My Father Is Strange – ep 30 recap

The family gathers to celebrate Jun Young’s happy exam news. Grandma is especially affectionate toward Jun Young. “I told you people should shine when the time is right. I knew he would pass this time,” she raves. Mom serves yellow corvina (fish) as a special treat. “We’ve set the date for Hye Young’s wedding,” Mom announces and tells everyone it will be this Sunday. Grandma wonders if it is enough time, but Hye Young says it will be a simple wedding-that’s the trend these days. Her sisters want to give her a present, but what she wants if for her siblings to sing a special song and dance for her wedding. Actor Anh is invited too. A concerned Mi Young tells the family that they have to be discrete and not let people find out that he lives with their family – it could be bad for his career. Joong Hee pooh poohs it, and tells everyone not to worry about it. Of course he will attend the wedding he tells Hye Young.  

The next morning, Mi Young waits in the hallway with a hat and mask for Joong Hee. She doesn’t want him to get recognized in public. He argues that it hasn’t been a problem so far. But she wants to follow Mr. Kang’s orders to keep his identity with the family under tabs.

Dad asks Hye Young to stop by their room. He has an envelope of money for her wedding for household things from him and Mom. “Thank you,” she replies. “You’re giving me this much?” She is appreciative, but Mom acts distant and Hye Young feels unsure about the way she is acting toward her.

Jung Hwan invites his co-workers to his wedding. Yeon Ji is upset and spouts out that people don’t get married these days and that he never even gave her a chance to date him. She throws a mini fit and demands to know how could he do this to her! Jung Hwan is startled by her response.

Joong Hee asks Mr. Kang why he talked nonsense to Mi Young. But Mr. Kang thinks Joong Hee takes care of Mi Young too much and people will get the wrong idea. It’s only precautionary in order to avoid the disaster that befell another actor whose hidden family secret ruined his career. Joong Hee points out that he isn’t as popular as that other guy, but Mr. Kang doesn’t want to take a chance. After all, he  is filming a drama, now. Joong Hee leaves mumbling that Mr. Kang must be getting cranky in his old age…

Joong Hee walks past a rehearsal room and sees Mi Young practicing for Hye Young’s wedding. They’re dancing to Park Jin Young’s “Honey,” but she’s not getting the dance steps right. Joong Hee shows her the routine and they practice over and over. After a lot of silly fun, they finally drop on the floor exhausted.

There is a moment where they lay there, face-to-face before realizing the brother-sister thing again, and jump up in a hurry. “I want a sugary snack” Joong Hee says suddenly and they go for ice cream.

Yoo Joo ignores a call from her mother. Finally, her mother gets through to the company line and the call is forwarded to Yoo Joo. She gets upset at her co-worker, but it’s awkward as the team members wonder why she is making such a fuss about it. Her mother texts: Call me: I need to talk to you. She ignores her. Yoo Joo checks the upcoming schedule and asks who made changes that put Ms. Lim on business trips instead of her. Ms. Lim (the team leader brought in because Yoo Joo is pregnant) says she made the changes: she did it, she says, because flying when pregnant isn’t a good idea. Neither is hauling heavy bags through the airport and keeping late hours. Yoo Joo gets angry and tells them to change it back; she will take care of her own body and do her work.

Mi Young sits down with Yoo Joo in the cafeteria, but Yoo Joo is sensitive. She has a hard time eating with morning sickness and excuses herself. When Mi Young looks for her in the restroom, a co-worker asks Mi Young if she knows whether Yoo Joo is taking a leave. With having to lift heavy things, working overtime and late hours – it’s hard on someone who is pregnant. And it’s hard on the team who feels uncomfortable and anxious. Could Mi Young talk to her, she wonders? Yoo Joo has been very irritable lately, too. Mi Young feels stuck in the middle.

As Cheol Soo walks out of his father’s house, he calls after his son and tells him to start working for him. They argue. The father is insistent and demanding. Cheol Soo doesn’t want to work for his father – it’s the same old argument. “Will you lock me up like you did before? Go ahead and try, you won’t get your way this time,” Cheol Soo says. His dad tells him to stop his stupid ball playing. Cheol Soo has heard all this before. “Everything that’s not important to you is insignificant,” he tells his father and walks off.

Ra Young wait’s for his call. She is worried; the day before when Cheol Soo’s father showed up at the soccer field, it ended up that Cheol Soo got in the car with his father so as to avoid making a scene. A few students had gathered when the argument got heated. And, Ra Young had bitten him – before she knew that he was Cheol Soo’s father.

Just then Cheol Soo walks up. She runs and hugs him asking, “Are you okay?” and fusses over a cut on his lip, applying ointment. She asks what’s up between him and his dad. It’s the usual – he doesn’t want to work for his father’s business and his father is disappointed that he pursued soccer. His father cut him off financially, so he’s been working part-time and going to school. She thinks that he is cool for pursuing his passion. “Now I don’t feel so bad biting him yesterday,” she says.

Grandma visits Aunt and Uncle at the pizza shop. She asks why they look so downcast and they tell her about the Science High school they can’t afford to send Min Ha to even though he is a top student. Grandma is shocked when Aunt tells her the cost of sending a child to a specialized school. Grandma is very practical and tells them that not having money doesn’t prevent someone from doing well – just look at Hye Young. But Aunt says times have changed and the competition is severe. Students have to have special tutoring and classes these days. Uncle says they want to talk to Min Ha and if he wants to go there, then they will have to try to manage somehow.

Min Ha in on the rooftop; he is looking up student financial aid on his phone. He understands his family’s financial situation. Joong Hee joins him. “What’s wrong?” he asks a discouraged-looking Min Ha. “Don’t celebrities make a lot of money?” he asks. Joong Hee says he doesn’t think Min Ha is the celebrity type and asks him what he wants to do. Min Ha tells him that he wants to study. But it’s a vicious cycle – to study one needs money; but to make money one must study. Anyway, he needs to head off to his performance evaluation and thanks Joong Hee for listening.

Hye Young brings ice cream home but Mom still acts put out. She is upset that Hye Young wanted to record her words (that she could get married), but Hye Young says she was only joking. Still, Mom acts hurt and won’t give Hye Young the time of day.

The sisters have a beauty night with facials and girl talk. “Don’t be a stranger after you get married. That’s betrayal,” they tease Hey Young with hugs. Hye Young scoffs and tells them that they won’t even know she is gone because she’ll stop by often and call them all the time. Jun Young stops in and asks to see Hye Young for a minute when they’re done.

He has a wedding gift for her and hands her an envelope of money. “As you’re older brother I’ve never gotten you a decent gift,” he says all sentimental. He tells her how appreciative he is toward her because she took on family responsibilities on when he couldn’t. He regrets that he was never an oppa that she could lean on. “Congratulations on getting married,” he tells her sincerely. Hye Young feels sorry and cries, “Oppa, I’m sorry for behaving so rudely to you,”

“You were never rude,” he replies with a smile. It is a touching brother-sister moment.

Landlady Oh oversees renovation of the upstairs of her house in preparation for the newlyweds. At dinnertime, which she refers to as “the last supper” (I’m so annoyed with her) with the three of them, she proposes a toast. To avoid the conversation going in a bad direction, Jung Hwan toasts, “Cheers for Mom!” She gets a little tipsy and complains that she will have to miss a big, grand wedding and cries that her only son doesn’t understand how she feels giving him away. Husband rolls his eyes and asks Jung Hwan if he is sure he will be all right living in the same house with his wife and his mother. “It won’t be easy, but I’ll give it my best,” is all Jung Hwan can promise.

Hye Young spoils her sisters – it’s a special girls’ day out. Ra Young picks out a designer bag while Mi Young gets laser surgery so she won’t have to wear glasses any longer.

Later that day, Hye Young has ramyeon and gimbap with Dad at the Snackshack. “Thank you, Dad, I was difficult but you raised me well.” Dad says he could have raised 100 daughters like her. He doesn’t feel like he ever did much for her he tells her. “I guess it’s time for me to let go of you. Live happily,” he concludes with a smile and tear in his eye.

When Mi Young takes off the sunglasses she couldn’t smile more brightly because of her clear eyesight! It’s all thanks to Hye Young. Everyone is enjoying a little special time with Hye Young before the wedding except for Mom. When Hye Young apologizes to her, Mom stubbornly says that she isn’t upset; she is just watching her mouth so she doesn’t say anything wrong before the wedding to get criticized for and goes into her room. Hye Young can’t understand why Mom is holding such a grudge. But Mom doesn’t even understand herself why she is acting this way.

It’s a gloriously sunny day for the wedding at a lovely outdoors setting with simple but elegant tables and an intimate gathering of mostly family. Grandma looks radiant in a pink hanbok alongside proud parents, Mom and Dad. They greet Husband pleasantly, but where is Landlady Oh? The wedding couple enter looking radiant and happy to applause and cheers of those in attendance. Just then, a white limousine pulls up and out steps a fashionably late (at least in her own mind) Landlady Oh who is purposely overdressed to make her notable entrance.

Mom is lost for words. Husband is embarrassed and tries to cover for her, but the truth is, everyone is so happy that even a sour Landlady Oh can’t ruin the atmosphere on a day like today. And no one can outshine the bride.

“We’ll begin Walnut and Cracker’s Wedding Ceremony” the groom announces. The couple thanks their family together. “I hope you have a good time and make some memories of your own,” they wish for everyone.

Dad speaks first and gives away his eldest daughter who has made him very happy. Husband reads a poem which goes over everyone’s head.

Landlady Oh recalls memories of her son’s life starting with year one, then two, and three etc. until Ra Young wonders if she is going to reach all 37 years. Jung Hwan tells his mother to cut it!

Next, the siblings dance to “Honey” and they’re quite good! (Jun Young  is surprisingly handsome in a suit and sunglasses.)

Mom looks on, reminiscing about her children dancing together when they were little. She smiles – it’s a bittersweet day for her as it so often is for the parents of the bride. The newlyweds join in and dance up a storm. They are so happy. The only sour faces are Landlady Oh and Yeon Ji.

Just as the party wraps up, Mom says she would like to say something. First, she thanks Jung Hwan for becoming her son-in-law and wishes him luck with her strong-willed daughter. Then Mom chokes up; she doesn’t want this moment to pass by and not tell her daughter what is on her heart. She apologizes to Hye Young for being so narrow-minded. It’s just that knowing that she would marry and now the time has come, well it’s left a home in her heart. Hye Young is her pride and joy. She never complained. She is very proud of her daughter.“Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you. And…I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage,” Mom says tenderly to her eldest daughter. There isn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

Hye Young stands. “Oma, my whole life you were my role model. That’s why I never wanted to get married. I didn’t think I could be a good wife or mother like you.” Sobbing, she tells Mom, “I love you.” It’s a beautiful moment – the closeness of the family is apparent and the envy of all. Joong Hee lends his handkerchief to Mi Young and Ra Young who embrace and cry on each other’s shoulder.

At last, Uncle snaps the family photograph. “Let’s make it last a year,” Jung Hwan says to Hye Young and they smile, “cheese!!”

When they get home, Husband scolds Landlady Oh for embarrassing her son by showing up in an outrageously expensive and gaudy dress. But she says that it was her one and only chance at her son’s wedding and so what? Husband grabs a book from his office tosses it on the coffee table. “Read this,” he says gruffly. The book is titled “Graduating Marriage.” I guess we know what that is leading up to…

Mi Young opens the car door for a masked Joong Hee. As long as she is his manager, she is going to protect his identity. “You nag quite a lot,” he tells her. They are off to today’s filming site, but when they arrive, no one is there. She calls the assistant director and he tells her that he texted the change yesterday. Everyone is waiting for them and now they will be delayed. In the bustle of yesterdays’ wedding festivities, Mi Young didn’t’ read her messages. They make it to the location as quickly as possible and rush in.

The make-up artist tends to Joong Hee, but when Director Ryu comes in to see if he is ready, all he can say is, “No, no, no. Anyone can see that’s painted on.” He is looking at lipstick marks on Joong Hee’s face; it’s supposed to look like he is covered in kisses.

Suddenly Director Ryu gets a bright idea: Mi Young can “place” kisses on Joong Hee’s face – it must fall under her many duties as his manager, right? She’d like to decline and Joong Hee doesn’t quite know how to respond, but she tells the director that she can do it. Trying to make it not awkward only makes it more awkward for our brother/sister-manager/actor couple. She gently places her lips on his cheek for a kiss mark, and then another, and another –

The director wants one final kiss on his lips, a little askew–but Joong Hee tells her to stand still; he’ll do it. He walks over to her and places that last, lips-askew kiss just right. Like that.


  • Okay, so to get the kisses all over his face to look natural – that was a little much for applying makeup for the shoot, don’t’ you think? It’s uncomfortable; well it certainly should be for them knowing that they are siblings even if it is a part of the job and even if it’s Korea. But I guess this is one way to get things moving along now that Jun Young passed his exam and Hye Young is married. We have to get to the truth of the siblings plot, so onward! There’s nothing like starting out with a kiss I guess…
  • Landlady Oh behaved herself in keeping with her character. She could have but she didn’t ruin the wedding. Let her have her over-the-top dress and limo entrance – she isn’t classy enough to outdo Hye Young and her family. Actually, the dress wasn’t that bad – pretty colors and all, just showy for all the wrong reasons. Now that their son is married, Husband most likely can’t see one reason to stay with his wife. He’s become pretty intolerable himself, so I don’t see how spending time together is good for either party. Oh right, the newlyweds will move in upstairs. That will give Landlady Oh something new to meddle in. Yeesh, she’s a pill.
  • The wedding was perfect! The cafe garden setting was simply lovely and totally Hye Young and Jung Hwan’s taste. I loved watching everyone having such a good time and luckily nothing went wrong (is that possible in a kdrama? Don’t they thrive on mishaps, misunderstandings, and total chaos?) But, for a change, the day was one to remember and it was the family at its best. Loved how Mom didn’t hold back and made peace with Hye Young (and herself). Mom always seems to rise to the occasion with integrity and class. I like her a lot.
  • Hye Young was pretty classy herself, treating her sisters to the things they wanted the most – a bag for Ra Young so she wouldn’t feel left out and eye surgery for Mi Young. Like her mom, Hye Young didn’t hold back either. Families go through tough times, but the way the Byun family bounces back and remains together is endearing and a core strength of MFIS.
  • I’m still worried for Yoo Joo. I hope she doesn’t go on a trip and have something bad happen…
  • It was hard seeing Min Ha dispirited about his dream which, of all things, is to study. I have a feeling Joong Hee will come through with the money to send him to the Science High school.
  • This was one of those all-around enjoyable episodes with happiness for our couple and the family sharing in their special moment. Making memories, just like Jung Hwan said. But with 20 more episodes to go, what’s next?   ♥

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