My Father Is Strange – ep 24 recap

Landlady Oh appears at the Byun’s front door. She asks to speak with Hye Young. Mom steps between them and tells Landlady Oh that if she has anything to say she can talk here or leave. Landlady Oh apologies for showing up unannounced and Mom and Hye Young realize something really must be wrong for her to be so out of character. Hye Young tells Mom she’ll step out for a minute and be right back. What Landlady Oh wants to know is if Hye Young is in touch with Jung Hwan.   

‘Sunbae and I broke up just like you wanted,” Hye Young tells her. Still she must be in contact with him, right? Realizing that something is up, Hye Young asks, “What’s the matter?” It seems as though Jung Hwan has disappeared. He changed his phone number and completely cut his parents off. This is serious. Landlady Oh is desperate enough to apologize for being so harsh toward Hye Young eight years ago and admits she was wrong. She asks her to be generous and forgive her. Please find her son she begs of Hye Young. It has been four days and no one knows where he went. He even sold his apartment.

Although she is dazed by Landlady Oh’s shocking behavior, Hye Young tells her that she understands and she’ll look for him. If she finds out anything, she’ll get in touch. Landlady Oh goes home. She is like a wet dishrag, limp and wrung out. Husband asks if she did the right thing and apologized. Landlady Oh said she swallowed her pride and did so.

Mom paces until Hye Young returns. She, too, is surprised when Hye Young explains the situation and how Landlady Oh apologized and begged her crying to find Jung Hwan. Mom calls it retributive justice – she has reaped what she has sown. But even Mom seems a bit concerned.

Hye Young meets with Jung Hwan’s co-workers. They are surprised that she doesn’t know his whereabouts or that he made plans to transfer overseas. When Yeon Ji comments that Hye Young is his ex-girlfriend twice and she doesn’t even know where he is, Hye Young dishes it back. “Are you a cell phone that doesn’t know when to be quiet? Shall I take out your battery?” Hye Young is not one to be crossed.

Dad prepares pasta for breakfast and then runs upstairs to wake up Joong Hee. The family is surprised that Dad whipped up tomato pasta for everyone with a side of vanilla ice cream for Joong Hee. It’s his weird special hangover combination. When Dad asks if  he should make a lunch for him (everyone including Mom notices Dad’s attention to Joong Hee), Mi Young says he doesn’t have to; Sung Joon’s fans are sending free lunchboxes – they do that for their fav celebs. Joong Hee doesn’t say much although he is bothered at the mention of Sung Joon.

On the way to work Mi Young grins from ear to ear. She has a personal question for Joong Hee: “Did you enjoy drinking with Dad last night? You must have gotten closer, right? Joong Hee answers, “No comment.”

Hye Young recalls a date with Jung Hwan at a small aquarium. He teaches her a cute way to remember the difference between halibut and flounder. When she asks him how he knew so much about fish he sulkily tells her that when she broke up with him eight years ago he hid out at  a little seaside place alone and fished for months. “That’s where he went!” a light bulb goes off in her head. She takes a taxi to the little village town only to find out from the owner that there isn’t anyone staying there.

Joong Hee arrives for the day’s filming. The crew is ready and waiting. He takes a drink of the quince tea that Mi Young brought and overhears the not-so-subtle comments of staff members about how his poor acting always causes long days for everyone. He gets a text from Dad: I’ll have dinner ready for you when you get home, Joong Hee. Maybe it was their talk the night before and Dad’s TLC at breakfast, but the message resounds in his head as he takes his place for the shoot. Scene 34, take 1: action! Joong Hee speaks naturally and convincingly, acting out the opposite role that he is living in Real Life. Even Golden Boy Sung Joon is thrown off by Joong Hee’s moving performance. Director Ryu is in shock, also moved by Joong Hee’s acting, and gives him a standing ovation for hitting it just right in one go.

Mi Young is so proud of him. She compliments him and then excuses herself to go the restroom where, after checking the stalls,she drops to her knees in thanks for his breakthrough. Joong Hee is beside himself, proud that he came through and moved to tears that he found his pace for the part.

Dad takes out a box containing his and Han Soo’s old passports. Mom asks what he is thinking. Dad says he feels bad about misleading Joong Hee. He wants to show Joong Hee his real father’s picture, even though it is half burned. Mom is sorry for her role in persuading Dad to take Han Soo’s name. But Dad says it was his decision to live as Han Soo’s and all the blame is on him. Mom sits in the bathroom tearfully recalling that time.

Flashback: Lee Yeon Seok (young Dad) visits his sick mother in the hospital. Nurse Young Sil (young Mom) peeks in the doorway and sees him lovingly care for his mother. Yeon Seok works hard at a construction site. When it’s time to get paid he lines up with the rest but the foreman tells Yeon Seok that he’ll pay him next week. Yeon Seok pleads with the foreman saying that he needs the money for his mother’s treatment in the hospital. When the man brushes him off Yeon Seok grabs him out of desperation; the man calls him an ex-convict. Yeon Seok begs for the hospital to help his mother but they are turned away. He takes his mother home.

Nurse Young Sil observed what happened, finds out their address, and brings medicine for the sick mother. Yeon Seok tells her that he is an ex-convict and not to come back. But she isn’t afraid and says she will return. The next day, Yeon Seok is falsely accused of stealing the money at work and is dragged down to the police station. No one will believe an ex-convict’s word that he is innocent. He ends up behind bars. When Young Sil stops by the house and no one answers, she lets herself in. Sadly, Yeon Seok’s mother has died. By the time they let him out (the stolen money situation is resolved and he is cleared) all he can do is make his way to the funeral hall where his mother is laid to rest. The only mourner is Young Sil who helplessly watches as an inconsolable Yeon Seok pitifully cries out for his dead mother for whom he could do nothing.

Yoo Joo is late for breakfast again having overslept. Mom, Mi Young, and Ra Young have the table set and the food ready; so much for the new daughter-in-law’s role. When she goes to fill her rice bowl she gags; Jun Young arrives just in time to rush to her side and tell her to go rest – he’ll help out. But he has the same reaction and gags with sympathy morning sickness. Ra Young and Mi Young are annoyed to no end at their lame brother.

Ra Young pays special attention to her looks this morning as she gets ready for work. Even Mom if it’s obvious that she is dressing to kill but shoos her off to work so she won’t be late. Cheol Soo runs after her apologizing for the call he made last night when drunk. Still, he tells her that he likes her and asks for her answer. “I like you, too,” she replies. She expects a caramel macchiato  with extra drizzle and 1/2 a shot when they meet on the field later in the afternoon. Cheol Soo does his best but can’t remember if she wants an iced or hot drink so he orders both. Ra Young may prove to be high maintenance for the inexperienced dater, Cheol Soo. When he admits that she is the first girl that he likes more than soccer, Ra Young is satisfied.

Sung Joon has fan lunchboxes for Mi Young and Joong Hee. As they eat lunch, Sung Joon thinks he knows Mi Young from somewhere. After talking a bit, they realize they know each other from judo matches several years ago. He, too, competed and was an avid fan of the women’s judo team; in fact, he specifically remembers the match where she won the bronze medal. They even talk about that she had to quit because of a shoulder injury. Joong Hee couldn’t be more put out: he is annoyed and jealous that Mi Young has something in common with his nemesis. Like a pouty kid, he stomps up and says he has to get ready for the next take.

Joong Hee’s tantrum on the way home leaves Mi Young baffled. He throws the script around and fidgets. When she asks what’s wrong he goes into a tirade about how that if she is all chummy with others in the industry, word gets around and he is going to look bad since she works for him. Of course, he isn’t making any sense and Mi Young is confused.

At home things are awkward. For the first time he can remember, Mi Young ignores him. He doesn’t like that and reconsiders the way he spoke to her on the way home. He texts: Come to the rooftop. Mi Young admits that she is a little angry at the way he spoke to her. How can she know what to fix something if he doesn’t tell her what’s wrong? Joong Hee blames it on being uptight with his role. She accepts his peace-offering and they share a beer together. By the way. what about her shoulder? He couldn’t help but overhear at lunch that she had to quit because of an injury. She tells him that it’s  not too bad; it can act up and there are some limitations, but it hardly affects her day-to-day life. Except for one thing. When Joong Hee asks about that, she won’t tell him. He asks again, but she says “I can’t tell you.” They leave it at that.

Mi Young talks with Hye Young about how her job is going. Hye Young thinks she is lucky to be an intern. That way, the company can evaluate her and perhaps offer a permanent position and she can decide if the line of work is for her while being paid. It’s a good set up. Too bad marriage isn’t set up in a way that allows people to try it out before committing, Hye Young sighs. Mi Young off-handedly comments that maybe there should be an internship to marriage as well. Hye Young looks at her sister as if she has given her an idea.

Hye Young contacts her friend and asks if she remembers where they went for that class trip. With that information, Hye Young heads to the shore in search for Jung Hwan. Sure enough, he is on the rocky shoreline fishing in the early morning light. She watches from afar as he struggles with a line to bring in a fish. He packs up his things and walks up the ramp; there at the top stands a fashionable Hey Young to greet him.

But Jung Hwan isn’t happy to see her at all. He tells her that he needs a lot more time, maybe another eight years, before he can meet her without being angry and hurt. He tells her to leave him alone and not come and find him anymore.

Hye Young calls after him. “Let’s get married.” Jung Hwan turns and looks at her. “Let’s get married, Jung Hwan. For one year.”



  • What a great acting breakthrough for Joong Hee. So, moving in with his father and his family has brought all sorts of emotions have come to the forefront. Finally, he is happy rather than just angry and resentful towards Dad’s attention. I think it’s hilarious that he is playing the role that Mi Young is living in RL. If he initially wanted to get revenge by moving in, it is now turning into a real relationship between father and son through dialog and actions.
  • What is that one thing that Mi Young mentioned on the rooftop? I can’t even guess at this point. *The thing that MY didn’t tell JH about is that she has visibly unbalanced breasts because of her shoulder injury.* thanks RAYA (see comment below)
  • What is Hye Young up to? She didn’t say for them to live together for a year and then get married; she said to get married for a year. Is there some legal loophole that she looked up that makes such a set-up workable? Is this a good idea?
  • Jun Young is turning into his Uncle. I liked him in the beginning but he doesn’t seem to have developed any core values that he lives by. So far, as the oldest son, he’s enjoyed support and status by birthright. But as a person, he just sort of goes along like Uncle does. They aren’t bad people, but they lack integrity and motivation that becomes a burden to those around them. I am not sure he is going to pass that exam – then what?
  • I do feel bad for Yoo Joo and her work situation. Surely Hye Young will come up with laws that prevent a company from firing a woman just because she is pregnant.
  • And the elephant in the room – Dad and his past. Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama with someone whose luck is as bad as Dad’s.
  • Ra Young and Cheol Soo – I don’t mind them, particularly. Ra Young is the youngest in the family and she works and is around for the others like a little sister would be. Cheol Soo needs to step out of Twin’s shadow, but you know, I think he will.


BONUS: Ahn Hyo Seop (Cheol Soo) on Happy Together ~


7 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 24 recap

    • You’re welcome, I really like this drama, too. Did you see Lee Joon in Heard it through the Grapevine? I love his acting! Glad you stopped by cimiart!


  1. Totally agree about Jun Young, He is his uncle, ridiculous.

    I really hope Joong Hee can keep up the good acting. I was patiently waiting for the time when he would shine at work. Now all I need is for the truth to come out about the birth secret so we can get the Mi Young/Joong Hee romance poppin’! We’re half way through the drama so it needs to happen soon.

    I’m not a fan of the actress that plays Ra Young however I really like Ra Young and Cheol Soo together. Especially since he’s a dating novice. He doesn’t know to push and pull so he’s very straight forward with his feelings. This will hopefully help Ra Young become more mature.

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  2. The thing that MY didn’t tell JH about is that she has visibly unbalanced breasts because of her shoulder injury.
    Otherwise thank you so much for recaping the drama, I may not post comments but I’m a regular reader.

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