My Father Is Strange – ep 42 recap

Joong Hee drops the bomb that he and Mi Young are not related. He explains that Mi Young’s father was his father’s best friend. His father died, and when he showed up, her father took him in like his real dad would have. He only found out this truth recently. “You’re not insane,” and he tells her not to resign or move out.

Realizing that this is a shocker for Mi Young to hear, Joong Hee explains further that he needs time to sort things out. He asks her not to tell the rest of the family just yet; after all, he only found out the truth that her father isn’t his father. He needs to work things out with him first – it’s all quite confusing and he doesn’t know which end is up.   

Mi Young is speechless as she hears this overwhelming revelation. She returns to work in a daze. But work never ends, and the supervisor tells her to take Tae Boo’s place as Joong Hee’s manager for a week while he is on vacation. She tries to decline, but he tells her that interns don’t have a say, the do what they are told.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan discuss his parents’ situation. She tells him that she advised m-i-l to play hard to get and to agree to graduate from marriage with a period of a month to adjust. Since Husband doesn’t have any money, his options are limited. She thinks need to face what thirty-eight years of marriage looks like and consider remodeling their relationship.

Hye Young gets a call from her lawyer ex-boyfriend Ji Sang which makes Jung Hwan jealous. She tells him it is a work-related situation, but he is still annoyed.

Ji Sang has found the information she requested about Byun Han Soo: he went to the States in 1972 and returned in 1982 – she is surprised he was there for that long. Mom went in Oct 1982 and returned in Oct 1982. Wait, so her parents met up only in 1982 and Mom was 29 then … but Jun Young was born in January of 1983. How is that possible? Then, could it be that Jun Young isn’t Dad’s son? Hye Young isn’t sure if looking into the past is a good thing.

The family congratulates Uncle and Aunt on their new pizza franchise opportunity. Tonight, the pizza is on them. Joong Hee walks and is invited to join everyone for dinner. However, Mom and Dad freeze whenever he is around these days. Min Ha fills Joong Hee in on the grand prize that his parents won. Grandma wants to know when Joong Hee will ask “her” out – meaning the woman in the drama. But the question is enough to make Mi Young and Joong Hee flinch. Grandma continues on to say that she is frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet, but Ra Young tells her not to ask him or it will be a spoiler for the show.

Mi Young follows Joong Hee to his room to let him know that she will be filling in for Tae Boo while he is on vacation. She promises to try to make things comfortable for him.

But she sits up awake that night wondering what Joong Hee and her Dad are hiding. The situation drives her crazier than ever. Joong Hee can’t sleep, either. He goes downstairs and finds Dad sitting in the kitchen with his back to him and thinks: What does doing this ever night change? What should I do? You messed up,  you should fix it. 

Husband struggles to brush his teeth with one hand. Oops! there goes the toothbrush into the toilet. He fumbles in the kitchen and spits out the sour milk, yelling for Landlady Oh to at least cook for him. But she stands her ground; she has memorized what Hye Young has prepared and haltingly recites the words from a cheat sheet: She agrees to the marriage graduation. Life is short. He can live how he wants. She will find a hobby and live alone in the house. However, they should take one month to get used to the idea. She needs time to prepare herself.

Husband is a bit surprised that she is willing to cooperate with his idea and agrees to the month preparation time. In fact, he is more than a little surprised at her change of view, and offers her more time if she needs it (because he is financially in a bind with the apartment deposit scam and can’t follow through with graduation from marriage, anyway ). Hmmm.

Landlady Oh can’t respond to his comments or questions, she can only stick to her notes and recite the written speech. “So let’s compromise and do it this way. Do you have something to say?”

Husband suspects that Hye Young wrote the notes but when he tries to get the piece of paper hidden in her hand, Landlady Oh swallows it. Husband wasn’t expecting Landlady Oh to come around and is surprised at the turn of events. He is going to have to figure out how to handle the fact that it is bad timing for him with the money loss. It also makes him suspicious that something is up and wonders if she knows about the scam.

Mi Young has the van ready to go when Joong Hee comes down for work. She even prepared snacks for his guest appearance on One Night Two Days Together. The PD explains the set up when they arrive with the Oh My Boss cast. The sun is beating down and Joong Hee notices Mi Young squinting. He gets a hat from the van for her. She grins shyly at the attention.

It’s time to play – each guy has to grab a gal and play rock-paper-scissors for an elimination game. When it’s Joong Hee’s turn, he grabs Mi Young as his partner. The winner gets a gift certificate and the loser has to drink fish sauce. (The fish-sauce-or-coffee gag is a clever reference to 1N2D’s regular ongoing gag. Somehow it never grows old.) Mi Young wins and winces as Joong Hee drinks a cup of fish sauce as punishment.

(Another inside joke – this is the real 1N2D PD from past seasons for the 1 Night 2 Days Together PD.) The PD teases Joong Hee that his manager should have gone easy on him; Joong Hee’s girlfriend might be jealous of how well he treats her. With a boyish grin, Joong Hee says they broke up. Mi Young can’t help but smile.

Uncle is feeling lucky after a dream about a while pig with flowers jumping into his arms and buys a strip of lottery tickets. One by one he rubs them off hoping to reveal a winning number. Sadly, nada. Aunt is a bit moody and annoyed. That afternoon she goes in for blood work and a physical, thinking that she is pre-menopausal. Surprise! The doctor says that’s not it – she’s pregnant! “Pardon me?” she asks blankly.

Uncle isn’t the only one who had a dream; Grandma wakes up and wonders what the peach dream means. Is it a conception dream? Two family members and two dreams? A surprise is in store that no one could imagine: not only is Aunt pregnant, but it’s twins! She sits on a bench alone, pondering the unexpected, very big news.

Mom has called in Jun Young and Yoo Joo. As the oldest, she wants to go over some things with her son and his wife. The insurance papers, the lease papers, and savings for Ra Young and Mi Young’s weddings – she shows them where they are kept. Jun Young is worried, is there something wrong? Mom smooths over it and says one can never be too prepared for an emergency; just recently a friend had a stroke. Jun Young feels something’s up all the same; Mom looks away as she lies that nothing is going on.

After a fun day on the set, the staff heads to their accommodations for the night. Joong Hee calls Mi Young and asks her to get some snacks, but he really wants to spend time with her.

They sit in the van eating spicy chicken. It’s awkward –how should they act around each other? Mi Young suggests they turn on the radio. What they happen to catch is Sung Joon’s interview where he is asked about his girlfriend and he replies that he was snubbed. Mi Young quickly turns it off. When Joong Hee asks if they broke up, Mi Young replies that they never dated in the first place. Transitioning from siblings who must repress forbidden love to not siblings who aren’t sure how to express how they feels is an unusual and uncertain position to be in.

Joong Hee tells her to rest while he studies his lines. She tries to stay awake but eventually drifts off. Joong Hee gently covers her with a blanket. Mi Young wakes up at dawn and finds Joong Hee asleep in the car seat next to her. She studies his profile and reaches over to brush the hair from his eyes, but when he flinches, she quickly flops on her seat, pretending to still be asleep. The night has stirred up feelings in both of them; Mi Young rests against the van, breathless, while Joong Hee stares out the window.

Hye Young reviews the information Ji Sang sent her. She calls Jun Young to meet for lunch. He wonders what’s up? Nothing, she says, and gives him tonic for stress. Oh – is his hair thinning? she asks, scaring Jun Young at the possibility. When he leans forward she slyly plucks a hair. The plan is to run a DNA test to see whether or not Jun Young is Dad’s son. But when she returns to her office, Hye Young wonders if she is opening a Pandora ’s Box that isn’t meant for her, and throws the hair sample in the trash. Having decided not to go that route, Hye Young calls Ji Sang for another favor.

Chairman has called in Ra Young and hands her a card. He tells her to contact a certain company and she will be given a full-time secretary job there on his recommendation. Ra Young says secretarial work isn’t for her. Chairman is blunt – it isn’t about getting her a job, it’s about getting her away from Cheol Soo. The soccer team, he tells her, was just to get Cheol Soo to work for him so that he can teach him management skills and take over the business. He can’t let the two of the marry. Shocked, Ra Young responds, “I’m getting married?” The chairman has the wrong idea, she informs him. She has no intention of marrying at 26. Also Cheol Soo hasn’t even met her family. So she won’t marry him, is that what she is saying?” Ra Young thoughtfully replies that she isn’t sure, maybe she’ll marry in five years and maybe it will be to Cheol Soo but for now, “leave your future problem to future you.” Sounds like pretty decent and basic philosophy.

When she leaves the office, Cheol Soo has overheard the conversation. He upset that she told his father she has no plans to get married and is flustered. He calls Jun Young for that drink he promised to buy last time.

Yoo Joo calls Ra Young to meet her for beer and chicken. When Ra Young arrives, she finds out that it’s a foursome with Cheol Soo and Jun Young. Jun Young calls Cheol Soo brother-in-law and startles Ra Young. Cheol Soo has taken the initiative to tell Ra Young’s brother that he wants to marry his sister. For once, Cheol Soo is proactive in his relationship with Ra Young.

Jung Hwan is getting more jealous that Hye Young continues to contact Ji Sang. As he waits for her at her office, she calls and tells him she can’t meet for dinner. She doesn’t’ realize that he sees her meeting up with Ji Sang and follows them to a restaurant. As he stands outside Hye Young looks up to see him and gets how bad the situation must look to Jung Hwan. But she has another important favor to ask Ji Sang which is more pressing at the moment. She texts Jung Hwan to not misunderstand what he saw and explains that it is only a work-related dinner. But he is not happy.

Hye Young looks over the new information: there are articles about the fire in 1982. Lee Yoon Seok died . . .why does that name sound familiar? There is also a high school picture of Dad. Still, this isn’t enough information. She needs more.

One Night Two Days Together PD wants Joong hee to create a love story with his manager (Mi Young). Joong Hee doesn’t want to go along. Director Ryu steps in and insists he cooperate, but Joong Hee refuses. Director Ryu gets huffy and accuses Joong Hee of getting a fat head; where would he be if it weren’t for him? He was the one who cast Joong Hee for the role. He would be an unknown. Joong Hee asks him to please stop but Director Ryu is angry, feeling that Joong Hee is ungrateful.

He mentions that he even met his dad because of him. This is too much for Joong Hee to take and he swings and lands a punch to Director Ryu cheek. Things get out of hand quickly and, amidst the chaos, Joong Hee storms to the van with Director Ryu yelling after that he will sue!

Mi Young nervously drives him home. He doesn’t answer Mr. Kang’s calls and won’t let Mi Young answer, either. Joong Hee falls into a funk.

Mr. Kang paces outside Father’s Snackshack waiting for Joong Hee to get home. Dad apologizes for Joong Hee, saying he isn’t the type to punch someone and can’t imagine why he would do that. When the van pulls up, Joong Hee and Mi Young see Mr Kang. The discussion gets heated as Mr. Kang insists Joong Hee get on his knees and apologize immediately to Director Ryu. Does Joong Hee realize what he has done? Does he understand how bad the situation is? Director Ryu is threatening to sue but Joong Hee doesn’t care.

When they go inside the Snackshack, Mr. Kang is furious at Joong Hee’s attitude. It will end his acting career if he doesn’t make things right, he shouts. Now Dad butts in and means to defend Joong Hee, but he actually makes matters worse. “Why did you do that?” he asks Joong Hee, trying to smooth over the situation. Dad asks Mr. Kang to leave and give Joong Hee a chance to cool down.

Joong Hee cries in his room. Dad stares blankly as he sits in the Snackshack.

Jung Hwan pretends that he isn’t bothered that Hye Young is meeting with her ex-boyfriend for work reasons, but he can’t hide his true feelings. In the middle of their conversation, Hye Young gets a text from – you guessed it – Ji Sang. Jung Hwan can’t help but prickle. Still, shouldn’t he trust her? It really is a business matter. The text is a picture of Lee Yeon Seok, the person who died in the fire in 1982 and who had a criminal record.

Hye Young enlarges the image and, with widening eyes, gasps, “This is Dad!”


  • I honestly was surprised that the drama created an issue between Joong Hee and Director Ryu that became so heated and threatens to ruin Joong Hee’s career. Maybe it was to show the pent up frustration and anger bubbling under the surface. Maybe it was to move along the story because Joong Hee asked Dad to wait and not do anything until he decided if he would turn him in and/or tell the family. When Joong Hee told Mi Young that they aren’t siblings in the very beginning of this episode, it seemed as if he understood why Dad stepped up and took the place of his friend who died in accepting Joong Hee as his son. But, those times when Joong Hee found Dad sitting at the table at night his thoughts were angry that Dad put him in this position in the first place. So, at the end, when Dad steps in and tries to make excuses for Joong Hee thinking that he is protecting him, Joong Hee’s true feelings of hurt and betrayal can no longer be tucked under the emotional surface. It isn’t the first time Joong Hee has pitifully cried out telling Dad that this is all his fault. It is. And Joong Hee is suffering. There doesn’t seem to be a satisfactory solution to all this.
  • Hye Young is quite the sleuth, but even with the information she has been able to obtain, there are missing parts to the story that are causing her to come to incomplete conclusions. What a shocker that the picture she receives of the man with a criminal record who (supposedly) died is none other than her father. I hope she or Mi Young goes directly to Mom and Dad and asks what in the world is going on.
  • Mom has Jun Young and Yoo Joo nervous as well with the strange meeting to show them where she keeps all the important papers. Sure, parents with adult children have these sorts of conversations, but it isn’t the only clue or odd behavior lately that has happened. Jun Young might not be able to put his finger on it, but there are troubling signs among the family.
  • I’ve been neutral at best about Cheol Soo, but he did step up and take a proactive role in his relationship with Ra Young, although he probably should have discussed marriage considerations with her first, ya think? Ra Young is so herself all the time and unassuming and I really like that about her. Cheol Soo is clueless in so many ways and his family handles things differently. Chairman is used to wielding power to get what he wants and clearly is never direct with his sons. I am leaning toward Ra Young and Cheol Soo not getting married,but deciding to work and build their careers for the time being, and see what comes along in, say, five years?
  • I feel as if Mom and Dad are ignoring the inevitable – they’re rearranging chairs on the deck of Titanic, as the saying goes, doing this and that on the peripheral and not confronting the big issue. Neither one has gone to Joong Hee and told him that they love him as much now as ever, and that the family will survive this disaster if they can forgive and be honest – for the first time – and weather the storm in love, consideration, and compassion. I hate that they freeze every time Joong Hee enters the room and neither has anything to say to him. How will this ever be resolved?
  • Mi Young and Joong Hee – for a day, at least, they got to interact and have a little fun. I don’t think the two of them have ever had a carefree moment together which makes me sad. On the set of 1N2D Together (I get such a kick out of that combined silly name) they were partners and played the fish sauce game. (I’ve tried to explain that to non-kdrama friends, but it gets lost in the translation and doesn’t sound funny. But, I never get tired of the fish sauce/coffee games on 1N2D and the faces people make after drinking the fish sauce. Makes me want to try that at a party sometime.) Then, they shared snacks – it was awkward, but they got a little time together as not siblings. It’s a good thing they’ve added two more episodes to this kdrama so there is more couple time for our leads!
  • Poor Aunt, well I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, just an awful whopper of a surprise to be having twins later in life and certainly unexpected. Won’t Grandma be super shocked at that! And Uncle. And Min Ha. And the whole family.
  • I kind of liked Landlady Oh’s attempt at taking a stand and reading her script. I was laughing at the way she just continued and bypassed Husband’s questions. Or, is it actually sad that they can’t converse and respond naturally to each other. So frustrating! Now Husband is on the defense because she is acting like she’ll accept graduating from marriage in a month when he has nowhere to go and is in financial trouble. So, I’m thinking that the building she still owns will become a complex of My Father Is Strange renters with everyone taking one of the apartments for a cozy extra-extended family dwelling. Aunt and Uncle can take over the closed cafe for their pizza shop, too! What do you think?
  • At this point, isn’t the lawyer ex-boyfriend story line a rabbit trail with Jung Hwan jealous at Hye Young?
  • Anyway, this episode was chock full of information, twists, and more emotions. Wah! I just want Joong Hee to be settled and happy!
  • I’ve been meaning to say this, but Lee Yuri is so pretty as Hye Young.


  • p.s. Dad might crack.

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