My Father is Strange – episode 6 recap

Joong Hee musters up the courage to go to Father’s Snackshack. Dad welcomes him as a customer and asks, “Is it a go-go order?” Joong Hee can’t find any words to say. Dad brings him asks what he’d like to order. Joong Hee orders instant noodles. His brow is knit as he looks around at the pleasant décor.  

“Enjoy the food.” Dad serves the noodles. Joong Hee observes Dad’s mannerisms and smiling face. He tries to encourage himself to tell Dad why he is there, but the words stick in his throat. Nephew Min Ha jogs in and asks Uncle for some gimbap. He recognizes Ahn Joong Hee as a celebrity and says so out loud. A table of school girls make a fuss. Joong Hee panics, puts a bill on the table, and dashes out. When Dad comes out of the shop looking for him, he ducks in his car.

Back at home, Joong Hee slouches against the wall, disappointed.

Hye Young is busy at work. The thought of the conversation she overheard with Jung Hwan and Yeon Ji infuriates her and she pounds on the keyboard typing all sorts of thoughts: “You worthless piece of trash”, “you’re worse than tax,” etc. Her secretary hands her a document from earlier that is also filled with expletives about Jung Hwan. To make her day worse, her supervisor scolds her for making a ruckus at the blind date he arranged for her. He tells she won’t be getting any criminal cases any time soon.

“You have a client waiting for you,” her secretary tells her. It’s no surprise that Jung Hwan is in her office. It is truly is a Tom and Jerry relationship. He asks if she will date him. She tells him no way. He pulls the blinds and moves in close to her. “What about now?” and kisses her. She melts. Steamy office romance ensues.

Mom has a good laugh at the thought of Landlady Oh signing the lease after all. Jun Young comes into the kitchen. She tells him that if he passes the civil exam all her wishes will be granted. When she asks if he will do good this time he says, “Of course,” but his face shows the pressure he is feeling. To celebrate the lease renewal Mom invites Uncle’s family and her children to dinner that night. “No fee.”

Mi Young studies fashion styles from the catalogues Tae Boo gave her. She is getting to know her stuff. But when sees Yoo Joo from the second floor, she is reminded of an embarrassing moment in high school at weigh-in time. The popular girl’s place bets on her weigh in health class. Yoo Joo loudly announces Mi Young’s weight to the entire class. Mi Young is mortified.

Landlady Oh and Husband have another non-conversation. She wants to go on a trip but Husband doesn’t even look up when he mumbles, “I’m not going.” There is an underlying rift that surfaces; Landlady Oh has never respected his journalist profession and looks down on him and his family for being poor. Husband says from now on he will live his life in freedom and do what he pleases. Landlady Oh seems clueless. She sits alone on her bed thinking that she never was a good student and hated reading. Still, how did she disrespect his family, she wonders? She prepares a nice lunch in hopes of breaking Husband’s icy comments. Instead, Husband has hired a couple of hands to move his bed to the study. Landlady Oh is stunned, but Husband tells her to live comfortably in her room and he’ll have his own space.

Jun Young has all sorts of pep slogans posted in his room to keep his mind on the prize of passing the exam. He has called his sisters together to propose that they send Mom and Dad on a trip for Dad’s 60th birthday. In theory, they will all chip in, but at the moment they ask Hye Young to lend them the money. My favorite scenes are the family meals. Everyone especially enjoys Mom’s fancy cooking tonight (everything tastes better when it’s free). Grandma asks what made Landlady Oh change her mind. Mom says Dad will do the maintenance and she will clean the building. There is silence; no one wants to be asked to help clean. Hye Young suggests that she hire someone to do the cleaning.

Jun Young announces that the four siblings will send Dad and Mom on a trip for his birthday. Everyone cheers. Dad says he appreciates the thought but he doesn’t care much for traveling. Mom says that Dad is afraid to fly. He politely refuses. Grandma pushes, and complains that Dad won’t drive a car or fly. She doesn’t understand why her daughter has to do all the driving. Dad apologizes and says that he is not as strong as he’d like to be. Mom tells the kids that she’ll take the overseas expenses in cash. “Make sure to wire the money on the day before your father’s 60th birthday,” she tells the kids.

Jung Hwan is working. He texts Hye Young, “We started dating today, right?”

“I don’t think so,” she teases.

“You changed your mind?” he asks, disappointed. But only for a minute.

Hye Young texts: ‘Today is our 3003 day of dating.”

Jung Hwan does a little dance in his chair. “Good night, Walnut.”

“Good night Cracker.”

Aw, their pet names for each other.

Mi Young enters Hye Young’s bedroom and wants to talk. She confides in her sister, “When I see her I still feel like that fat girl in high school.” Hye Young has practical advice, “Throw her down. You’re a Judo player. Do it where no one is looking and there’s no surveillance camera.” This is the advice from her lawyer sister.


my father is strange ep 6, lee joon

Joong Hee lays on the couch. “Do I have his cheekbones?” He is upset with himself that he didn’t say anything to Dad. Tae Boo calls with news that the re-audition is for “Oh My Boss.” Joong Hee is excited and even thanks his manager for his hard work.

Jun Young looks especially handsome in a suit for his exam photo. As he and Uncle chew the fat, it comes up that his girlfriend, Yoo Joo, works at Gabi Entertainment. They put two and two together and figure out that’s where Mi Young works, too. What a coincidence!

Ra Young gets a call from her ex-boyfriend. She tells him to never call, but he has something to say. On her way to the café to meet him she applies lipstick in a car window reflection, not knowing that Coach Park is in that car. He, too, is meeting someone at the café. Ra Young’s ex-boyfriend rudely hands her his wedding invitation – the epitome of cruelty after a break up. She is embarrassed and infuriated and as they rumble out the door, they run into Coach Park who tries to break it up. Ra Young cries out of embarrassment and hurt and leans on his chest.

Coach Park places his hoodie over her and walks her to the soccer field where she cries her eyes out. He sits next to her on the bench giving her the time she needs. After a while he asks, “Are you okay?” When Ra Young says she’s better, he asks for his sweatshirt back, and abruptly leaves. “Your such a weirdo!” she screams after him.

Joong Hee arrives at the salon and practicing his lines as the gets his make-up done. He is his cocky self, acting like he already has the part when it is just a re-audition. Tae Boo is worried.

Landlady Oh drives up to the building and sees Mom cleaning outside. Dad comes over and helps her. It is a sweet scene that is quite the contrast to her own relationship. She puts on airs, tells Mom to follow her to the stairway, and points out the dust and gum on the floor. She tells Mom to clean it well. Mom complies through clenched teeth.


Hye Young and Jung Hwan stroll along the path sipping coffee. He brings up that she is a cougar. He supposes she had a truckload of younger boyfriends. Hye Young plays along and says not all her boyfriends were younger; its just that she looks young for her age and is charming. He is bothered and asks how old he youngest one was. He mentions that he had his share of younger girlfriends. “were they pretty?” “So did you sleep with them?” The eight-year gap holds dating stories untold.

Mi Young takes the office orders for a group lunch. At the restaurant she is the busy intern, grilling and serving her seniors. One woman makes a wrap for her and feeds her. Just the, Yoo Joo shows up. She demands that Mi Young cut the fat from her pork. She rudely tells her that she can eat the fat. The colleagues are embarrassed and thee Yoo Joo that she is too hard on the new intern. Then they drink as an initiation for the intern. Yoo Joo gives Mi Young a shaken can that spurts all over her. Mi Young excuses herself and goes to the restroom. Yoo Joo follows. “You’re the same as always, a nothing.” Yoo Joo intimidates Mi Young. But this time Mi Young takes her sister’s advice, grabs Yoo Joo’s wrist, and tells her to stop. “That’s enough, before I throw you down.”

Joong Hee and Tae Boo are at the premiere for a movie starring his nemesis, Jin Sung Joon. He is asked what his next project is and to Joong Hee’s dismay, announces that he will be the lead in “Oh My Boss.” Joong Hee is shocked and barges into Director Ryu’s office. The re-audition has been cancelled and the decision was made to go with Jin Sung Joon. Director Ryu thanks him for his interest but tells him that this time it won’t work. “Have you met your father? I’m sure it will help your acting,” That really hits a sore spot with Joong Hee.

Joong Hee drowns his sorrows at a bar. Thoroughly plastered, he makes his way to Father’s Snackshack. It is already closed but Dad is there and Joong Hee staggers in. Dad recognizes him as the customer from the day before and says that he left some whiskey. “Wrong answer,” Joong Hee slurs. “Who am I? he moves towards Dad. Then he sees the family picture on a shelf. It’s enough to send him over the edge and he doesn’t hold back.

“I’m your son,” he tells Dad. “That’s who I am.”


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