My Father Is Strange – ep 41 recap

This is Mi Young’s episode. The drama started out with her story and it picks up again here in a way that addresses the issues she is up against and the struggles she faces. I’m on Mi Young’s side all the way ~

When Mi Young realizes what she’s said to Joong Hee, she is beside herself with humiliation and conflicted feelings. She feels as if she is on the verge of going crazy. Of course, now that Joong Hee knows she likes him, he is the only one who can clear up the sibling/not sibling dilemma. How can he tell Mi Young the truth when the truth is so much bigger than the fact that they’re not related?   

Hye Young ponders the questions that the DNA Parentage Report that she came across in Mom’s drawer raises. Who knows this information? Surely Mom does, since it was in her drawer. Maybe this is the reason that Joong Hee has been so rude to Mom and Dad lately. Mi Young wants to avoid Joong Hee at all cost and gets up at the crack of dawn to leave for work. “How could I tell him what I did?” she scolds herself. She is restless and confused at herself.

When Joong Hee comes downstairs Dad tells him to sit down for breakfast. But Joong Hee walks out without saying a word. At work, Mi Young can’t hold things together. She decides she must move out and researches rentals, but the deposit is astronomical. She texts Hye Young and asks if they can meet after work.

Joong Hee is completely spaced out during the shoot. He apologizes for not being able to focus, but all he can think about is Mi Young. The staff grows annoyed that he is so distracted.

Dad and Mom have a serious talk. With the possibility that Dad will go to jail when the truth of identity theft is revealed, he tells Mom they should sell the Snackshack. It’s too much for her to run alone. Mom agrees. She is worried about how their children will react. They are such good kids; perhaps as time passes, they will understand. But, she says solemnly, if it were her, she isn’t sure she could face such parents. She is sorry they had four children, they deserve better. Dad is sorry, too.

Hye Young contemplates the DNA information: so Dad isn’t Joong Hee’s father? Does that mean Joong Hee’s mother cheated on Dad and Dad still accepted him as a son? Or . . . she considers the possibilities of the information she has come across and can’t figure out the scenario.

Hye Young meets Landlady Oh for lunch to go over a graduation marriage proposal. The plan is to go along with it for a month and use that time to change Husband’s mind using push-pull. Create tension in their relationship, play hard to get, she advises her m-i-l, in order to make Husband not take her for granted any longer. M-i-l  must follow what Hye Young tells her to do in order for it to work. Don’t cater to Husband, give him a taste of his own medicine, let him be on his own if that’s what he wants. Without her care that he takes for granted, he’ll suffer. Finally with some convincing, Landlady Oh agrees.

Across town, Husband and Jung Hwan met for lunch. Husband complains that Landlady Oh doesn’t make breakfast for him anymore and only gives him $300 allowance a month. He asks Jung Hwan for some allowance. He is so boorish he doesn’t hear that what he is saying contradicts what he claims he wants in graduating from marriage.

Yoo Joo encourages her staff by treating them to tasty subs and drinks. She wants to get them back on track now that she is confidently heading up the team again and Ms. Lim is out. She gets a call from her old classmates to meet for dessert. One of them notices Mi Young ordering and calls her over. It is uncomfortable; if she could, Mi Young would have begged out of joining them. The girls say they barely recognized her since she lost so much weight. When they see her name tag with Gabi Entertainment, they coyly comment that the company must hire anyone these days since Mi Young didn’t graduate from Seoul University.

Yoo Joo tells the friends to stop but they won’t and even recall some unpleasant run-ins back during the school days. As if she isn’t having a hard enough time already, Mi Young gets insulted and walks off. Yoo Joo is upset and defends Mi Young.

But the caddy girlfriends remind Yoo Joo that she was the ringleader and made Mi Young an outcast at school. Remember the time she knocked over her lunch and pulled back the curtain when Mi Young was changing? Remember calling her a pig and holding their noses when she walked past? It seems as if Yoo Joo suddenly remembers the incidents and realizes how aggressive and evil she was toward Mi Young.

Ra Young is busy at work. Cheol Soo stops in. They have a double conversation – he needs a gift (and whispers she misses her today). She shows him an item (and whispers she misses him, too). The Chairman walks past and sees his son make a heart and Ra Young send back finger hearts. This won’t do.

Time to make her life impossible – The chairman sends Ra Young on a work-related field trip – out to the country. She is supposed to bring back samples, but it’s really a wild goose chase that she’s been sent on. Once again, Ra Young outsmarts the chairman and loads up plants to bring back. When she realizes she doesn’t have a ride home, she cleverly chooses to call Twin rather than Cheol Soo who, she figures, will make too big a fuss with his father over this. But, Twin sends Cheol Soo to pick her up so the two of them can have a little free time together in spite of his father wanting to punish Ra Young.

She was right that Cheol Soo would be upset at his father, but she calms him down and suggests they take advantage of being together as a couple. There is no way the chairman is going to outsmart Ra Young and both Twin and Cheol Soo know that. All she has to do is be herself and not play Chairman’s power game.

Mi Young meets Hye Young to ask for rent deposit money. She uses the excuse that commuting is getting harder and she leaves so early for work that she wants to find a room closer. Hye Young asks if something is wrong, but Mi Young denies it. Then, she will have to get Mom and Dad’s permission first before she lends her the money. Hye Young doesn’t say anything to Mi Young about the DNA Parental Results that she found.

She is still working on hypotheses to figure out what is going on. Did Joong Hee get mad when he found out that Dad cheated on his (real) mom, and figuring out the birth dates of Joong Hee and Jun Young, does that make Mom the adulteress?? Is that the situation? “No way,” Hye Young exhales with a shocked expression as she remembers Mom’s comment that time they had lunch together that she had a secret ever her daughter couldn’t guess.

Joong Hee waits for Mi Young to return home that night. He sees her, but some fans ask for his autograph and when he looks up, she’s gone. Or rather, hiding behind a car. When he finds her she asks him to leave her alone. Can’t he just pretend he didn’t see her? Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do when she clearly can’t face him? She tells him that she is so embarrassed that she could die. “So just leave me alone,” she pleads.

Pathetically, she falls flat on her face running away but won’t let him help her up and runs off leaving behind a shoe. As she puts antiseptic on her scraped knee she cries – not so much from her injury, but from the terribly confusing situation that has torn her heart into pieces. Our poor Mi Young sobs uncontrollably on the playground slide.

Joong Hee is really troubled; he knows Mi Young’s feelings for him and why she is so deeply upset – they’re siblings. Well, they’re not, but she doesn’t know that. What is he supposed to do? Joong Hee heads out the next morning before sun up. Dad waits with a thermos and a pancake for him to take and eat on the way. But Joong Hee leaves without a word and the breakfast.

A staff member asks Joong Hee to write a letter to his fans as a thank you for their continued support and to answer questions they’ve asked on his site. They’re giving a prize the one who comments the most. Someone with the username Father’s Snackshack wins again; this fan visits the site more than even herself and the administrator.  As Joong Hee reads the comments he hears Dad’s voice cheering him on as an actor and praising his drama. Joong Hee is touched by Dad’s persistence. Or maybe he doesn’t know how to sort out how he should feel about what Dad has done.

Min Ha has a new reason to live. He is going to build strong muscles by eating a man’s portion of rice (and everything that goes on it) and drinking cartons of milk to grow taller faster. Cause that’s what love does. When his friend offers advice, Min Ha is all ears. Women like younger guys these days, right? Min Ha hopes his concerted efforts won’t be in vain.

Aunt punches out yet another pizza and it tired, more tired than she can remember. Uncle knows she’s been unusually pooped these days, but couldn’t she hold it together while the manager was in the store? They argue over small things and find fault with the other. Aunt just isn’t herself these days and I have a sneaking suspicion why.

To Landlady Oh’s surprise, Husband carries the vacuum to his office. He may mean to pitch in, but the cords get tangled around his legs and he trips and falls. When he gets up with Landlady Oh’s help, he thinks he needs to see a doctor. Husband is demanding but Landlady Oh thinks back on Hye Young’s advice to treat him like he treats her. She drives him to the ER and drops him off – just like he did when she was injured. He balks and wants her to come in but she tells him that she has a previous engagement and to take a taxi home. Actually, she is having a hard time holding back and almost goes into the hospital but catches herself and leaves. At least she realizes that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

When Husband gets home, she acts nonchalant toward his arm in a cast. When he can’t believe how uncaring she is, she reminds him of his own uncaring behavior toward her. And, isn’t he the one who doesn’t want her to fuss over him any more? Isn’t he the one who told her to forge out her own life and let him live his? Once again, what Husband says he wants and what he expects are two different things.

This time Yoo Joo asks Mi Young if she has time to talk. It’s awkward at first as Yoo Joo brings up the past, but she admits that she was wrong, and with a tearful and sincere apology, asks Mi Young to forgive her. It is painful for both women as Mi Young reminds Yoo Joo of the hurtful incidents. Yoo Joo even admits that she knew how cruel she was all along, but she was envious that Mi Young’s parents cared for her when hers didn’t give a hoot about her. After their talk and the air is cleared, Mi Young returns to her desk. She texts to Yoo Joo: See you at home, my sister-in-law. What could be more meaningful or sweeter? One conflict has been resolved.

Hye Young brings Mom’s favorite cheesecake home. They sit and talk at the table. “When did you and Dad meet? I don’t think I ever heard about your love story,” Hye Young comments. With a smile, Mom says they met at a hospital when she was 21. Was that when Dad came back from the States? Mom fumbles but stays afloat and changes the subject to her and Jung Hwan. Then, out of the blue, Mom asks if there are any restrictions for becoming a judge? Can you be held back if your family commits a crime?

Once home,  Hye Young thinks it was an odd thing for her mother to ask. Why? Did they get charged for adultery? Did Dad come back to marry her while he was married? She needs to find out answers to her questions and calls ex-boyfriend lawyer Ji Sang for a favor.

Joong Hee runs into Mi Young at work. She runs off at the sight of him. He looks for her at her desk and  finds a letter of resignation and notes on rental properties. He finds her and takes her by the hand asking, “You’re going to turn in your resignation letter and move out?” he asks. “Let’s talk.”

But nothing has changed for her: she wants to be left alone.

He pushes the envelope: “Why would you resign?”

Exasperated, She explains that he has no idea how she feels or how hard she is trying to deal with her feelings.

He tells her that he knows all too well.

But she begins to cry and says that she just wants to die. Is she a pervert? Is she insane? Every time she sees him her heart flutters. She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stop it. That’s why she is going to quit and move away. So, she begs of him, pretend not to know any of this and let her be. Poor Mi Young has suffered, not knowing the truth. Finally, Joong Hee tells her, “We’re not related.” She is stunned: “What did you say?”

“Your dad isn’t my dad.”


  • Mi Young and Joong Hee are all over the place in this episode. It’s the culmination of pent up frustrations and emotions that have nowhere to go. I feel so bad for them both – just a couple of young adults who are being tossed by the waves of a lie that is not of their own making. Yet that lie is so big and affects them both so deeply right now, yet there is nothing they can do to fix the mix-up. When Joong Hee blurts out that they aren’t related – “Your dad…is not my father” – a new confusion envelopes Mi Young. *sigh* so complicated.
  • Hye Young is every bit as confused with the situation and the information she has gathered about her father. She logically forms hypotheses, trying to piece together the mystery that Mom and Dad have hidden from their family. But why? I think her legal mind keeps her from jumping to conclusions which is always a plus, but family matters are dicey and the pieces that she has so far don’t look like they will create a pretty family story. I wish someone would go to Mom and Dad and ask them what is going on.
  • Love how Ra Young can run circles around Chairman by just being herself and not getting pulled into his games. He is probably used to everyone asking “how high?” when he says “jump.” But not Ra Young; that’s not how she rolls. Cheol Soo isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, either; he lets his father get to him too easily. Perhaps he will take Ra Young’s cue and chill when it comes to his father. And, I still feel that, behind the scenes, Chairman isn’t really interested in a soccer team but is using it as a way to control his son.
  • I guess Yoo Joo finally came around. I don’t want to be harsh and say that people can’t change; they can – and Yoo Joo seems to have gotten a  glimpse of true herself when the classmates pointed out that she was the ringleader back in high school in harassing Mi Young. I’m proud of Mi Young who demonstrated that it’s never too late to forgive a sincere apology. I am also glad that it let Mi Young breathe easier after letting the hurt and resentment go. Yoo Joo has suffered losses and has had to face some things – owing up to bad behavior is a sign of maturity, and for that, I am proud of Yoo Joo as well.
  •  Giving Husband a taste of his own medicine might open his eyes, but then again, maybe not. He is a bore to the max. Talk about looking at oneself and being willing to change – I”l give Landlady Oh a point in her favor for being willing to work at her shortcomings, but also for wanting to stand up for herself. Still, should Hye Young and Jung Hwan be so involved in his parents’ retirement decisions? I guess we’ll see how Hye Young’s reverse psychology plan for Landlady Oh to give Husband what he wants by being there less works. He certainly expected more from her when he hurt his arm that he gave her when the situation was reversed. Do these two adults know what they really want, or maybe I should say, know what being married is all about?
  • Oh, about Aunt, I suspect she is pregnant rather than going through menopause. Whoops, that can happen!
  • The family is a montage of celebrations, happy moments, and successes combined with disappointments, hurts, and failings, maybe something like a real family who sticks together and embraces each other’s faults and gems. I just hope the family fabric doesn’t become unraveled as the truth of Dad’s identity slowly seeps out at this rate. Won’t someone just go ask Mom what’s up? I know she has denied and covered up everything so far, but if Hye Young or Mi Young confronts her, especially, with facts they know, she wouldn’t be able to get around it. Right now, everyone (except Joong Hee) is tiptoeing around with the little information they have and not talking turkey to any other family member.

12 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 41 recap

  1. Wow, this episode had so much plot , I am glad the core story of fathers identity is being unraveled meticulously , i guess it wont be so much of a blow when its finally revealed to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking that, too! With so many people knowing bits and pieces and drawing incorrect conclusions, maybe the truth will actually come as a relief.


  2. hi there, i came across your blog recently when i googled “My father is strange recap” and have been following your recaps ever since 🙂 thanks for all your hard work…this drama is the only drama that I’m watching these days so looking forward for your recaps till the end…

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha “till the end’ turns out to be 50 episodes which I didn’t realize when I started the recaps but I’m committed to finishing MFIS. I actually enjoy the story very much and Lee Joon has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Did you watch “Heard it through the grapevine?” He is the lead in that, too, as well as Vampire Detective and Gap Dong. Of course, I’ve seen them all 🙂 Thanks for your comments on cimiart, glad you came across my blog!


      • I have known Lee Joon since his MBLAQ days but I didn’t watch any of his dramas. I decided to read and finally watched this drama as I loved that Lee Joon’s character is quite goofy which somehow matches his variety persona. In addition, I enjoy his chemistry with Jeong So Min, shipping them both hihi…Anywho, try watching Ojakgyo Family, it is my 1st 50 ep drama that I enjoy watching before, who knows, you might like it as well 🙂

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  3. Truth is started to untie.previous 4 episodes were full of sob but now it come to detective move or put the things in their right place situation. Waiting for next episode….

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