My Father Is Strange – ep 22 recap

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ep 22 recap

Jung Hwan doesn’t see a future in just dating. “Let’s break up,” he concludes. He is not against marriage like Hye Young seems to be. But Hye Young is confused as to why is he doing this. He actually blames her for not telling him what happened between her and his mother eight years ago. Ever since they met up again, he has been in a fog about why they originally broke up.

She did it for his sake at the time she explains. Maybe it was wrong. But now, she just wants to date. Jung Hwan can’t do that. If he doesn’t exist in her future, it feels too hopeless. Romance and dating feel empty that way. Without the possibility of a future, he doesn’t want a relationship like that. It is a mutual but sad departure.

(I hear these lyrics playing in my head by Dave Mason)

So let’s leave it alone ’cause we can’t see eye to eye
There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy
There’s only you and me and we just disagree  *bonus video below in comments*

Jung Hwan has to pull over as he drives, overcome with a sense of loss and sadness. Hye Young blinks back tears as she rides home on the bus. The second she walks in the door, Mom wants to talk with her. Now. But what Hye Young has to say shocks her parents more than ever. “We broke up. It just happened,” she says rather unceremoniously. “What?”  Mom calls her an idiot. But Hye Young doesn’t want his mother as her mother- in-law. While Mom can’t argue against that, she demands to know why she lived with him, then, especially after the encounter at the police station. Mom yells, “Whose daughter is she, anyway?” Dad can hardly believe what he is hearing and is upset at how casually the two of them broke up.

Hye Young leaves, but Mom storms into to the girls’ room. She hits Hye Young and wants to know if they just argued or if they really broke up. She scolds Hye Young for turning the family upside-down by living with a man and then suddenly breaking up with him. “Do you really want that woman to be my mother-in-law?” Hye Young asks Mom. The point is Hye Young got caught living with a man and now she should take responsibility Mom dishes back. Hye Young argues that breaking up now is much better than getting divorced later. For some reason, Hye Young decided now is the time to clarify that they only lived together for a few days. Plus she never did actually lie; Mom and Dad assumed she was living with a girlfriend. Hye Young cries that she has been wrongly accused. Then why did she pick such a jerk? Mom screams and hits some more. Hey Young threatens to call the police for abuse. Mom tells her to go ahead and call! The siblings have to pull them apart – it is sad to see Mom and her oldest daughter fighting so vehemently.

Jung Hwan glumly walks past his mother. She finds him in his room packing. He has nothing to say when she asks if he is running away from home. When she pushes the issue he turns and asks if she really doesn’t know the reason. He tried to understand his mother’s pov. But now he got in a big fight with Hye Young all because of what his mother did eight years ago. “Why did you do such a thing? How could you do something like that?” he pleads, telling her that it’s scary to think she could do something so awful. That woman is the woman your son loves he tells Landlady Oh, but she doesn’t (want to) get it. He is heartbroken and says that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Landlady Oh doesn’t hear the anguish in her son’s voice and mumbles that “it’s all because of that minx.” Husband is dumbfounded at his wife’s insensitivity and selfishness.

Mom and Dad’s feelings are so conflicted. “Then, what do you want to do?” Dad asks Mom. But Dad is furious that Jung Hwan broke up with his precious daughter. He doesn’t deserve to marry her! Everyone knows Hye Young is a catch. Maybe she is better off without such a jerk. He doesn’t want his daughter to marry into a family like that, he explodes. Neither does Mom.

Hye Young is spaced out. It is hard to process what has happened. Jung Hwan sleeps in the office. He is depressed.

Mi Young and Ra Young wait uncomfortably outside the bathroom. The sign on the door says “Ahn Joong time. Don’t Knock.” Jun Young scoffs at the ridiculousness of it all. Sure enough, Joong Hee comes out. “Did you succeed?” Mi Young asks hopefully. “Yes, after seven days,” Joong Hee reports with a smile. Glad everything came out okay in the end.

The family eats breakfast together. Jun Young asks Hye Young if she is okay. She acts like nothing is wrong, taking a hearty helping of stew. They all look at her, worried. It’s moving day; after breakfast Joong Hee and Jun Young will switch rooms. Joong Hee is worried that his bed won’t fit. Jun Young and Ra Young are put out by Joong Hee’s particularities. He isn’t gaining any brotherly love points with Jun Young as he directs him to be extra careful while moving his belongings – they’re expensive. While he doesn’t mean to be, Joong Hee can be annoying. The two who get along the least are “brothers” Jun Young and Joong Hee.

Joong Hee is worried that the rooftop room will be hot in the summer. Mi Young promises to order an air conditioner. The room is small but he can enjoy the open air space right outside his door, Dad offers. Joong Hee will have to make do with his new living quarters.

Cheol Soo and Twin mess around on the soccer field. Twin guesses that if Cheol Soo isn’t interested in Ra Young, then he should ask her out for a date. Cheol Soo is quiet, but Twin reminds him that he can tell when his brother obviously likes someone. Twin cheers Cheol Soo on and  advises to be honest about his feelings for Ra Young. When Cheol Soo peeks in on her class, he is surprised at his racing heartbeat – aw, he has feelings for her. But he isn’t confident and searches “how to confess your feelings.” Ra Young is startled when Cheol Soo stops her and asks, “Why are you avoiding me?” She explains that she apologized for the misunderstanding. But he is on a different page and tells her that he has something to say: “I like you.” Ra Young is in a daze; didn’t he say he was in love with someone else? If Cheol Soo knew what he was doing in the dating department, he would never have responded the way he did by telling her that he uses that as an excuse to get rid of clingy girls. “So I was clingy? You wanted to get rid of me?” Ra Young is insulted and turns on her heel. Of course that isn’t what he meant, but he stumbled over his words and made things worse. She leaves (for effect) but turns around and faces him, “So, you like me.” She is confident, but he is confused.

Jung Hwan is really depressed at work. He even snaps at his co-worker that if she doesn’t leave the subject alone then he can’t work with her. To make matters worse, Landlady Oh shows up at his office. They meet briefly but he tells her not to show up at his work again; he has nothing left to say to her. She is selfish and clueless to her own demise.

It’s the big day when Yoo Joo moves in. She and Jun Young will marry tomorrow. Even though cousin-in-law Min Ha welcomes her warmly (he is such a charmer), the Byun daughters are cool toward her. They are not going to easily let her meld in with the family

. It is another large family dinner with Grandma and the rest joining the Byuns to celebrate the soon-to-be newlyweds. The elders pass along some advice to the couple; even though Yoo Joo is marrying the eldest and therefore will pull rank on the daughters, Grandma tells her to show them respect and get along. The daughters cringe.

Mi Young is the first to excuse herself from the table. Soon, Hye Young follows her into the kitchen. Since they are both in a funk they should share a drink, suggests Hye Young. Joong Hee isn’t far behind – he is showing his loyalty to Mi Young. The three of them share chicken and beer in Joong Hee’s new rooftop digs. Hye Young and Joong Hee sloppily cheer on Mi Young against Yoo Joo. Then Ra Young sticks her head in the room and scolds them for not including her. She has a pretty box that contains a fancy pair of shoes that Yoo Joo gave her as a present of sorts. Really, they are flats so that Ra Young won’t stand taller than Yoo Joo at the wedding and take attention away from the bride. “So we’re not in her league?” Mi Young says of her and Hye Young since they didn’t receive shoes.

Joong Hee is annoyed that Yoo Joo is acting this way.  He has a plan; the Byun sisters will get a special makeover for the wedding – his treat. They couldn’t be more excited.

The morning of the wedding, Jun Young and Yoo Joo leave for the hall. It’s time for the others to head to the salon. Mom thinks that it’s fun to have a celebrity in the family after all. Joong Hee proudly takes them to Total Beauty Salon for the whole works.

Hye Young is gorgeous in a lovely ivory dress, Ra Young is charming in lace and a pink jacket. But when Mi Young steps out, Joong Hee is starstruck. She is adorable in a pale blue lace dress and light makeup. “For the first time in 31 years, I am realizing how beautiful my younger sister is,” Hye Young compliments. Joong Hee acts all casual, saying that she doesn’t look too bad. But his expression at realizing she is a “woman” is priceless.

before and after pictures

Joong Hee plans to drop them off at the wedding. Since there will be many people from Gabi Entertainment, he doesn’t want to look suspicious (they don’t know he is part of the family, now and he wants to keep that a secret). But Mi Young convinces him that they will just think he is attending the wedding of his manager’s brother to someone who works with him. He agrees to go in with her.

Uncle snaps pictures right and left of the bride and groom. It is glamour city when the lovely sisters arrive; they make sure they steal the spotlight. Joong Hee watches from the doorway. This may be his first wedding and first family affair. He seems to be enjoying himself.

Joong Hee sticks to Tae Boo. They head off to the food table. Hye Young does her best to make the day all about her brother, but she has to blink back tears several times when she sees a couple together that makes memories of Jung Hwan flood back.

Jun Young and Yoo Joo make a lovely bride and groom. They have written cheerful vows that are adorable and endearing.

As the eldest family member, Grandma makes a little speech. As usual, she doesn’t’ filter her words, even mentioning that her grandson is impatient and got his bride pregnant. But she ends with a heartfelt tribute to her son-n-law and hopes that, in turn, his son will turn out like him. Grandma steals the show and is happy in the moment.

The final family wedding picture is complete – except for Joong Hee standing at the side. Dad wants to call him over, but it’s still a secret so to speak. Mi Young is alert and knows why Joong Hee turns and leaves. He is still an outsider.

The family sends off the newlyweds with bravos and applause. “One of my children is married!” Mom whoops and hollers.

It’s karaoke time! Mom and Grandma sing sincerely. Uncle is as cheesy as they come and Min Ha puts an end to it by turning off the music. Next it’s the famous Byun sisters singing together! But Hye Young remembers that time when she first met Jung Hwan in college singing on stage.

She can’t hold it in any longer; wiping away her tears she says, “I’ll leave first.” The family is sorry to see her struggle. It is clear that Hye Young is not okay.

Hye Young goes to her office. She looks back on her texts with Jung Hwan and recalls their many happy moments together. She can’t control her tears.

She grabs a taxi and calls Jung Hwan. “I’m on my way to the TV station. Can you spare some time?” He runs outside to wait for her.

They meet on the steps.


  • Hey, shouldn’t our former MBLAQ member have been at karaoke to sing his heart out?
  • I really love Hye Young. She faces everything head-on. She has so much going for her and she knows how to handle herself. I like that she had fun with her sisters getting a makeover (who wouldn’t love that?) and joined the family one hundred percent for her brother’s wedding, but at the end of the day she also acknowledged her true feelings that she missed Jung Hwan. And she did something about it. If anyone can make an impossible situation work, it’s going to be Hye Young.
  • This episode felt so real with Joong Hee making inroads with his sisters, but at the same time he had to hide that relationship at the wedding. The division was felt the most when the family wedding picture was taken. Dad couldn’t call out “come join us!” like he wished he could. Everyone had to show restraint and that demonstrated the division that still exists. But, the “sisters” felt the love of their big “brother” taking care of them with a revenge makeover. He was as relaxed as he has ever been with the family and they drew a little closer. Relationships are like rubber bands – they can stretch to include but can also retract to contain less. That’s what it felt like at the family wedding photo.
  • I wonder what other sorts of antics will take place in the rooftop room?
  • Cheol Soo is going to have to pick up the pace; he is a bit dull and lives in the shadow of his twin. He’ll have to gain confidence somehow and create sparks if he wants Ra Young to see his charms. (I know she already likes him, but she is high maintenance and he doesn’t know how to show his feelings or give her boyfriend attention, yet.) So, Twin really was acting the way he was to make Cheol Soo a little jealous and admnowlege his own feelings about Ra Young.
  • What is it going to be like now that Yoo Joo is a family member? (Haha, Joong Hee told her to call him “Actor Ahn” like she does at work. He really is an ally to Mi Young!)
  • Oh, and that twinkle in Joong Hee’s eyes when he saw Mi Young as a woman was real. But they’re siblings. Gotta fix that.

*BONUS* ~ enjoy!



5 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 22 recap

    • It was a fun episode watching Joong Hee fit in with his sisters, but then feeling the heartbreak of him being on the outside for family pictures. Hye Young is beautiful!


  1. Congratulations on the half million mark! May there be many more milestones in the near future.

    A quibble. Hye Young did not disclose to her parents the reason WHY Jung Hwan broke up with her and in that way she deflected the blame entirely onto him, causing her parents to channel the bulk of their anger to him. Rather sneaky and at the same time, smart of her. Had they known that she moved in with JH with no intention of marriage they’d be angrier and more disappointed with her than they are now. Smart, for it shifted the main focus away from her earning her some respite however briefly, for at that point in time there was no forseeable way for her to willingly be a daughter in law to Horrid Oh (my moniker for Landlady Oh 😛 ). Hye Young didn’t plan on mariage and now that the potential groom had broken up with her, her parents can’t very well force or cajole her to marry, can they?

    I thought Dad pulled a reverse physcology number on Mom when he acted like he wouldn’t allow JH to marry HY. Mom had been adamantly against the idea of having Horrid Oh as an in-law but as soon as Dad proclaimed his refusal of allowng JH to marry his good catch of a daughter, seemingly going along with Mom’s sentiments, Mom gave him a WTH look and you could almost see her starting to consider the possibility of being in-laws with Horrid Oh. Dad sure knows how to push Mom’s buttons! One should at least know that after more than 30 years of marriage. Haha..

    After this episode, the reveal about Dad assuming his friend’s identity better come quick. Although that reveal may cause some negative backlash like feeling betrayed amongst the family by Dad’s and Mom’s long running deception , one positive outcome of it would be the removal of the eeuwww.. factor from the Joon Hee-Mi Young relationship, that they’re NOT brother and sister, for let’s face it, that boy is dumbstruck by Mi Young’s understated beauty! So, let the reveal come for THAT ship to sail!

    And how great were the sisters in upstaging the spotlight away from the bride on her wedding day? Their mugging for the camera, especially Hye Young and Ra Young, reminded me of Cheon Soon Yi in You From Another Star. Take that, Yoo Joo!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I disagree about Hye Young. She did tell her parents that Jung Hwan broke up with her because she said she didn’t want to get married hence the father getting upset. For clarification he asked something like “he broke up with you because of that?” Also when Jung Hwan came over to tell the parents that he wanted to get married, Hye Young said she hadn’t thought about it but now she would.

      I can’t wait for the ick factor to be done away with. I want their romance to start asap! But this does give credence to the belief that not growing up with someone takes away familial feelings. Still gross though, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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