My Father Is Strange – ep 39 recap

Husband has fallen prey to lease fraud to the tune of $100,000. Hye Young’s law firm contacted her when he stopped in to consult with them. So when Jung Hwan and Hye Young confront him with the situation, he has no choice but to review his living options. He plans on going to a hotel but Jung Hwan points out that is a very expensive (and irresponsible) option. Hye Young suggests he return home: it’s bad for Chico to be in too many unfamiliar places, and perhaps he can take a humanitarian approach toward Landlady Oh and handle to situation more gently. Hye Young knows how to approach Husband and get him to look at the bigger picture. Well, he is in a bind, so he agrees, if they promise not to say anything about the fraud until he can straighten that out.  

Joong Hee calls Dad by his name, Lee Yoon Seok. Dad is shocked, unaware that Mom has been there already and told Joong Hee everything. It’s a pitiful exchange between the two men; Joong Hee is devastated and has every reason to feel that Dad is a cheat, a liar, and a fraud. “Did you think I’d never find out?” Joong Hee asks Dad. “What made you do such a terrible thing?” There is nothing Dad can say or do to redeem himself. Poor Joong Hee is stripped of everything – his real father is dead and the man that stands before him has caused him great harm, and for what? Why did he pose as his father? How is he supposed to grieve his real father’s death? How is he supposed to feel? Did he think he’d never get caught? These questions and more are rhetorical statements that a wounded Joong Hee asks Dad. There are no answers to such heart-wrenching questions. Joong Hee, who has spoken in a forced calmness now yells at the top of his lungs for Dad to go!

The whimpers that emerge from Joong Hee are the sounds that a scared pup that is repeatedly kicked by a cruel master makes. With the life drained from him, Dad staggers out of the apartment, catching himself against the wall as he hangs his head in shame for what he has done.

Mom waits outside Father’s Snackshack in the pouring rain. When she sees Dad shuffle home drenched to the bone, she knows he has been to see Joong Hee. They sit, staring, sorry and relieved at the same time that the truth is out. Mom thought their world would fall apart all these years, but it didn’t.

They must do what has to be done, they agree – tell their own children the truth and then go to the police. Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday, wouldn’t that be the time to call all the kids together and tell them?

Landlady Oh has prepared a meal for Husband. He doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea however; he plans to go through with graduating from marriage. He is just giving her time to get used to the idea. Landlady Oh doesn’t take the stairs to Hye Young and Jung Hwan’s apartment upstairs but goes outside to ring their bell, remembering not to barge in on them according to the agreement. She wants to meet Hye Young to amend the contract as they discussed. Hye Young will call her with a time they can meet.

Hye Young is stressed from her in-laws all around. She puts on dancing music to relieve her stress. Jung Hwan joins in. They need the distraction.

It’s the day Dad is going to tell the children the truth. Somehow Mom and Dad feel more at ease than ever. First, he wakes up Ra Young and Mi Young and prepares breakfast. Jun Young and Yoo Joo come into the kitchen, too. Jun Young mentions Coach Park and the family hears about Ra Young’s boyfriend for the first time. Mi Young jumps in and tells her parents that he is handsome and tall but Jun Young says he is neither. Like the younger sister, she gives her brother a hard time about punching him, but Jun Young says he thought the guy was jumping on his sister – they all have good fun. Mom tells Ra Young to bring him home to meet them.

As Yoo Joo gets ready for work she finds a wrapped box and opens it. To her surprise, it’s a pair of baby shoes that Jun Young prepared. She hears him coming and tucks it back into the closet.

Tae Boo repeatedly calls Jooong Hee to hurry up for his interview, but Joong Hee can’t drag himself out of bed. Mr. Kang calls in a frenzy and tells him to get to the office pronto. Joong Hee can barely focus. The reporter asks questions about living with his father that hit a raw nerve with Joong Hee.  “You’re asking all sorts of things. Why do you want to expose my private life?” he snaps. The interview is not going well. Mr. Kang makes excuses for Actor Ahn that he isn’t feeling well and before they know it, the interview is over.

Mi Young hasn’t heard from Joong Hee in days. When she hears that he is in the building she runs to find him, only to see him drive off. Who should be standing behind her but Sung Joon. He wants to talk. Why is she avoiding him and not answering his texts? Mi Young apologizes. She is a nobody she tells him and knows that it’s huge for someone like him to like her; it’s like winning the lottery. But she just doesn’t feel the same way. While he knew it all along, Sung Joon admits it still hurts to hear it from her. He asks if it’s because of Joong Hee. She denies it in words but her expression says different.

Mi Young sits there, recalling the times she spent with Joong Hee – the kiss, the swooping hug and more – and admits to herself for the first time, that she likes him. It is a shocking realization – how can it be?

Ra Young arranges displays at work. Her supervisor calls the team members and tells them they have a sales quota to fill. In fact, Ra Young’s quota is bigger than anyone else’s; orders of the chairman. She realizes she is being punished for standing up to him. But that doesn’t stop her from doing her best to promote the product. When she sees the chairman with a group of clients she takes the opportunity to make a sales pitch. Handing out samples, she gets good responses from them. The chairman suggests each person take a box. Ra Young passes them out, but as the group leaves, she stops the chairman and asks him to pay for the products. It is an ingenious move on her part; the chairman is on the spot to pay for his company’s product and she makes her quota. Amused, Twin texts Cheol Soo: “Ra Young is beating our dad.”

Cheol Soo presents his father (the chairman) with plans to remodel the soccer facilities. They don’t exactly see eye to eye and constantly misunderstand each other. An energetic Ra Young skips in uninvited and gives the chairman his free samples for buying six boxes. She’s good, even better than the chairman at his own game. She shoots Cheol Soo love bullets as she leaves.

Ms. Kim asks to speak with Yoo Joo in private. It is a strange twist of events as Ms. Lim requests a leave: she’s pregnant. When Yoo Joo asks if she is sure about her decision, Ms. Lim says that she thought about it long and hard, and while she is a go-getter and isn’t sure she is making the right career decision, she thought she  should be responsible on behalf of her baby.

When Yoo Joo gets home, she takes out the box with the baby shoes and reads a note from Jun Young. He wrote that he wished he could be sick instead of her and that he loves her and feels sorry. She holds the ultrasound picture and thinks back on the choices she made along the way: canceling the appointment, getting up late to work, carrying heavy boxes at work, not listening to her doctor’s advice to rest a week. Suddenly she is overcome with emotion and regret. “I was wrong,” she cries. Jun Young comes in to find her upset. He holds her as she sobs, “It’s because of me. I should have…” but he tells her it could happen to anyone and it’s not her fault. “Our baby just didn’t want to come to us.” They cry over their loss together.

A resolute Dad goes to Joong Hee’s apartment. He comes around the corner, arriving home after a tough day. Dad has come to say that he will tell the kids tomorrow, then go to the police and pay for his crimes. He can’t undo what he’s done to Joong Hee and take away the hurt. If Joong Hee wants to sue him, he will accept that. Above all, he is sorry. He leaves with a heavy heart and Joong Hee has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Mi Young can’t sleep. She goes upstairs to Joong Hee’s empty room and talks to Al. She doesn’t know how to handle her feelings.

Mom has Dad’s clothes ready for his birthday. They are somber; she tells him that everyone will be there for dinner. Tell them everything, but after they eat, she says.

Grandma is dressed up rather garishly to go out in public. Her TV appearance has gone to her head and she thinks of herself as somewhat of a celebrity. Who should she run into but Do Jeong Ta, the man who took Uncle’s money. Actually, he has come looking for them to pay back part of what he owes. It’s isn’t much, he says, but when he gives Uncle an envelope, it contains $35,000! – the very amount it costs to send Min Ha to the Science high school. Grandma exclaims that it must be destiny that Min Ha study.

They are so happy! Just then the phone rings – it’s Pizza Headquarters. Aunt and Uncle have won the pizza menu context sweet pumpkin steak pizza. They can start up a pizza business for $30,000. Wow, money comes and goes. Will the money go for Min Ha’s education or the business?

Hye Young and Landlady Oh meet at a café. What are m-i-l’s demands Hye Young asks? Vacation together, shopping trips, weekly grocery shopping, go to public bath, phone calls, etc. Hye Young uses her calm, legal logic to counter the items one by one: with only one week of vacation, she’ll consider three days, public baths are out – she doesn’t even go with her sisters, and a daily call can be a son’s duty. Hye Young counters every point and offers compromises. Landlady Oh wants to learn how to argue her point like Hye Young can – that way she can stand up to Husband and express her feelings without being intimidated.  In fact, what she really wants is for Hye Young to help her not graduate from marriage.

Jun Young and Jung Hwan cook the birthday dinner. Hye Young and Yoo Joo high-five that they are bad t cooking-let the men in the family do that, they laugh. Hye Young asks where Joong Hee is, but no one has seen him. She thinks he should be there for Dad’s birthday. Ra Young texts him: Come for Dad’s birthday dinner.

Jun Young and Jung Hwan cook the birthday dinner. Hye Young and Yoo Joo high-five that they are bad t cooking-let the men in the family do that. Hye Young asks where Joong Hee is, but no one has seen him. She thinks he should be there for Dad’s birthday. Ra Young texts him: Come for Dad’s birthday dinner. As the family sings happy birthday and Dad blows out the candles on his cake, Joong Hee arrives. Mom and Dad stare ahead tentatively, unsure of what he might say, afraid of what they should do. “Happy birthday, Father,” Joong Hee says.


  • I feel like Mom and Dad are practically gangsters in this episode, How could they have misled Joong Hee from the day he entered their lives as if they could get away with it? I hated that Dad left Joong Hee alone crying pitifully. Mom and Dad came to the only conclusion they could – that the time had come to tell their children, go to the police, and give Real Byun Han Soo back his identity. But the biggest loser in all this is Joong Hee. My heart hurts so much for him.
  • Ms. Lim and Yoo Joo both softened toward each other with their conversation about Ms. Lim’s pregnancy. It was a hard realization for Yoo Joo to reflect on her decisions, and whether or not anything she did or didn’t do contributed to a miscarriage, she saw another woman in the same work situation as her who made a different decision. Neither is better or worse or right or wrong; but Yoo Joo took a look at herself and allowed herself to grieve her loss. Finally, she could cry and share the loss with Jun Young. They needed to be able to hold each other and express their feelings and thoughts.
  • What will Aunt and Uncle do? With the sudden windfall, they now face two choices that each has merits. I think their son’s education is closest to their heart – Uncle has never been successful at a business, but then they did win over the Pizza Headquarters with their strange but delicious combination. The money can only go to one place, right? How will they choose to spend it?
  • Landlady Oh is a pain in the neck. Their graduating marriage storyline is dragging on and I don’t care either way how it ends for them. I do like that Landlady Oh wants to acquire skills to stand up for herself – it’s never too late to work on that. But someone mentioned that Hye Young and Jung Hwan are too involved in his parents’ marriage decisions and should butt out. I agree with that! I wish they’d get their own place and start life together as a couple free from the restraints of his overbearing parents!
  • Love Ra Young being resourceful and creative in handling a situation that was stacked against her by the chairman himself. He isn’t likeable at all and, as I mentioned before, can’t see how Cheol Soo will be happy working for him.
  • Mi Young, poor thing, is living in an unsure space right now. It’s uncomfortable at home with Joong Hee not there, and uncomfortable at work since they don’t have much to do with each other aren’t happy not seeing each other, either. What a quandary she is in emotion-wise, figuring out or maybe admitting to liking actor Ahn but also knowing that it’s an impossibility since they’re, um, siblings. And Joong Hee thinks she is dating Sung Joon. If nothing else, when the truth gets out at least they can work on their relationship, can’t they?

9 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 39 recap

  1. I really don’t get why they act like you can’t work and be pregnant at the same time. There are women who do triathlons while pregnant! I’m more amazed at how far along Yoo Joo was without her stomach ever showing.

    I have a feeling, if it makes it that far, that Ra Young will have the chairman wrapped around her finger. She’s very business savvy and doesn’t take his shit.

    Landlady Oh is really working my last nerve with the marriage graduation. Why in the world would you want to hold onto someone who doesn’t want to be with you anymore? Just ugh…

    Poor Joong Hee and Mi Young.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Women all over Korea work while pregnant, just not for a company.

      Thank you for the recap. I was confused, translation, about why they had to chose btw the pizza and school. I think the pizza contest is a scam. Whenthe prize is you have to invest in a franchise it screams pyramid scheme. If they can’t use the money for high school they could hang onto it for college. They are both occupied and able to to eat. Why get greedy. I think the uncle should have gone into photography business focusing on people and their pets. Just like the lottery money in the first part of the series every time they get money it goes right back out again. 60% of businesses fail in the first 3 years. Work part time and be happy. Why are there no gifted free public high school choices for the kid?

      I wish they would just divorce. Part of me doesn’t blame her for being annoying. She is not treated well by anyone. It’s now a chicken and egg thing. I fear it will end up where DIL saves her life or something similar to other dramas. I now understand why few marry in Korea. DIL is one small step up from slave. The house is huge. Clearly he could have an apartment as well with a little construction. Is there no privacy laws in Korea for the Secretary to call DIL about the real estate scam? Why blame the victim?

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      • I wonder if in the entertainment industry being pregnant carries more of a stigma not for old fashioned reasons but for the image? Not sure about that, though, just speculation considering idols dating publicly and all that. I think the drama has made Landlady Oh go from a two-dimensional demanding and entitled personality to someone who has feelings, too. I had to laugh at Kris’s comment that Husband could have had his privacy upstairs in their home all along. He has become selfish and inconsiderate in his own way just like he blames his wife for being. Meh. Thanks for the comments!


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