My Father Is Strange – ep 15 recap

Mom is very upset at Dad for inviting Joong Hee to live with them without discussing it with her. There are so many issues that it raises and she can’t believe that Dad didn’t think things through. Dad says he understands but how can he ignore Han Soo’s son who thinks that he is his father? What does he plan on telling the children, she wonders. Dad hopes that Mom will tell them with her natural persuasion and way with words. Really? “How come you’re so bold and reckless with this?” she demands, since in all other matters, he is so timid. Dad can only think about the young man who has come looking for his father. “I can’t turn my back on him,” he tells Mom. Dad says he wronged his friend back then and must do this – take in his friend’s son as his own. But Mom and Dad remain at odds.  

Mi Young and Ra Young have both drowned their sorrows in beer. Ra Young asks, “What is life?” Mi Young wisely responds, “Life is love and war.” They are ready to wage war against love’s injustices!

The next morning Mi Young wakes up with a headache and cringes at the thought of what she told Joong Hee over drinks the night before. “Maybe he’ll forget,” she hopes. Joong Hee wakes up equally hung over. He, too, recalls his loose tongue with Mi Young. “I told intern all that?” he asks himself. He doesn’t want to see her this morning and calls Tae Boo to handle his interview instead. Unfortunately, Tae Boo is busy, so Mi Young picks up Joong Hee.

As they wait for the interview, they practically trip over one another making up excuses and pretending they don’t remember a thing about last night. Such awkward laughs!

Mom stews over the situation with Joong Hee and Dad. She finds Dad at the Snackshack and sternly tells him not to be hopeful; she won’t change her mind. All these years he has lived cautiously so as not to get caught – he never got a driver’s license or opened bank account; even the shop and apartment are in Mom’s name. He did all this, she reminds him, to protect their family. How would their children ever understand the situation? Still, Dad argues that he owes it to Han Soo to take in his son as his own. Dad worries that Joong He has never known the warmth of a family. He should give him that, at least. Mom says, “That didn’t convince me.” If Dad wants to cook for Joong Hee and show him what a dad’s love is, then he should do it at his place, not their home.

Cheol Soo sells the ring his brother gave him. He pays off his tuition with the money, and calls his brother to thank him. Turns out his brother is his fraternal twin–only two minutes older! Ra Young stops by the soccer field to make peace in her mind about just being friends with Cheol Soo. “I should regard it as a natural disaster,” she convinces herself. She has misunderstood the exchange she saw between Cheol Soo and his brother, thinking they are lovers. She’d rather have a male friend if she can’t have him as a boyfriend, she tells herself. She tells Cheol Soo they should confide in each other when they’re in trouble and lean on one another as friends. He is confused and wonders what she’s talking about.

Grandma’s feelings have been hurt by Aunt who suggested she move into Jun Young’s rooftop room when he gets married. She feels that Aunt is pushing her out. Grandma runs away and sits alone on a bench. Min Ha happens by and asks her what she is doing here. When Grandma explains, he takes her hand, asks if she is hungry, and tells cute Grandma to come home with him. Grandma is touched – that’s all she needed, and they walk home arm in arm.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan have fun shopping for groceries. Hye Young acts cute (Jung Hwan pretends it bothers him) and offers to cook. While they are playing around, the bell rings. It’s Landlady Oh no! Jung Hwan hurriedly stuffs Hye Young into the pantry. His mother is upset that he apologized to Mom. She is humiliated and angry. When Hye Young hears Landlady Oh call her mother arrogant, she can’t help herself. To Jung Hwan’s horror, Hye Young stands behind Landlady Oh ready to make herself known. Jung Hwan tries to control the out-of-control situation but he can’t help what his mother says. With folded hands, he silently pleads for Hye Young to understand his dilemma. He escorts his mother to the car, trying not to look like he is rushing her out the door.

Hye Young sits on the couch waiting for him. He immediately kneels and raises his arms, “pleas forgive me,” he begs. He broke their rule not to let family in the apartment no matter what. Hye Young seems to understand that he didn’t create the situation and is forgiving. For starters, he resets the pass code. That must have appeased Hye Young. The next morning Jung Hwan wakes up to a chorus of alarm clocks. They are meant for Hye Young who set them and then hid them around the room. Her phone alarm is set with a math problem to solve to turn it off. But even after all that commotion, Jung Hwan still can’t wake her.

Dad’s ulcer kicks up under the pressure and distress. Mom realizes he is not feeling well and suggests he go to the doctor. When the children ask why she has served porridge for breakfast, she tells them about Dad’s ulcer. They are worried and want him to take care of himself. Mom feels bad that Dad is sick over their disagreement.

Joong Hee wonders why Dad hasn’t called. Did the meeting with the family go well, or did Dad not even tell them, yet? When Dad texts that he can’t come by today, Joong Hee acts like he’s not bothered in the least. Mi Young escorts Joong Hee to the poster shoot for “Oh My Boss.” He even has top billing, just like Director Ryu said, only it turns out that it’s because Sung Joon has a commercial shoot at the same time. There is an uncomfortable meeting when Jung Hwan steps in as the camera man. What is Jung Hwan and Joong Hee’s past relationship? They take turns making thinly veiled digs at each other.

Joong Hee’s photoshoot is going nicely when Sung Joon shows up. All attention goes to him. When he greets Mi Young, Joong Hee stands in between them to indicate that Mi Young is his intern and his alone. Sung Joon offers to practice with Joong Hee, but he tells Mi Young to schedule an appointment with his acting coach. Joong Hee is determined to show improved acting without Sung Joon’s help.

Now Yoo Joo is the one who ducks out of sight when she runs into Mi Young. She knows that she has to apologize, but isn’t willing to. In the meantime, she can’t afford to run into her and not apologize as she doesn’t want to jeopardize her and Jun Young’s relationship. Jun Young shows Uncle the ultrasound. He is happy about getting married and Uncle remembers when he felt that way too – before he was actually married, that is. When Uncle asks what their plans are, Jun Young says they are going to look at places this weekend. But rents are so high, he sighs.

Husband has joined and online poetry community. He is excited to see comments on his first uploaded poem, “Life.” One comment in particular catches his eye. Who is “Zorba the Poet?” he wonders. This person comments that they must have a lot in common. Zorba wants to meet Husband. He looks on the calendar for the next get-together and responds that perhaps they can meet soon. “Have I found my soulmate?” Husband leans back in his chair wondering.

Mom is worried about Dad. He has already gone to the doctor and is taking medicine, he tells her. Mom is relieved. Dad pleads; he can’t turn his back on Han Soo’s son. Won’t she help him out? But Mom resolved to protect the well-being of the entire family and won’t give in. She can do anything for him but this. All day long Mom sits alone thinking and carefully considering the situation. She even looks up actor Anh Joong Hee. After a long while, she calls Aunt and asks her to watch the shop. Then she calls Dad and asks him to go someplace with her.

Mom has decided that a visit to Han Soo’s grave may provide answers. She brings a bunch of flowers and remembers the day years ago that she and Dad stood at the fresh gravesite. All she could say to Han Soo back then was, “Sorry.” After paying their respects, Mom tells Dad, “You can bring Joong Hee home. How can I neglect Han Soo’s son?” Furthermore, she says that she will tell the children. Dad is beside himself. “Thank you, Yeobo. I’ll be even better than before.” Dad cannot hide his joy.

Mom texts the children: There is an emergency meeting tonight. Everyone must be there including Hye Young. She signs off: Son, daughter, daughter, daughter. I love you. They are all shocked, no–worried. Mom has never said she loves them. Dad, yes. But Mom? Hye Young wonders who is in trouble. They are scared. Jun Young tells his sisters to text back they love Mom. What could this possibly be about?

Dad rushes over to tell Joong Hee the good news in person. Joong Hee is nervous now that living with this family may be a reality. All those people in that small space. He didn’t think Dad would come through. But he did.

Jung Young is the last to arrive. With her children sitting around the table, Mom insists they all take a calming pill first. Then she breaks the news: “Okay, then.” With a pause, she continues. “Your Dad has a son.” They sit there, waiting. “Your Dad has…another son.’

“What?” x 4!


  • Mom truly is the glue that holds the family together. Now we know why Dad never drove, registered anything in his name, and even signs in at the doctor’s office as Han Soo. He has had that name longer than his own. Up until this point Dad has been so careful to conceal the truth about his name. The children know nothing about his past or that his name is actually someone else’s identity. Mom scolds him for being so careless now – won’t making contact with Han Soo’s son only cause problems? She remains stern in her resolve, but when Dad’s ulcer acts up, Mom becomes concerned. Neither one will give in. We can feel the anguish that Mom goes through when she spends the entire day sitting at the table, not saying a word – just thinking. The visit to the gravesite is a turning point, and Mom gives in. How can they turn their backs on Han Soo’s son? To Dad’s relief and utmost joy, Mom not only agrees that Joong Hee can move in with them, she also agrees to tell the children. Here’s where I am conflicted; she agrees to tell the children the continuation of the lie. What will that sound like?
  • I had to chalk up a point for Mi Young when Yoo Joo ducked to avoid her this time.
  • I also chalked up a point for Hye Young when she stuck to her promise not to punish Jung Hwan for his mother’s actions. Although it would have been funny to see how shocked Landlady Oh would have been to discover Hye Young standing behind her as she dissed Mom.
  •  Love Ra Young. I’ve been meaning to mention how much I like ombre hair on her. I love how she is treated as the baby of the family in this episode, too.
  • So, Cheol Soo has a twin brother.
  • Min Ha, Min Ha! He rocks, such a cool kid. I love that all it took to stroke Grandma’s hurt feelings was just the right amount of attention from her grandson. It was such a sweet moment.
  • Joong Hee is trying a little bit to get it together. I think. Well, yes and no. His motives are all wrong but that’s because his emotions are buried so deep. Anyhoot, can’t wait for him and Mi Young to meet as sort-of siblings. Squash any romance there. Although 50 episodes later, we’ll see. That’s the beauty of weekend dramas!
  • Love to hear your comments below!

6 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 15 recap

  1. Love ur reviews. Been looking forward to them all weekend. Particularly; because this drama is so ignored by usual recappers and websites but it has its own charm. I really got addicted. Urgh 50 eps tho. It’s my first time watching so I really can’t wait to see how they end up.

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  2. I knew right away that Mom would eventually agree this episode. Can’t wait til Joonghee to actually live in the house. Poor Mi Young is stuck between a rock and hard place. Her old bully, her boss and now this situation. Hope things can get better at least mid way through the series.
    Thanks for Recap!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Truth,

      Yeah, I knew it, too. I wasn’t sure how fast she would cave, though – all in one episode. Actually, quite a lot has happened and there are plenty more episodes to go. It makes me wonder in a good way what else will be thrown at us! But, it really does bother me that Mom and Dad are going to tell the kids, but it won’t be the truth. After all this time, would it matter? Or maybe it’s a crime to live as someone else (Hye Young would know!).

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