My Father Is Strange – ep 29 recap

Spoiler: Finally, finally! Jun Young passed the civil exam! I would have had a royal fit if he failed again for the sixth time. But let’s begin at the beginning of this episode.

Hye Young comes in the house and barely acknowledges her parents. Mom follows her into the kitchen and scolds her, but Hye Young tells her that she is too angry at her to talk. Mom yells that she should live with Jung Hwan and not with her in-laws; if they do that, then she will approve of their marriage, Hye Young replies that Mom should know her daughter better than that. Doesn’t Mom trust her smart, capable daughter’s well thought-out decision to say she would live with her in-laws? Has Mom – the one who married Dad against her own mother’s wishes – forgotten what love is? Hye Young hits where it hurts when she tells Mom that she won’t grow old like her and forget what a person does in the name of love.  

Dad comments to Mom that she certainly has a daughter that takes after her. Both a blessing and a curse, for better or for worse.

Dad mixes a batch of kimchi. On his way to bed, he thinks about how Joong Hee was on the quiet side when he got home and goes to the rooftop to check on him. Joong Hee can’t sleep–he is wrestling with his jumbled feelings for Mi Young. Dad offers to make him something eat but Joong Hee declines. Just then, Joong Hee gets a call from Parker–his stepdad–wishing him a happy birthday. He tells Dad they call each other a couple times a year, mostly to make his mom happy. Dad asks what his stepdad is like. Joong Hee fills him in–his mother married soon after Dad left but it didn’t last. For a while it was just him, his mom and her parents–the four of them lived together. Then, when he was twelve years old, his mom married Parker. He knows Parker tried to get to know him, but their culture, skin color, even the way they thought were different. Mostly it felt like he was living with his mom and her boyfriend and he found it uncomfortable. Dad apologizes. Joong Hee says he didn’t mean it that way–Dad doesn’t say anything to clear up the relationship mess, though.

Mom doesn’t want to jinx the exam results coming out tomorrow. With superstitious beliefs she makes sticky rice and reminds her family not to leave a single grain in the bowl. They also can’t cut the noodles for the next two days. It translates to something like let good results stick to Jun Young and don’t break the good luck. Jun Young fells the pressure and hopes more than anyone that the results are in his favor. Hye Young wants to come up with a cooking schedule with so many in the household these days. She even offers to buy a dishwasher which makes Mi Young particularly happy. Hye Young and Mom talk at the table with Dad as the go-between to avoid talking directly. The siblings look on–what’s this? Mom tells Dad to tell Hye Young not to butt in and pretend she care about her parents. Dad shouts, “Enough! How long will you keep this up?” Ra Young asks how the parents meeting went and Hye Young is just about to tell her siblings who are all ears the gory details of Mom’s embarrassing behavior when Mom shuts her up and dares her to utter a word.

“You bad girl,” she warns Hye Young. The siblings stare in silence.

As Grandma heads out, she notices a leak in the hallway ceiling and tells Dad.

Landlady Oh overhears Jung Hwan calling for apartments and acts upset like she doesn’t get why he is doing that. An exasperated Jung Hwan tells her that he and Hye Young tried their best to make the wedding work with the parents’ approval and even agreed to move in with them so that they would have their blessing. But now he won’t waste any more time because he sees that it is an impossible situation. They will proceed on their own and get married their way. Husband tells Landlady Oh that her own greed has caused this disaster–in fact, she may not even be invited to her only son’s wedding because of her awful behavior. Husband wants Landlady Oh to call Hye Young’s parents and suggest they let the kids do what they want. Just at that moment, she gets a call from Father’s Snackshack. It’s Dad telling her that the leak in the hallway leak is more than he can fix. She should come and see for herself.

Joong Hee practices with his acting coach, but he is distracted. The coach heard from the director that after having difficulty at today’s filming, Joong Hee found the look of love he wanted.  Coach wonders who was he thinking of? Was it his co-star? Joong Hee dodges the question and says he was just in a daze and it’s no big deal. When he meets up with Mi Young, he walks past her and blankly tells her to get the car. The drive home is quieter than usual. Joong Hee tells her to stop staring at him. She replies that she was trying to read his mood. It’s just that Joong Hee is trying to sort out his own feelings and is keeping to himself. They stop for snacks and Mi Young asks him if he likes riddles–she manages to get him to smile and chill out. Mi Young is always worried that he is mad at her, but when Joong Hee tells her that he isn’t in a bad mood, she is happy and says that if he’s okay, she’s okay.

Uncle and Aunt are sorry that they can’t do anything for Min Ha. Uncle suggests they ask him what he wants, but Aunt is worried that it will be disappointing for him if he wants to go to Science High School and his parents can’t afford it. Maybe that’s why he never talked to them about it. Still, Uncle thinks they should at least ask Min Ha what he is thinking and what he wants to do.

Landlady Oh stops by the apartment building and finds the repairman working on the leak. Mom, Dad, and Grandma are in the hallway, too. Landlady Oh puts in effort and greets them and suggests Mom have tea with her. While they sit stiffly, Landlady Oh asks if Mom has thought about their kids’ marriage. Mom resists. Landlady Oh reminds her that their children like each other so much. “They say there are no parents who can win against their children.”

So, isn’t Mom going to consent at all? Mom won’t let Hye Young go that easily; even the Prince of Wales would have to prove his worth before she let him marry her daughter. In a round-about way, Mom says that her smart, activist daughter who is loyal beyond words must have given moving in with the in-laws a lot of thought. Then is she agreeing to it, Landlady Oh asks? Mom answers a question with a question: will Landlady Oh let them have the small wedding they want and forgo the ceremony and lavish gifts? Landlady Oh takes the opportunity to brag on her son and how Jung Hwan is their only child and she only wants the best for him…but she has decided to let her wish for a proper wedding go for the sake of the kids. Somehow, the two mothers come to a truce and agree to let their children get married. The whole point is not to lose face and back down from one’s demands, but rather to look as if you are graciously offering to be generous–and be the bigger person. As a sign, they shake on it. Mom can’t help but grind Landlady Oh’s rings into her hand with a firm squeeze.

Mom sits down with her children around the table and tells Hye Young to get married. “What?” says a surprised Hye Young. Dad says, “Congratulations my eldest daughter.” Hye Young promises that after she gets married, she will visit often–nothing much will change. Oma, she says cutely and Mom can’t help but smile every so slightly.

Landlady Oh has something to say to Jung Hwan–just sit down, she tells him. “Get married. I’ll give you my blessings. Have a small wedding–whatever that is, if you want.” Jung Hwan hugs his mother and thanks her. Husband tells her that she really did well. Gosh, the mothers should have agreed to it in the first place, so much drama!

Hye Young waits for Jung Hwan outside. She dictates her thoughts: I went bungee jumping once. I was scared, but since I was at the top I couldn’t back down. I thought if I did, I would regret it.  . . .I get the same feeling with this. I am scared about marriage. Even if I’m is scared, life is a bungee jump anyway. We’ll have a safety measure as marriage interns. Jung Hwan pulls up and does a victory pose. Hye Young jumps into his arms and he spins her.

The entire household prays for Jun Young’s results. Jun Young can’t sleep. In the morning, he hesitates to look on his phone when the results are up. The family stands outside his door, waiting. “Why isn’t he coming out?” Dad tells everyone to wait, but Mom enters and they all nervously walk in.


“Mom…I passed.” Oh happy day! They all congratulate him . “You’ve worked hard. Good job,” Dad responds. The girls cry, even Jun Young cries from relief. It’s been a long haul. He gives Yoo Joo a call and she is thrilled.

Cheol Soo studies intently in his room until it’s time to go to work where he mops the convenience store floor and studies more at his lunch break. Ra Young waits at the field, expecting him any minute. When a car pulls up and parks, she knocks on the window to let them know they are in a no-parking zone. The man asks if she knows the soccer coach. When she raves about his virtues the man replies that she seems to know a lot about him. Cheol Soo walks up and Ra Young waves. The man gets out of the car. “You rascal,” he says to him. “Get in while I’m speaking nicely.” Cheol Soo doesn’t want to. The man begins to hit Cheol Soo over and over again.

Ra Young steps in, gets shoved aside, and bites the man’s arm to make him let go of Cheol Soo. When she threatens to report him, Cheol Soo says,“He’s my father.” “What?” she backs off surprised.

Yoo Joo instructs her team to finish up a job. She lifts some heavy boxes against their protests in order to keep up as the pregnant woman whose job may be in jeopardy. Mi Young sees her working hard and steps in to help, but Yoo Joo gets angry and tells her to let her be. Mi Young is worried for her. After working hard, Yoo Joo goes into the bathroom to rest in the stall. Jun Young waits at the clinic to meet Yoo Joo for her appointment and finds out that she cancelled and didn’t tell him.

Mr. Kang calls My Young to his office. H wants to confirm what he heard from Joong Hee–that they are half-siblings. She nods. Does anyone else know other than family in the firm? No, she replies. He warns her that hidden family secrets are a big rumor problem. One famous actor’s career was ruined because he found his birth mother and it was revealed. The gossip and rumors ran wild and his career was ruined. It doesn’t matter if the rumor is true or not; hidden family relations is a career-killer. Mr. Kang warns her to keep everything under control and not let this information out. “I understand” a concerned Mi Young replies.

Joong Hee calls Mi Young but she doesn’t answer. He finds her asleep at her desk; she is out cold. He quietly pulls up a chair next to her and after a bit, lays his head down next to hers, watching over her. He lets her rest, careful not to disturb her.

When she stirs, he sits up and acts nonchalant, shaking her lightly to wake her up. “You’re drooling, wipe it off,” he tells her. “You also snore and grind your teeth,’ he teases. She insists that she doesn’t grind her teeth as she follows, embarrassed. (They should have played Tayang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”)


Hye Young and Jung Hwan celebrate with a lovely meal and wine. She thinks he is acting strange. He excuses himself to use the restroom. Some time passes and Hye Young’s stomach gurgles; now she needs to use the restroom. She texts, Sunbae, I’ll go up first. He tells her he will bring snacks and meet her in the hotel room they’ve reserved for the night. The elevator takes too long, the room key slips out, and she can barely make it in time.

When she enters the room, Jung Hwan has created another balloon event surprise. There are petals that form a heart on the floor and he showers her with flowers but, first things first–she dashes to the toilet. His proposal has failed. Or has it? Hye Young comes out with her eyes closed and tells him that she didn’t see anything and backs out the door to re-enter.

Take two: with the music playing and the setting ready to go, she enters again saying, “I’m so touched.” He shyly sings, I think I finally realize why I was born. I was destined to meet you and love you until the day I die. That is my happiness granted to me…  Let’s get married, Hye Young, for a year for now. He clasps a necklace round her. “Why a necklace and not a ring?” she asks.  In one year when they register their marriage he will buy her a ring he explains. “It’s just the proposal I wanted,” she tells him. They kiss. The song continues ~ Even if we walk in the rain, I’m happy if I’m with you.

The next day, Hye Young has the contract prepared and notarized. She and Jung Hwan present the Cohabitation Mutual Agreement contract to Landlady Oh and Husband. While Landlady Oh wants to swoosh away the contract saying it isn’t necessary, Hye Young insists they read it and put it all in writing. There are stipulations that are meant to keep the upstairs living quarters separate for everyone’s privacy. And other things, too. Any changes? Any additional conditions on their end? No? Then, just sign on the dotted line. Husband stamps his fingerprint; Landlady Oh reluctantly stamps hers, too.

Why do I feel Husband’s comment, “Well, live how you want. What could happen anyway?” sounds ominous?


  • This is where I sometimes get a little impatient with longer dramas. The mothers problem was drawn out, but in the end, they agreed and it seems a little anticlimactic that the marriage is a go. Still, I’m happy for Hye Young and Jung Hwan. What a hassle when you’re mid-30s to have to deal with your parents’ demands.
  • Okay, finally, no more waiting for Jun Young’s results. Good. That was getting old, too. So big brother can now work fulltime. I am worried about Yoo Joo, though, aren’t you? She is pushing herself and cancelling her appointments for the sake of her position at work (no fault of her own, it is bad workplace policy concerning pregnant women). I just hope something bad doesn’t happen…
  • Mr. Kang pain-in-the-butt manager is such a problem. He seems so old-fashioned when it comes to celebrities’ private lives. In truth, the family secret isn’t even that bad; but still, it becomes fodder for rumors to run amok. He did make the comment that the truth doesn’t matter when rumors get out there, and that’s true. But, he doesn’t help the situation; he only threatens and blames others for problems that may arise. I don’t like this guy in the least. I guess his reaction isn’t his fault completely, as the entertainment industry is harsh when it comes to an individual’s privacy. Rumors make good headlines and something in print is hard to get rid of. So, perhaps in a way, his warnings are mostly to prevent unwanted leaks. Still, I don’t like him.
  • So, we meet Cheol Soo’s bully father. He deserved to be bitten by Ra Young, but I’m sure it wasn’t the best move to make. I also hated that he shoved Ra Young not once, but twice.
  • We didn’t get much Min Ha time this episode, but maybe there’s a way he can get a scholarship to the smart kids school where he will thrive. I mean, doing math problems to relieve stress – that’s hardcore math love.
  • Joong Hee is falling for Mi Young who doesn’t have a clue. Why would she? They’re siblings, after all.
  • That’s about it – oh, right, it’s only a matter of time that Joong Hee’s mother and Dad meet. They don’t know each other but they have Real Han Soo in common–and the story of what really happened. Of all the situations in this drama, Dad’s false identity is the biggest problem that will affect the most people. I don’t want Joong Hee to get hurt again with parent issues. We can anticipate that eventually it will free him up to have a romance with Mi Young, but in the meantime, the reveals are going to hit hard.
  • Oh, and ♥heart♥ points for Jung Hwan–that was a sweet proposal. I’m glad Hye Young appreciated it.




5 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 29 recap

  1. Yeah, thank you for your fast recap! I am so glad I found your blog. I don’t have time to watch this drama and having your recaps to read is a great substitution!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I enjoyed the episode as always but there is something that just rubs me the wrong way with all that wedding drama. Jung Hwan promised the Byun parents that he would get a place for them close to his job then reneged….AGAIN. This is the third (?) time he’s gone back on something he assured her parents of. He has no qualms about basically lying to her mom. Is his mother the only one that needs to be respected and pampered? Why is Landlady Oh the only mother who gets her wishes granted and ass kissed? Why didn’t Hye Young acknowledge that her mother has a right to be mad? Jung Hwan didn’t even apologize for backsliding on his promise to move, which was the reason Mama Byun initially agreed to the marriage. Now I don’t like Jung Hwan and don’t care for their storyline.

    The only other comment I have is …poor Joong Hee. He is in for a world of crazy emotions and guilt. Le sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know what you mean about Jung Hwan, and you make a good point that his mother shouldn’t be the only one who gets her way. I respect Hye Young’s mother so much more than his, and Hye Young didn’t fight for her mom’s wish for them to live on their own.

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