My Father Is Strange – ep 26 recap

Landlady Oh goes around in circles but she always ends up in the same spot: her son can’t marry Hye Young. Yes she apologized, but she was mistreated by her. Jung Hwan reminds his mother that the situation was her fault in the first place. But Landlady Oh insists that, no matter what, she will never accept Hye Young as a daughter-in-law. If Jung Hwan doesn’t want to listen, he can get out. Husband has something to say this time around, and tells Jung Hwan to do as he wants and ignore his mother. The household is chaotic.   

Hye Young doesn’t fare much better. Mom won’t let her marry into that family with such a witch as a mother-in-law. Has Hye Young forgotten what went down? And, now Mom doesn’t like the guy. They live together, he apologizes, they break up, and then he disappears. To Mom. he sounds unstable. Mom is emphatic saying that their family values aren’t the same. Money and brands matter to that woman. She has been nothing but condescending to Hye Young’s family and Mom will never allow it. Dad agrees, but true to his nature, he tells Hye Young that he will think about the situation now that she says she wants to get married. Mom snaps, “There’s nothing to think about.” At least her siblings offer cautious congratulations and hope along with Hye Young that their parents come around.

It’s apparent the bathroom situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon. Hye Young cuts in front of her sisters who have been waiting patiently in line for Yoo Joo to come out. She is in a hurry since Jung Hwan is waiting for her downstairs and her sympathetic sisters give her a break and let her use the bathroom before them. Jung Hwan greets her with a grin a mile wide when he sees her and tells her that she looks stunning.

Landlady Oh can’t get over the way Hye Young spoke to her that day in the cafe. Husband catches Landlady Oh going out the door and demands to know if she is going to see that young lady. She hesitates then tells him that she isn’t going to see her; rather she plans on making a visit to her parent.s After all, her Mom will be against it, too. Husband tells her that she is full of nonsense and an opportunist who says one thing one day and something else another day. If she dares to go and see the parents, he vows to move out along with Jung Hwan.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan discuss the details of their one-year marriage internship. They will be respectful to their parents and visit them regularly, share holidays with their families, and attend any family events. If either one cheats, the marriage ends. So far everything sounds basic and manageable, at least on paper.

Joong Hee is keeping a close watch on Mi Young’s freckle-removal progress. He asks if she wears sunscreen. When she replies that she doesn’t have any on, he tells her to pull over. They go into a make-up store and he purchases some very nice sunscreen for her against her protests. He drives so that she can apply it, but she is clumsy and Joong Hee reaches over to dab it in properly. He tells her to use the mirror and do a good job applying it.

Cheol Soo is doing his best to enter the new world of being a boyfriend. He takes Ra Young’s hand as they head off to work, but as they near the building, she lets go. Office gossip is something she wants to avoid – for both of their sake. One of Ra Young’ co-workers who doesn’t particularly like her asks her if she is texting a boyfriend. When Ra Young says that she doesn’t have one (Cheol Soo has to hold himself back when he hears that), the co-worker says that she must be texting one of her ex-boyfriends. Ra Young says she doesn’t do that anymore, but is flustered at the comments with Cheol Soo right there. He blurts out that she does have a boyfriend. Ra Young’s eyes widen and she gives him a what? what? look. He stumbles over his words, and says you know, that tall, dark, handsome guy . . . The co-workers think he means Twin and tease her. Ra Young and Cheol Soo are being pretty messy for wanting to hide their relationship.

All female eyes are on Twin in the yoga class. When Ra Young avoids him, he calls her over for some assistance. In walks Cheol Soo and announces that he is joining the class. For stretching, of course. Even though he started the rumor that Ra Young and Twin are the couple (I’m sure no one else knows they are twin brothers), he is jealous that he can’t be open about the fact that he is the real boyfriend. It’s true, office dating is tricky at best, but so is hiding it badly.

Dad is excited that the package he ordered has arrived. He goes up to Joong Hee’s room with a baseball and gloves. Dad is checking off all the boxes Joong Hee listed as things he always wanted to do with his dad. They play catch; Dad runs farther and farther each time chasing the ball. He pants, but keeps up the volley. Finally, Joong Hee calls it off. He’s done. When Dad says he wants to play some more, Joong Hee tells him he should have looked for him when he was younger. He threw the ball far on purpose, he admits. He wanted to see Dad work hard to play with him and get back for all those years he watched his friends and their dads play while he served as the go-for. “You made a fool of me,” Dad says. “You got my point, then,” replies Joong Hee who holds back from enjoying Dad’s attention lest Dad think he is doing good as a father. There are too many lost years to make up for. Grandma sees them walking home together and doesn’t like that they’re out in public and acting chummy. She feels bad for Jun Young who would cry his eyes out to see his Dad with Joong Hee all happy.

Min Ha’s teacher is surprised to see him with the students who are cleaning the windows. She pulls him aside and says that she thought he went to the science high school fair. He tells her that he doesn’t want to part ways with his friends and wants to keep his grade point up and thinks he will be happier at a general high school. Teacher encourages him to talk with his parents as she recommends he go to the science high school with his smarts and abilities. Meanwhile, Aunt reads the crumpled fair notice Min Ha left at home and realizes it is today. She puts on a suit and makes her way to the school auditorium. She overhears some mothers discussing the cost of tutoring and other expenses and leans over to ask what the tuition is. As she walks home, she calculates the cost of tuition, room and board, and books which quickly add up to $15,000 a year. Aunt notices a sign posting kitchen help and, as resourceful as she is, may look into that to make ends meet.

Jun Young heads home after work and finds a dispirited Mom sitting at the kitchen table. They have a discussion about Hye Young’s situation. Of course the biggest issue is Jung Hwan’s mother. But, Mom also isn’t sure Hye Young will give and take like a marriage requires. Jun Young only has good things to say about his sister – she’s smart and he trusts her judgment in this. He has faith that things will work out. He hands Mom an envelope of money; it’s the first contribution of many he plans to make from now on. Since he didn’t pull his weight as a student all these years, he plans to pay his and Yoo Joo’s share of living expenses. Mom is grateful and thanks him. She gently asks, “You’ll pass the exam this time, won’t you?” Jun Young says he should but seems a little concerned himself.

Yoo Joo has been working on a project for four months – it’s her baby. She asks the staff members to do some last-minute things for her, but they hesitate. The office atmosphere is strained. The stylist is flustered and tells Yoo Joo that Mr. Kang has put someone in charge of finishing the project from now on since she is pregnant. There isn’t much Yoo Joo can do; she is shaken up and angry. When she gets home, she brushes past Jun Young into their room. He follows her. She blames Grandma for spilling the beans that she was pregnant at the wedding and ruining her position at work. Now she finds herself watching her position being taken from her. All she wanted to do was finish the project she started and now that isn’t going to happen. Jun Young tries to comfort her and tells her that she is a valuable person at her job and they won’t fire her. And even if they do, he will take care of her and their baby.  But she responds harshly. How would he know? He’s never had a job at a company. He couldn’t possibly understand how hard she’s worked for her position or how much it means to her. If she could, she’d go back in time and reverse things. In fact, she’d take back everything she cries and stomps out. I think Yoo Joo has a split personality.

Mi Young happens by their bedroom door and hears everything. She is upset at Yoo Joo’s strong words to her brother. How could she want to take back everything?

Landlady Oh has every intention of heading up to the Byun apartment to meet with Hye Young’s parents. As she gets out of her car she sees Jung Hwan and Hye Young pull up and barely hides he face and gets back in the car. For now, the meeting will have to be postponed. Jung Hwan and Hye Young discuss what to do next. He offers to ask for permission from her parents to marry her. Hye Young is surprised at how adamantly against their marriage her Mom is. Jung Hwan says his mother will agree because she won’t want him to leave again. They both have to work on their parents, but at some point soon, she thinks his asking her parents is a good idea.

Mom looks very distraught. She can’t believe her daughter would bring that awful woman into their family mix. She can’t see how it would ever work or make sense. Dad asks his daughter what made her come around to marriage. Her answer is thoughtful and mature: it’s true that marriage is the bringing together of two families. However, she believes that 90% is between the husband and wife and the other 10% involves other family. So, she doesn’t want to give up the 90% for the 10% and is willing to take the risk of trying hard to make it work. She doesn’t want to regret not marrying someone she loves even if everything isn’t clear right now. When she mentions that they won’t register their marriage for a year, Mom can’t believe what she is hearing. For Mom, it’s a no.

Jung Hwan finds that his mother has taken ill and is in bed. He is sorry she is so upset; still he wishes she would concede and understand that her adult son is in love and wants to marry this person. Landlady Oh says she would rather die than accept that person as her d-i-l. The arguments go around in circles. Landlady Oh feels that as a mother who has taken care of all of his needs for thirty-eight years, she should have the right to a say in whom he chooses to marry. Jung Hwan doesn’t agree. Landlady Oh demands that he repay her for the years between 20 and 38 for housing, feeding, and buying him things. He tells her that he will do so and walks out. But Husband sides with Landlady Oh against Jung Hwan not because he is against Jung Hwan getting married but for the way he is treating his mother.

When Jung Hwan asks his father what he should do, he tells his son to persuade his mother, not fight with her. He isn’t against him getting married but he blames him for upsetting Landlady Oh.

Sung Joon gives Mi Young a lot of attention on the set. Joong Hee steps between them and tells Mi Young to help him get ready for the next scene. They watch the recent take on her phone. He notices Sung Joon texts her phone and tells her not to get the wrong idea from such a womanizer. She says it is strictly work-related, but he acts annoyed and says he is just warning her.

There’s been an accident and lead actress Hye Rim has been hurt. But the scene with her has to be completed today. Sung Joon mentions that Mi Young has the same build and with a wig on, could fill in. The director agrees against Joong Hee’s objections. Mi Young comes out with a long, brunette wig and wows everyone. Still, Joong Hee insists she isn’t an actress and they should scrap this idea.

Sung Joon tells Mi Young to think of him as her boyfriend and he’ll guide her and do the rest. The first take is NG. She is awkward. Joong Hee steps by her side and whispers to her to close her eyes and run into his arms if she is nervous. Cut! NG. She went off to the side with her eyes closed. “Hey Judo, run straight toward him!” Joong Hee yells out. He wants this scene between the two of them over in a hurry. She runs and Sung Joon swoops her up in his arms. The director is excited, he thinks they have such good chemistry together.

When Mi Young and Sung Joon’s faces draw close and their lips almost touch, Joong Hee overreacts and insists the take was s o good that it can’t be a re-do. He definitely doesn’t Mi Young that close to Sung Joon again.The director is convinced and the scene is over. Well done everyone!

Mi Young asks Joong Hee if he thinks she ruined the drama. He tells her that she did okay, but she is born to be a manager.

Hye Young decides to address that 10% of marriage that is a thorn in her side. Without telling Jung Hwan and without notifying Landlady Oh ahead of time that she is dropping by, she rings their bell. Landlady Oh gets out of bed and is stunned to find Hye Young standing in her foyer. Hye Young bows politely. “How are you? Mother?”


  • I was all ready to chalk up Jun Young as a n’er do good, but he reflected last episode and doesn’t hate Joong Hee as much as he regrets his own shortcomings. He thoughtfully gave Mom his first paycheck, and tried to comfort his wife. I was thinking up until this episode that he wouldn’t pass his exam, but now I wonder if he might just pull through and take on his responsibilities. But, what a nut case his wife is! Good luck with that, Jun Young.
  • I’m glad the show hasn’t glossed over Mom’s feelings about Hye Young getting married and the lifelong albatross around her (as well as her family’s) neck that Landlady Oh will be. I also understand her hesitation about Jung Hwan who hasn’t made the best impression on them. Mom carries a heavy burden these days about the changes in their family, many of them all at once, and the secret she and Dad have carried for many years. That secret and its ramifications are becoming heavier by the day as the family dynamics shift.
  • Joong Hee is protective and attentive to Mi Young, and while we as onlookers see how obvious he is, she is fairly oblivious. That’s in part because they’re siblings and she is the hoobae. And even when she asks why he is being so nice to her, he explains it as his way of treating his managers like family. Perhaps he is trying to convince himself of that as well.
  • The baseball toss was on point from Joong Hee’s perspective. Of course Dad will take any punishment that Joong Hee doles out because he is forever in debt to his friend and his friend’s son. It was good-natured, too, so it really isn’t punishment at all, but a round-about way of getting closer.
  • It’s true that Grandma created Yoo Joo’s problem at work before she had a chance to handle it herself. I wonder if Grandma is going to put her foot in her mouth again with the Jun Young/Dad/Joong Hee triangle.
  • Min Ha – such a good kid! I assumed he hesitated about the Science High School solely for financial reasons, but that’s not what he told his teacher. Still, his reasons sounded like excuses and he is trying to hide his disappointment that they can’t afford a private school. There is probably a stigma to not being able to afford to go to the high school you want to attend because your family can’t afford it, so he didn’t mention that to his teacher. And Aunt is always on top of things by reading between the lines. I suppose she doesn’t get much credit for her brains, but she adapts quickly to any situation, figures out how to makes it work, and is pleasant about it. Maybe she doesn’t have high expectations and therefore isn’t as disappointed in life’s hardships; she rolls with the punches with the best of them and is careful not to place blame. And she’s a hard worker.
  • Jung Hwan is going along with Hye Young’s idea. Like a good lawyer, she is convincing. I agree with her that Mom will come on board, and I agree that Jung Hwan can get his mother to accept the marriage with the threat of leaving again. But I don’t like that Hye Young bypassed discussing her plan with Jung Hwan to visit Landlady Oh. This is what Mom was talking about with Jun Young when she said that Hye Young knows her mind but isn’t good about giving and taking.
  • I thought it was weird for Husband to turn on Jung Hwan and defend Landlady Oh. I get that he isn’t against the marriage, but didn’t like the way Jung Hwan handled his mother. I don’t know about them.
  • Ra Young is cute and is understandably cautious about her relationship with Cheol Soo when it comes to office dating. Why is Twin hanging around and taking yoga? I don’t doubt that Cheol Soo will be a good boyfriend to Ra Young, but now that I think about it, isn’t every relationship in this drama complicated by the workplace?
  • Mi Young as the fill-in – ha! Of course it was a skinship scene with Sung Joon acting as cool as a firecracker. It killed him to see Mi Young in Sung Joon’s arms and the way he stopped a re-take of the almost-touching lips scene was hilariously adorable. Then he tells Mi Young that she in cut out for being a manager. I’m guessing that the lead is out from now on, and Mi Young will take her place because the director will like her acting well enough. The antics are killing me!

Thank you for being patient for this recap! We’re just past the halfway mark with the 50 episodes of My Father Is Strange. I’m loving this drama!



4 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 26 recap

  1. Hi Cimi. I enjoyed reading your recap and comments. Thank you. With regard to your last comment however, i have a different guess on Mi Young as a fill-in. I think she will not take the lead’s place BUT Sung Joon will court her. There will be a love triangle between Joong Hee, Mi Young and Sung Joon.
    Well, this is just my guess… Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joong Hee is so going to regret his acts of petty-revenge of Dad when its revealed later on that Dad is not his biological dad, when Dad is actually a pretty decent guy. It was petty because he intended and did humiliate Dad by making him a fool chasing after the baseball, in payment for missing out his growing up years when the man had no actual knowledge of your existence then. It was him who drew up the wish list of things to do together and for him to declare later that he’s too old to enjoy playing catch, was really crass IMO. Although, when the reveal comes, I wonder which emotion will be paramount, embarrassment at his past revenge actions or disappointment/anger at Dad’s deception of acting like his father?

    I like Hye Young’s reasoning for attempting marriage -the avoidance of regret. It’s better to try, and fail rather than not try at all. In trying for it, one is at least giving a chance to success. Hye Young is one convincing lobbyist!

    On Yoo Joo, I felt sorry for her in the last episode. Being side-lined at work for being pregnant is just crappy. However, her outburst of regret and wanting to turn back the clock just nailed home the point that she married because she HAD to and that she may not love Jun Young as much as he loves her. Still finding it hard to like her.

    On Jung Hwan’s dad rallying behind Horrid Oh – I kind of appreciate that. He’s so much better now than the cad of a husband he was a few episodes back, getting a month’s supply of towels and undershirts to avoid doing the laundry and mostly ignoring his wife. He’s more involved in the family affairs now and him backing his wife will give her the comfort that she’s not totally abandoned which would make her lash out at everything and anything. Having someone to back her in some, if not all issues will make her more compliant to be reasonable. Horrid Oh is stubborn, being in complete loggerheads with her is not a good idea. She needs to be convinced, not opposed head on. She’ll be more open to Dad’s cajoling if she’s certain that he at least will insist on preserving here dignity as a mom to Jung Hwan.

    As always, thank you for the recap Cimi.

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    • Hi patinalee,
      I think Joong Hee is still in revenge mode based on his original reason for moving in, that is, to get back at Dad and to help with his acting. But he is finding himself having to face the real emotions of becoming close to his new family which conflict with his ulterior motives. He is more shocked than anyone to find himself having positive emotions with Dad (and possibly other family members) and will have to sort that all out.
      Now, on to ep 27 which sheds some light on things that weren’t clear at the end of ep 26 which I will address.

      I agree that Husband rallying behind Jung Hwan’s mother in this case is good because it shows us that he isn’t a hands-off parent. Maybe he and Landlady Oh can find some common ground in his retirement years as they seem so distant and he basically avoids her on purpose.

      Happy viewing!


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