My Father is Strange – ep 10 recap

Joong Hee tells Dad that he is ready to listen to what he has to say. Dad apologizes that he didn’t’ recognize him at the restaurant. And he says that he’d like to be his father. But Joong Hee doesn’t want that from him. He points out that if it wasn’t for being drunk that day, Dad wouldn’t even know his name, would he? With that, Joong Hee opens the door for Dad to leave. As Dad waits for the elevator, he notices a delivery man dropping off a box lunch at Joong Hee’s door. He inquires and finds out that “the celebrity” who lives there orders lunch nearly every day. The delivery man is curious about the celebrity’s identity.  

Jung Hwan and his team get drunk over the news that his show has been cancelled. Hye Young calls and can tell his is drinking, but she wants to give him the news that her parents have agreed to let her move out. She is disappointed in his tepid response especially upon hearing Yeon Ji’s loud and drunk voice in the background.

There is yet another family dinner at the Byun house. Dad announces that Hye Young is moving out. She promises Grandma that she will be home every weekend. Jun Young stares into space and Mom brushes it off as nerves before the exam just two days away. She tells him to eat up. Uncle knows the real reason though; after dinner he tells Sister-in-law that Jun Young’s girlfriend is pregnant. It makes me uneasy that they know before Dad and Mom.

Dad prepares a nice snack at the shack for Min Ha; he wants to pick his brain on how to get more information on Ahn Joong Hee. Min Ha sets up a fan account. Dad wants to find out what kind of foods Joong Hee likes. The blog lists his favorite dishes: web-foot octopus, fried shrimp, scorched rice soup…Dad takes notes.

Jun Young agonizes whether or not to call Yoo Joo: “What am I supposed to do?” he frets. Yoo Joo is zoned out at work. One of the team members brings in snacks for everyone but Yoo Joo can’t help but gag. They joke that it’s as if she has morning sickness (oops). As upset as she is with Jun Young, she anxiously waits for him to call. Her stomach hurts and she looks pale and tired.

It’s face-off time between Hye Young and Yeon Ji again when they meet in the lobby. Hye Young has brought hangover lunch for the team. “You work with my boyfriend, I should take care of you guys, too,” Hye Young says. But when Yeon Ji tells her that Jung Hwan’s show has been cancelled, it is apparent that he hasn’t told Hye Young. Yeon Ji boldly comments that if he doesn’t share the most important things with her, are they really even dating? “Do you know the term office wife?” she jabs, and explains that men often share things with their (female) co-workers who understand and can relate rather than with their wives who don’t have a clue. Hye Young doesn’t flinch and says the she is glad Yeon Ji can help out in that capacity and she can concentrate on taking care of more relaxing things with her boyfriend.

Handling Yeon Ji is one thing, but Jung Hwan is in for an earful. “Why should I hear those things from Yeon Ji and have her ruin my day?” Hye Young asks. She tells him to behave himself; her patience is at its limit. Does she have to put up with this and lie to her parents, too, about moving in? He says he didn’t want to disappoint her. Hye Young knows Jung Hwan is under a lot of pressure. She tells him that she didn’t fall for him because of his ability; she fell for his looks. That cheers him up. With a toast they celebrate their joint roommate status starting tomorrow.

Mom packs side dishes for Hye Young. Dad puts her luggage in the car. The entire family comes to send her off and she says good-bye to Grandma, Aunt and Uncle, and her siblings. They all wish her well. Mom and Dad drive Hye Young to her new apartment. On the way, Mom tells Hye Young to eat the delicious food that dad prepared and not to skip meals. Hye Young won’t let Dad help her carry her bags up saying that it will be uncomfortable for her roommate. Mom and Dad stand there waving as if their child was going off to college for the very first time. Hye Young cringes at her mixed feelings of excitement and guilt.

When Hye Young opens the apartment door, she finds a surprise waiting for her. Jung Hwan has filled the room with balloons, signs, matching cups, couple’s pjs, and a note that he will be gone for two days (work) and to wait for him.

Tae Soo has been promoted and can’t tend to Joong Hee’s demands. He tells him to call the intern. To Mi Young’s delight Joong Hee texts her to clean the gym. She stands by as he works out, but can’t help blurting out that he’ll hurt himself if he keeps doing it that way. Joong Hee is annoyed but asks what he is doing wrong.

She tells him how to hold his arm and wrist straight, and to leave a space under his lower back so he won’t strain it. Then, with weights, she demonstrates the proper posture. When he is finished, she escorts him to the car and tells him that she’s pre-ordered his favorite dish. Joong Hee won’t show it, but he is rather impressed. He asks her to drive him home. At first, the conversation is on track (she flatters him), and Joong Hee even smiles for the first time. But when she mentions that his last name used to be Ahn-Parker Joong Hee and asks, “Was your dad Mr. Parker? Is your father a Korean-American?” his smile fades. She’s gone too far, breeching a subject that is a hot spot. Joong Hee tells her to stop the car. He drives off leaving her standing on the roadside.

Dad prepares a homemade box lunch for Joong Hee and leaves it at his door with a note. He waits around the corner to see if Joong Hee takes it, but Joong Hee reads the note Dad left and leaves the food in the hall. Dad looks disappointed.

Ra Young is flustered that Cheol Soo doesn’t pick up on her hints that she likes him. She waits for him at the rec center and when he comes home she tells him that she has something to say. “Say it,” he tells her. But she wants to go to a coffee shop. “Are you going to confess your feeling for me?” he asks. She is thrown off for a second and says it is something similar. He tells her not to – he loves someone else. His phone rings and he answers, “Hi, Young Hee.” Ra Young is dumbfounded and can only repeat, “Young Hee? Young Hee?”

Husband tells Landlady Oh that she is dumbing down herself by watching so much entertainment TV. They can hardly be in the same room together. Landlady Oh’s sister stops by and the two women chat in the kitchen. After overhearing their chitchat, Husband is even more intolerant and thinks the two women are ignorant. He lavishes his affection on Chico (his dog).

Jun Young waits for Yoo Joo outside her apartment. She holds her stomach in pain and faints. Jun Young carries her on his back to the hospital. He is terribly worried in the ER as they wait for the doctor. It too much for him and he makes a scene insisting that it is taking too long. He blurts out that she is pregnant. Yoo Joo calls him over and tells him to be quiet: he is embarrassing her. She is released to go home to rest. He makes her some porridge. “Why didn’t you call me?” she asks. When he says that she told him not to, she explains that means to call until she picks up. He is afraid that she is disappointed in him. They discuss what to do: first, the exam. Second, tell their parents. Third, get married before the baby starts to show. Fourth, he must pass the exam. They hug and make up after their first serious spat.

The truth is, Jun Young looks very worried and unsure. With just two days until the exam, Jun Young crams like never before.Dad brings another lunch box to Joong Hee’s door. The one he left the day before remains untouched; Dad switches the old one for the new. When Joong Hee opens his door, he sees the new lunch box and closes the door in disgust.

Hye Young gets home (to the new weekday apartment) and finds an eager Jung Hwan waiting for her. He is in the cute couple’s pajamas with a rose in his mouth. He even prepared dinner. But Hye Young is all business. She wants to get their living rules straightened out – no family members allowed in the apartment ever; rent is split; he has to cook. On top of her conditions he offers to clean and do the laundry too. After the not-so-romantic time together, Jung Hwan has to hear that she will be going home anyway this evening; it’s the night before Jun Young’s exam. Jung Hwan will have to wait for their first real evening together as roomies.

The sisters wish their brother good luck for tomorrow’s exam. They bring little gifts to cheer him on – Hye Young splurged on luxury men’s underwear. He is touched by their concern. Mom drops him off the next morning and encourages him. She promises to make his favorite dishes for dinner. Jun Young says that he has something to tell her after the exam.

Dad continues to drop off a lunch box every day, taking home the untouched one. Today, Tae Soo stops by, sees the lunch box, and brings it in to Joong Hee’s apartment. Joong Hee acts sarcastically honored that Tae Soo, who now works for the Artist’s Department, has bothered to stop by. They eat the delicious food and Joong Hee asks where he ordered it from. When he finds out that Tae Soo brought in the lunch box from Dad, he orders him to stop eating. But, since they’ve almost finished it all and it is tasty, he tells Tae Soo to go ahead and eat.

When Jun Young arrives home after the exam, he is greeted by the entire family. Dad splurged on Korean beef in his honor. Jun Young is on edge, poor fellow, having just taken the exam and knowing that he must tell his parents about him and Yoo Joo. “Is there something you want to say?” asks Dad. There is a very pregnant pause, and all Jun Young can do is thank his parents for their support.

Unfortunately, Jun Young is back to square one when “My Joo” calls and he won’t answer. Yoo Joo takes matters into her own hands. She shows up at Father’s Snackshack and greets Dad with a bow and “Hello, Father.” He is surprised at her greeting. Before you know it, Dad calls Mom to the restaurant. They sit across from Yoo Joo who introduces herself as Jun Young’s girlfriend.  That is news itself to them – they didn’t even know Jun Young had a girlfriend. “But what brings you here so suddenly?” Mom asks her. Yoo Joo explains that she asked Jun Young to tell them, but he hasn’t. So she is there in person to inform them that she is pregnant. “It’s Jun Young’s child.”


  • Jun Young finally got around to taking the exam. It is rather anti-climatic at this point since it’s his fifth try to there are other issues (like Yoo Joo’s pregnancy and telling his family) rumbling beneath the surface. I am beginning to view him as a coddled eldest and only son and that makes me like him – or maybe respect him – less. He is a coward for avoiding Yoo Joo. Even after their talk, he ignores her call once again. So, when Yoo Joo confidently takes matters into her own hands and shows up at Father’s Snackshack to announce to Mom and Dad that she is pregnant with Jun Young’s child, my sympathies shifted to her side. I am curious to see Mom and Dad’s reactions toward their son. This episode ended with a cliffhanger that leaves me counting the days until the next episode.
  • I like the pace of this drama in the way it keeps the stories moving forward. What’s up with Cheol Soo? Man, was he ever the charmer as Ra Young’s escort at the wedding and she has fallen for him. But he isn’t taking hints that she’s dropping so she decides to take a more direct approach. Cheol Soo reads her intention well (that she wants to confess her feelings) but he puts a stop to that by telling her that he loves someone else. No further explanation. And that drives Ra Young nuts.
  • I’m curious how Hye Young and Jung Hwan will do as roommates. The rule about no family members and the fact that Landlady Oh has already let herself in the apartment seem to be an inevitable clash and crash that, I’m guessing, will put Hye Young and Jung Hwan’s mother in an awkward situation. Whatever happened eight years ago will boil over into the larger family arena – yikes! I can already see the sparks flying!
  •  Love Mi Young’s efforts to get things right as Joong Hee’s assistant. She even made him smile – something he hasn’t done up to that point. For once, he wasn’t barking orders to an intimidated staff, but he and Mi Young were having a conversation (albeit it was all about him) that she skillfully directed. Things were going pretty good until she hit the father wall. And speaking of dads, it is a matter of time and place before she and Joong Hee and Dad are in each other’s worlds.
  • Min Ha is pretty cool.

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