My Father Is Strange – ep 16 recap

Even a calming pill won’t lessen the shock of Mom’s news. “Your dad has…another son.” The children want to know what she means. Mom explains that it happened before they married. Dad had no idea that the woman he dated had a son. He just found out, too. “Things like this only happen in dramas,” sighs Jun Young. They want to know if Mom is okay. She tells them not to worry about her. But there is something else that will surprise them – that son wants to come and live with them. The children draw the line at that. “Are you serious?” they cry.  

Dad is beside himself as he relays the good news to Joong Hee. But Joong Hee feels stuffy; so many people in one tiny space. There are two bathrooms, and he can have the eldest daughter’s room, Dad informs him. Now that moving in is a reality, Joong Hee has reservations. He tells Dad that he’ll think about it.

The siblings discuss the sudden and shocking news. They are all disappointed in Dad. Mi Young suggests a paternity test. No one wants that person to move into their house. Hye Young tells them to calm down and think through this situation rationally. First, they are all against this guy moving in. Hye Young will tell Dad how they feel. Dad wants to explain more, but Hye Young cuts him off.

Hye Young speaks for the siblings: first, they are shocked. They trusted Dad more than anyone in the world and they are very disappointed. Dad can have those feelings towards his other son, but it isn’t fair to ask Mom and his family to share in the burden. They are against that person moving in. Mom speaks up and says that she is fine, so they don’t have to stand up for her. She has decided to accept Dad’s proposal. Hye Young thinks Mom is in shock and can’t make a rational decision. Mom reminds Hye Young that she is a lawyer, not a psychiatrist. Hye Young insists that they don’t have to live with him; Dad can be a father to him alone. Leave them out of this. The children don’t understand why Mom stands behind Dad. Ra Young threatens to move out. Can’t they understand this young man who has never had a father asks Mom? Can’t Mom understand how hurt her children are? The family members’ perspectives don’t match. Mom accuses them of being cold-hearted.

All four children are worried for Mom. Is she crazy? Jun Young says that Mom’s heart is set on letting him move in, so there isn’t anything they can do. Mi Young and Ra Young think about getting a place together. Hye Young scolds them for letting that guy chase them out of their own home. No matter how hard she tries, Hye Young can’t understand Mom.

Dad is worried that his children do not respect him any longer. Mi Young and Ra Young wouldn’t even look at him. Mom tells him that he will just have to handle that. What did he expect?

Joong Hee can’t believe Dad’s family is so generous in allowing him to move in after showing up out of the blue. Maybe Dad told them that he is a celebrity. That must be it; who wouldn’t want to live with a celeb? He is distracted thinking about whether his bed will fit in a room a little bigger than his bathroom. Maybe he shouldn’t have insisted on moving in with them.

The daughters won’t eat at breakfast. Dad apologizes for letting them down. Mom tells them that the new son can have Jun Young’s room when he gets married. For now, he will have Hye Young’s room and she will bunk with her sisters when she comes home on the weekends. No one is happy with the arrangement. But their protests fall of deaf ears: Dad asks them to please accept the decision.

Hye Young calls Jung Hwan and tells him she won’t be coming to the apartment. When he asks the reason, she tells him that it’s too embarrassing. “Eat well,” she says and hangs up. Jun Young gives his sisters a ride to work. Ra Young is the most upset. She’d rather die than live with that person. “I hate Dad!” she blurts out.

Mom has come to tell Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma about the situation. They have this and that to say  – I told you so – I’m going to break his neck – How can you take his side – She’s a fool – but Mom, who is the strong one in the family, tells them to accept it and welcome him.

Mi Young is totally spaced out as she drives Joong Hee to work. The light turns green but she can only sit and stare. Joong Hee is preoccupied as well. She drops him off at a restaurant for a staff dinner. Director Ryu wants to make sure everyone is on the same page. Jung Joon offers to help Joong Hee practice. But Joong Hee announces he is moving in with his dad. Those feelings that he needs to portray in the drama will develop naturally in his new setting. Joong Hee texts Dad that he will move in this weekend.

The siblings are all distracted. Their lives have been disrupted and they don’t know how to handle the situation.

Jun Young goes with Yoo Joo for the ultrasound. When they hear the baby’s heartbeat, they both tear up and smile. They are blissful parents-to-be. Jun Young cooks a nice meal for Yoo Joo at her apartment. When he serves her kimchi she gags–morning sickness has set in. Jun Young thoughtfully takes it off the table, but begins to gag himself. He has sympathy morning sickness.

Landlady Oh and Husband are still at it. She criticizes him for spending money on cameras and 30 days-worth of underwear and towels. He argues that he is retired after working hard all his life and can live as he pleases. Landlady Oh reminds him that her father bought their house and it is under her name. She is going to cancel his credit card and give him an allowance of $300/month. Husband has steam coming out of his ears and yells that she should respect that he worked for the family all his life. Landlady Oh doesn’t care; he’d better pull his weight and clean up or she’ll lower his allowance to $250. These two are hopeless.

Cheol Soo hears something coming from the rec center. He sneaks through the dark halls with a flashlight. He follows the loud crying and finds Ra Young drunk and carrying on. He warns her that the security guard will be along shortly and that she’d better leave. She is sloppy drunk and red-faced and tells him that their father betrayed the family. She used to love him the most but now she doesn’t want to see his face. “Men are all the same,” she sobs, telling Cheol Soo that her father has another son. As the security guard approaches, Cheol Soo drags Ra Young behind a wall and holds his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

When the danger passes, she smiles and leans on his chest. Cheol Soo’s heart races. Ra Young heads out when she gets a text from Mi Young. She cutely calls “goodbye” to Cheol Soo.

Ra Young and Mi Young drink outside the convenience store. Hye Young joins them. They talk about their hard day. Hye Young has come up with two options: (1) to get an apartment together after Jun Young gets married, or (2) to live with the situation as it is. As tempting as the idea of a girls-only apartment is, they decide that living with the situation is the only realistic thing to do. But Mi Young tells Hye Young that she appreciates that she even wanted to move out with them. Along comes Jun Young who tells them that they should have called him to join them. Jun Young agrees with the decision to make peace with the way things are, but he won’t accept that guy as his older brother. They all agree with that.

Dad and Mom are happy to hear the children will abide by the decision to let that guy move in with them. Ra Young is still struggling and can’t believe the other son will move in this weekend. She still won’t look at Dad.

Jung Hwan looks for his mother in a restaurant where they are supposed to meet. He is uncomfortable with how fancy the place is, but becomes even more upset when he discovers Landlady Oh has set up a blind date. This is as awkward as any blind date could be; Jung Hwan quickly tells the innocent woman that he is seeing someone. He sincerely apologizes. The woman calls Landlady Oh and asks how she could make such a mistake to set her up with her son who has a girlfriend. Landlady Oh demands of Jung Hwan who he is seeing. But he puts her off. Can’t she just stay out of it?

Joon Hee makes a list of his new family members and thoughtfully considers a gift for each one – a watch, perfume, a bag, a nice scarf. He calls on Mi Young to assist him in shopping. She sniffs perfumes, gives her opinion on watches, and slips another shopping bag over her shoulder as they make the rounds. Joong Hee tells her over lunch that he will be moving into his dad’s place. She sighs, and comments that it will be stressful for the family. After all, he showed up out of nowhere. She feels sorry for the mom, she tells him. Her own situation informs her comments to him. He says that since he is a celebrity, no one objects. In fact, the neighborhood value will go up with him in the neighborhood. She asks how many children are in the family. He says four. She considers the coincidence for a moment, but dismisses it. After all, there are other families with four children, she tells herself.

Hye Young packs up her room for the newcomer. Mi Young gets a call and borrows a pen from her sister. She writes the message: pick up clothes for Yoo Joo in the art department. When she hangs up she says out loud, “Yoo Joo, you haven’t apologized or called me. Do you really expect to marry my brother Jun Young that easily?” Was that Hye Young’s recorder pen?

Hye Young sleeps with Mom. She wants Mom to know that she doesn’t have to pretend to be okay with her. If Mom feels that she needs to divorce Dad, she’ll take her case for free. Don’t bottle things up inside, she’ll get sick. Does Mom understand what she’s saying? Mom realizes that her daughter is all grown up and mature. They hold hands. “Thanks,” Mom smiles at Hye Young. “Don’t push yourself,” Hye Young tenderly whispers to Mom.

What’s with that outfit, Joong Hee? He tops off his celeb look with sunglasses, glances around his empty apartment, and picks up Al in his carrier. “I’m on my way,” he calls ahead to Dad.

Jun Young texts his sisters: Why aren’t you home? He’ll be here in an hour. They’re on their way, although they are reluctant about the fateful meeting.

Joong Hee pulls up. Dad is waiting for him. They make small talk. Dad offers to carry up his things from the car, but Joong Hee points to a truck that pulls up loaded to overflowing with just the bare necessities.

The siblings sit cross-armed with heads down waiting in the living room for the intruder to arrive. Joong Hee enters with a big smile and hands Mom the present he brought for her. One by one, Dad introduces his children. “Hello,” he says to each one. He looks to greet the last person but stops, his mouth open and eyes wide.

Standing there as one of Dad’s children is none other than Intern Mi Young. Omo, omo!


  • This is both hilarious and serious at the same time. Poor Mi Young! If anyone’s life is a drama, it’s hers. And she is the least dramatic person involved. I mean, how could this be? Her brother’s girlfriend is the biggest pain and now they’re getting married. But, in comparison, this is way, way worse. Dad’s betrayal is bad enough to deal with, and having Dad’s other son come live with them is unthinkable, but – that person is her cranky, irritable, boss? No way.
  • My insides are churning at the lie that Mom told on top of the lie – their father, Han Soo, isn’t really even Han Soo. Joong Hee isn’t really his son. And Dad didn’t have a fling before he married Mom that ended up in a pregnancy. I guess there is that much legally at stake for covering up Han Soo’s death some 35 years ago and for Dad to have been living as Han Soo all this time. I actually think Mom has made it much worse, but Dad is so passive. He seems to live in fear. Now there is another layer of untruth to how the story has been told and lived all these years.
  • It was cute to see Cheol Soo’s heart do a flip-flop when he and Ra Young were hiding from the security guard in the dark. But he got a call from his girlfriend (supposedly) in his room to meet him tomorrow. He didn’t look too pleased.
  • Hye Young is definitely the brains of the family. She is smart, accomplished, and figures out everything for everyone else. I loved the scene with her and Mom and their woman-to-woman talk. Here again, though, Mom has created a scenario about what happened that isn’t true. I am very uneasy over this. The children hate Dad, or at least are very disappointed in him, but for a reason that hides the truth. Complicated.
  • How cute was the conversation between Joong Hee and Mi Young about moving in with the family. He is that person, and she is that family. Mi Young’s responses were probably an about-face to the way she would have answered him if she wasn’t facing a similar situation first hand. To be exact, the same situation. For a moment, she even considered if he might be talking about her family, but no – she dismissed that likelihood. What an utter shock she must have felt when he entered the Byun family’s front door. Numb. Out of this world impossible. Never. Reality.
  • What’s funny is that I don’t have any idea of how I want things to work out. I’m on this emotional roller coaster for the ride – all 50 episodes long! What I do know is that, out of everyone, I’m on Mi Young’s side.

5 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 16 recap

    • Glad you found this recap! I like the storylines of the all siblings. So far, the only sibling that isn’t directly entangled with Gabi Entertainment is Ra Young which I find interesting.


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