess. Hong Ah assures her that her reputation will speak for itself. In fact, both women trip over themselves congratulating one another. It seems as if Hong Ah wants to get an inside pulse on the industry.

Once settled in their room, the two friends go their separate ways for a day of R&R. Joon Ha meets up with Kyung to free up Hyun Soo so that Jung Woo can “accidentally” run into her. He is unaware that Jung Sun has tagged along. She is unaware that Joon Ha has a master plan. Jung Sun strolls down to the lobby to wait for the women to come down; he passes by but doesn’t see Jung Woo and Joon Ha standing in the lobby.

Hyun Soo’s heart flutters when she sees Jung Sun waiting. He waves shyly, like he always does, and tells her that he’s made some plans to tour and eat.

They relax on a boat ride enjoying the serenity, not to mention the company. When the boat lurches, he steadies her with his arm around her. After a while, Hyun Soo says she’s hungry. He teases her for breaking the mood.

The marinated crab is delicious; Hyun Soo enjoys every bite. Jung Sun loves watching her eat.

Joon Ha and Kyung also eat together. Their style of flirting is different; he is playfully critical while she sharply defends her ways. When he reaches to place a tasty morsel on her plate she intercepts his chopstick with her spoon; she won’t have any of that crossing the line behavior.

After lunch, Hyun Soo brings Jung Sun to the seven crevices rocks. If you pass through all seven, then your wish will come true, she tells him excitedly. But you have to keep your wish secret. He tells her not to get lost. She assures him that it’s impossible; besides, she isn’t the old Hyun Soo. He follows her lead through the maze of rock tunnels.

Hong Ah and the producer meet. She’s brought several scripts and indicates that she is considering a contract with On Entertainment. Producer is impressed. Director Min happens by and the producer calls him over and introduces Hong Ah. He is charmed by her and knows she’s worked with Lee Hyun Soo. He has no qualms asking her to join the writing team for “Unruly Detectives.” She asks why she should board a sinking ship; he likes her smarts and spunk. If, perhaps, she would choose to do so, there may be other opportunities to work together down the road. That certainly gives Hong Ah something to consider for the advancement of her career.

After a lighthearted run through the rocks, Jung Sun and Hyun Soo sit and enjoy the scenery. She excuses herself to us the restroom. He calls after her not to get lost. She laughs and tells him that she’s been there a few times. But on her way back Hyun Soo wanders up a path that it turns and twists in all directions. Soon she is circling and, well – lost. Jung Sun gets a bit concerned because she is taking so long. He calls her phone but it rings from her purse next to him on the bench. He gathers their belongings and walks to the restrooms. When he doesn’t see her around, he panics. His pace is brisk as he follows the paths in and out, looking for her. It is a repeat of the night she got lost at the marathon and his heart pounds.

After quite a while, Hyun Soo is flustered and afraid. All she can think of is seeing Jung Sun. “That man . . . where can I see him now?” It’s the same feeling she had when he disappeared five years ago. Hyun Soo’s head isn’t clear and she stops, not knowing what to do next.  Jung Sun sees her and calls out, “You told me you wouldn’t get lost.” She turns, scared and relieved at the same time, and throws her arms around Jung Sun. She couldn’t be happier to see him.

“I’m sorry. I messed it all up. I ignored all the signs you sent me,” she bursts out crying, holding him tight. She wants to set things straight. Laughing and crying simultaneously she can’t speak fast enough to tell him that she lost him last time because she over thought things. Then she thought for five more years. “I love you,” she happily confesses. “I know,” he tells her. But those things he said – telling her to leave if she is unsure and if is she can – how could he? “I told you I’m difficult,” he grins. “Enough talking,” and he opens his arms to her.

Jung Woo gets an unwelcome call from the producer. There is a new condition to continue with “Unruly Detectives” – they will fire the two ghost writers and replace them with Ji Hong Ah. She worked with Hyun Soo and knows the story well. Things don’t look good, “Unruly Detectives” is on the verge of getting cancelled, and bringing on Ms. Ji is their last hope. On Entertainment can’t afford the loss otherwise. Jung Woo winces; he knows this will be another stab in already smarting back of Hyun Soo.

With plenty on his mind business-wise, Jung Woo calls Joon Ha for the details of the movie-like encounter with Hyun Soo. At least he can look forward to that. Joon Ha is excited that his match-making plan is about to happen; he will call back with the details. He asks Kyung where Hyun Soo is. She texts Hyun Soo to find out, but Hyun Soo and Jung Sun are enjoying a leisurely walk along the romantic Soho Dongdong Bridge and she decides not to answer. A worried Joon Ha asks if she’s with a guy. Annoyed, Kyung tells him that she is. Knowing that it’s on him to stop the train wreck, Joon Ha frantically calls Jung Woo: don’t go to the bridge –  Hyun Soo isn’t there – just come to the hotel. But Jung Woo is going to go ahead and visit the bridge while he’s there he says, and hangs up.

“Aren’t you cold?” Jung Sun asks Hyun Soo. She says she’s not. He scoots closer, “I don’t think you’re fine,” and puts his arm around her. Hyun Soo lays her head on his shoulder comfortably. “I wish time would stop right now.” They hold hands.

If only it could. Jung Woo has inadvertently spotted them from a distance as he stands on the bridge. His thoughts are jumbled with the comments here and there that, when added together, paint a clear picture of what lies before him. The man Hyun Soo cried over. The one she loved. Jung Sun’s excitement for the mysterious woman who Jung Woo said he would propose to. Telling him he was the best.

Could there be a more disastrous, hurtful, and unexpected outcome?


  • I’m scared. There is no way that Jung Woo can make sense of the situation nor could anyone hope to convince him that it is all innocent. Blast Joon Ha and his stupid idea! (Although it would have only postponed the inevitable if he hadn’t come up with it.) But this can’t happen to such a nice guy. The triangle is the worst kind that exists between friends and co-workers who all like each other and match. Except it can’t exist once there is romance involved, at least not in the same fashion. This is too hard, too disastrous – why did Jung Woo have to find out this way? Didn’t he seem tentative about the set-up? It wasn’t his style at all. I wonder, worry – that he may have a side that losing brings out that we haven’t seen yet. How in the world can the partnership between Jung Sun and Jung Woo that makes Good Soup work even survive? Last week I suggested that Hyun Soo might disappear over not wanting to make this hard on the guys and I still think that is a possibility. None of them deserves such heartache; how can we wish them all well when nothing is okay? (Unless time does stop.)
  • I want to mention that Hyun Soo didn’t sent signals to Jung Woo that she accepted his advances, so his drive to “win” her is fueled by internal motives. She always drew the line, as he put it, but he won’t accept that as a sign that she ins’t interested romantically. He was willing to wait it out – in fact, it’s been over five years that he’s had her on his radar in that way. There was bound to be a crashing explosion in any event.
  • I loved the moment when Hyun Soo threw her arms around Jung Sun and blurted out everything. His response, “I know” is just like him, ins’t it?
  • This kdrama feels so rich with character development. I love Hyun Soo’s parents’ unconditional love for each other and for their daughters. For all their bickering, Hyun Yi and Hyun Soo get each other and are there in those times when, as Hyun Yi said, only your family stands by your side. It seems like Hyun Soo’s easy family love was taken for granted by her and made her mistakenly think that love was just easy (and therefore not that valuable). I think one thing she’s realized is that unconditional love is valuable and difficult love is valuable and both are love.
  • Kyung has turned out to be a good friend whose loyalty goes to the end. On the other hand, Hong Ah isn’t happy unless she is stirring up trouble out of jealousy and vengeance. It’s ugly, and unfortunately, she is using her looks and status to get what she wants. She isn’t just bailing on Hyun Soo, she is stabbing her in the back in an industry that is tight and overlaps. Sadly, she doesn’t know that she could make it on her writing, but insists on making others miserable to make her unbecoming points. Won Joon is star struck by her but I hope he moves on.
  • “Unruly Detectives” makes me laugh. Is this how some of those thrown together fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants kdramas look on the inside? Crashes, explosions, and fights for the ratings, story be damned. Ha!



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