My Father Is Strange – ep 18 recap

Mi Young strongly protests against Jun Young and Yoo Joo living at home once they’re married. Joong Hee suddenly protests, too, saying that there are too many people living in the house already. But he knows the real reason why Mi Young doesn’t want Yoo Joo living with them. When Mom asks Mi Young why she’s against it, she says that it will be too much work with a baby. Mom tells her not to worry, she won’t babysit all the time and she’s not that old.  

Dad announces that it’s already been decided and hopes everyone can be on board. Mi Young rushes to the rooftop. Joong Hee follows her. He tells her that he saw Yoo Joo with Jun Young yesterday and knows everything. Shouldn’t she tell her family about Yoo Joo? But Mi Young doesn’t want Joong Hee to meddle in her business. Once again, Joong Hee wonders what he did wrong.

Mi Young can’t sleep wondering if Yoo Joo is really going to move into the house without saying anything to her. She can’t forgive her that easily.

Dad and Mom are going out before breakfast. Dad asks Jun Young to make sure everyone eats before they leave for work, especially Joong Hee, since he won’t ask for something even if he needs it. But it isn’t a cozy family setting at the table; rather, the siblings gulp their yogurt drink standing up and dash off. Nobody says anything much to Joong Hee. Joong Hee is glad to find the bathroom unoccupied. But after a while, Ra Young pounds on the door because he is taking so long. Poor Joong Hee emerges from the bathroom unable to poop. “It’s been five days,” he laments.

Hye Young asks to met up with Mi Young. They have lunch at a nice little café near Gabi Entertainment. “Then Yoo Joo must come here, too,” comments Hye Young. It’s her way of letting Mi Young know that she knows what’s up between her and Yoo Joo. Hye Young turns on the recorder for Mi Young to hear. “I didn’t know [the pen] was a recorder,” replies Mi Young.  Her sister tells her that the situation is a family problem, now, and that she doesn’t have to take it lightly. Mi Young is worried that if she tells Jun Young and he still marries Yoo Joo, she won’t be able to forgive him, either. Mi Young appreciates her sister’s support, but she has decided that she alone must handle it in order to overcome. She is bothered by the fact that she couldn’t stop Yoo Joo back then from bullying her because she wasn’t brave enough. So this time, she won’t back down. She will ask for a sincere apology from Yoo Joo, and even so, she may choose to tell Jun Young about it. By doing so, she will be able to say goodbye to her foolish past. Hye Young listens to her sister who is all grown up. She will step back, but she tells Mi Young to let her know if she needs her help.

Mi Young confronts Yoo Joo at work. “I hear you want to move in with our family without an apology.” She wonders if Yoo Joo has even reflected on how she mistreated her in high school. “Apologize properly!” she demands. Mi Young doesn’t hold back and recounts how Yoo Joo bullied her back then. It is an emotional retelling of how Yoo Joo called her a pig and said that she smelled. Mi Young was publicly humiliated. Does Yoo Joo even realize that her mean bullying ruined her entire high school life? She was so afraid that she smelled that she took a shower once, sometimes twice a day. She scrubbed her body raw. But those physical wounds were nothing compared to her psychological wounds. School was nightmare; she tried to stay quiet – invisible, all the while wishing that someone would be her friend. She became a laughing stock because of Yoo Joo and lived as a ghost.

Surprisingly, Yoo Joo has her own story of blame: because of Mi Young, everyone found out about her parents.

Flashback: When the teacher comes into the classroom looking for Yoo Joo, Mi Young says she is in the washroom. The teacher wonders why Yoo Joo hasn’t brought in her mother like she asked her to do. She tells Mi Young to send Yoo Joo to her office when she sees her. Mi Young says she thinks she is living with her stepmother and maybe that’s why she hasn’t brought her mother to school. Teacher says she wasn’t aware of that. Yoo Joo overhears and is embarrassed.

Yoo Joo didn’t want anyone to know that her parents were divorced. Mi Young revealed personal information to the teacher and that upset Yoo Joo. It was her story to tell and Mi Young shouldn’t have said anything. Mi Young explains that, back then, she truly meant to help by covering for Yoo Joo. But, being made aware of Yoo Joo’s perspective, she readily apologizes for causing her harm. Yoo Joo says she, too, was trying to help Mi Young lose weight back then. But Mi Young won’t accept that excuse for a reason. If Yoo Joo was really trying to help, then she won’t mind if Jun Young knows about it. Mi Young is calling her bluff. No apology? Fine, she’ll go to her brother. She was going to keep it a secret, but without a sincere apology she can’t let it go. Yoo Joo calls Mi Young selfish, but she doesn’t care – she wants to be selfish and do what she wants for once.

Mi Young calls Jun Young and tells him she has something to say. They agree to meet after he gets off work tomorrow.

Yoo Joo also gets a call. Hye Young waits for her at the café. When Yoo Joo greets her, Hye Young tells her to “sit down.” She came as Mi Young’ sister. Yoo Joo fidgets and the lawyer in Mi Young comes out, “A guilty conscience needs no accuser.” She doesn’t let up: “Do you regret what you did? You should regret it and apologize…If Mi Young forgives you, then I will too. If not, then I can’t either.” Hye Young demands to know why she did that to Mi Young. “Why?!” Yoo Joo whines that she was jealous of Mi Young’s family.

Flashback: Yoo Joo’s friends ask, “Aren’t you going to eat?’ But she tells them she is on a diet and to go ahead. Dad comes with a lunch for Mi Young. He wants her to enjoy a warm meal. Yoo Joo watches with envy; she doesn’t have anyone who cares for her like that. She looks over her shoulder with longing at the loves between Mi Young and Dad.

She explains to Hye Young that her parents got divorced and every day was torture living with her stepmother. She didn’t have lunch money. Still, she couldn’t talk about her personal life with her friends. Hye Young listens. But, she says that’s no reason to bully with violence. Yoo Joo is just trying to justify what she did to Mi Young. “You should apologize to Mi Young,” she warns. Hye Young leaves; Yoo Joo is upset. At home, Yoo Joo sits on her bed and sighs over the whole situation. Does she really not get it?

Part-timers Jun Young and Uncle keep up with their night shift, loading boxes. It is tiring labor.

Breakfast is served! Hye Young has the morning meal all ready when Jung Hwan awakes. However, it looks better than it tastes; he spits out the first bite–it’s waaay too salty. She tells him that cooking is her weakness and from now on, he should do it. They receive a wedding invitation from some friends. Jung Hwan comments that the couple is finally getting married. Hye Young knows why she doesn’t bring up the subject of marriage–because of his mother–but she wonders why he never says anything about it. They awkwardly act like getting married isn’t something either one is thinking about right now.

Jung Hwan asks a colleague about why Hye Young doesn’t act interested. Colleague says that at her age, she wouldn’t be dating him if she wasn’t thinking about marriage. Conclusion: she is interested. Hye Young asks her friend the same thing. Her friend tells her to be straightforward. But with Landlady Oh as his mother, there’s no way Hye Young would consider marrying him. Yet, when she gets a text from Jung Hwan, her cutesy reaction makes her friend gag.

Mom and Joong Hee are the only ones home. They sit down together for lunch. He remembers to thank her for the meal, and asks her to talk to him casually. But Mom thinks they should take it slow. She’ll speak to him casually when she is more comfortable. It is odd seeing Mom act so reserved.

Husband eats ramen from a pot. Landlady Oh slips him a debit card with $300 on it. When he complains, she tells him he can just give it back. He keeps it but acts resentful. She reminds him that the money comes with conditions: wash the dishes and clean up his mess. Unhappy with his situation, Husband wonders why his retired life is like this. He looks up articles online about retirement and settles on one titled “graduating from marriage.” Now there’s an interesting concept.

Uncle is beat after a long night on the loading dock. While he’d prefer to stay at home and rest, Aunt badgers him not to miss work at the photography studio. Business is slow, so he asks the owner if he can go home. But his boss won’t allow it. “What if there are walk-in customers?” Aunt looks in and sees him being scolded; she feels sorry for Uncle. Just as Boss heads out for the day, Aunt gives him an earful–if he is only going to pay Uncle half, then he should work him less. Like a gangster, she threatens to turn him in if he continues to violate employee laws. Aunt takes care of Uncle with a warm lunch and kind words, asking him to hold out until Min Ha graduates. Then she can get a better part-time job, too. Uncle is moved by her kindness toward him.

The rec center employees gather together to watch an important soccer match in the viewing room. Ra Young asks Cheol Soo who the teams are. He replies, “Suwon versus Seoul.” He is rooting for the blue team, Suwon. Ra Young asks Cheol Soo questions along the way. He explains the technical moves to her. When they reach for popcorn, their hands t♥uch. Everyone cheers when Suwon makes a goal and in the excitement of the moment, Ra Young hugs Cheol Soo. After the match, they all head out. Ra Young skips along playfully with her friend. Cheol Soo’s brother is waiting for him. They hug and head out the door arm in arm. Ra Young pines over the injustice of it all – too bad, both are so handsome. She continues to mistake them as lovers.

At lunch, the brothers compare their different lives. While Cheol Soo is into sports against their father’s wishes, Twin is taking over the business like their father wants. Twin has a good laugh when a female admirer asks Cheol Soo for his number and he tells her that he loves someone else. “Still doing the same old thing?” Twin teases him. But for now, soccer is his main focus. We are beginning to get an idea of the cause of the rift between Cheol Soo and his father.

Joong Hee’s agent meets him when he arrives at work. They discuss his contract that is up for renewal. Since Joong Hee is a bigger star these days, Agent offers some perks. He can bring back Tae Boo and get rid of “intern.” But Joong Hee stands up for her and casually says that she is doing better these days. Joong Hee calls in Mi Young to help him practice. She is to read the other person’s lines so that he can recite his more naturally. After a few tries, he scolds her for reading in a monotonous tone and tells her to look at him. But she is less than enthusiastic, and dismisses her.

He complains out loud that their home life is interfering with her job performance. Everyone treats him like he is invisible. If the siblings hate him so much, they should tell him to leave. He sighs.

Joong Hee runs into Grandma in front of Father’s Snackshack. She asks him to give her a tour of a tv station. He tries to be agreeable, but when Joong Hee doesn’t know a single actor that Grandma mentions (old timers), she brushes him off. “Does wearing sunglasses make you a celebrity? Go.” She waves him away. Joong Hee bows and leaves. In the apartment, he finds Dad and Jun Young installing the bidet. He stands around, helpless. When he clears his throat, Dad makes a big deal that he should drink some tea. Dad asks Jun Young to make tea for Joong Hee, but Jun Young seems annoyed and replies that he is off to meet with Mi Young. Once again, Joong Hee feels unwelcome and invisible. He is having a hard time fitting in and finding his place.

Yoo Joo asks Mi Young if she has some time. They go outside. Yoo Joo wants to know if she has talked to Jun Young, yet. Mi Young tells her that it’s too late. Yoo Joo finally agrees that she didn’t mean well back then. “I did wrong. I hated you so much.” She justifies that she was jealous of her nice family life and insists that Mi Young wasn’t the only one who got hurt. Still, she does apologize. “Please. Let me marry your brother. Don’t tell him anything,” she begs. She even throws in that they won’t live there, if Mi Young doesn’t want that. Mi Young  has a hard time deciding if Yoo Joo is sincere or only wants to make her path easier.

Jun Young looks up wedding halls on his phone. Mi Young joins him at a café table. “Talk to me,” he tells his sister. “Oppa,” she begins, “do you love that woman? What do you like about her?” He tells her that she trusts him, and she makes him feel confident. He feels bad that he doesn’t pull his weight at home, but she makes him want to be a better person. His smile tells Mi Young that he really is in love. She decides not to say anything to him about Yoo Joo.

Once again, Mi Young seeks solace on the rooftop. This time she calls Yoo Joo and asks to meet tomorrow. With one more confrontation about their past Mi Young asks, “Why should I forgive you?” She makes it perfectly clear that she is going to let their ugly past go for Jun Young’s sake. She knows that he loves Yoo Joo and she doesn’t want to hurt him. So, she won’t tell him, as hard a decision as that is for her. But she makes sure that Yoo Joo understands that everything is not erased. After all, that hurt won’t go away in a day. She makes Yoo Joo hear her out: maybe she finally apologized because she was afraid of losing Jun Young, but even so, Mi Young accepts her apology. “Marry my brother. Move in if you want to. But treat my brother and my family well. Otherwise what you did goes public.” It takes Mi Young everything inside of her to hold back for her brother and accept Yoo Joo’s apology.

Who knew shopping for delicious foods could be so flirty? Hye Young and Jung Hwan stroll arm in arm through the aisles of the grocery store like they’re on a date. Ra Young happens also to be in the store and sees them. She watches Jung Hwan feed Hye Young little tidbits. She snaps away, taking pictures of the two of them being all lovey-dovey. “I don’t like this,” she says. Ra Young follows them down the street, into a building, and even gets in the same elevator, covering herself with a hoodie. “We’re home,” she hears Jung Hwan say, as they enter apartment 2003. Ra Young takes a picture of the apartment number. “If our parents only knew,” she thinks.

Hye Young gets a text: Photos from Ra Young. Her sister has sent the picture she just took of them. Immediately Hye Young and Jung Hwan realize they are busted!


  • First of all, Joong Hee feels so out of place! He isn’t able to connect with anyone in the family; he is dismissed by Grandma, in the way with Dad and Jun Young, practically ignored by Mi Young, and awkward with Mom. He even tried to take Mi Young’s side, like a sympathetic sibling would, but his presence is so abrupt that fitting in isn’t going to happen overnight.
  • Another thing that isn’t going to happen overnight is fixing the Mi Young – Yoo Joo history. We saw Mi Young wrestle with her emotions, from anger toward Yoo Joo, appreciation toward Hye Young, and compassion for her brother. This time, she wants to confront Yoo Joo on her own and seek revenge, but in the end, she defers to her brother’s situation in all this and decides not to drag him into it. It’s a hard decision, since her love for him also lets Yoo Joo off the hook – something that is hard to swallow. And Yoo Joo, what is her game? She drives me crazy with her split personality. It isn’t that she was just mean to Mi Young in high school either, she also treated her badly as an intern until she found out that Mi Young is her fiance’s sister. I don’t buy her apology, but she does seem to struggle with her own feelings about it. Why in the world is it so hard for her to apologize? It is as if she isn’t owning her violent bullying. Thank goodness Hye Young isn’t shy about calling out her excuses and justification. I’m glad to see this drama confront the justification of bullying with excuses rather than acknowledging the wrong and changing the behavior.
  • Loved Aunt’s gangster threat, haha! Uncle is kinda of a slacker, but Aunt won’t watch him being looked down on.
  • Ra Young is so cute with Cheol Soo, calling him Oppa. Her actions toward Cheol Soo reflect her understanding that they can only be friends. But he is in the dark about all that, and can’t quite figure out how he feels toward her. They are so cute – I can’t wait to see them together as a couple! But, there will have to be a lot of straightening out of misunderstandings before that happens. Love Twin, too. He acts like the “older” brother with dating advice and as a go-between for Cheol Soo and their father. Apparently, Twin is the heir apparent to the family business, while Cheol Soo is viewed as the rebellious son who has chosen the less desirable career path in sports. I wonder if their father is a famous former soccer player?
  • Ra Young has fallen into the role of spy. While she knows that Hye Young is living in an apartment with a friend, the whole family thinks it’s a female friend. Ra Young has come upon a very interesting situation and takes advantage of this knowledge. With those pictures, she can hang whatever she wants over Hye Young’s head. Walnut and Cracker have a lot to be worried about!
  • Jun Young’s grin could win over a dictator! It certainly melted Mi Young’s heart. I love seeing their sibling love and care for one another.
  • Touching hands while reaching for popcorn never grows old!




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