Temperature of Love ep 9 – 10 recap

Episode 9

Filling in the story ~


Hong Ah learns that Hyun Soo has won the writer’s contest. Her jealousy rises to the surface. She calls Won Joon. She wants him to come to Seoul to hang out. He happily agrees. A few seconds late she calls him back and tells him he is too easy to use. He is only that way for her, he grins foolishly. “I failed the contest. I want to be alone,” she replies, unamused. He cheers her on, trying his best to keep her spirits up. She isn’t appreciative of him at all.   

Hong Ah drinks and dances her cares away at a club. Won Joon arrives to find her at a table with other guys. She waves and the two of them talk. Hong Ah can’t get past feeling miserable because Hyun Soo won the writing contest. “That shows what a loser I am, and I’m miserable for being a loser.” Too bad she doesn’t realize that Won Joon doesn’t see her that way.

Hyun Soo treats Hong Ah to a meal at a nice restaurant like she promised to do if she won. When Jung Woo and the producer also show up at the restaurant the women stand and politely greet them. The producer tells Jung Woo to treat Hyun Soo well – she passed the contest this year.  It’s obvious to Hong Ah that Jung Woo is head over heels for Hyun Soo. No way, they aren’t dating, replies Hyun Soo. She appreciates that he acknowledged her work and hired her, that’s all. It’s not between a woman and a man; it’s work. Hong Ah says that’s how all love begins.

Paris 2013

Hong Ah makes sure to tell Jung Sun that Hyun Soo is dating the perfect guy. She hopes Jung Sun will turn his affections her way. But Jung Sun bluntly tells Hong Ah that he isn’t into her looks (after she flatters herself and subtly disses Hyun Soo). Still, she thinks they should date; after all, they have a lot in common. Jung Sun doesn’t think so. Hong Ah pushes forward and asks if he is still hung up on Hyun Soo – she told him she has a boyfriend. Should he date another woman just because of that? Hong Ah thinks he’s mean to reject her and is being too firm. He says you have to be firm between a man and a woman. Hong Ah is disappointed, hurt, and embarrassed – she is used to getting what she wants and has had several ego blows as of late.

When Won Joon joins them and announces that he’s decided to become a chef after he returns from military service, Hong Ah snaps, “Do you think dreams come true that easily?”


Hyun Soo and Jung Sun meet again in front of Good Soup restaurant and talk for the first time in five years after parting back then and having regrets. Jung Woo, who took a phone call and has returned, comments that they look like a quarreling couple. He puts his arms around them: “This is my favorite man. This is my favorite woman. Since I’m with my two favorite people I feel great.” They go inside Good Soup where Hyun Soo and Jung Woo dine together and Jung Sun prepares the evening’s menu.

The kitchen staff is abuzz wondering who CEO Park has with him this time. Another woman? Is she a business client? He’s a gigolo. They fuss over Park Jung Woo as they peek through the kitchen door window. Jung Sun tells them to get back to their stations. Won Joon wants to speak with Jung Sun outside.

Won Joon knows his friend must have thoughts, feelings, after seeing Hyun Soo again. He asks Jung Sun how he ran into Hyun Soo again. Just now, in front of the restaurant, he answers. Did he talk with Hyun Soo or did she run away from him again? She couldn’t because Jung Woo was there, he tells him. Won Joon wonders how she knows Jung Woo. Jung Sun guesses it’s similar to his relationship with Jung Woo – they work together. When Won Joon mentions that Hyun Soo might still have feelings for him, Jung Sun becomes matter-of-fact and reminds him that she has a boyfriend and will probably get married soon according to Hong Ah. Won Joon doesn’t think he should go by what Hong Ah told him; he should ask Hyun Soo himself. But Jung Sun says it’s water under the bridge. He reminds his friend that she rejected him back then. “We weren’t meant to be.” Anyway, he has a lot on his mind with Good Soup – it is his number one priority. Jung Sun is worried that the restaurant isn’t making a profit. Won Joon mentions the TV series – couldn’t he make a name for himself and Good Soup if he did a show? But Jung Sun is a purist and doesn’t want to do anything but cooking. At least, Won Joon says, Jung Sun could let Hyun Soo know that he made a guest appearance on TV because she was the writer, but Jung Sun doesn’t want to do that. He was only being supportive – no more, lo less. Concentrating on Good Soup is all he has time for anyway; they need to work harder to attract customers with amazing food. “Yes, Chef,” Won Joon replies. Jung Sun asks him to stop by his room and pick up some herb powder on the way back to the kitchen.

Hyun Soo takes a picture of the mushroom tart appetizer. Jung Woo tastes it and comments, “It’s nice.” He teases her because that’s all she’s had to say all night about his restaurant – it’s nice. He had hoped that she’d be more excited about it, but Hyun Soo is having a hard time after running into Jung Sun and is rather quiet.

When Won Joon stops by Jung Sun’s room for the herb power, he notices the script ‘Unruly Detectives” on the table. He glances at it and notices that Hong Ah is listed as an assistant writer. That’s funny; she hadn’t mentioned that she and Hyun Soo worked together, let alone on this project.

Back at the office, Kyung offers Hong Ah some ramyeon. Looks like they’re equals these days as assistant writers. Kyung is used to the unassuming status, but Hong Ah has always been used to having everyone do things for her and isn’t feeling to great about being just an assistant. “I’m the more miserable one,” she mumbles. “You’re right! That makes me feel better,” Kyung honestly responds. Hong Ah’s phone rings; it’s Won Joon. He asks if she was Hyun Soo’s assistant. “How did you find out?’ Hong Ah asks nervously. “We need to talk,” Jon Woon is starting to put two and two together.

Jung Woo tells Hyun Soo that he has known her for five years and, as always, she is optimistic even when the chips are down. What else should she do, she still has to live, she says. Jung Woo seems to like that about her.

Jung Sun comes out of the kitchen to the table. He asks how the food is. Hyun Soo says politely, “It tastes delicious.”

“I’m relieved to hear that.”

“Why are you talking formally to me?” she asks.

“You started it.” Jung Sun doesn’t give an inch.

Jung Woo is puzzled and asks, “Why are you two so hostile toward each other?” He invites Jung Sun to join them but as the chef, Jung Sun says etiquette dictates that the chef not sit with his customers. When Jung Woo comments that he is being a little stiff in the role as chef – they’re friends, too, Jung Sun bows and leaves.

After dinner, it’s time to talk business. Is it about the script? she asks. No. That’s all she wishes to discuss just now. He can take care of other business matters. Always trying to get her to come closer, Jung Woo offers her a lifetime contract. But Hyun Soo evades the question.

Jung Sun carefully plates a dish with tweezers. He notices Won Joon isn’t back with the herb powder. Someone mentions he stepped out to meet a friend. When Jung Sun is annoyed and wonders how a person could he leave during his shift, the newest chef says all too honestly that it doesn’t matter since there aren’t any customers. It is an uncomfortable reminder that Good Soup isn’t doing well. Jung Sun sharply insists that, “We’re still gong to do our jobs whether we have customers or not.”

Hong Ah hurries to meet Jon Woon. “How did you find out?’ she asks. He hands her the script. “Does Jun Sun know?” she asks, worried. She doesn’t want him to know that she’s the bad girl. Won Joon can’t understand why she is dong this. Why did she lead him and Jung Sun to believe that she and Hyun Soo weren’t close? And here she has been working with Hyun Soo all along. She made up the story about Hyun Soo getting married, too. Hong Ah shouts that she was embarrassed, defending her behavior. No one got hurt, did they? She and Hyun Soo started out their writing careers together, yet she failed the writing contests. Then Hyun Soo suggested that she work with her. But why did she tell Jung Sun what she told him when she knew he and Hyun Soo liked each other back then? Hong Ah whines that she couldn’t tell Jung Sun she worked for the woman he liked when Jung Sun was the one she (Hong Ah) wanted to be with. What she did was wrong, a hurt and disappointed Won Joon tells her. She begs him to turn a blind eye. Hasn’t he always done what she asked? Won Joon can’t do that.

A drunk Joon Ha calls Jung Woo. Although he isn’t supposed to say anything, he has bad news: Director Min hired a new writer. Jung Woo isn’t pleased but plays it cool and doesn’t let on to Hyun Soo.

After dinner, Hyun Soo says that she’ll just walk home. She needs to clear her head. Jung Woo understands. “You go first,” he tells her.

It’s been a long night. A couple of the chefs have placed a bet that the newest chef, Min Ho, wouldn’t last a week, but with tonight marking the week, the loser hands the winner a bill. Min Ho grabs the bill saying that since he lasted a week, it’s his. He runs to get away and bumps into Hong Ah. She’s brought burgers and drinks for everyone and they chow down. She avoids Won Joon’s cold stare. Actually she has come to ask a favor of Jung Sun . . .

Jung Woo has followed Hyun Soo in his car and pulls up. “Did you think I’d really leave?” he asks her. When she calls him Mr. Park, he tells her there she goes drawing the line again. But when she playfully calls him Oppa in a cute voice, he says, “Don’t do it. It makes me cringe.” That makes them both laugh. She tells him to come with her, she wants to show him something.

While Jung Sun prepares his special relaxing tea mixture for Hong Ah – the favor she asked him for – she complains that she is mad at her life and is down in the dumps. While he has the chance, he tells Hong Ah that he met Hyun Soo. Thinking that she and Hyun Soo don’t see each other often and aren’t that close any more, he fills in some details about what she is up to. Hong Ah tries to soften her version and hems and haws that she and Hyun Soo follow similar career paths, you know, writing and all. That’s one way of being close, she guesses. She’s checking to see if Won Joon said anything to Jung Sun, yet.

Hyun Soo walks to a dead end to show Jung Woo her “little flower that could.” She tells him that she has come here every year for the past five years to marvel at the strong flower growing in the wall. “Are you doing well?” she asks it and answers that she, too, is living well. Maybe this time she can say only say that she is alive. Jung Woo stands close to look, but Hyun Soo vividly recalls that very spot that Jung Sun found her on the day of the run and her heart fluttered.

“Aren’t I pretty great?” Jung Woo asks out of the blue. He is trying hard. For the past five years he has stayed by the side of the woman he confesses his feelings for. She thanks him for recognizing her talent. “When are you going to stop drawing the line?” He feels her sending a clear message that they are in a CEO/writer relationship versus a woman/man relationship.

“What did Joon Ha say?” she asks. She knows something is up and needs to know what it is so she can deal with what’s happening.

He can’t avoid telling her the situation: “They’ve hired another writer. Stay lively like the flower,” he tries to be positive.

“It’s too difficult,” she tells him.

Episode 10

New chef Min Ho finishes up for the night. On his way out he stops to talk with Jung Sun who is busy with the bookkeeping. He tells Jung Sun that he is there because he wants to work with him, but he can’t support his family on what he makes. Jung Sun acts chipper and assures him that he will be busier than he can imagine soon. But the truth is, he is worried. When he goes into the kitchen to close up, Jung Sun finds another chef practicing his knife skills. The chef mentions that the Michelin ratings come out soon and is counting on Good Soup to achieve a star rating. Jung Sun asks what if it doesn’t? Then he’ll leave without regrets, the chef replies. The staff all want to work for Jung Sun and strive to be professional and gain respect – it’s a given that he is one of the best and in their hearts they want to see Good Soup succeed and work hard to make that happen.

Mom and Dad are worried about their daughter. They’ve seen the article and want to be there for her. But, they don’t want to barge in on her privacy. Just then, they see Jung Woo drop off Hyun Soo. “That’s it?” Mom says. “He’s not going in?” Mom and Dad call out to her. She is surprised but her parents are warm and want to cheer on their daughter. There’s nothing like a spontaneous group hug to make everyone laugh and feel close.

A worried Jung Sun calls his boss, Jung Woo, and asks to meet him tomorrow. But Jung Woo is free now to meet up and makes a U-Turn to head back to the restaurant. The two business partners have tea on the restaurant patio and talk. Jung Sun admits that he is concerned about Good Soup. In four months marks Good Soup’s first year. Jung Sun tells Jung Woo that he must do some things he doesn’t want to do in order to protect the Good Soup family. Jung Woo tells him that he is realistic – that’s why he likes him.

Mom and Dad want to comfort their daughter who must be stressed with work. Dad tells her to cry all she wants in front of them; she can’t do that in front of the director who has made her life so hard. While Hyun Soo is thankful for parents who understand and want to comfort her, the truth is, she isn’t crying about work at all. Her tears are for one man that she loves.

The next morning Hyun Soo goes out for a run. She notices Hyun Soo driving past but he doesn’t see her. She calls out his name several times and when he sees her in his rear view mirror, he screeches to a stop. He gets out. She tells him that they still have to talk and follows him inside Good Soup where he works and lives. He is abrupt but she follows behind making small talk. She even follows him into the cooler where he unpacks the day’s ingredients. She casually shuts the locker door for privacy. The other day he said to her, “You have a big shot boyfriend and your dream of becoming a writer came true. Why did you regret it and why were you hurt?” She asks what he meant by that. It means what it says, nothing special. What? She has a boyfriend? Says who? He turns and looks at her, “I heard about it.” From who? she wonders who is passing on such a lie. Why didn’t he ask her? How could he when she doesn’t pick up his calls? Oh, that again. Well, she had something going on at that moment. Everyone is busy, but they pick up. Their one-liner bickering back and forth hasn’t changed.

Jung Sun walks over close to her. The locked door – maybe they’ll be stuck in there like in dramas. He leans forward, nearly brushing her cheek. Er, that reach was . . . to open the locker door. “You seem disappointed. Do you want to be locked in here?” She repeats that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She said that earlier, he quickly replies. Does he have a girlfriend she wonders? No. Well, if nothing else, that information has been relayed in person between the two of them. He walks past and tells her to hurry up and shut the door or the food will spoil. What an unromantic ending to their locker talk.

H busies himself snipping herbs on the patio. Why is she in this neighborhood? he asks. She lives nearby, but was hoping to run into him. Her show seems to be struggling, he responds indifferently. Well, it’s been tough. When she won the contest she thought her life would change, but it is still the same. She keeps talking but Jung Soo doesn’t say anything. “I regretted it. I was hurt. I gave up so much for my dream. I want to apologize,” she confesses.


But Jung Sun isn’t going to go there. He coolly says it is in the past. He understood her then and he understands her now. He, too, achieved his dream to become a chef. These days, the only thing on his mind is Good Soup. “Let’s be faithful to our own lives.” That’s not the direction Hyun Soo wanted or thought this conversation would go. She stands her ground and repeats that she came to apologize and she regrets that she let her dream get in the way of their relationship. He makes himself clear as well: Good Soup is the only thing he wants to concentrate on. “Did I get rejected?” she asks surprised. Jung Sun lets it all out; does she think apologizing fixes things? can they turn back time? He had a hard time, too, all those years. Did  she just realize it now that confessing to someone isn’t an easy thing? Don’t think a man will cater to you. That’s only in fairy tales written by women. She is thoughtful about his words even though she didn’t expect this reaction. But why didn’t he try harder then? If he would have done more, then he’d be like a stalker. “Let’s get breakfast,” he says, ending their discussion of past things between them. She says he shouldn’t leave room for hope with such an offer to have breakfast together – just reject her cleanly. Is she sure that’s what she wants?

Their morning encounter is interrupted with a call. It’s Kyung – apparently episode 8 is online, but it’s not her writing. As she hurries off Jung Sun calls after her not to run, she’ll fall. “I won’t,” she calls behind her shoulder. “You look so cheerful hopping around like that,” he tells her. She is cheerful, after all, she hasn’t been rejected completely. What is Jung Sun going to do about her?

On her way out she runs into Won Soon. They haven’t seen each other in years. He tells her that he works under Jung Sun as a chef, now. She is happy to hear he followed his dream. By the way, can he send Jung Sun’s number to her? Sure, no problem.

Jung Sun’s mother has taken full advantage of her son’s status at Good Soup. She sashays in to meet with Jung Woo, no appointment necessary she tells the concierge. Her approach is shabby chic as she nudges Jung Woo to buy something from her boyfriend Daniel’s art exhibit. Jung Woo is polite but vague as he sets down the brochure after half a glance, tolerating her for Jung Sun’s sake.

Director Min meets with Writer Park and her assistant. Realizing that Director Min has gotten another writer, Hyun Soo calls him and suggests they meet. He is rude toward her and says that his assistant mistakenly uploaded episode 8. How could he when the script doesn’t exist? she calls him on it. Unaware that she knows he has hired Writer Park, he abruptly dismisses her and says that he has nothing to discuss. She firmly tells him that she does. The producer calls Director Min and asks what he thinks he is doing. Director Min is flustered (and a pain to work with) and tries to dismiss the producer, too. But the producer just tells him to get over here and hangs up. Director Min isn’t any happier with Writer Park’s work, complaining that the script has to be fixed. The assistant goes over to the intercom to answer the doorbell and discovers that of all people, it’s Hyun Soo!”What kind of situation is this?” a nervous Writer Park scrambles.

The production industry seems anything but loyal as Director Min complains loudly about Writer Park who complains even louder about him. They are embarrassed that they’ve been caught. Director Min thinks he can walk out on Writer Park just like that and tells Hyun Soo to come out and talk. But Hyun Soo has something to say. She once respected Writer Park and took everything she had to say to heart. Having caught her former employer stealing her work though, well the tables have turned. Hyun Soo hopes they never see each other again. And, she’ll be talking bad about her from now on.

Jung Sun watches breathlessly as new customers eat their meals. Several tables seem pleased, uploading pictures of the food before eating every bite. The women customers even send back messages on the plates written in sauce: please give us the next menu; it was delicious. The handsome staff look these over saying, “It’s cute!” or “it’s childish!’ but no matter, Chef On Sung Jun is pleased that the chefs have worked hard and, slowly but surely, word is getting out about Good Soup.

Jung Sun lets the staff know that he appreciates their hard work. He asks if anyone is busy after work. They’re all free, they say, and so he suggests a run – like a team workshop. They wonder if anything is up and he let’s them in on his decision to appear on a TV show. He will be busier and will have to rely on them handling the kitchen – can they do that? “Yes, Chef!” they shout in unison, pleased that they’ve gained his trust. There’s nothing like a team competition on the field among already competitive chefs. With dishes for a week as punishment, the guys relay with all their might. Jung Sun fuels the cheer, “Good – ” and they answer – “Soup!”

Whether they like it or not, Director Min, the producer for SBC, and writer Lee are at a crossroads concerning “Unruly Detectives.” Money is time and they need to come to a resolution. Hyun Soo waits in the distance as the two men continue to argue; Director Min is difficult and unpleasant. Is he trying to make himself worth more by making impossible demands and not being flexible, the producer asks? Look, time is money, he reasons. Ms. Lee has already written the script and it is decent and consistent. Can’t he just go with that?

Hyun Soo has stood on the sidelines long enough. She tells the producer she has something to say and Director Min should hear it from her, too. Wasn’t it the producer who thought she and Director Min would work well together? He agrees that he said that. “Find me a different director,” she asks to their utter disbelief. “What do you think you’re doing?” shouts Director Min. She turns to him and answers, “At least I don’t stab people in the back.”


  • Go, Hyun Soo! She is like the little flower that blooms in the middle of a concrete jungle. Everyone notices her optimism in less than ideal situations, but it is a realistic optimism, not an overboard view that ignores the circumstances. She has learned to handle the circumstances not by what people tell her about them but how she processes and perceives them from the inside. Over the last five years, she has come into her own as a writer and is confident that her work is good despite the criticism of such difficult and impossible people like Director Min and Writer Park. Director Min got a good dose of his own medicine but is having a hard time swallowing it!
  • Jung Woo is like an umbrella over his many business ventures. Like all investments, I suppose, there are ups and downs. He has enough experience and success under his belt that he can offer reassurance to Jung Sun who is concerned that he isn’t coming through with Good Soup’s slow start-up. Business aside, it is painful to watch Jung Woo try to break through the business part of his relationship with Hyun Soo to get to the romantic part. He has hung around for five years hoping that she will give him her heart. But her heart has always belonged to someone else and that person has shown up in her life again. Clearly, Jung Woo and Jung Sun don’t realize that they are interested in the same woman. The On Entertainment umbrella that they all stand under is going to be too small for a threesome. The problem for me watching this triangle is that I love things about Jung Sun and I love things about Jung Woo (it’s true, he is every woman’s dream man), but the spark between Jung Sun and Hyun Soo is there while there are no romantic flames between her and Jung Woo. He knows it, too, although he keeps on trying. Will this be the first time that he experiences not getting what he wants? When he finds out that Hyun Soo has kept Jung Sun in her heart all this time, will that spoil Jung Woo’s relationships with his two favorite people?
  • Hong Ah, I’m pretty much through with her spoiled ways. Her rich background afforded her many things, but she is a spoiled brat now that she’s hit a ceiling in her career and may have to work hard to go anywhere with it. That places her on the same level as Kyung whom she has always looked down on, but worse, she is under Hyun Soo who’s writing has been acknowledged and has boosted her career. Hong Ah hid the fact that she worked as an assistant to Hyun Soo because she would have been embarrassed to admit that and also because she didn’t want to say good things about Hyun Soo. Even after she was caught by Jon Woon, she wants to protect herself at other’s expense. That sort of friend is no friend at all. I am sure Hyun Soo will be disappointed when she finds out that her friend used her, too. And I hope that Jung Sun is there to make it all better.
  • I loved how Hyun Soo interpreted Jung Sun’s rejection with the door still open. I don’t think he realized that he did that until she pointed it out. There was a little smile on his face as she hopped away. Jung Sun is confident and flies solo much of the time, but I love how he recognized that Good Soup’s success is a team effort and he will do what it takes for the good of all. Of course, his willingness to go on TV opens the door for a new series with writer Lee, of course, under a new director (maybe Joon Ha)? This is fun!

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