My Father Is Strange – ep 45 recap

Hye Young introduces herself to the police officer at the station as Byun Han Soo’s attorney. But Dad doesn’t want a lawyer, especially his daughter. He will face the investigation alone. He’ll tell the truth and receive the punishment he deserves.

Mom has told the other children the whole story. To say they are shocked at this devastating revelation is an understatement. The atmosphere is tense. Dad posed as someone else for 35 years? Dad was accused of murder? He used his friend’s identity and that friend was Ahn Joong Hee’s real father? He even pretended to be Actor Ahn’s dad? Mi Young’s voice shakes. Mom knew all of this all along? Ra Young is upset – “You’re lying. How can Dad do this to us?” she cries out. Jun Young asks where Dad is right now. Mom tells them that he has gone to turn himself in.    

Just then Hye Young and Dad walk in. Mom is shocked to see him return home. The others won’t look at him. It is clear they’ve been told the story.

Jung Hwan finally hears from Hye Young. He is worried that she is being so vague, but she assures him that she will fill him in on what is going on tomorrow. In the meantime, Jung Hwan is left hanging, not sure what to do or think.

Hye Young spends the night at her parents to help everyone weather the storm. In the morning, all the siblings are at the breakfast table, except for Mi Young who left early. But Ra Young and Jun Young get up and leave–they can’t stand to see Dad.

Hye Young explains the legal situation to Mom: Dad is free to go home during the non-custody investigation because he turned himself in and isn’t a threat to run off. She explains how the process will go and what to expect. She offers to stay at home for a few days to Mom’s relief. Things are so unsettled and emotions are running high. Dad thanks his daughter for what she is doing but she tells him not to mention it.

Mom is worried about Dad and the children; their relationship is shaky with all that is going on. There is something else foreboding: Mom has a pain in her side as she gets up and reaches up under her arm–something is not right.

Mi Young picks up Joong Hee at his apartment. He sits up front with her and notices she seems tired. She tells him that it is her last day as Tae Boo returns tomorrow. Mi Young is so quiet and won’t look at Joong Hee. He asks if she is mad at him and even though she says that she isn’t, she is stiff. Joong Hee seems unsure.

Mi Young is so sorry toward Joong Hee as she thinks back on the times he held in the sorrowful news and was burdened alone.

the time he cried and pounded on the locked Snackshack door   – the times when he was confused by the family’s actions – 

– the moment when he told her they’re not siblings  -the way he grabbed her wrist and confessed that he likes her–

She can’t hold back her tears.  No one has been put in a worse situation by Dad that Joong Hee and she feels so sorry.

Cheol Soo’s father hits him for the rumor that he is dating a part-timer, but Cheol Soo boldly says that he is going to marry Ra Young. Chairman meets with Ra Young thinking that she and Cheol Soo have made plans together to marry. Chairman is blunt: hasn’t she learned her place? How dare she think she can marry someone like Cheol Soo. She’s a part-timer, her resume is mediocre and she isn’t even from a reputable family. She is out of her league. Break up with him. Chairman is done with Ra Young and wants her gone. “Do you understand? I’ll assume that you do,” the Chairman tells Ra Young, embarrassing her. She can’t even defend her family’s honor with Dad’s background. Poor Ra Young has a lot of baggage right now.

A cheerful Cheol Soo wants to meet. But Ra Young is brief and to the point: “Let’s break up,” Cheol Soo asks if his father said something or if he did something wrong. But Ra Young says the reason is that he wants to get married but she doesn’t. He is surprised and says that he only wanted her to think about it, he won’t bring it up again until she is ready. She tells him to date someone in his league, someone with education and the right family background. Cheol Soo doesn’t understand but Ra Young has to be cold and tells him that he is clueless. “Goodbye, then,” she says and leaves. He runs to her and asks if she really means it – she replies yes. Cheol Soo steps aside and lets her pass.

One out of his sight, Ra Young breaks down and cries. Surely Cheol Soo can figure out that his father has gotten to her by hurting her pride so deeply. On top of that, Ra Young has to handle Dad’s news that has broken her heart. Poor Ra Young.

Mom and Dad clean up the Snackshack. They talk: the Snackshack did well enough for them, helping to put the kids through school. They were happy. But their hearts are heavy now. Dad comments, “With the “out of business” sign up, Grandma will be worried.” Mom says she will to tell them all.

Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, and Min Ha are exercising together to help Aunt stay healthy and fit now that twins are on the way. Aunt tells Mom the good news. A surprised Mom congratulates the all; it’s a brief, happy moment.

Hye Young is ready to explain things to Jung Hwan. She asks him not to interrupt her while she tells him the details. “So the Dad you know is not Byun Han Soo but Lee Yeon Seok,” she concludes. Jung Hwan looks on with a bewildered expression. She tells him that she is not okay. Furthermore, if he wants, he can end the marriage internship – after all, she may be Lee Hye Young, and he may be the victim of fraudulent marriage. She asks him to think about it. Furthermore, she needs to stay at her family’s house because everyone is panicking. She will tell m-i-l that she is on a business trip. Jung Hwan says he will support her any way he can.

Hye Young has gone over Dad’s original murder case. She discovers a witness named Lim Hong Hwa that apparently didn’t come through back then, and figures out that he is the third person in the judo picture with Dad and Real Han Soo. Hey Young arrives at Mom’s with a suitcase packed to stay a while. She asks Mom about the witness back then, Lim Jong Hwa. Mom remembers: at first he was going to be a witness, but then he backed out. Dad begged him, but one day he disappeared and he was never found.

Joong Hee reads over the script as Mi Young’ drives him home. It’s her last day filling in for Tae Boo. She says “goodbye” but he expects to see her at work tomorrow. Mi Young seems very down in the dumps; she can barely lift her head when she is with Joong Hee.

All is not well. In his apartment Joong Hee wonders if everything is okay for Mi Young. She didn’t smile once all day. When she gets home Mi Young sees the “closed” sign on the store.

Ra Young drinks alone at a pojangmacha. She can’t believe that Dad would do such a thing. And she cries over Cheol Soo. Her life is in shambles right now. She arrives home drunk and is defiant. She is mad at Dad and yells, “Am I Byun Ra Young or Lee Ra Young? Aren’t you scared of Mom and Dad? I even broke up with my boyfriend and am going to quit work. Why? Oh, my Dad forgot his identity for 35 years, so who am I?”

Dad apologizes but Ra Young tells her parents how disappointed she is in them. In fact, she won’t call them Mom and Dad anymore.

Jun Young and Hye Young takes her upstairs. Ra Young cries even more. Hye Young tells her to just stop. But Ra Young calls her sister a hypocrite. How can she be so calm? She is a lawyer who knows how bad Dad’s crime is. He stole another’s identity and lied. Ra Young is inconsolable. Hye Young says Dad will pay for his crimes but Ra Young says that only deals with what he did to Joong Hee’s father; it doesn’t pay for deceiving his children and the harm that’s caused. “Am I wrong?” she shouts. No one can dispute her conclusions.

Hye Young finally gets a very drunk and upset Ra Young to sleep. She talks to Jun Young on the rooftop. He tells his sister that he is not okay. He asks her how she was able to straighten out things in her head so quickly. Hye Young admits that she had a go at Dad already, maybe even worse that Ra Young. Jun Young doesn’t know what to do – in a way he can understand Dad who was wrongly framed and spent jail time for a murder he didn’t commit, but . . .

Hye Young tells him more or the story– since Mom was pregnant at the time of the identity switch, she and Dad decided to go through with it for their children’s sake. “Is that kid – me?” asks Jun Young. When he hears that, he can understand why parents would make that choice. He sees the situation in a different light, now.

That night, Jun Young finds Dad sitting in the kitchen. He tells Dad that he heard what happened and wonders why they kept him – after all, Dad wouldn’t have lived this way if it wasn’t for him being born. But Dad tells him not to think that way. At the time, he could only go on because of Jun Young. He lived to protect him, it’s true, but perhaps he was only protecting himself. Dad tells Jun Young that he survived because of him. It is a touching father-son moment.

Jun Young hurries to the kitchen in the morning to help Dad with breakfast. Hye Young peeks in to see that Jun Young has reconciled with Dad and smiles. They seem to have a strong bond after last night’s conversation and Jun Young has made peace with Dad’s story.

But not so for Mi Young. She leaves the house without saying anything to anyone.

Oppa Jun Young wakes up Ra Young  – calling her to a hangover breakfast and caring for her. Dad cooked her favorite soup. Ra Young still can’t look at Dad but she takes a sip.

Landlady Oh works on couples’ school homework: Find Seven Strengths of Your Spouse. After thinking it over, she decides she and Husband should work on it together. But Husband, who isn’t nearly as into the assignment as she is, suggests they write down their own strengths and exchange the list, which defeats the purpose. Landlady Oh calls Jung Hwan complaining; he turns around and calls his father. When Husband won’t cooperate, Jung Hwan reminds him that $100,000 is at stake – the amount he lost in the rental fraud.

Husband agrees to a couples outing that Landlady Oh arranged which turns out to be a manicure. Of course, it could be fun to go together, but Husband is his usual dismissive self toward Landlady Oh. She even tells him to choose a hobby he likes and she will join him. Well, he is going to attend a poetry meeting, but like a snob he tells her that she can’t come. Eventually, he agrees to her tagging along if she wants. But, the people are classy and deep – and she shouldn’t open her mouth.

However, the meeting is the completely the opposite of what Husband pictured. It is a group of college students who meet to analyze poetry for class. Poet Zorba who won Husband’s affection online is just a kid. He comments that Husband is the first middle-aged to join their group. They are studying to take the SAT, he explains. Is Husband doing the same? The situation is uncomfortable for Husband and he promptly excuses himself. Landlady Oh kindly tells the students that she will pay for their snacks and juice. Once outside, Landlady Oh can’t help but burst out laughing at her humiliated husband. “Honey, are you off to take the SAT?’ she calls after him, making the most of the moment to tease him. Husband, who will never live this down, deletes his name from the online Poets Group.

When Landlady Oh gets home, she picks up Husband’s messy desk and comes across the lawsuit to get back the rent fraud. She realizes for the first time that he has lost $100,000 and hasn’t told her a thing about it.

Mom goes to the rooftop bedroom to dust off the dresser and clean up. When she opens the drawer she finds the wedding picture of Hye Young of the entire family including Joong Hee.

Mi Young hands in her resignation to Mr. Kang. He tries to talk her out of it, telling her they were going to hire her full-time. He asks, “Is there a problem?” Couldn’t she take a short break? But she thanks him for everything and asks him to accept her resignation.

Mi Young mechanically packs up her desk. She has never looked more downtrodden and beat. Mr. Kang calls Joong Hee and informs him that Mi Young has turned in her resignation. He panics and tells Mr. Kang that he can’t accept it. But as he is leaving, the doorbell rings. It’s Mom. She has come to apologize for her previous visit to his apartment when she said things that hurt him. She was selfish and mean and she apologizes. Mom tells Joong Hee that Dad turned himself in. Joong Hee is upset to hear this – he told Dad not to turn himself in and not tell his children. But Mom shakes her head no, they couldn’t lie any longer. “It was wrong and immoral,” she tells Joong Hee and once more apologizes. Everything is a mess.

Joong Hee can’t get a hold of Judo. He runs out, knowing that Mi Young knows everything and must be very upset. Mi Young sits at the bus stop and stared blankly, numb at the events of the past few days.

Joong Hee waits in his car in front of the Snackshack for Mi Young. She arrives very late, carrying her box of things from the office. “Let’s talk somewhere,” he says.

Mi Young can’t look at him. “You found out,” he says. She apologizes but he tells her not to. She can hardly talk; she is embarrassed that she confessed to him. They are not on the same page at all. She feels guilty and can’t face him. He didn’t want her to find out for this very reason. He didn’t want to hear her apologize for her father or the situation. He could only manage all this time because of her, doesn’t she know that? He liked her first before any of this happened. He hurt so badly, even saw a psychiatrist. But now everything is okay because his feelings for her are a good thing. Can’t she accept him?

“To me you are just Mi Young. I love you, Mi Young,” he says. Tears flow down her face.


  • Hye Young is so level-headed. She knows that she has to be there to help the rest of the family when things are falling apart. What would her parents do without her? Mom and Dad’s actions have put their children’s lives and futures in jeopardy, too. I love the conversation she and Jun Young had on the rooftop. It was important for Jun Young to consider how his parents must have felt when they were expecting him in the midst of their turmoil. The story became even more personal for Jun Young since he was that child, and it brought him closer to Dad. Then, his and Dad’s conversation was heartwarming. Instead of being a burden, Dad explained so well how his newborn son was his hope, his reason to live. In reflecting, Dad realized that living a false identity to protect his children was really to protect himself. Sure, the compounded events and the bad luck were reasons to live a lie, but in the end the truth had to be told. And why did their parents take so long? Why didn’t they tell their daughter when she became a lawyer? Why didn’t they tell Joong Hee the truth from the beginning? Why didn’t Mom even tell her own mother?
  • I appreciate that Landlady Oh was trying to do the couples’ homework sincerely. It serves Husband right for making such a fuss over his highfalutin poets’ meeting and always putting Landlady Oh down. He ended up the fool in front of his wife who he always calls foolish. Plus she found out about a very big debt that he has and is hiding it from her. Husband has turned out not to be very smart (or nice) at all.
  • Poor Ra Young. I hate that the Chairman hit below the belt with the usual power move. It was the last thing she needed after already dealing with Dad and Mom’s secret. The Chairman was cruel to point out all the things that money can buy and that she is not in that league. Ra Young can’t even defend her family’s honor, either. It’s a one-two punch to the ego for Ra Young and she never saw it coming. Cheol Soo should be smart enough to guess that his dad had everything to do with Ra Young’s decision to break up. I want to like him, but his personality is so flimsy and he really has never stood up to his father. Or stood up for Ra Young. I feel so sorry for Ra Young in this episode because she has every right to her feelings about her parents and she isn’t wrong, really.
  • Mi Young and Joong Hee *sigh. They are not on the same page. She thinks there is no way to ever face him again and she can’t apologize enough. Joong Hee is willing to look past all the baggage that stands between them for her, but she won’t accept that. So, it is a lose-lose situation. Can’t we just avoid going there, drama?
  • It looks like Hye Young is on the case and is the one to look to for solving the legal and relational problems that are piled as high as a mountain.
  • Oh, is the third person in the picture – the witness who backed off – the man who passed Mom and Dad at the market in the first episode and Dad turned away?




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