My Father is Strange – episode 8 recap

Mom opens a gift box and takes out a lovely designer bag. Inside the bag is a peach. She takes it out and it grows and grows ~ then she wakes up. “Could it mean that Jun Young will pass the exam?” she wonders. She tells the family about her dream at breakfast. Hye Young says it’s a conception dream and they all agree. Mom will sell it to Jun Young for $12 (he can’t afford more) so the dream will come true and he will pass his exam. Little do they know that it is not a conception dream for his exam to go well, but Yoo Joo is pregnant and…well things could get pretty wild with this family over such a situation. 

Joong Hee rests in a hospital room. Thankfully, the hemorrhoids don’t require surgery. When the company manager stops by to see him, Joong Hee demands that he fires “that girl” who did this to him (Mi Young).

Jung Hwan gets a text from Hye Young: remember our couples massage later today. But when he overhears co-workers betting that his show won’t survive, he works overtime with his team to come up with a new concept. Feeling pressured, he cancels the massage with Hye Young. She decides to call her friend Kyung Joo to join her. Hye Young tells her that she and Jung Hwan are back together. Her friend is surprised and asks how it’s going. Better than ever, she confesses, and says that she is tempted to move in with him. It will be easier to see each other and besides, routine dates are boring. Plus, Hye Young wants to do things that she didn’t do in her 20s – cook together, open nice wine and share it. Her friend tells her to just get married but Hye Young resists the idea because of the tangled web of in-laws. Remember, she and Landlady Oh have a rough past.

Mi Young has been called to the VP’s office. It’s about Joong Hee. She is worried that accidentally tripping him and causing him to go to the hospital might be grounds for dismissal. But that isn’t exactly what VP was going to say. He tells her that he hired her – an older, average, non-experienced person – because he thought she’d be gutsy. In that vein, he asks her to use her gut instinct and appease Joong Hee. If she can do that, he’ll hire her full-time. “I’ll do my best!” she promises. Mi Young is on it right away.

Dad makes his way to Gabi Entertainment. He tells the receptionist that he wants to meet one of their actors, Ahn Joong Hee. Dad is told it that won’t be easy to do that. While in the lobby, he is surprised to see Mi Young walk past, and although they miss each other, Dad puts two and two together and remembers that she works there.

Mi Young has come to apologize to Joong Hee. She’s brought a large package of seaweed (good for inflammation, she informs him) but he throws it aside. Next, she reads her written apology out loud. It is heartfelt, but rather long and hits a few sore spots such as mentioning an empty schedule that allows him to rest. Natch, it backfires and she is kicked out of the hospital room.

Yoo Joo has an appointment and it’s confirmed: she’s five weeks pregnant. She is hesitant to even text her mom with the news, though.

At the staff meeting, the recreation head informs everyone to close up the fitness center at 10 p.m. for security reasons. Afterwards, Cheol Soo asks to talk to Ra Young about, you know, the awkward naked encounter yesterday. But she tells him that she has nothing to say to him.

Jun Young has come to pay Mom for the dream but is shocked to find her lying down with a fever. Jun Young quickly calls Dad. While Dad cares for Mom, Jun Young calls his sisters. “Mom is sick?” they ask in unison. He tells them to come home early with a present but they realize that they don’t even know what Mom likes. It makes them sad all of a sudden. Hye Young texts Jung Hwa that she won’t be able to meet him tonight after all. All three daughters rush home early. Mom says she is okay, but she can’t help but like the attention. Hye Young scolds her for working too hard and has arranged for cleaning help. Jun Young cooks up some delicious soup.

That night, the three daughters and Mom sleep together. They enjoy face masks and girl talk. Like whether Ra Young should attend her ex’s wedding or not. Dad peeks in – it is a rare and very sweet scene and Mom says it’s even worth being sick. Jun Young and Dad are in the kitchen. Dad asks him if it’s hard studying. Jun Young says it’s supposed to be hard. “Hang in there. You’re almost there,” Dad encourages him. Such a nice family!

Landlady Oh comes across a poem that Husband has written. Unfortunately, it’s a lament over marrying her with sentiments that express his life as “a prison without bars” and “a mistake.” She is hurt beyond words and is distraught. She lets herself into Jung Hwan’s apartment and waits for him. Jung Hwan isn’t too pleased but must deal with the situation. He tells her that she is being too sensitive and that Husband wouldn’t be living with her if he really felt that way. Jung Hwan chalks it up to a 60s retiree crisis that his father is going through. And, he is sure to tell her that the person that leaves the house first is the loser. Anything to get her out of his apartment. “I’ll drive you home myself,” he offers when she agrees that she shouldn’t have to be the one to leave the house. To his credit, Jung Hwan also has a talk with his father. He tells his father that he is at fault for upsetting his wife. “Aren’t you too mean to Mom?” he asks.

Dad is preoccupied with Joong Hee. “I should have stopped him,” he tells himself. As he recalls the night Joong Hee paid him a visit, he remembers Joong Hee mentioned Star Palace to the taxi driver.

Grandma thinks Mom still looks pale and sick. She reluctantly offers to go clean the apartment, not because she minds helping her daughter, but because Landlady Oh is always such a source of contention. While Grandma cleans, Landlady Oh happens by and criticizes the way the floor looks, but Grandma won’t take anything from her. Still, to keep Landlady Oh off her daughter’s back, she sweeps and dusts until she aches.

Yoo Joo asks Jun Young to meet her for dinner. He is uncomfortable that the restaurant is expensive, but she tells him that she wants to treat him for studying so hard. She is impressed with his knowledge of food and wants to visit his father’s restaurant. It seems that Jun Young has embellished the description of their “restaurant,” saying that it is a Japanese sushi restaurant. Is he embarrassed? Is he trying to impress Yoo Joo with lies? The conversation changes quickly from food to the pregnancy news without a segue whatsoever, and Jun Young is left completely speechless.

Cheol Soo still wants to talk to Ra Young about the other night. But it’s not about their encounter so much as he needs to cover his tracks. With the supervisor mentioning that no one can be in the center after 10 p.m. Cheol Soo is in a bind. He has been secretly living at there. His life is somewhat of a mystery at this point, but there was that call he made to his mother asking if Father was still mad at him. For whatever reason, Cheol Soo is out of the house and staying at the rec center, and he wants to make sure that Ra Young won’t blow his cover. Ra Young is quick to take advantage of the situation and asks him if he will be her date for the wedding. But Cheol Soo declines. Ra Young acts cool about it, but it is not beneath her to make a video of his living quarters in the rec center – books, bed, and clothes – and sends it to him. Cheol Soo calls her and asks, “When’s the wedding?”

Jung Hwan is preoccupied at work; after all he has an important date with Hye Young and can’t concentrate. Once again, he has to break his date with her, though. She is swamped at work, too. After a long day, he finds her waiting at his apartment with chicken and beer. The impromptu date is what they both needed. Jung Hwan asks her if she’s thought about moving in. She says she is an honorable and conservative woman. Just then, the bell buzzes; It’s Yeon Ji. Boo. She has brought Jung Hwan’s flash drive that he left behind. Hye Young isn’t shy about coming out the bedroom with her shirt off her shoulder and Jung Hwan’s tie hanging loosely around her neck. Yeon Ji is startled and says she should go.

Jung Hwan is kind of thrilled by Hye Young’s forwardness, but Jye Young is mad. “Does she come her often?” she wants to know. Jung Hwan plays it down. So, he wonders, is she moving in? They do that push-pull thing – “Do I have to pay rent?” she asks.


“How about utilities?”


“I’ll move in for your sake,” she tells him. “But we are not cohabiting. I’ll come and go as I want.”

“Of course,” he replies with the biggest goofy grin across his face, and sweeps her up in his arms.

Mi Young meets Tae Soo at the hospital. She asks what she can do to make amends with Joong Hee. Tae Soo says Joong Hee will just have to get used to having her around. She waits at the car for him. But Joong Hee is in a bad mood and cannot tolerate her. They drive off leaving her standing there. Joong Hee doesn’t want Tae Soo to ever call her again. When they pull up at his apartment, Joong Hee sees Dad waiting outside. Dad turns and thinks Joong Hee is coming to meet him, but an angry Joong Hee passes him by without a word.


  • The girls and Mom scene was the best! Even Mom said it was worth getting sick to have her girls fuss over her and spend time together. It gave me goosebumps.
  • Hye Young is a master at handling the “other woman” situation. I’m not sure, however, if Jung Hwan completely gets it. It is a little maddening that he doesn’t and I fear that he will mess up.
  • What can I say about Yoo Joo and Jun Young? I mean, they certainly should have considered the possibility of her getting pregnant even with contraception. I dunno. Oh, and he has misled her about his family’s background, making their restaurant sound like a Japanese sushi place. I hate it when children (worse yet, adult children) are embarrassed about their family situation and lie about it. So, the plot certainly thickens on this count, baby on the way and all.
  • Joong Hee’s storyline was a bit thin this episode.
  • I don’t know who is more annoying, Landlady Oh or Husband.
  • I’ve said it before, Ra Young is the one on the ball. She is cool and collected and takes perfect advantage of the situation with Coach Park Cheol Soo. Sure, she’ll keep his secret for a trade-off. I’m okay with that; I like her spunk.
  • Dad is slow on the uptake and I’m beginning to suspect that he lives in a bubble that Mom protects. Whatever happened in the past has affected him and while he can function pretty well at the Snackshack and in his home with a few family members around him, I fear that he might implode over Joong Hee’s appearance. Even Uncle, sister-in-law, and Grandma know he is protected by Mom. What happened to his friend who is Joong Hee’s father?

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