My Father is Strange – ep 7 recap

Joong Hee is drunk and in Dad’s face. “I’m your son. Don’t you get it?” But Dad seems curiously unresponsive as if he doesn’t remember or what Joong Hee is saying isn’t familiar to him. Makes me think that Dad has had a traumatic experience that has affected his memory somehow (In light of the fact that he can’t drive or fly because of something that happened…but so far, that’s all we know.) Joong Hee is emotional in his drunken state especially since Dad doesn’t respond or seem to recognize him. It’s been a bad day for Joong Hee all around. When he gets home, he takes the old photograph out of the desk drawer and tears it up.  


Dad staggers; Joong Hee’s appearance before him seems to have sparked something.

Landlady Oh complains to Jung Hwan that Husband isn’t himself these days. They won’t be going on a cruise after all. Furthermore, Husband has moved out of their bedroom and into the study which has thrown Landlady Oh into a depression. Jung Hwan tells her to cheer up.

Hye Young is in a good mood as she gets ready for work. She is all flirty and uses her cutesy “we’re dating” voice with Jung Hwan who picks her up on the way to work. Of course, he loves it. But his co-worker Yeon Ji isn’t going to give up her crush on Jung Hwan easily. She calls and tells him that she will have his special coffee ready when he gets to work. Hye Young interrupts the conversation which is on speaker phone and lets her presence be known.

Tae Boo finds Joong Hee passed out in his apartment and freaks out when he sees a pool of blood on the floor. Phew! It’s just spilled wine. Joong Hee is a mess and poor Tae Boo has to get him cleaned up and ready for a new profile shoot. In this business, one must always look ahead to what’s next. Tae Boo tosses Joong Hee in the bathroom and tells him not to come out until he’s showered. But disaster strikes. Joong Hee’s hemorrhoids flare up and he can’t get in for an appointment before his shoot.

Mi Young works hard getting the clothes ready for the profile shoot. Her seniors compliment her when she catches a mistake and avoids a wardrobe mishap. Good work, Mi Young!

Dad is terribly distracted at the Snackshack. “I should have stopped him. I let him get away,” he scolds himself. He asks his nephew, Min Ha, for details about Ahn Joong Hee. Min Ha looks up his profile online: he was a singer in Steel Hearts and now is an actor is rather un-memorable dramas and movies.


Mom works hard to keep the building clean. She is diligent but Landlady Oh finds fault which Mom doesn’t deserve. On top of that, Landlady Oh imposes on Mom to hand out the opening day flyers for her café. When Grandma finds Mom on the street with the flyers she is furious that Landlady Oh is taking advantage. But to avoid problems, Grandma pitches in because she can’t bear that her daughter is being used this way. Mom promises to stand up for herself after today.

Ra Young has her own woes. Her ex-boyfriend has dares her to show up at his wedding (to someone else, of course) and she just might take him up on it. Her friends encourage her to show up dressed to the nines with a man who is far superior to her old ex. She has Coach Park in mind; now it’s just a matter of getting him to be her date for the occasion.

Yeon Ji is all over Jung Hwan at the office. Even when he tells her that he is dating Hye Young, she doesn’t take his rejection as a “no.” In fact, she takes on Hye Young in person. The two meet in the lobby and Hye Young confidently tells her to back off. But Yeon Ji is surprisingly forward and has a couple of strong  weapons in her arsenal: 1) Hye Young dumped Jung Hwan before and statistics show that reuniting has a paltry 3% success rate, and 2) she is younger and can bide her time. Hye Young tries not to show that she is bothered, but Yeon Ji may give her a run for her money.

Jun Young is in his room studying. Uncle taps on the door and entices him to take a 5-minute break with sausage snacks. Uncle and Jung Young have a nice relationship where they can talk about this and that. Uncle is warm towards him and encourages him to do his best. They both lift one another up. As much as Jun Young wants to meet with Yoo Joo, he texts that he has to keep at his studies if he wants to pass. She understands. Hmmm, Yoo Joo notes on the calendar that her period is late, but it’s not the first time so she isn’t too worried. Yet.

Landlady Oh and Husband continue to drift further apart. Husband chops and stirs ingredients which turn out to be a meal for Chico. Landlady Oh is appalled at the attention he gives the dog. NO matter what she tries to talk to him about, it turns into an argument. He is clearly checked out.

The staff sets up the studio for Joong Hee’s profile shoot. Once again, Mi Young avoids Yoo Joo. Joong Hee gingerly walks in with the assistance of Tae Boo. Hemorrhoids or no, the shoot must go on. He is upstaged by Mr. Jin (the other actor) who has been given the designer clothes, but Mi Young has done a superb job selecting Joong Hee’s outfits and the photo shoot turn out great. However, nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should and when Joong Hee goes to sit down, Mi Young accidentally pulls a cord that spins the chair out from under him and he falls on his very sore behind.

Ra Young and her friends go shopping for that perfect killer outfit. She buys two outfits that break the bank but it’s for a payback that’s worth it. Or so she hopes, and with a gulp she spreads the payments over 12 months. She stops by the fitness center to put them in her locker. It’s late and pitch black inside. She uses her flashlight to find her way. Who should walk out of the showers but a stark naked Park Cheol Soo. With a double scream they don’t know what to do with the awkward situation that can’t be undone. Ra Young flees in a panic. This makes for an interesting quandary.

Yoo Joo takes a pregnancy test. Result: positive.

Jung Hwan and Hye Young plan a date. Hye Young asks if he is going to keep Yeon Ji on his team with her aggressive attitude that annoys her. He says she is good at what she does so, yeah, she’ll probably stay on. Hye Young needs to up her game. The two of them go to a movie but can’t stay awake. She just wants to go somewhere and sleep. “Then, shall we go to my apartment?” he asks? “And have noodles?” she adds? (Code: sleep together.) She’s never been to his place which he uses when he’s not at his parents’ house. While they shouldn’t be uncomfortable, somehow they are with the set up. She chooses to rest on the couch rather than the bedroom. He covers her lightly as she dozes and fixes a nice pasta dish. They push and pull: “Are you looking at me like that?” he teases her. Hye Young says that she is not. He says, “You are.”

Dad flips through an old Training Journal. There he finds the same picture that Joong Hee tore up. Dad hikes to the burial site of the friend whose memorial he keeps yearly. This time he goes alone. With a bottle of soju and a hamburger Dad wonders why he appeared in his dream after 10 years – was it because he knew “he” would come by? So, it turns out Joong Hee is this friend’s son. “Should I keep your son as my own? May I do that?”


  • I knew Joong Hee wasn’t Dad’s son, but as often happens in kdramas, I hope he takes him in as his own and Joong Hee finds a family in this way. However, with 43 more episodes, I don’t expect it will be a smooth ride for a while.
  • I guess Dad’s shock in unexpectedly coming face-to-face with Joong Hee left him speechless rather than a having memory loss (which was my first thought). I wonder what the sad story is behind Dad’s and the friend’s lives. Does Mom know this story, too? Oh, and Joong Hee’s mom is alive, so what is Dad’s relationship with her? (We know that she is remarried, but apparently she didn’t tell Joong Hee who his biological father is.)
  • Yoo Joo’s crushed velvet brown top and silver skirt are a hideous combination. I really don’t like her for Jun Young, but he may have to man up sooner than later if she is pregnant. Better come through on that civil servant exam. Or, better yet, find a way to expand those culinary skills in a lucrative way.
  • Jun Young and Uncle have a nice support system in each other. It makes me like Uncle better to see him interact sincerely with Jun Young.
  • I don’t really feel sorry for Landlady Oh even though she is hungry for companionship. She isn’t an evil character, just a bit of a pill. I don’t like the way she treats Mom out of jealousy, but she’d better watch her back because Grandma doesn’t like it at all and won’t stand for it.
  • I liked the awkward push-and-pull between Jung Hwan and Hye Young in his apartment. It’s a refreshing other side to the intense office hots for each other, right? Yeon Ji is an interesting contender (at least in her mind). She is unexpectedly bold and confident for her mousey stature and throws off Hye Young to her own surprise (especially with those impressive stats in Hye Young’s favor, wow. But youth trumps many things. Ouch.)
  • It was good to see Mi Young gain confidence in the field at least in the fashion sense. Yoo Joo still gets to her, but don’t you wonder what will fly when Yoo Joo-Jun Young-Mi Young converge?
  • I could have done without the hemorrhoids antics going on and on… But, I do want his acting career to take off. I hate for him that he is known for his bad acting. Maybe with the TLC of a loving family, he can find his deeply buried feelings an learn to express himself honestly.
  • Onward to episode 8!

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