My Father Is Strange – ep 25 recap

“Let’s get married!” Hye Young suggests to Jung Hwan. “For a year.”

“What do you mean for a year?” he wants to know. The truth is she doesn’t want to lose him, but she isn’t sure she is a good fit for marriage. What if she makes him unhappy? What if he regrets marrying her? That’s why she is suggesting a year internship, so they can find out if they are a good fit and if they need each other. Just like a job internship.

Jung Hwan listens. She wants to try out marriage for a year, and if they agree, then register their marriage. Details to follow. Hmmm.  

Hye Young tells Jung Hwan to go home; his mother is worried sick. How does she know his mother is worried? Hye Young explains that Landlady Oh came to see her. And, she apologized and begged her to find her son. Jung Hwan is surprised to hear this. By the way, how did Hye Young find him? She remembered where they went years ago when they were in college, and she searched several guest houses before finding him. He is happy and grateful to her. They embrace, admitting that they missed each other so much. It has been a while since Jung Hwan has smiled so big.

Hye Young follows him to his parents’ house and then heads home. They are each going to tell their parents about getting married. When Jung Hwan enters the house, Landlady Oh is shocked to see him. “Where have you been? Are you fine?” she asks before she hits him for being a bad jerk that changed his phone number and disappeared. He sits down with his parents. First, he thanks his mother for apologizing to Hye Young and tells them that he returned because Hye Young persuaded him. Husband tells Landlady Oh that she should be grateful to the young  lady for finding their son. Jung Hwan and his father share a beer together. Husband asks if he got back together with the young lady and is happy to hear that they did. He tells his son to be understanding toward his mother – she has always shown him unconditional love and has been there for him. Jung Hwan tells his father that he won’t go to Vietnam after all. That’s what Husband wanted to hear; he goes into the kitchen and tells Landlady Oh that their son will stay and she can’t object to him getting back together with his girlfriend. Landlady Oh chops furiously; is that something she can agree to?

Dad has an idea: he will send fan lunch boxes to Joong Hee on site. He calls on an unsuspecting Jun Young to help him buy the ingredients. When Jun Young realizes that the food is for a surprise for Joong Hee he becomes sullen. But he works hard, and carries a heavy stack of boxes packed with delicious food to the filming location. Mi Young is thrilled. Joong Hee invites Jun Young to stay and eat with them. But he is suddenly self-conscious and feels inadequate; after he makes the delivery he watches from a distance as Joong Hee excitedly passes out the food. Jun Young’s shoulders slump.

When lead actor Sung Joon drops by, Mi Young proudly offers him a lunchbox. He asks her to eat with him, but she remains steadfast and loyal to Joong Hee and says that as his manager, she will eat with him. Joong Hee overhears and smiles.

Mom asks Jun Young where he was – she was trying to reach him. He tells her how helped Dad make food and deliver it to Joong Hee. “It must have been troublesome,” Mom says, worried about Jun Young’s pride. “Why do you look so down?” she asks. Well, he noticed that Dad is only interested in Joong Hee. He isn’t sorry that he had to help; rather, he feels inadequate, the eldest son who never made his parents proud and caused trouble. He is sorry that he let Dad down. But today at the shooting, Joong Hee looked so cool and nice. Of course Dad would be proud of him. As he wipes away a tear of regret, Jun Young admits that of course Dad would be proud of Joong Hee – as a dad, he would be, too. Mom listens, heartsick that her eldest is feeling useless; she sees the situation for what it is. Jun Young wishes Dad would grab a drink with him, too, and ask what he liked. “To Dad I’m a son who is less than my sisters – incompetent, and dull – and makes him disappointed.” Mom cries that her son is having a hard time. “I’ll get going,” he says.

Grandma and Aunt are downstairs making kimchi. When Mom joins them Grandma comments right away that she looks like a flat tire. She tells them that Jun Young feels small after Joong Hee moved in. Han Soo does take care of Joong Hee more than the others, Mom admits. Grandma says in so many words “I told you so” and still can’t believe her only daughter lives with her husband’s love child. Gotta love Grandma’s unfiltered comments.

When her sisters ask if they are back together, Hye Young says yes. But, she asks them not to say anything to Mom and Dad, yet. The sisters cringe watching Hye Young playfully answer Jung Hwan’s flirty texts. Ra Young gags, “Cracker and Walnut,” and Mi Young cant’ believe how fluffy her lawyer sister is acting.

Joong Hee thanks Dad for the lunch boxes and asks if Dad wants to watch a movie together tomorrow night. He agrees to it. When Dad comes to bed Mom asks what’s up. He tells Mom that he and Joong Hee are going to a movie. Mom doesn’t know how to bring up the way Jun Young is feeling, but she doesn’t want to spoil how happy Dad is about Joong Hee so, for now, she doesn’t say anything.

At breakfast Dad serves bread but Yoo Joo can’t eat it these days, it makes her stomach upset. Mom and Jun Young jump up to make her some rice. The sisters are uncomfortable as their brother debones Yoo Joo’s fish for her. It feels unnatural for the attention being given to Yoo Joo.

When Mom asks if Hye Young found Jung Hwan, she acts vague and nonchalant, but Mom seems to be the wiser. Mi Young and Ra Young act cool. Mom is suspicious – she can read Hye Young well.

Yoo Joo brings the shoes from the sponsor to Joong Hee for the shoot. He scolds her for bringing the wrong size. It is for Mi Young’s benefit, but he carries on and overreacts a bit much to show that he is on Mi young’s side. He tells Joo Yoo to pay attention and not make so many mistakes.

“Are you happy?” Yoo Joo demands of Mi Young. Because of her, Actor Ahn finds fault with everything she does. Mi Young stands up for herself and tells Yoo Joo that she is always looking to blame someone else. It is an uncomfortable exchange. On the way to work, Mi Young asks Joong Hee is he scolded Yoo Joo for her sake. He insists that he doesn’t mix private and public affairs.

There is a call from the director – the shoot for today has been cancelled. Mi Young asks Joong Hee, “What are we going to do?” They end up having a cup of coffee together. Mi Young works hard to rearrange Joong Hee’s schedule. She is preoccupied; he watches, even moving her drink toward her hand when she doesn’t look up. He suggests making an appointment with his dermatologist. As she busily modifies his schedule, he watches her. She asks him why he is staring at her, but of course, he denies it.

While Joong Hee is getting his facial, he overhears Mi Young asks about freckle removal. When he offers to pay for it she strongly refuses. But behind the scenes, Joong Hee arranges to cover for most of the payments and asks the office to offer Mi Young a 90% Gabi Entertainment staff discount for skin treatment. She signs up for the offer, with Joong Hee paying on the sly.

Mi Young keeps working at her intern pace, writing scene directives on a whiteboard as Joong Hee looks on. “Why have you been staring at me all day?” she asks. Again, he insists that he hasn’t been. But, he looks on to see if the freckle treatment has had any effect yet, and if she seems happy. When Tae Boo stops in to say hello, Joong Hee asks if he likes doing special things for his sister. Like giving her facial treatments. Tae Boo, who doesn’t seem that close to his sister, says that if he could he would give her a makeover (as in “she needs it” in his opinion). But then Tae Boo wonders why Joong Hee is asking – after all, he is an only child. Joong Hee covers and says that it’s for his role in “Oh My Boss.”

Uncle comes across his son, Min Ha, at the playground. He tells him that he isn’t keen on working part-time at a pizza place. But Min Ha tells his father that receiving pay for work isn’t embarrassing. Working is noble. Uncle appreciates the perspective. Min Ha offers his dad some spending money. Uncle doesn’t want to take his son’s money, but Min Ha tells his father that he gets paid fairly for tutoring and makes good money. Uncle is impressed; Min Ha walks him to the pizza shop and cheers him on.

Min Ha has Science high school fair flyer. He would love to attend, but seems unsure. Is it too expensive? Will he get in? Aunt finds it and puzzles over what Min Ha is thinking.

At their staff meeting, Ra Young thinks Cheol Soo is making it obvious that they are an item. She texts not to send lasers to a co-worker for his comments to Ra Young. After the meeting, they meet for coffee. Cheol Soo remembers and brings her a caramel macchiato with half a shot and extra drizzle. She is impressed. She tells him that she is worried that people at work will catch on that they’re dating. It’s a hassle, people size you up different and drag your relationship into your job performance. She especially doesn’t want that for him. But he tells her that it is more troublesome for him to hide their relationship. While she would love to brag about her handsome boyfriend publicly, she thinks it is a negative in their work environment. For now, they agree to play it cool. As Ra Young is speaking Cheol Soo is suddenly mesmerized by her, takes her hand, calls out her name, and leans over and plants a kiss on her lips. She is pleasantly flustered.

Dad waits at the movie theater with a tub of popcorn and tickets for a popular thriller, “Tooth and the Nail.” Dad and Joong Hee jump at the scary scenes; at one point, they grab for each other and the popcorn goes flying. They decide to leave – it’s too scary. Dad treats Joong Hee to lunch. He asks him some personal questions: When did he come back to Korea? Did he live alone all that time? Is acting hard? When Dad tells Joong Hee that he’s downloaded all of his movies and watches them, Joong Hee is touched. Slowly, Dad and Joong Hee are getting closer.

Jung Hwan meets Hye Young at her office. They have an appointment to discuss the details of their unusual marriage concept. Hye Young has prepared a presentation. The terms: a year marriage to evaluate how things go between them. After a year, they will decide if they are compatible. They will have a wedding but won’t register their marriage until a year. When Jung Hwan asks if she doesn’t trust him she replies, “It’s not that I don’t trust you; I don’t trust myself. She worries that she may be a terrible wife. During the first year, they won’t have children, and then, they’ll probably wait another year. Jung Hwan walks toward Hye Young with lit eyes – forget the presentation. All he can think about is her. Hye Young confesses that she’s had the hots since she found him fishing and, with that, they passionately embrace and . . .

It’s time to tell their parents. Both are unsure how their parents will react. They shake on the arduous task ahead and wish each other luck.

Hye Young joins all the family in the living room . She tells her parents that she has something to say. Mom intercepts and snaps: “If it’s about marriage, don’t say it.”

Jung Hwan tells his parents that he will marry Hye Young. Husband waves his hand in agreement. Landlady Oh announces emphatically that she is against it.


  • This is one of those midway episodes that doesn’t tell us anything new. Rather, it serves as a point where the vital signs of the various relationships are taken. The man of the hour is Min Ha – one of my favorite supporting actors in this drama – who acts more like a father figure to his own loser dad. Mature beyond his years, he has shown tact, smarts, even wisdom when it comes handling situations. It is always an eye-opener when a younger family member seems to have principles in place and applies them correctly in situations more so than the adults. Best of all, he has made a lucrative proposition using his smarts and doesn’t let the cool, rich students bully him. That makes him the coolest of all.
  • At this point, I can actually see why Mom and Landlady Oh are against the marriage of their daughter and son, at least within the scope of the drama. It is a bit overdone due to the fact that both are in their mid-thirties, both have careers, and both have been good children to their parents. Although, I have to say, Landlady Oh’s reasons and thinking are pretty bad; she can’t see past her own pride even though the situations she is angry over were caused by her in the first place. She is impossible to deal with. I do feel sorry for Jung Hwan.
  • Furthermore, if Hye Young has a cynical view of marriage because of her job, just think how twisted her parents’ real situation will seem to her when she finds out the truth. So, I may have to rethink how much I can see Mom’s pov, considering she is holding Hye Young to a standard that she didn’t keep herself, let alone the secrets she and Dad have kept hidden all these years. And maybe the real and only reason both mothers object is because they don’t want to associate with each other, ever. So, while things are complicated, it may come down to that very simple reason. Makes me wonder what will make Landlady Oh turn around for good – it seemed like she should have with the return of Jung Hwan, but already she is back to her old ways, thinking only of herself.
  • At this point, Joong Hee’s brotherly attention is a bit much, especially the way he looks at Mi Young. I think it’s adorable since we know they’re not siblings, but I hope the line that shouldn’t be crossed doesn’t happen before the sibling situation is straightened out. By then, they’ll have another boiling pot of emotions to deal with, anyway. Remember in Bubblegum when Ri Hwan and Haeng A kissed before they knew for sure that they weren’t related? I’d sure like to avoid that, here. Brother/sister-actor/manager – it’s getting too close for comfort!
  • Ra Young and Cheol Soo’s get-together is kinda uneventful. I hope the nasties at work don’t hassle them – mind your own business, ladies!
  • Oh right, Jun Young. He’s been immature up till now, but he was more thoughtful and saw himself as he really is which wasn’t very pretty for him. It’s nice that he and Mom have a relationship that allowed him to bare his feelings to her; there wasn’t much Mom could do for Jun Young. I’m sure her insides are churning, knowing that her eldest son is hurting because Dad has another son who is now the eldest in the family and who makes Dad proud.  Of course, Mom knows the fiasco behind the RL situation; which is worse – to perpetuate the lie or to suffer the consequences of the truth?
  • Are you having fun with MFIS?



7 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 25 recap

  1. Yes, i enjoy MFIS and also your recaps. Just would like to thank you for your effort in doing the recap for each episode. I know its tedious that is why i am writing to express my appreciation. I hope this would inspire you more and keep you going…

    Looking forward to your recap of Episode 26…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anna Tan.
      We’re at the halfway point now! Ep 26 coming soon – it does take time to recap every episode bu I’m glad I picked MFIS – the characters are real gems and I’m a Lee Joon fan (obvious, right?). Thanks for cheering me on, fighting!


      • Its obvious, yeah, but in a good way because we are also able to read your recaps. Same with your comments on some scenes or of the episode as a whole. There are times when your comments present a different perspective from mine or other readers which makes MFIS a lot interesting.

        I am actually new to Kdrama. A friend recommended one drama which became an instant favorite of mine causing me to crave for more. Because it starred Jung So Min, i decided to search for another drama with her as lead actress. This is where i got to know MFIS and your blog…
        I was actually ecstatic to know that So Min is paired with J

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  2. Just discovered that the last part of my comment was not posted..
    So here it is:

    xxx Lee Joon because i like the way he portrays his role in MFIS. He is very convincing. No wonder you like him.

    Again, thank you very much. More power to you… and yes, do keep fighting… MFIS and Lee Joon are worth your/our time and effort.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @ Anna Tan – Welcome to kdramas. If you like Lee Joon here, I’d suggest you try “Heard it Trough The Grapevine”. That’s another good show he was in. 30+ episodes, IICR.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Patinalee. Thank you for your warm welcome. I also took note of your suggestion to try Lee Joon’s other drama.
        Have a good day…

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  3. I really want to feel sorry for Joon Young but I just can’t muster up the feeling. He acts like a whiny child not a grown man. Like, you would think that he could understand that his father is trying to make up for lost time with Joong Hee. Instead he goes to his mom to whine that daddy isn’t paying attention to me. Even the next morning, he sneers because the breakfast has bread not rice and his wife can’t digest bread. For the last 30 odd years their father has made them breakfast to their liking, is it going to kill him because it’s about Joong Hee? Ugh, he just irritates me. Him, his bully wife and the loser uncle.


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