My Father Is Strange – ep 12 recap

Mom and Hye Young stand at the police station against Landlady Oh and Jung Hwan over the accusation that Mom stole Landlady Oh’s ring. Hye Young realizes Landlady Oh is the building landlord (and also someone who caused her issues eight years ago). But no one else knows this relationship. Just then, a policeman notices Landlady Oh’s ring is caught on the back of her lacy dress. There wasn’t a theft after all. Now Landlady Oh won’t apologize for suspecting and accusing Mom. Hye Young demands an apology. “It is legal defamation,” she points out, because she accused Mom in front of a third party. Landlady Oh won’t apologize because she said it was an oversight. Jung Hwan frantically jumps in to apologize on behalf of his mother, but Hye Young stops him with a raised hand and tells the son to stay out of it. By the time Dad arrives, Mom is very upset. Hye Young threatens to sue. Mom is quite shaken.   

Landlady Oh gets a glimpse of Dad tenderly walking Mom to the taxi. She sighs, knowing her relationship with her husband is nothing like that.

The Byun family discusses what happened and the children are outraged. Hye Young says the least Landlady Oh must do is apologize. The children can’t understand why Mom was helping at the café in the first place and scold her for allowing herself to be used by such an arrogant, condescending woman. Mom promises not to deal with her anymore.  After the dreadful ordeal dies down, Mom smiles brightly and is pleased with her lawyer daughter’s sharp handling of the situation.

Landlady Oh can’t understand why Husband hasn’t answered her calls. She was at the police station and it could have been an emergency. But Husband hears just a part of the story he can hardly stand how ignorant and wrong she was. He tells her she is reckless. But Landlady Oh can’t see past her narrow point of view. Jung Hwan tells his parents that they are blocking his future, meaning that now things will be difficult for him with Hye Young. He tries to reach her, but Hye Young doesn’t answer. “She must be mad at me. I understand it, though,” he says. He doesn’t know how to resolve this situation. It’s messy and could get a lot messier!

The girls wash their hair in the washtub, fussing over the sprayer. They are in a hurry to get ready for work. Jun Young gives them a ride. They ask how their brother feels about bringing his girlfriend to meet the family. He grins proudly. They ask if she is pretty, how old she is, what her personality is like, etc. Jun Young is in a good mood because his sisters are making a big fuss over him.

Joong Hee keeps checking his phone. He is worried that Agent Kang hasn’t called about renewing his contract. When he does call, Joong Hee acts indifferent. But there is a reason Joong Hee should high-tail it to the office: Director Ryu is there to cast him in “Oh My Boss.” Joong Hee speeds over to Gabi Entertainment in record time, but puts on a cool front so as not to appear too desperate. Directory Ryu has given it some thought and would like to work together. It isn’t the lead role, but he’ll be the second lead. Joong Hee says that it seems like a he is a substitute and plays hard to get. Director Ryu is hopeful and says, “Let’s do this together.”

Joong Hee gives one more show of hesitation for hesitation’s sake, goes to the bathroom and does a little victory dance, and returns with his answer. “So let’s give it a try.” Everyone is happy.  Director Ryu asks if there is any progress with his father in terms of developing feelings and emotions. Joong Hee clears his throat and says he is taking it slowly.

Ra Young is on the sidelines watching Coach Park and the soccer team. He kicks the ball which flies through the air and hits Ra Young in the head. She swoons with a bit of flair and rests on his chest. He swoops her up and takes her to the infirmary. While resting there, she overhears their Boss ask the nurse if she’s noticed anyone staying on the premise. Boss tells the nurse that he is going to make rounds tonight and check every room. Someone, he suspects, is living at the rec center.

Jun Young brings Yoo Joo a lovely bouquet. He tells her that his parents have invited her to meet the family. She asks about his sisters, he tells her that there are three and describes their personalities. When he asks about her family she tells him that she doesn’t have parents. “You mean they both passed away?” he asks. He takes her hand and promises that his father and mother will treat her like a daughter and he will be good to her. “That’s why I typed up a plan,” she cheerfully tells him. Yoo Joo presents their ten-year plan for work, family, maternity leave, and housing. Jun Young stares blankly. Yoo Joo has lied about her family – we know she has a mother. Why is she hiding that from Jun Young? What is her motive for dating him at all?

Ra Young has been trying to contact Cheol Soo to warn him that Boss is checking the building tonight. She decides to go to the building and lets herself in. Cheol Soo is in a night class. When it ends, he reads the texts Ra Young sent: Boss is checking the building right now. If you’re alive get over here. He runs over as fast as he can. Just as Boss is going to check the Night Office where Cheol Soo stays, Ra Young makes a commotion. Boss is startled, Cheol Soo sneaks past, and Ra Young gets in trouble. Boss wants to know why she is there at night. Her excuses are lame and Boss tells her that she won’t get another warning. He may not renew her contract next quarter. Cheol Soo peeks in and sees her taking the blame. She has covered for him and he owes her big time. “What should I do?” he sighs, leaning against the wall.

Joong Hee is happy that he finally has the chance to act in a miniseries. He rehearses the lines, trying different voice inflections, emotions, volumes. Nothing sounds quite right. When his lunch box is delivered, he is reminded of the few times that Dad left boxes for him. “Why did he bother if he was going to give up after a few days? Did he think I would be touched?” Joong Hee mumbles.

It’s the day Jun Young will bring home his girlfriend to meet the family. The girls ask what time she’s coming. Mom invited her for dinner at six. Mom asks what she likes and Jun Young goes overboard with the foods his girlfriend loves. Everyone is annoyed by that.

Agent Kang gives Mi Young a copy of “Oh My Boss” and tells her the good news that Joong Hee has been cast. She finds Joong Hee practicing tongue twisters, Peter Piper Picked… Betty Botta Bought Some Butter…How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck…. Her job is to check for articles and fan comments about his new role. After a long while she calls out, “They’re posted!” Joong Hee runs over to look. But he is disappointed that there aren’t any comments.

Min Ha sends Dad a text: “A crazy fan should keep up with the latest on the celebrity.” Tae Soo shows Mi Young how to create comments to get the ball rolling using burner phones and fake fan accounts. A call from her supervisor sends her to the Artist’s Department to help out.

Hye Young pays Landlady Oh a visit at the café. She demands that Landlady Oh apologize and informs her that Mom likes hydrangea and blueberry cheesecake. Landlady Oh obstinately refuses. Hye Young has reviewed the lease an informs Landlady Oh that the cameras reveal there was a third party to the accusation that was recorded and that will stand in court. Still, Landlady Oh won’t apologize. “Then I’ll see you in court,” replies Hye Young. In addition, there are building violations – perhaps Landlady Oh should keep that in mind. Hye Young will deposit $500 a month to cover a cleaning crew for the building and warns her not to harass Mom again.

Hye Young tells Mom that she took care of things. Mom thanks her daughter and says, “I am so happy.” Hye Young assures mom that if anyone bothers her, she will always make sure they do what’s right.

Flashback: Student Jung Hwan introduces Hye Young to his mother on campus. Landlady Oh asked her to tea and puts her on the spot about her son covering her tuition: “I guess your parents couldn’t afford to help you out with it.” Hye Young assures her that she paid Jung Hwan back. That’s not important; Landlady Oh demands that she break up with Jung Hwan. She doesn’t like her in the first place, but the real problem is her family’s financial situation.

She makes it clear that Hye Young and Jung Hwan are not in the same league.

Hye Young records her thoughts: People don’t change easily. When she meets Jung Hwan, he just wants to get past the dueling mothers problem. He admits his mother’s guilt and also thinks she should apologize, but what can he do? Hye Young tells him to try harder to convince her. Jung Hwan can’t help but remind Hye Young that she was pretty aggressive. This isn’t an equal playing field though; Hye Young’s legalese kicks in and lists the counts against his mother. It may be too much for their relationship to get past. “Let’s break up,” she says. Jung Hwan can’t believe it; again? She is doing it to him again? He is angry – it’s unfair of her. “Then let’s break up,” he agrees and storms out. He turns back, though; there is something he can’t leave unfinished. She at least owes him a reason for breaking up eight years ago he tells her. Hye Young has nothing to say.

Yoo Joo won’t let Mi Young’s behavior towards her last time go. She calls her to the Artist’s Department and tells her that if she is so crazy strong, why doesn’t she do the heavy lifting around here then? Mi Young has to haul stacks of bags and boxes for Yoo Joo. When Mi Young keeps up with the heavy loads, Yoo Joo piles on more until a very tall stack topples. That causes another mishap, and a drink spills all over Yoo Joo’s suit. Mi Young is ordered to work late and clean up the entire space. When she tells Yoo Joo that she has to go home early, Yoo Joo snaps that an intern has no personal life. Mi Young calls Mom to say that she will be home late.

The family is gathered in anticipation of Jun Young bringing his girlfriend to meet them. Yoo Joo brings a flowers for Mom and treats for Dad. Grandma graciously welcomes her and Aunt, Uncle, and Min Ha greet her politely. The two sisters are cool but Yoo Joo smiles brightly. Mi Young makes it home just in time for first introductions. She bows politely and tells the guest her name; Yoo Joo bows courteously to the middle sister.

A second later, they face each other. Their smiles disappear and their eyes widen.


  • What you see is what you get with Jun Young, but that isn’t the case with Yoo Joo. She deliberately made him think that she doesn’t have any parents, but when she found out that she was pregnant, she decided not to call her mom. What’s with that, then? I hope Jun Young doesn’t get hurt in this relationship.
  • Jun Young only had to suffer the consequences of his parents’ anger for 24 hours because he has an unbelievably forgiving and loving family. I love the Byuns! Now he is in seventh heaven with his sisters asking him about his girlfriend and anxious to meet her. Of course, they aren’t going to be pushovers, but the look forward to meeting her at dinner. I love how they lean to the right side, and by that I mean that when Jun Young named a long list of foods that his girlfriend likes, they family leaned towards or sided with Mom, telling Jun Young that he went overboard. Also with the landlady, the family creates a barrier to protect Mom on all fronts against her. Even though they lead separate lives, as a family they are united. More power to them!
  • There have been hints that Hye Young and Landlady Oh have a history, but we find out about their confrontation eight years ago. Although Hye Young recognized Jung Hwan’s mother  before this, it is the first time she realizes that woman is the Landlady that has been giving her parents a hard time. Landlady Oh doesn’t recognize Hye Young as her son’s girlfriend from college days, and Jung Hwan is unaware of his mother and Hye Young’s previous encounter. He is still in the dark and doesn’t completely understand Hye Young’s fierce determination to get an apology at least from his mother. It has escalated to suing her, in fact, because Landlady Oh won’t admit wrongdoing. And, in Hye Young’s mind, the condescending woman who harassed her eight years ago is now bothering her Mom. Peopld don’t change.
  • Gotta love the potential romance that Ra Young is working so hard at. Cheol Soo really does owe her; I wonder what he’ll come up with to pay her back (and help save her job)?
  • Poor, poor Mi Young. She is the behind-the-scenes person that never gets credit and takes all the blame. I want good things for her but it’s looking mighty grim having to face the very person who makes her life miserable and is now is introduced to the family as her brother’s fiance.
  • I think Yoo Joo and Jun Young are mismatched – I can’t see how she is good for him. And as gosh darn cute as he is, his flaws are glaring, too. I also think Hye Young and Jung Hwan aren’t good for each other. I like the tension their relationships create, but I guess there’s a reason for the saying, “opposites attract.”
  • Joong Hee’s victory dance was adorable as was his practice. It is a futile attempt, however, to practice in theory to avoid what it is going to take to develop and bring out real emotions. You know, the hard way, by confronting your hurts and broken relationships.
  • Min Ha is the best, keeping Dad up to date as a fan of Joong Hee.
  • I love Lee Joon’s acting. He is the perfect overconfident, under-performing actor who thinks a whole lot of himself. There’s a sweet, lonely side of him that comes out easier than one might imagine, lying just under the surface of the difficult persona that keeps others at arms length. That grin of his – so dreamy!




2 thoughts on “My Father Is Strange – ep 12 recap

  1. Hi there, thank you so much for your recap!I also love love this weekend drama, and it so good to know that i got a place to share the sentiment in your blog recap 🙂 Keep up the good wprk ^^


    • Hi sue,
      I was just working on recapping episode 13 when I saw your comment. I’m so glad you found my blog and look forward to your comments and opinions of My Father is Strange. I just realized something about Cheol Soo that I will mention in ep 13 recap. Look forward to it!


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