Temperature of Love ep 7 recap

Episode 7

Jung Sun calls Hyun Soo to share the good news about his internship with Alain Passard and wants to meet up. Hyun Soo wants to hide that she’s been crying and tells him not to pester her. But he shows up at her apartment anyway waving cheerfully. When she quotes an old idiom that men are allowed to cry three times in their lives, when his parents die… he cuts her off, teasing that she is being too conventional.

“Should I tell you what I do when I feel sad?” he asks.  The two of them jog along along the river and Hyun Soo’s mood improves. After, they drink beer and sit on a bench. Jung Sun turns serious all of a sudden and asks if she will wait for him. Hyun Soo avoids the question and plays Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” They listen to music for a long time, each having thoughts about their relationship. Finally, she tells him that her mentor once told her, “Drama begins between a man and a woman when they break up.”   

All of her previous relationships ended when she wanted them to end. “Love isn’t special to me.” She doesn’t want to waste her youth on petty love. She admits that her dream and reality have collided and today was a pretty hard day for her. He thinks she is difficult to understand. But he is difficult, too, she replies. Difficult in a different way, he tells her. To his question she says, “sorry.” Although he might has expected such an answer, he is saddened.

Won Joon drops Jung Sun off at the airport. Before he gets rid of his phone he makes one last call to Hyun Soo. She is eating dinner with Jung Woo and decides not to answer.

Jung Sun’s attempt to reach her has failed. He hands his phone to Won Joon who has offered to cancel his contract. Mother is ready, happy that she and her son are returning to Paris.

She hadn’t picked up his call earlier, but on the bus ride home after dinner Hyun Soo tries Jung Sun’s number. It rings and rings, no answer. Already miles away, Jung Sun stares blankly on his flight to Paris.

Hyun Soo arrives for her first day of work at On Entertainment. She is given a desk and a stack of books to review. Jung Woo has a bird’s eye view of his employees from his loft office. He watches as she gets settled in.

Hong Ah brings Hyun Soo snacks at work. When Jung Woo walks past, Hun Soo introduces him to Hong Ah who takes special notice and comments that he is such a handsome, young CEO. She follows him with her eyes as he excuses himself and tells Hyun Soo that she should make him hers. Hyun Soo brushes the comment aside sayint that he isn’t interested and she doesn’t have time.

Hyun Soo works late. She tries Jung Sun again. The number you dialed doesn’t exist. “That’s strange,” she thinks. Park Jung Woo calls her number from his office. “Haven’t you left yet?” She tells him she is about to. “Bye,” and he hangs up.

Unable to reach Jung Sun by phone, she stops by his place, but someone else opens the door. When she asks for Jung Sun the man tells her to go through management if she wants to locate the previous tenant.

Hyun Soo collapses on the couch. Her sister nags, wondering how long this job will last. “How can he just disappear like that?” she sits up suddenly. She recalls their conversation when he asked her to wait for him. Now she can’t believe that she told him that love isn’t special to her. What has she done?

December 2012

On Entertainment blinks and flickers with lit trees for the holidays. The atmosphere is festive. Jung Woo looks down from the loft at Hyun Soo who is working late as usual. She puts in eye drops. As he leaves for the night, he hands her a manuscript and tells her that she wrote it well. “Stop working at the company so late You’re increasing the lighting bill.”

He asks her to eat with him. She says, no, then yes, thinking that he does the opposite. But of course it isn’t that simple. He says there are two reasons why she’d refuse. Option one: she’s not hungry or option two: she doesn’t want to eat with him. Which one is it?” “The first one,” she quietly replies. As he puts on his overcoat to leave she changes her mind. “I want to eat now. I can be a bit fickle sometimes.” That makes him laugh.

They have soup at a café. After one taste she is reminded of the soups Jung Sun served to her day after day. Suddenly, she can’t eat. “What’s wrong?” Jung Woo asks. I don’t think I can eat this. I change my mind really often. You go ahead and eat.” Jung Woo, who laughed at her fickleness earlier, doesn’t laugh this time. He seems as if he is trying to read her thoughts.

Joon Ha drops by his friend’s place. Jung Woo is sprawled on the couch and tells Joon Ha to get him a beer. Joon Ha complains that has taken orders all day from the director and now his friend is ordering him around. Well, he can handle that (Jung Woo is his senior, after all). Joon Ha casually asks how Hyun Soo is doing. “Well. She’s incredible. I like her.” Joon Ha acts mildly surprised and wonders if Hyun Soo knows how he feels. “She’ll find out soon.”

“She’s not your type,” Joon Ha warns. But Jung Woo disagrees. He’s had his eye on er for some time; now he’s done observing. “She’s mine,” he states emphatically, sure of himself.

Hyun Soo is woken up by the phone. She answers groggily. “Did you say SBC?” she asks. Hyun Soo has won the writing contest. The award ceremony is October 15 and if there are any changes, she will be informed.

Hong Ah calls to tell Hyun Soo that the contest winners will be announced today. Hyun Soo tells Hong Ah that she got a call already. Hong Ah congratulates her. She is a bit embarrassed. “You should treat me to a meal,” she tells Hyun Soo.

Hyun Soo is on her way to meet her boss. She looks lovely in a coral coat and coral lipstick. She figures it’s a business meeting and asks why he wants to see her.

“I love skyscrapers. I like to look down from high places.” Jung Woo looks over the cityscape and continues with a story about his dad’s failed business ventures and how he lost his mother over that. Then he got ill. He father sent him to the States where he did well and made a lot of money. Like General Yi Sun Sin his father told others not to tell his son how sick he was. So, he lost his father before he could see his son become successful.

“I want to make a family. Family is now a choice for me. I think I could live happily with you.”

Wow, that’s a lot of heavy information to take in. Hyun Soo tears up. He is a surprised and asks if his story was that sad. “I won the contest,” she replies. He congratulates her, although they’re having two separate conversations. She continues looking straight ahead: she isn’t pleased even though it has been her goal all her life. She should be happy but she isn’t. There is someone she loves. But she didn’t realize it until it was too late.

By now Jung Woo realizes they are not on the same page. He is thrown for a loop. “Do you know what you are doing to me right now?” he asks.

She can’t stop crying. He called her but she was with him (Jung Woo) and didn’t take the call. She missed her chance and regrets it. “Where should I go to see him now?” She falls apart.

This night hasn’t gone the way Jung Woo planned at all; for now he comforts her and lets her calm down. He puts her arm around her and holds her tight.

5 years later – 2017

Hyun Soo walks briskly toward the set. “Am I the screenwriter?” she angrily yells at the director.  The opening scene is repeated. “Anyone?” she calls out. “Here.” Jung Sun raises his hand and walks down from the stage to face Hyun Soo. The meet for the first time in five years, and there she is making a scene.

She turns and runs. He calls out for her not to run or she’ll fall. He looks after as she disappears down the escalator. Ms. Lee Hyun Soo who has a boyfriend and is now a writer, shows up unexpectedly.

Hong Ah and Kyung who must work with Hyun Soo at this point, run into her as she comes down the escalator looking harried. They ask what’s the matter – has she made a scene with the director? That’s not it, a flustered Hyun Soo says breathlessly.

An assistant tells Jung Sun that he is needed on the set. He says he won’t do it; they’ve changed the screenwriter’s script. He is told he can’t just do that. But Jung Sun isn’t one to be told what he can and can’t do.


  • When a drama skips around in time there are lots of holes that have to be filled in or sometimes remain empty. Jung Sun gets the big news he’s been waiting for but the timing with his relationship with Hyun Soo doesn’t match. I think Jung Sun took Hyun Soo’s comment that love isn’t special to her harder than I expected he would. By the time Hyun Soo realizes what happened – she recounts the events from the time she and Jung Sun discussed his leaving for Paris to knocking on his door and finding him gone – it’s too late. Poor Jung Woo gets stuck in the middle of all that unawares at first. His proposal falls on deaf ears not because of him but because of where Hyun Soo finds herself relationship-wise at that particular moment. And the soup moment – Hyun Soo is having regrets.
  • Jung Woo – I like him, I really do, but what’s with the obsession of “making it mine” whether it’s a woman, business, or whatever he wants. It is too intense and one-sided. When it comes to relationships, that kind of intensity isn’t charming. I’m not sure where it comes from exactly (even knowing his story, the way he puts it is a turnoff). He is a curious character.
  • The news that she won the contest isn’t a fireworks moment for Hyun Soo like she thought it would be. Having someone, rather the right someone, to share those moments with is important she comes to find out. I do like that Hyun Soo never stops in her tracks. I wouldn’t necessarily call her optimistic, but she doesn’t buckle in the midst of discouragement. She is a good writer and she must know that deep down.
  • This episode ends in 2017 with Jung Sun knowing that Hyun Soo has a boyfriend and is successful. With one hole filled, others appear that need filling.
  • Episode 8 recap coming soon!

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