My Father Is Strange – ep 28 recap

Well, that didn’t last long and I’m actually disappointed. It’s a showdown of insults between the mothers and it is nasty from the get go. Landlady Oh wears an outrageous red fur coat in the heat, flaunting her money in a ridiculous way. Mom gets a makeover and a stylish cream suit and jewelry compliments of Yoo Joo’s access to designer clothes. (Inside joke – Joong Hee comments that she could be an older actress and reminds him of someone in The Thieves – a movie that Kim Hae Sook was in.)    

Husband compliments Hye Young to her parents. Mom takes the opportunity to brag about her daughter’s brains and beauty. Landlady Oh jumps on Mom and says she makes it sound like their son isn’t good enough. Dad tries to smooth it over and express his appreciation that their son paid them a visit and won them over.

Dad wants to treat everyone. Landlady Oh rudely comments that the food is expensive and they will pay. Mom grits her teeth and suggests they split the bill. Jung Hwan nervously says he and Hye Young will treat the parents. Already the bride- and groom-to-be are trying to keep the pot from boiling over. During dinner Hye Young says they would like to have the wedding as soon as possible and keep it simple with family and a meal. Simple weddings are popular these days she comments. Landlady Oh is mortified; she wants a lavish ceremony. After all the weddings of family and friends that she has given gifts to, she wants the favor returned. Crass. She belittles the Byuns further by insinuating that they want to avoid giving gifts to the groom’s family which is traditional. Husband and Jung Hwan try to rein her in, but the damage is done.

Then the bomb hits: Landlady Oh mentions that her son and their daughter agreed to live with them. Mom is shocked. Hye Young hadn’t said anything to them about that. It’s the last straw. Mom stands up and shouts that she won’t approve the marriage. So what? Neither will Landlady Oh. Dinner is ruined and it looks like the marriage that hasn’t even started is already over.

A very upset Jung Hwan tells his mother she can have her way – they won’t become her in-laws. He’ll just leave his family and marry Hye Young. A frustrated Hye Young tells Mom that her behavior was awful. She’s had enough and tells her parents that she won’t get married. Ever. She lets Mom know that she was thoughtless and narrow-minded today. She won’t marry into that family, then, but don’t tell her to get married. She’ll date around, live with a guy, and if he asks her to marry him she’ll leave. “Are we good now?” she demands and walks out. It is such an ugly situation with the mothers fighting and only thinking of themselves. Poor Hye Young removes her make-up, puts her head in her hands, and cries. What is she supposed to do?

Cheol Soo runs to Ra Young’s after class and waits for her outside. He was supposed to go out with friends but he missed her. She acts shy. They swing on the playground and talk. She asks why he quit playing soccer. He was injured, he tells her, and now he is training to be a coach. Ra Young feels bad for bringing it up, but he tells her that it’s okay because he got to meet her this way. Just as he leans over to give her a kiss, her phone rings.

Cheol Soo walks her home, their hearts flutter being together. She calls his name from her window and makes a heart – he smiles and hearts her back.

Joong Hee wakes up to several happy birthday texts. When he comes out of the bathroom, Mi Young and Ra Young each take an arm and walk him to the kitchen where the entire family sings happy birthday. The table is filled with delicious dishes and a cake. Joong Hee doesn’t like the slippery seaweed soup, but Mom tells him that no one leaves the house on their birthday without eating the soup. Now that he is a son in this family he should do the same. Joong Hee thankfully slurps large spoonfuls of the soup and tears up. Everyone is touched. “I’ve never had a birthday party like this before,” he smiles and wipes his eyes.

The sisters call him Oppa – sort of an unofficial welcoming him into the family on his birthday. It is an endearing family moment around the table.

Today Joong Hee will drive everyone to work in his celebrity van – even Yoo Joo gets to hop in. “Let’s go, Oppa” they all say. Joong Hee loves being the big brother. Mom brings steamed rice cakes down to Grandma who asks if she made birthday food for her husband’s love child. Mom denies it, saying that she and Hye Young love rice cakes, but they both know the truth. When Grandma asks how the family meeting went, Mom tells her not to ask about it. Mom’s expression tells the whole story.

Aunt meets with Min Ha’s teacher who can’t say enough about the stellar student he is. Teacher encouraged Min Ha to discuss going to Science High School but she hadn’t heard a response. Aunt apologizes for seeming indifferent. For several years, Min Ha wanted to attend Science High school, but this year, he didn’t put down a preference. It makes Aunt sad that Min Ha has given up his dream. Aunt tells Uncle she wishes they could sent him to that school.

Min Ha and a friend enter the online ticket lottery for the girls’ group concert. But Min Ha fails. His friend snags a ticket. Poor Min Ha. He doesn’t even want to play a game; instead he relieves his stress by solving math problems. “I really can’t understand you,” his friend says.

Yoo Joo and the team fill each other in on the details at a meeting. An intern brings in lunch – it’s pizza. Yoo Joo gags at the first bite and heads to to the bathroom where she gets sick. She is frustrated with having morning sickness and is especially upset that the others saw; after all, it is hard enough to hold her position with the bias against pregnant women in the workplace. She overhears the team members discuss how difficult it is to work with her being pregnant and trying to plan things. With confidence, Yoo Joo returns and tells them that she can handle her own work. But Ms. Lim (who seems to be her likely replacement) brings up that Yoo Joo is already taking off a half-day tomorrow for an appointment. Yoo Joo tells her that she’s not; she took care of it and won’t miss work. To cover, she texts a cancellation for her appointment.

Joong Hee’s team surprises him with a cake and presents. Mi Young gives him a monogrammed actor’s chair. Thumbs up – he loves it.

Time to shoot more scenes with Joong Hee and Sung Joon. But the director yells, “Cut!” soon after they begin. Take 2, “cut!” Things aren’t going well. The director comes over and asks what’s wrong with the emotions today. Joong Hee figures he is talking to him, but this time it’s Sung Joon who is the problem. Joong Hee gets a break while Sung Joon has to shoot his part separately. In the break room, Joong Hee and Mi Young jump with excitement at the reversal of events.

Mi Young gets a call  from Together for One Night Two Days wanting to cast Joong Hee. Things are looking up in the popularity department. Joong Hee wants to celebrate with dinner.

Mi Young is uncomfortable at such an upscale place. Joong Hee tells her to order what she wants-it’s on him. She wants to order properly, and he tells her to do it just like in the dramas. When the server comes over, she doesn’t even look up and says, “Please get me the usual,” and snaps her fingers. Joong Hee giggles at how cute she is and covers for her. “I said the wrong thing, right?” she asks embarrassed. But he tells her she did great. Who should enter the restaurant just then but Mr. Kang.

He scolds Joong Hee for being in public with his manager. They’ve come to celebrate something good happening today Joong Hee tells him, but Mr. Kang thinks something is up. He follows Joong Hee into the bathroom. So, why he is here with his manager? At such an expensive place? It’s not like him. Mr. Kang won’t let it go. He can feel in his guts that Joong He likes her. When Joong Hee says Mi Young is his sister, Mr. Kang tells him that’s the oldest trick in the book to date someone in secret. Joong Hee has to give him the details to make him stop. You know the father he found . . . well he is Mi Young’s Dad. Mr. Kang can’t wrap his mind around that. All Joong Hee wants is for him to stop doubting their relationship now that he knows the truth. “It’s my private life so stay out of it.” Joong Hee leaves. But the look was love, Mr, Kang says to his reflection.

Dad stops up in Joong Hee’s room with a birthday present. It’s not much, he insists, but when he thought of what to get him, he remembered that Jun Young always liked pocket money. He slips Joong Hee an envelope. He tells Joong Hee to get a nice meal with it. Joong Hee is at a loss for words at the gesture and calls out, “Dad.” Today, Joong Hee’s birthday, he accepts being a son in the family.

Now what? Hye Young and Jung Hwan don’t think an afternoon coffee will cut it. They need action and fun – to the arcade! They each mount a motorcycle for a virtual thrill ride that will relieve at least some of their stress. Hye Young unties her hair; Jung Hwan rolls up his sleeves. They shout out: Let’s call it quits. I can’t take your crazy family. I’m done with groveling. Marriage? Who needs it! The grown-up are solely mistaken if they think we’ll suffer for not marrying. Cut the umbilical cords and let us live our lives.

Her: “You’re quite sexy, Jun Hwan. This big sister will love you forever.” Him: “Me, too!” Superpower x 2!

Next shoot: outdoor love scene. Joong Hee can’t get into character and gets scolded for crying, being silly, too serious, even a zombie. Cut! Cut! Cut! This won’t do.

The director calls him over. He wants Joong Hee to see how he looks on the screen. But the footage that they are looking at is prior to the shoot. “That’s the look!” shouts the director. What were you thinking? Who were you looking at? Try to remember . . .

Joong Hee realizes it was Mi Young who caught his attention in the distance as she worked on his schedule and fixed his chair. When he looks at her now, he finally admits to himself, it isn’t the big brother caring for his young sister or the manager looking after his intern. It is a look of someone in love. ♥

What are these two to do?


  • First of all, Cheol Soo and Ra Young get more kissing in than any other couple in this kdrama, including her married brother and older almost-married sister!
  • I do not like Mr. Kang. What is his problem? He looks to make trouble. He is unfair to Yoo Joo and now has information about Joong Hee and Mi Young that I absolutely don’t trust him with. So unlikable.
  • I really am disappointed with the way the mothers handled themselves at the meet-the-families dinner. I completely understand Hye Young and that she washed her hands of any more trying to appease the parents. But, I do think the fault lies with Landlady Oh and not Mom. Here’s the thing: you can’t start in the middle and not address the root of a problem. It all started with Landlady Oh’s elitist attitude and condescending behavior toward Hye Young eight years ago. Nothing has changed. Mom really has only defended herself against ugly allegations; just because she stands up to Landlady Oh doesn’t make her or what she says wrong. So, to clump them together as the “mother problem” really isn’t fair or correct. Having said that, maybe at this point it doesn’t matter because the feuding mothers are blocking Jung Hwan and Hye Young from marrying and having the wedding the way they want to. Jung Hwan and Hye Young vent their frustrations at the arcade yelling out what they want – like yelling out your problems or your love across the Han River or from the top of a mountain peak or a tall building. If nothing else, they relieve their stress and decide to just date. I feel sorry that adult children (I mean, they’re both over 35) have to face the ridiculous control of selfish parents.
  • Grandma may be blunt and old-fashioned, but what about the love-child situation? It’s one thing to welcome a “brother” into the family when everyone is aware of the real truth; but now that he is accepted and the bonds are growing, how will everyone react when the truth that Dad isn’t his father and isn’t actually Han Soo comes forth. Except that it will clear the way for Joong Hee and Mi Young’s romance, but still, I don’t see how the hurt and messiness of it all can be handled neatly. Just when things are settling down family relationship-wise, I feel the brew starting to boil. Because, on top of everything else, now our Joong Hee realizes that his feelings for Mi Young aren’t just actor/manager and brother?sister feelings. Just like drawing closer to Dad has helped his acting, having feelings for Mi Young certainly will help his love scenes, but in RL it will complicate um…, everything.
  • Last but not least, Min Ha. Somehow along the way he has decided to squash his dreams and talent in the reality of his situation – Uncle and Aunt can’t afford to send him to Science High School. Now that Aunt is aware, I am counting on her to find a way. Couldn’t Min Ha have gotten one of those girl group concert tickets in the lottery? Seems like life is harsh these days for our ninth grader.
  • And…what about the exam results?!



5 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 28 recap

  1. I have been counting the days for MFIS and your recap of Episode 28… Foolish i may sound but i have listed them foremost/above my other activities. This is to make sure i would have time for them…
    kdrama is addictive. Now i understand why many go crazy about it.

    If i have my way, I would really like to comment on the episode ( there are points that either i disagree with or feel good about; scenes that i love or dislike; etc. ) but with limited knowledge on Korean culture, i decided to bide my time and just content myself being a regular reader and in the process learn a lot from the experience.

    But i can’t help saying/pointing out the following:
    – Cimi, i observe that you have a soft spot for Min ha. I like him too. Others may take his role for granted but small it may be yet it has created an impact on me. He is such a sweet, smart, considerate son… i just love him;
    – after watching Ep 28, i am convinced that Lee Joon is such a good actor. The various emotions he showed really amazed me. A good bet for best actor award? I dont know how SK judge the performances but i wish Lee Joon would bag the award…
    – lee Join is an effective, powerful actor but off-cam, i think he is shy… he looks awkward during candid shots;
    – what is the basis for saying the drama is popular in SK? Number of commercials/sponsors?
    high rating ? If high rating, should it be 20 and up?
    If high rating is the basis, then MFIS is doing very well, right?

    Thank you for bearing with me…


    • Ratings are a big deal and I think the ratings for MFIS are pretty good. I like to go to asianwiki for basic info on a drama and on actors. If you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s fun to click on an actor, say Lee Joon, and it takes you to his site and lists the dramas he’s been in. The actress who plays Landlady Oh was in 38 Task Force (which I also recapped) and played a cool benefactress. Very different that her role in this drama. Anyway, it’s a nice networking system to find out more about the actors and what they’ve been in. I’ve seen Lee Joon in Gap Dong, Heard it through the Grapevine, and Vampire Detective. All cool kdramas but darker than this one. Glad you are enjoying this drama so much, me too!


      • Hi Cimi. Thanks for your reply. I also noted down your suggestion that will help me learn more about Kdrama.

        I am glad that MFIS is doing well in the ratings. I am enjoying it a lot, same with your recaps.

        Again, thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you that the moms scuttled the marriage talks, although I’d lay most of the blame on Horrid Oh. She entered the meet with a confrontational attitude, determined to show her superiority over the Byuns regardless of how foolish she looked, inappropriately dressed for the season. She was purposely rude, refusing to courteously greet her guests even and offensively adamant in pushing for the marriage to be done according to her call. Even if it can argued that Mom could have handled the situation better by being courteous while remaining firm in working out the marriage arrangements, Mom’s reaction is understandable. She’s human after all, not a living saint although by engaging in a pissing contest with Horrid Oh, whatever little chance the marriage plans had was quickly flushed down the toilet. Now both moms can’t complain if their children refuse to marry. Since Jung Hwan is now ok with a no-marriage scenario, I wonder whether the HY -JH couple will resume their co-habitation arrangement?

    I also think that even if Mom and Dad were not present, the kids will still NOT have the marriage their way. Horrid Oh was insistent on a grand ceremony when all the young couple wanted was a simple wedding, a gathering of the families over a meal. Mom on the other hand, would be okay with a simple wedding, she was after all relieved that she did not have to borrow money when Jun Young’s marriage happened. So, even if the marriage was on, it won’t happen the way HY -JH wanted it, thanks to Horrid Oh. But that’s academic now. : -C

    Joong Hee choked me up when he choked up over his first ever birthday breakfast. Added to that, Mom’s declaration that he is a son of the household and must now follow the Byun’s household tradition of eating the rice and seaweed soup, made the scene especially poignant. Therein is his acceptance into the family, he is now loved. That was some powerful family memory being made there.

    Kudos to Lee Joon for some great acting. I especially appreciated the almost last scenes – the without love/with love looks he showed with his drama acting partner and with Mi Young, clearly distinguishable only by the different facial expressions in each. Thank you.

    And as always, thanks Cimi for the recap. 🙂


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