Temperature of Love ep 8 recap


Jung Woo has invested in the drama production industry just like he said. He arrives at the filming site after finding out about the disaster between the director and writer Hyun Soo and tries to smooth over the situation. But the director is unreasonable and shouts “Are you going to take her side?”

“You should just tell her when you make changes.” The director is too furious to listen. He demands to know who he is (unaware that Jung Woo is the owner of the production company). He won’t continue the shoot and stomps off. Jung Woo puts his hand to his forehead in frustration.   

Jung Woo also invested in a restaurant with Jung Sun as the head chef just like he said. As Jung Sun snips herbs on the peaceful restaurant deck, a weary Jung Woo collapses on the bench with woes of the filming debacle. He complains that the director won’t work with the writer and he is losing big money by the hour. Jung Sun asks sarcastically if he is running out of money. “Are you feeling guilty?” Jung Woo replies. He reminds Jung Sun that the restaurant, Good Soup, operates at a loss, but Jung Sun won’t get pulled in by that. The restaurant isn’t even a year old and they fully expected it wouldn’t make money that first year. Just leave the restaurant to him, Jung Sun reassures his investor.

Why won’t the director go with the writer’s story? Jung Sun wonders. A big star director like him only works with new writers for the very reason that he can change things on a whim, explains Jung Woo. This time, however, he is up against a writer who won’t take that sitting down. Jung Sun comments that he likes Hyun Soo’s writing; he saw “A Man Who Eats Rare Steaks” in France. Hong Ah told him about it. Jung Woo recalls that Jung Sun knows Hong Ah from before and must also know Hyun Soo. Jung Sun says that he does. He also knows that she has a boyfriend. Jung Woo scoffs, “Who says she has a boyfriend?”

(Four years ago in Paris, 2013)

Won Joon and Hong Ah visit Jung Sun in Paris. Won Joon tells Jung Sun that he’ll meet him at the restaurant tomorrow. Hong Ah can tell that Won Joon has the itch again to switch from doctor to chef. Jung Sun asks Hong Ah what she’s up to these days. She’s writing but no breakthrough, yet. However, Hyun Soo won the writer’s contest and is busy.

“Did she?” He seems pleased. “You look happy,” Hong Ah replies with a tinge of jealousy. Hong Ah tries to take credit for helping her friend and acts surprised that Jung Sun remembers the script, “A Man Who Eats Rare Steak.” She asks if he liked her back then. His answer is direct: he didn’t like her, he loved her but she rejected him. Hong Ah puts the final kibosh on any lingering feelings he might have for Hyun Soo by telling him that of course she would reject him; the two of them don’t belong together. Hyun Soo is dating a guy who’s a big shot, older than her, richer, handsome, and cares about her. Any woman would love a perfect man like him.


Hyun Soo rides in the car with Hong Ah and Kyung who came to pick her up at the filming site after the ugly confrontation with the director. These days the three women work together. There’s nothing that can  be done now about a video of the incident that has gone viral. Hyun Soo cringes. “Hey, who scouted the chef who was on the set today? she asks.

“Is that important? Who was the chef?” Hong Ah asks.

“Jung Sun,” Hyun Soo answers. “I guess you didn’t know. you would have told me if you knew.” Hong Ah doesn’t say anything, but it seems like she might be up to her jealous antics.

Jung Sun checks everything in the restaurant before opening. He is surprised to find Won Joon busy in the kitchen –  it’s his day off. Sometime between Paris and now Won Joon has given in to his passion and works as sous chef under Jung Sun. Won Joon asks if Jung Sun contacted Hyun Soo about being the guest chef for her drama.

“I met her.”

What did she say?”

“She ran away. Am I a horrible memory to her?” For the life of him, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Won Joon tells him to just ask her. Since they both work under the same agency he could have Mr. Park (Jung Woo ) connect them. Jung Sun says that if he wants to contact her he will do it himself. “Do you want her number?” Won Joon asks, but Jung Sun doesn’t want to force it. In the end he gets her number from Won Joon, but he can’t bring himself to call, let alone add her number as a contact.

Hyun Soo looks up the latest information on Jung Sun online. His agency is On Entertainment (too) and he is the chef at Good Soup. Jung Woo calls Hyun Soo to let her know that he met with the director. She apologizes for the mess. He’s tried to stop the articles, but with that video on social media, she will have to brace herself for the fallout.

To the picture of Jung Sun online she says, “You’re looking good. Jerk.”

Jung Sun heads up a bustling kitchen powered by handsome cooks with plenty of ego animosity mixed with good humor. One is particularly cranky but his whining makes him seem cute to the others which makes him even crankier.

The head server sticks her head into the kitchen and tells Jung Sun that his mother is here. Mother arranges flowers on the table. “What brings you here?” he asks curtly. Has she come alone? No; Daniel (her new, younger beau) has an exhibit at the Seowon Gallery in October. She asks Jung Sun to book a table and meet this new man in her life. “Enough about Daniel,” Jung Sun cuts her off. “Since you’re living with him I hope you guys last.” She appreciates his blessings. He closes his eyes – what’s the use – and tells her that he’s busy. She wants him to come out and say hello when they eat there. For her, it’s all about appearances. When she shamelessly asks if he’ll sponsor Daniel’s exhibit he tells her not to look so pathetic.

Hyun Soo is horrified at the hairs in the sink and shower after she’s washed her hair. She and the other writers anticipate what might happen next after the big scene yesterday. Hong Ah “likes” a comment online that criticizes Hyun Soo about the filming incident. She’s so two-faced. Hyun Soo reads an unflattering article about the filming incident out loud and sighs, “It’s going to get crazy.”

The agency producer stops in to talk with her. He asks if she’s heard from the director since yesterday. She hasn’t. She pushes a stack of scripts that have been edited and reminds him that he was the one who liked her writing and wanted to produce the story. While he agrees, he isn’t the one making the production. Then why did Director Min agree to do her drama? she asks. When he completely changed it she lost her way, is how she puts it to the producer.

Meanwhile, Director Min has gone to Writer Park, Hyun Soo’s previous employer. He wants her to help him out, but she doesn’t want to steal a project from her former assistant writer. However, she slyly suggests that her current assistant writer could take over and she will “guide” her. Just send the scripts that Hyun Soo wrote to her assistant and they will fix it the way he wants. Director Min gets Writer Park’s drift and is happy with the arrangement. It’s a cutthroat industry.

The Good Soup kitchen staff works diligently to get out the dishes to the tables. Mother asks the head server to tell Jung Sun that she is here with Daniel who gloomily comments that he doesn’t think her son likes him anyway. Mother, who is delusional, says that’s nonsense; her son thinks her happiness is his happiness. Daniel is quite dour and tells her that having a son makes her seem old. She chides him that he wouldn’t know since he doesn’t have children even though he’s been married twice before. Is there a problem with that, he asks? That’s not what she meant, she tells him that he is amazing. Daniel, who takes himself way too seriously, replies that a man can give his all to the woman that acknowledges him. For whatever she gets out of their relationship, she can do that.

Jung Sun stiffly acknowledges his mother and her new partner and asks, “How’s the food? Pleas enjoy your meal,” bows, and leaves. Daniel wonders if he should be insulted. Does her son know about his exhibit? Why didn’t he ask about it? Mother twists the truth to make herself look good and tells him that Jung Sun offered to sponsor his exhibit, but she asked him not to because it might be uncomfortable. Daniel thinks he should accept because he is her son. Has he hooked up with an older woman who has put on airs of wealth thinking he will get her money?

Jung Woo wants to go with Hyun Soo to meet with the producer and director. He wants to resolve it, but she says it is something she has to do. It is between the writer and producer to find a place of agreement. Why won’t she let him help? he asks. She doesn’t want to become lazy, and it’s her responsibility. She goes back inside to review the episode again objectively. Hyun Soo and Kwang review the scenes and find places where the director changed the lines.

As if she needs another complaint, the main actor calls and rudely demands that she change his lines. He doesn’t like the way his character is being portrayed. She defends her writing but he tells her that he has been acting for twenty years and to do what he tells her to do. He hangs up. She’s getting it from all angles these days.

The restaurant staff eat together. One of the chefs is watching an episode of “Ugly Detectives,” Hyun Soo’s drama. Won Joon comments that the writer is his friend. “Really? You should call her and cheer her up. A lot of people are bashing her on the Internet.” When Jung Sun hears that he step out and looks it up. He registers with the “Ugly Detectives” chat room in order to send a message: Hyun Soo, I support you.

The SBC producer, Hyun Soo, and Director Min meet. Director Min is disagreeable but acts like he is taking the high road by saying that he does a shoot even if the writer creates a scene because he loves the viewers and feels responsible. That’s how they all feel, the producer corrects him. Hyun Soo humbly agrees to accept the changes. However, she wants to know what those changes are. Director Min tells her to throw in the towel if she can’t handle it. She won’t, even if she gets fired, she responds. The producer asks the director to stop blowing things up. It’s costing a fortune. Hyun Soo becomes uncomfortable when the two men spit insults at each other. The meeting is exhausting and, worse, nothing is resolved.

Even if Hyun Soo wouldn’t let Jung Woo attend the meeting, he waits for her outside. They still have to eat, he says. He takes her to Good Soup. She hesitates, not wanting to run into Jung Sun, and uses the excuse that she is too tired to go in. Just then, Jung Sun saunters up and says, “Even if you’re tired, you should eat.” Jung Woo steps away to take a call leaving Hyun Soo and Jung Woo face to face. “Why aren’t you running away? You did before, ” Jung Sun says.

He asks what he did wrong. She never said that. They bicker like they did before as if five years hadn’t passed. She congratulates him. He congratulates her on becoming a writer.”I’m too lousy to accept congratulations,” she says. “It’s to early to congratulate me for becoming a chef.” Their exchange doesn’t miss a beat. She gives him a hard time for disappearing and returning only to act cynical. Jung Sun becomes serious. Did she forget that she didn’t pick up his call? How could she forget? she asks. She regrets it and was hurt. He doesn’t accept that on face value; why would she have regrets and be hurt when she has a big shot boyfriend and has become a successful writer?

Jung Woo returns after his call and eyes the two of them. “A stranger might think you two are having a couples quarrel.”


  • I’m working hard to make sense of the time line and what we learn in the past to help sort out the present. Jung Sun got an update from Hong Ah when she and Won Joon visited him in Paris in 2013. Hong Ah was all too happy to inform him about Hyun Soo’s success and personal happiness, especially after he told her that, back then, he loved Hyun Soo and she rejected him. She was quick to let him know that Hyun Soo has moved on and is dating quite the catch – any woman would be so lucky. This guy has it all.
  • Jung Sun has achieved his business dreams to own a restaurant and a production company. He has a lot of irons in the fire. All of his ventures are under the umbrella company, On Entertainment. He is also dating Hyun Soo. Jung Sun has returned from Paris as the Head Chef at Good Soup, Jung Woo’s restaurant. Hyun Soo is still with On Entertainment that is the production company for the drama she has written, “Ugly Detectives.” The day the filming falls apart, there happens to be a scene that involves a chef. That chef is Jung Sun who, I suspect, was cast by a jealous Hong Ah to make some sparks fly. She works as a writer along with Kyung and Hyun Soo, and is jealous of Hyun Soo’s accomplishments. Hyun Soo doesn’t realize that Hong Ah is a two-faced friend who is causing her harm.
  • Even though Jung Sun and Hyun Soo both work for On Entertainment, the company is so big that they haven’t run into each other before their fateful encounter at the filming site. Jon Woon has remained friends with both Jung Sun and Hyun Soo. And, Hong Ah, as well although his hopes that she would like him as more than a friend have died down. Won Joon’s intentions in seeing Jung Sun and Hyun Soo get together are good; Hong Ah’s intentions are to keep them apart. She knows that Hyun Soo is dating Jung Woo, but I don’t think Won Joon knows that.
  • I also don’t think that Jung Woo knows that Jung Sun was the person that Hyun Soo cried over five years ago. Does Jung Sun know that Jung Woo is Hyun Soo’s boyfriend? I don’t think he does; seeing them together at the restaurant only looked like a boss taking an employee to get a bite to eat. So, even though On Entertainment is big, the proximity of lovers and past lovers within that company has become too close for comfort.
  • Mother and Daniel -meh.
  • This love triangle is a tricky one because it’s hard to want to push Jung Woo out of the way to make room for Jung Sun. Jung Woo’s a good guy and everything Hong Ah described him as. He is good to Hyun Soo; for that matter, he is good to Jung Sun. He takes care of the both for different reasons. Why does it have to be him in the middle? But, I don’t think Hyun Soo has given her full love to Jung Woo because of Jung Sun. Kdrama angst!

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