My Father Is Strange – ep 46 recap

Joong Hee walks Mi Young home. “Sweet dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he says. But Mi Young walks inside without saying anything, leans against the wall, and cries so hard she can barely breathe. His words, “I love you, Mi Young,” are painful for her to hear right now.

The next morning, Mi Young avoids looking at Dad when they run into each other.

Yoo Joo keeps getting phone calls from the office. Mr. Kang wants Yoo Joo to convince Mi Young to take a few days off and not resign. Hye Young steps into the bedroom and tells Mi Young that she understands how she feels but she shouldn’t quit her job over this. Mi Young erupts–it’s too much. “Should I ask Actor Ahn to find another agency?” she shouts. Her sisters tell her to hold it down; she’ll upset Mom and Dad. Mi Young snaps back; they deserve to be distressed, they did something crazy. Why are they worried about Mom and Dad? She is worried about Actor Ahn. Anyway, shouldn’t they all be worried about the victim?   

Hye Young, the peacekeeper, tries to be understanding of Mi Young’s feelings while reminding her that they are still their parents. That’s worse, Mi Young angrily points out. It is Dad who she trusted and respected. And he lived as Joong Hee’s father for five months before he moved in with them. He should have been truthful at least about that. It’s unacceptable. It’s outrageous. Hye Young agrees and tells her that she, too, was terribly angry at first. However, when she learned that their parents made choices for their children, she could understand a bit. Mi Young doesn’t care. She can’t face Dad or Actor Ahn. She feels so sorry for how badly Dad hurt Actor Ahn that she can’t see him or Dad right now. With angry tears streaming down her face, she leaves.

Mom and dad have heard everything outside the door, but Mi Young has nothing to say to them. Dad follows her out, calling her name. He’s brought her phone that she forgot. “How could you lie to his face every day? Saying you’re sorry won’t cut it,” she tells Dad and walks away. Joong Hee watches from his car, realizing the family is in turmoil.

Hye Young asks Dad how he became a suspect and what happened to the witness, Lim Jong Hwa who was supposed to testify? Hye Young thinks if she can prove there were mistakes in the original investigation, then she can clear his name. Dad doesn’t want to bother. He doesn’t want to think about it or drag up the past that way. Hye Young asks if he thinks it’s unfair. Dad gets riled up – “Of course! It’s unfair!” But he had to put it all out of his mind to go on living. He tells her the way to help him is not to dig up what happened.

Jun Young asks if Hye Young is investigating Dad’s case. Yes, she answers; she believes it was a false charge and wants to go for a retrial. A retrial isn’t guaranteed, especially since granting a retrial is an admission that the first investigation messed up. But if she can find the witness who could provide evidence, then there’s a possibility. She tells Jun Young to keep this between them for now. Jun Young agrees, and offers to help in any way he can.

Hye Young asks her secretary to look up the whereabouts of Lim Jong Hwa. Also, she wonders if the detective on the case is still around and goes to Yangyang (where the incident and Dad’s trial took place). She tracks down the retired detective Jung Hae Il. He is willing to talk with her. She asks about the student murder case in 1974 – does he recall it? Yes, he was a new detective back then. A student reported the incident and was picked up as a suspect but that student could clearly identify three other students that he saw beating a kid. They had on Geumsung high school uniforms. The senior detective ignored him, though. Jung Hae Il thought it was strange that this young man could give details of the three culprits – their heights and what they wore – and so he went to the school and got a class picture. But when the senior detective found out, he got mad and excluded Hae Il from the case. Then the investigation was closed and sent to prosecution. Then a witness came forward and said he saw those same three students in the same school uniform beating up on a kid. However, that witness suddenly wouldn’t testify and in the end didn’t show up in court. Hye Young wonders how he could remember the details so clearly. Jung Hae Il says there were so many strange things about the investigation that he felt uneasy. It wasn’t done right. That student who gave him the picture works in a stationery store nearby; would she like to talk with him?

Jung Hwan meets Jun Young for lunch. There is small talk – how’s work? What’s new? Jun Young asks if he heard about Dad. Jung Hwan says yes, it’s shocking, but it must be hard on the family.  He wonders how everyone is doing. Jun Young says that his parents try hard not to show how bad things are. Jung Hwan says Hye Young acts the same way. The real reason Jung Hwan wanted to meet Jun Young is to ask his help for something . . .

Ra Young sits down in the kitchen with Dad. They make up over snacks, the youngest daughter sharing food with her father as they always have. It is her way of showing him that her heart has softened towards him and that she is sorry for her drunken outburst last night.

Grandma walks by and notices the “out of business” sign. “What’s going on? she asks Mom. She wonders if something happened. Mom, looking serious and down, says yes. She will tell her everything.

Grandma holds the burned passport, shocked at the story Mom has just told her. “Who in the world would believe that something like this could happen?” Mom keeps apologizing. She says she will tell Uncle, but Grandma says, no – she will tell him. And she thinks it’s best not to tell Aunt and Min Ha just now. Grandma is surprisingly understanding; she hold and comforts her daughter and tells her she should have come to her earlier. How did she hold it in all this time by herself? She must have suffered so much. Grandma can only imagine how hard it must have been. “It’s okay. It’s okay,” she tells her sobbing daughter. I guess one is never too old to need a mother at a time like this. Grandma’s heart is heavy, knowing that her daughter carried such a burden alone. “My poor daughter,” she repeats.

Grandma takes the responsibility of telling Uncle (her son). “This marriage is a fraud!” Uncle bursts out when he hears the story. But Grandma tells him that Mom knew everything all along. Uncle should think of how terrible it must have been for Dad to have been falsely accused and served a prison term. “A person feel unjust when they are slapped, think of how he must have felt,” she reasons. He deserves to live comfortable from now on. She can’t express how sorry she is for her daughter and son-in-law. She feels so sad. Grandma is no fool. And she is compassionate and loyal.

Min Ha wants to name the twins. He thinks up Na Bi and Na Bang, but Aunt says no. Aunt asks what he is into these days – our Min Ha blushes as he tells her that he is in love with calculus (*idea*) and suggests Mi Boon and Juk Boon. Aunt perks up – she likes them! “Mi Boon and Juk Boon -so that they’ll be smart like you!” she smiles. Our Min Ha (who is growing up) has a secret and winks at Aunt. (boon means something like benefit or blessing, but does anyone know the meaning of the two names?)

Ra Young doesn’t understand why Cheol Soo hasn’t texted her. She gets angry when she thinks of what the Chairman said to her. He can insult her, but he can’t insult her family. She jumps up, ready for action.

Cheol Soo and Twin eat lunch together. Sulky Cheol Soo tells his brother that Ra Young broke up with him. Twin wonders what the reason could be since their father doesn’t scare her. Is Cheol Soo just going to let it go then?

Ra Young is dressed to kill in all black with sharp red heels. She enters Chairman’s office and hands in her resignation. “Good idea” he tells her. When she calls him ajusshi (mister), he is insulted, but she informs him that since she broke up with Cheol Soo and resigned, he is no longer “chairman” or “father” to her.  “You need to apologize for insulting my family,” she demands from him. He doesn’t have to like her but he should know better than to insult her family. When he won’t apologize she says she’ll go public with the headline that he fired a part-timer and insulted her family. She expects a formal apology, she says, and walks out.

When she sees Cheol Soo in the hallway he walks past. He could still say hi, she thinks. Right now she hates Dad and Cheol Soo. Her manager texts that she heard she quit and to stop by and get her stuff. She is already limping from a blister on her heel when she runs into Cheol Soo again.

“Why are you not saying hi?’ she asks.

“Do I have to? We broke up,” he replies, coolly. He tells her he has no reason to say hi.

That’s enough to make her cry. “I don’t need you! You don’t even know why I made the decision!” she calls out, mascara streaming down her cheeks. Cheol Soo returns and puts his coat over her head to hide her – like he did the first time he saw her crying over breaking up with her boyfriend.

Hye Young meets the man at Yangyang Stationery store. Sure, he remembers that incident. They call it bullying now, he says. The dead student was bullied. The three students that were accused, all of a sudden they moved to another school. One of them was very rich. Some say he went to the US. Hye Young is beginning to realize that the investigation and the story sound suspicious; there seems to have been a cover-up. Even though she may be on a trail, she still doesn’t have any concrete evidence.

Jung Hwan surprises Hye Young when she arrives at Mom and Dad’s. He and Jun Young have cooked up a feast and proudly serve a delicious meal to everyone.

Hye Young wonders what’s up. Jung Hwan tells her that he spoke with Jun Young earlier about wanting to be with the family through this crisis. He has come to lend support and be there for her. “Cracker needs to be where Walnut is,” he tells her lovingly. Hye Young wants him to seriously consider the situation. He doesn’t have to stay with her because the family’s situation is sticky. Jung Hwan is open and warm toward her; while she may appear strong on the outside, he knows she is hurting on the inside. As his wife, she can rely on him. “You don’t have to be okay all the time,” he says holding her. Hye Young is touched.

Mi Young walks up the old, narrow stairs to a gosiwon – a small, cheap student room. It is quite bare and unassuming; “I’ll sign the lease,” she says. Joong Hee waits for her at home. He knows she is having a hard time.

. He takes her to the first restaurant they ever went to. Mi Young is despondent. “Shall I order today?” he asks. She nods. Joong Hee cuts her steak and serves it to her. “Even the steak isn’t making you smile,” he says. He tries to make corny jokes to no avail. They go outside and talk.

“Actor Ahn” she begins, but Joong Hee cuts her off and makes small talk. Isn’t the sky full of stars? There aren’t any cicadas making noise – sometimes they are so bothersome it affects the shoot. Did she know that cicadas live underground for seven years, and when they come out they only live for seven days? At first is seems sad, Joong Hee comments, but if he could live seven brilliant, worthwhile days, he thought that may be all right after all. Joong Hee chatters on, not wanting to hear what Mi Young will say.

“It was like the cicada’s seven days. Yesterday,” she says. He professed his love to her, something she could never imagine. Her heart was about to explode that he cared for her so much. If she had been in his shoes, she wouldn’t have wanted to see her. She admits that she isn’t strong enough to overcome her guilt. When she sees him, she can’t help but hate and resent her Dad even more. But the fact is, she will always be his daughter. She wants to smile when she is with him and she wants to make him smile but she doesn’t think she can do that. “I’m sorry,” she tells Joong Hee, “I can’t accept your love.”

Joong Hee sniffs back tears. He gets how she feels, but can’t she put up with him? He’s okay with everything – he knows what Dad did. But he also knows that choices were made for his children. In fact, he’d almost forgiven him. “Mi Young,” he calls her name tenderly.


“Thank you for everything,” is all she can say. She bows and walks away but Joong Hee won’t let her go that easily. He runs up behind her and wraps his arms around her. “I’m not giving up on you. I’m letting you for a while Because I know that we both need time. I’ll wait until you feel better. Don’t take too long.” It is everything a girl would want to hear.

Mi Young is shaking. Tears stream down. She takes his hand off her shoulder and walks away. She doesn’t look back.

Jung Hwan happily helps Dad in the kitchen. Dad tells Jung Hwan that he is ashamed in front of him. Jung Hwan tells him that it is a shocking story, but he trusts that the decisions Dad had to make must have been necessary. So, he tells Dad, don’t be sorry. Dad is thankful.

Landlady Oh finds Husband rummaging around his office. “Looking for something?” she asks. She pulls out the envelope. Husband is scared. “Did you read it?” he asks, worried. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that she knows he lost $100,000. “The money’s as good as gone,” she states. She offers to give him money to pay off the loan. Husband is surprised; he only assumes the worst about her and here she is–offering to help him out of a pickle. (He doesn’t deserve her consideration, but I’m proud of Landlady Oh and give her credit for summing up the situation correctly and coming up with a solution.)  She rightfully tells him that his attitude towards her has been awful, mocking her as if she is dumb. And he is the one who was conned. Husband is caught and can’t do anything but say he’s sorry. But Landlady Oh is the bigger person and tells him that anyone can get conned. Scammers are the in the wrong, not the victim, after all. Husband looks at her sheepishly. Speaking as his wife, she says that she feels sorry that he lost the money he worked hard for for 30 years. Of course she should help. To cheer him up, she’s make ox bone soup to heal his tendons. Husband wonders why she is being nice. She wonders how he could lose all that money – but manages to calm herself.

Landlady Oh is also upset at Jung Hwan for not telling her about the money his father lost. “You both deceived me?” she yells at her son. He uses the situation to appeal to her: now she has the upper hand, he tells his mother. “Use the situation to your advantage. One: win dad’s affection. Two: make dad give up on leaving you.”

Landlady Oh sets out a nice meal. Husband thanks her for helping him out of his financial bind and admits he was surprised that she cared enough for him to do so. He apologizes for his behavior and admits he has no excuse for the way he acted. He compliments the food, too. “Your cooking is and always has been the best.” Well, now.

Dad provides details at the police stations. That troublemaker reporter (who is in for trespassing charges himself) overhears and recognizes Dad as the man who came forward as Actor Ahn Joong Hee’s Dad.  He snaps a picture of him. He can be up to no good.

Dad provides more details at the police station. That troublemaker reporter (who is in for trespassing charges himself) overhears and recognizes Dad as the man who came forward as Actor Ahn Joong Hee’s Dad.  He snaps a picture of him.

Jung Hwan drives Hye Young to a car repair shop. She tells him she plans to reopen her dad’s case. But she’s worried, can she handle it? Is she good enough? Is she smart enough? What is she messes up her Dad’s trial?  As they sit in front of the shop she tells him that she thinks the witness who backed out is there. She’s afraid.  Jung Hwan says that no other person in this land who will take the case as seriously as she will. She can do it, he is confident. It’s the first time we’ve seen Hye Young act anything but sure of herself.

Hye Young goes to see if the witness is in. She asks the peson in charge if he is Lin Jong Hwa. No, he replies. She asks where he is, but the man says that she must be talking about the previous tenant who moved a month ago. Does he have a contact number? The man says he doesn’t know that. She leaves her card with him. “If you hear anything, can you please call me?”

Mi Young checks job postings. She gets a call from Yoo Joo, “What?” she jumps up.

Joong Hee gets a call, too. He looks online and sees the article: Ahn Joong Hee’s dad: Criminal Used Stolen Identity for 35 years. Joong Hee runs to the parking lot, but it is filled with reporters. He runs out to the front only to find reporters swarming there, too “Mr Ahn how about an interview?” they call out.

He tries calling Judo. There’s no answer.

Mi Young runs home – there’s a crowd outside Father’s Snackshack. When Dad comes out, he is pelted with eggs and flour by Joong Hee’s fans.

Mi Young looks on and shouts, “Oppa!” Father and daughter’s eyes lock.


  • Mi Young is so broken! I feel so sad for her. What should I do?  Joong Hee loves her for the very reasons she can’t accept his love. His words that he will wait for her, but tells her not to take too much time is a kdrama heart flutter every time. But Mi Young can’t look at Joong Hee and not hate her dad – that’s her Catch-22 dilemma.
  • I am happy to see Jung Hwan step up and be there for Hye Young. It is true that she, along with Mom and Dad, rattle around as if they are okay when – as Jung Hwan put it – there’s no way they can be okay. I also appreciate the way he made Dad feel comfortable around him when all Dad can do these days is apologize for being born.
  • What’s up with Mom’s health? Of course, I’m worried. I hope against hope that there won’t be the usual weekend drama fatality or lingering illness. But, why are they bringing it up so late in the drama, anyway?
  • Poor Ra Young, she mustered up the courage to face the chairman and demand an apology, but her lost love over all of this is hard on her. Cheol Soo doesn’t know how to act, or maybe he doesn’t know how he feels. Was this really Ra Young’s decision? But shouldn’t he know that his father doesn’t quit until he gets what he wants? He only used Ra Young and now he is done with her. Furthermore, she has become bothersome, so Chairman does what he does best – use his power and money to remove the unwanted riffraff. Perhaps there is hope in the gesture that he made – throwing his jacket over the tearful Ra Young to save her pride.
  • It feels like Hye Young is on a wild goose chase at least as far as finding hard evidence to overturn the decision. She keeps going from person to person, getting bits and pieces of the story of her Dad’s accusation, trial, and incarceration, but where is it leading?
  • Grandma is the heroine of the day, understanding the hardship that her daughter and son-in-law suffered all these years. She comforted Mom when she needed it most, not asking questions and getting the bigger picture of how this unimaginable disaster ever happened. She won’t let her son (Uncle) put the blame on Dad, either. At least not after all this time, not after they have lived so long with an unjust accusation and the unfair consequences. Grandma already won my heart over, but she is the gem in this episode.
  • Min Ha’s puppy love is so cute on him! Oh, does anyone know the actual meaning of the names Mi Boon and Juk Boon? (I think boon means blessing or benefit – anyone?)
  • Husband is caught and has nowhere to go. At least he has come around enough to know that he is receiving care and consideration from Landlady Oh that he doesn’t deserve and that she is giving it freely to him. And the food compliment he gave her was about as good as it gets under the circumstances. Maybe they’re turning the corner in their treatment of each other and reconciling their marriage. But, it’s a tiring story line to watch.
  • The Byun (or Lee, I guess) family must be exhausted. And there is no end in sight. Poor Joong Hee wanted to avoid the very thing that has happened which is putting Mi Young in a lose-lose position with Dad and him. Arrgh!
  • There are six more episodes to make the viewers happy. Can it be done?

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  1. Totally agree with you and with the same question…can’t it be done? A happy ending please. I’m sure show will answer this prayer looking forward how they going to deliver like how they have been doing

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