My Father Is Strange recaps – behind the scenes


As we bid a final farewell to the cast of My Father Is Strange – here are a few parting shots. We hate to see you go! Entertainment Weekly interviewed the cast at the filming of the last two episodes and at the after show cast party. With one last look at the highlights we find way to keep the Byun/Lee family in our hearts a bit longer! ♥ (links to the episodes below)

Surprise! Min Jin Woong (Jun Young) – happy birthday! His fellow actors threw a party for him on the day before the final shoot.

And although Mi Do (Yoo Joo) would like to work with Ahn Hye Seop (Cheol Soo) in the future, she has her eye on the best couple award for Yoo Joo and Jun Young couple! Still, maybe her next partner will be Hye Seop with his boyfriend-like charms!   

Ra Young admitted she is talented in the field (as home shopping TV host), so if things get tough, maybe she could be a salesperson . . .

It’s raining on the last day of the shoot.

Mi Young and Joong Hee – a brother and sister with a complicated story.

“To me you are just Mi Young.” Everyone’s favorite scene was Joong Hee’s confession (Lee Joon’s warm, tender voice melted Mi Young’s and our hearts).

Of course, Mi Young and Joong Hee are candidates for best couple, but augh! Lee Joon won’t be able to participate since he is going to serve in the Military in October. However, if they win, he teases, he will send his mother to accept it on his behalf. The cast members dance and have fun together. Min Jin Woong (Jun Young) makes  Lee Joon dance and do push-ups – 0ne/two/one/two – in anticipation of his enlistment.

There are lots of hugs and kisses on the set as the filming of episodes 51 and 52 wraps up.

Jung Hwan feels sad, “It was a log story but it went so fast.” Oh, by the way, he (Ryu Soo Young) and his wife (Park Ha Sun) had a baby girl on August 24, 2017 ~ congratulations!

AND . . .

The after show party MC Jun Young

Yoo Joo – someone the viewers hated at the beginning but watched as she received a lot of love from the family and grew into a good person. Lee Yuri (Hye Young) received much love from the cast members who all thought she contributed the most to making My Father Is Strange the best loved kdrama in Korea!

Who does the staff vote for best couple?

Mom and Dad (loving parents)    Jun Young and Yoo Joo

Cracker and Walnut                       Mi Young and Joong Hee

Husband and Landlady Oh          Ra Young and Cheol Soo

It’s our sweetest couple, Joong Hee and Mi Young, who win best couple by the staff – I agree!

*waving goodbye*

Behind the scenes final episodes filming:

After show party:

Thanks for showing love for cimiart recaps! \♥/


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