My Father Is Strange – ep 27 recap

Hye Young is loaded down with gifts for Landlady Oh’s household. She is as sweet as cotton candy to Jung Hwan’s parents, and Husband couldn’t be more impressed. Her special attention to Chico, the dog, completely wins him over. Hye Young has come to make amends with Landlady Oh and apologizes for her harsh behavior at the café that day. Landlady Oh has no choice but to accept her apology. Hye Young sincerely tells them that she wants to marry their son and has come for their approval.   

What transpired the previous afternoon was a plan between Hye Young and Jung Hwan to meet with each other’s parents. They wish each other luck in persuading their parents to let them get married. (This changes my opinion in the last post where I was upset at Hye Young for meeting Jung Hwan’s parents without telling him. We weren’t privy to their meeting the day before until this episode, which clarified my assumption.)

Landlady Oh might have been the toughest single person to deal with for Hye Young, but Jung Hwan has to deal with her overwhelming number of family members. He arrives prepared with cases of fruits and fish – enough for everyone. After a proper greeting to her parents, Jung Hwan confesses his love for Hye Young. He lists his shortcomings but says that he can’t live without their daughter and will work to make her happy. A stern Mom wants the details. He will cook, clean, discuss family matters, keep in shape, be faithful – he covers it all.

The siblings who are listening in the hallway approve of his groveling. She asks if he gambles, drinks, or smokes (nos with a bit of merrymaking on occasion). Next question: what’s his motto? He replies, “Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” Dad and the siblings are pretty impressed with that response. And even though his answer to what his charm is (your daughter tells me it’s my face) makes the siblings cringe, overall he has won them over.

Mom’s final test: Will you save mom of your wife? “I think…I’ll have to save my mom. Hye Young is a stronger swimmer than I am.” Good answer – it compliments Hye Young’s abilities and shows proper respect for his mother. Is that Mom giving an ever-so-slight indication of approval?

Across town, Hye Young works hard to hold her own. Landlady Oh says that apologizing and asking permission for marriage are two separate things. She won’t agree and tells Hye Young to leave. Husband insists that she is his guest, too, and asks Hye Young about herself. She takes the opportunity to tell about her accomplishments in law school and her victories in court. She is confident and pleasant. Husband enjoys her company. Like a closing argument in court, she appeals to them one last time: she knows Landlady Oh dislikes her. There were incidents in the past between them. But she is the woman their son loves most in the world. And she trusts their son. She asks them to please trust his choice, too. She assures them that she is a good woman and promises that they will be pleasantly surprised. She also lets them know that Jung Hwan struck gold when he chose her. In conclusion, she assures them that they will get along and asks his parents to allow them to marry. Hye Young has presented her case professionally and very well. It will be hard to refuse her.

Jung Hwan formally kneels surrounded by the extended Byun family. He drinks out of respect as each member pours him a glass and interrogates him. “Are you proud you lived together?” Jun Young demands. “No, I am not,” he answers. Uncle comments that he must like a strong-willed woman. Yes (another drink). Even Joong Hee makes sure Jung Hwan knows he is the eldest child. Yes, and he will edit the documentary well (another drink).  Someone asks how they met. He replies that they met in college. When he brings up the time he waited for Hye Young in the rain and Mi Young punched him, she doesn’t remember. After all, Hye Young had plenty of suitors. Mom, Aunt, and Grandma smile knowingly. (Another drink.)

Finally his stiff legs cramp and he falls over, barely missing Grandma’s face with his foot. Jung Hwan is a mess. By the time Hye Young gets home, Jung Hwan is plastered and passes out. Jun Young carries him up to Joong Hee’s room who is less than thrilled to share his sleeping quarters.

Dad finds Mom in the kitchen looking for mackerel for hangover soup in the morning. He asks her if she is going to accept him. Mom says she’s liked him all along; it’s his mother that is the problem. She doesn’t commit to a yes, but Dad seems hopeful that Mom is coming around.

The sisters worry about Jun Young feeling small next to successful Joong Hee and Jung Hwan. Hye Young isn’t very sympathetic; after all, he should be able to pass the exam with his eyes closed by now. They all wish he passes the exam this time. Mi Young steps into the hall and sees that Jun Young overheard their conversation. She feels bad, but he says no wonder they feel that way about him.

At breakfast Dad announces that he will allow the marriage. Mom agrees. Everyone congratulates the happy couple. As they leave for work together, Jung Hwan realizes he didn’t tell his parents he wouldn’t be home last night. But with a green light from Hye Young’s family he can’t help but give Hye Young a hug and a twirl, even though they haven’t gotten a yes from landlady Oh, yet.

Landlady Oh wonders if Jung Hwan left again since he didn’t come home. Husband tells her to stop opposing her son and his girlfriend. After all, Hye Young came over and apologized. She can’t find fault with her, can she?

Jun Young has the car ready and waiting to take Yoo Joo to work. They are quiet because of their spat the day before. Jun Young apologizes first, but Yoo Joo says it was her fault that they argued and she is the one who is sorry. She took her frustration at the workplace out on him and won’t do it again. He tells her to share everything with him and not carry burdens alone. They patch up things like newlyweds and smile brightly.

Joong Hee practices judo and makes a good throw – but Mi Young is busy on her phone and misses it. He is disappointed and annoyed that she is so distracted (and not paying attention to him). Who is she talking to he wants to know? What if he got injured while she was preoccupied and not paying attention? Mi Young tells him that she is trying to cheer up Jun Young these days since he seems a bit down. Joong Hee asks what the big deal is; after all, he’s a grown-up. (I know, right?) Mi Young says that she is worried about her brother, it’s a family thing. “What about me then?” he asks but she didn’t hear and when she asks what he said he replies, “ It’s nothing.”

Mi Young asks if he played catch with Dad. When he says yes it confirms what she thought when she saw Dad with a baseball glove. “Are you getting closer?” she asks hopefully. But then she adds, “Oh, is that too nosy?” Joong Hee is straightforward and shares his thoughts: he wanted to express his anger toward Dad and he did. But, little by little, as they do things together, the anger seems to be subsiding. Maybe he can forgive him, but right now he is trying to sort out his feelings.

Mi Young cheers him on: “I’m on your side, Actor Ahn.” Joong Hee is surprised. She isn’t on her Dad’s side? But she says that in this matter, she is on his side. Joone Hee is happy. They stop for a treat like manager/actor. Or is that brother/sister? Or boyfriend/girlfriend?

The kitchen help sign Aunt responded to also turns out to be for the pizza shop. Uncle and Aunt are in uniform and ready for their first day. They work hard. Min Ha stops in – he has year-end results – and as expected he is top of his class. Number 1. They celebrate with a pizza (is that pineapple topping?) When Aunt asks Min Ha what he wants to do he says he wants to earn a lot of money so his parents can live happily and easily. Uncle thinks they couldn’t ask for a better son (it’s true), but Aunt realizes Min Ha is pushing down his own dreams because of his parents. After Min Ha leaves, Aunt tells Uncle they aren’t good enough parents. They can’t even support their own son. She shows Uncle the Science High School tuition form.

Yoo Joo can’t join her colleagues for sushi (no raw fish for preggos). Jun Young texts for her to eat well on her lunch break. She heads to the company cafeteria alone. Her phone rings: it’s her mom. She doesn’t answer and looks distraught.

Ra Young searches for the perfect outfit to wear on their date. On second thought, she decides to dress down, knowing that Cheol Soo will be in sweats. But he is waiting for her in a suit (Twin’s to be exact) and she is horrified that she is so casual. Unfortunately, there isn’t time to change; Cheol Soo has tickets for a concert. Ra Young is unhappily under-dressed for the occasion.

It gets worse: Cheol Soo has made reservations at a ridiculously expensive restaurant and she can’t enjoy any of it. When she doesn’t look happy, Cheol Soo sends Twin and SOS text and steps out for  a minute. She nervously waits for him and when he doesn’t return, she finds him outside and says, “Let’s get out of here.”

It turns out he is trying too hard. He isn’t used to dating and doesn’t know what to do so he asked Twin. Ra Young says that he should discuss it with her. They’re the ones who are dating. They should do what they want and be themselves. If they date Twin’s way on their budget, they will go bankrupt. She doesn’t really like concerts and fancy places to eat. Let’s date our style, she suggests. As long as he is with her, Cheol Soo tells her, he is content to do anything. She feels the same way. That clears the air, and when he hesitates, she kisses him. She doesn’t want him to ask permission to kiss her, so she doesn’t have to, either. With that, he kisses her back. “They’re like jellies. Your lips,” he tells her. She giggles. It takes a lot to catch Ra Young off guard, and Cheol Soo’s sweet comment has done that. They are cute together.

Mi Young comes out of the bathroom squinting and tearing up. Joong Hee asks, concerned, if she’s crying. Nope, it’s just her contacts – she hasn’t worn them in a while. She is dressed up for her high school coach’s retirement. As she heads out, she tells Joong Hee that she has warmed up hot patches for his back. But he doesn’t get to rest his back for long; Jun Young runs into his room in a panic. There’s something posted online that spells trouble. Actor Jin Sung Joon and Mi Young appear together in an article online and already his fans have made hate comments about her. Joong Hee realizes that Mi Young and Sung Joon must be at the reunion together. They talked about their high school days that time in the break room and discovered they had the same coach. That’s why they’re both there. Jun Young is worried that his sister will be smeared for daring to show up with such a popular actor. Can’t Joong Hee get the company to take those articles down? Joong Hee rushed over to Gabi Entertainment and demands that Mr. Kang get those articles down. Now. Mr. Kang dismisses it as no big deal but Joong Hee insists that he do something stat. He listens intently as Mr. Kang calls the PR person to remove the article. But Joong Hee takes it further – he wants all the websites checked. Mr. Kang is surprised at Joong Hee’s intensity and asks why he’s so angry – is there something between him and his intern? Joong Hee denies it. But Mr. Kang says to himself, “Something is definitely weird.”

Sung Joon and Mi Young return to the company together. Joong Hee is waiting for them in the parking lot. He is all bent out of shape and scolds Sung Joon over the picture of them together online – he is a celeb shouldn’t he be careful? Sung Joon thinks he is overreacting. Anyway, he’s not worried; can’t he be photographed with a manager? Joong Hee won’t let it go: the picture didn’t identify her as a manager and people will jump to conclusions. Mi Young tells him to stop. He says, “Let’s go.”

On the way home Mi Young apologizes that it might be trouble for him, but he says that’s not the reason. Why, then, is he so upset? Joong Hee’s phone rings. It’s Jun Young asking if he got the article down. He says yes and that Mi Young is with him now, and everything is okay. Then he answers Mi Young’s question: he is upset because he is her brother. Mi Young tosses that over in her mind and realizes both of her brothers were worried about her. “Now I understand,” she says thoughtfully.

Jun Young waits for them to get home. He high fives Joong Hee for handling the situation. Mi Young is so happy that she has older brothers who take care of her. She cheerfully grabs both of them and says,”Let’s go, my dependable brothers.”

Can it be true? Jung Hwan hugs his mother when she tells him to call Hye Young over to discuss their marriage. No surprise, though – there are strings attached. Landlady Oh thinks she has come up with a way to scare Hye Young off. She has decided that she will agree to the marriage if, and only if, they agree to move in with her and live on the second floor. When she reveals her ultimatum, Jung Hwan is horrified and is against it. Even Husband can’t believe she is asking them to do that.

But Hye Young doesn’t flinch and calmly agrees to it. What? Jung Hwan can’t believe what he is hearing. Landlady Oh can’t believe Hye Young is completely unruffled by her outrageous condition. So, the marriage is on.

It’s time for the families to meet officially and announce the marriage of their children. Mom, Dad, and Hye Young meet Jung Hwan, Landlady Oh, and Husband in a restaurant. But it looks like the happy couple will be upstaged by their defiant, unrelenting, and prideful mothers as they meet face to face.

The tension between these two women is nothing less than terrifying.


  • Lots of progress was made this episode. Hye Young’s stellar performance in front of Jung Hwan’s parents was award-winning. The thing about being a lawyer is that one’s thinking process always weighs the angles and the pros and cons, and arguments supporting or refuting a position are systematically formulated. The legal logic is hard to deny, and whether in the courtroom or vying for favor from one’s in-laws, such an approach is beneficial. Even Landlady Oh couldn’t argue her own case in the end. Hye Young’s cool, calm, and collected demeanor was enough to unnerve Landlady Oh. And Husband was totally charmed by her. Jung Hwan has to have a newfound respect for his bride-to-be. Chalk one up for Hye Young.
  • Jung Hwan took the traditional approach with Hye Young’s family which was also a smart move. He won over the siblings when he was able to satisfactorily answer Mom’s hardcore questions. He won over Grandma with his stories about Hye Young and his charms. Dad is a pushover anyway, but Mom is one hard nut to crack. Somehow, he managed to get through to her, too. Another point for the Hye Young – Jung Hwan team.
  • The Mom problem isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Did you see the lasers shooting from their eyes? Gangsters couldn’t be scarier. I’m not sure what it will take for these women to be civil, let alone friendly in-laws.
  • There is a love triangle brewing at Gabi Entertainment. But it is so complicated. Firs,t no one in the company knows Mi Young and Joong Hee are siblings except for Yoo Joo and Jung Hwan. Mr. Kang and probably Sung Joon, suspect Joong Hee likes Mi Young more than just his manager. Mi Young is oblivious and just happy that she is a pretty good manager these days to Joong Hee and even happier that he is making in-roads with the family. Joong Hee is attracted to Mi Young, but he must frame his feelings for her as brotherly love. They live together and work together and share their thoughts but stronger feelings are bound to develop. Sung Joon has entered the mix, showing a little interest toward Mi Young and certainly not holding back in the couple’s scene, even if it was supposedly just acting.
  • I like the small baby step that Jun Young and Joong Hee took towards each other with their mutual concern for Mi Young. On another note, what do you think is up with Yoo Joo and her mom? She didn’t even tell her that she got married or that she is pregnant. We know very little about Yoo Joo and even less about any family she might have.
  • I just like Ra Young and Cheol Soo. She seems high maintenance and he tried hard to make their first date special. Or, rather, Twin butted in and gave Cheol Soo dating tips that ended up not fitting our young couple’s taste.  But, she actually isn’t as hard to please as she appears, and ended up being intimidated by a fancy schmancy concert and expensive restaurant reservations. Good for her that she spoke up and told Cheol Soo to be himself, talk things over with her, and figure out their own way together. He doesn’t trust his instincts, but she doesn’t want him to try too hard or be someone hd isn’t. They will grow comfortable as they get to know each other honestly. She kisses him and he kisses her; no permission needed.
  • I love that Aunt wants more for Min Ha and is willing to do what it takes to get him into the science high school. Clueless Uncle doesn’t think ahead and is satisfied with the status quo is maddening. He was hesitant about the part-time pizza job while Aunt jumped right in when she saw a posted job. I hope Min Ha gets a scholarship.
  • Mom is cool; she sized Jung Hwan up and made him work for her approval. She must see a lot of herself in Hye Young which can be both a source of happiness and contention.
  • So, how will this contract marriage work out between the two families? When will Dad be forced to reveal his true identity? How will the children react? And the big question – will Jun Young pass the exam!?

10 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 27 recap

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Great recap , plus your comments are on point! I really had a great time reading them! Thank you very much, Cimi.

    Since last night i had a difficult time accessing the net. I failed to watch the latest episode and had an on off – on off experience getting through your blog and the YouTube. It was so frustrating.
    But hey, just few minutes ago, i was pleasantly surprised to be able to access your blog. All the more that i felt so happy when i saw your latest recap (episode 27). Thank you. Thank you.
    (I hope i wont encounter problems with the internet again…. )

    I do not just love MFIS , i love your blog too! I am a fan! Great job, Cimi. Keep it up…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gee, thanks Anna Tan, glad you’re enjoying the kdrama (and my blog:) I know how bad internet connections can be, sorry you are experiencing that. It feels like such a waster of time fiddling with bad reception and I’ve definitely experienced that along the way. I loved the part where Joong Hee worked through his feelings about Dad out loud for Mi Young to hear. It means that he trusts her and is being truthful to himself, too. Good episode!


  2. Thank you for the fast recap (less than 30 hours after original broadcast?). 🙂

    I declare this to be Hye Young’s episode! She had me grinning from ear to ear for the first 10 mins or so of this episode when she made her apology to Horrid Oh. She made it sound polite and sincere when her words could also be interpreted as her dissing Oh – that it was Horrid Oh who apologised to her first for what transpired 8 years ago,and yes, they were both rude to each other but she was rude only because of what Oh did to Mom. Hye Young pulled Oh down to her level, of being the wrong doer who now had to apologise, without Oh realising or feel slighted about it, glossing it as emulating Oh’s example of being the bigger person and apologising for her wrongs.

    Hye Young was also phenomenal in her closing argument. Her points were valid and eloquently put across. I was delighted by her shameless tooting of her own horn without a shred of false humility, which was necessary in this case as Oh was ready to be dismissive of her. In one fell swoop, Oh now knows how awesome Hye Young is. I can’t recall any dramaverse prospective bride selling themselves to a future MIL as brazenly as Hye Young did here, who usually do it through third parties, and it was a delight to watch.

    It was also an opportunity well seized when Hye Young played up to Dad’s love of his pet Chico, earning a supporter in that household. Hye Young needs all the support she can get to marry into that family.

    And the penultimate scene? It was a hoot to see Horrid Oh flabbergasted when the wind was taken out of her sail when Hye Young agreed without batting an eye, to the unreasonable and unexpected demand of moving into that house post marriage. Horrid Oh was so off the mark when she thought she could block the marriage. Hye Young agreeing to such unreasonable condition shows just how much her character has grown and how committed she is to her relationship with Jung Hwan. I wish them both the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Hye Young hit a grand slam this episode in all the right ways. Landlady Oh (aka Horrid Oh) didn’t even know when Hye Young ran circles around. She is small-minded and an elitist and can’t even give Hye Young the credit she deserves. It must be frustrating to be her son (and Husband, too). I keep looking for a redeeming quality in her, but nope, can’t find one.

      This is really a fun kdrama to watch – no gore like in saaguks, or teears like in melodramas, of frustration like in bad comedies. It is a good extended family story with realistic characters and a Korean flare that I’m liking.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. I hate his mom too. But I have some sympathy for her. Perhaps it is because of her role in Five Children? Her husband and her son avoid her. The only chance of closeness she has is with a daughter in law. I think this has made her be too picky. She will fail in a relatioship with any daughter in law. I think she is a person who is hurting. And she is trying too hard since she is truly desperate for human interaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think she is a typical kdrama evil mother/character, either. But, as an elitist, she doesn’t feel remorse for putting down others who, in her estimation, are beneath her in status and money. It is an ugly trait, and the only way she will be able to receive what she craves (her son and husband’s attention and love) is to reflect on herself and change. She is to be pitied, true, but she can’t get a pass on her mistreatment of others. I hope her character receives a transformation along the way.


  4. Thanks for the recap , I am loving this drama, this is my kind of family drama, wherein there are no revenge, not too heavy , and almost everyone is kind or reasonably bad , not evil, I will continue to visit your page for this drama’s recap,

    Fighting !

    Liked by 1 person

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