A week’s worth of kdramas – week of February 11-17

As far as kdramas go this week, I’m watching Defendant, Tomorrow With You, and retro Coffee Prince. I am definitely feeling a kdrama void since The Legend of the Blue Sea, Weightlifting Fairy, and Goblin ended. There are a couple of new k-variety shows (sneak peeks below) that I tried out in addition to the weekly regulars starting with WGM!  

Saturday, February 11

WGM ep 360


I don’t know how Guk Joo does it, putting up with Sleepy. Once in a while there is a glimmer of cuteness and a sliver of hope that he will man up and become consistent in his behavior (I guess that’s called maturity). But no, he is a total whiner this episode when Guk Joo takes him to a doctor to deal with what turns out to be warts on his foot (very un-glamorous). Sleepy loses all of his energy the moment his name is called for treatment. With Guk Joo by his side he barely manages to get through the painful shots and procedure. She promises to make him homemade fried chicken afterwards. The worst, however, is when Sleepy conspires with the doctor who tells Guk Joo that Sleepy can’t do much for a day which means she caters to his every whim once they get home. But  Sleepy takes it too far: I think he is half-joking and half-serious when he orders her to bring him a glass of water and feed his dog.


Could things get any worse? Yep, DinDin arrives to drop off his dog supposedly for Sleepy to care for. (Ahem – it will be Guk Joo who has to watch DinDin’s pooch while Sleepy recuperates on the couch.) DinDin isn’t known for being sophisticated or thoughtful and pops in and out in his usual, much too-casual manner. Guk Joo is about to lose it. I don’t blame her. Has there ever been a We Got Divorced episode? Sleepy did enjoy Guk Joo’s fried chicken (“It’s the best fried chicken I’ve ever had) and complimented her.


Tae Joon and Bomi celebrate 100 Days with the rest of APink at the retro rollerama rink. They wear cute retro skating outfits, eat delicious snacks, and express their love for one another. APink has enough sense to bow out after having fun as a group and leave Tae Joon and Bomi alone. A  sweet kiss on her forehead from Tae Joon seals their WGM 100 Days as a couple!

I am less than impressed with Gong Myung (5urprise) – kinda milquetoast if you ask me. Even though his proposal to Hye Sung was awkward, Gong Myung put in effort and involved the other members of his group. I hope he gets a second wind because he is going to be on Law of the Jungle, too!

Law of the Jungle ep 252


This is the maiden voyage episode for protégé as an official, permanent member on Law of the Jungle along with his mentor, Byungman. In some ways I find that surprising as I didn’t think Kangnam had it in him to rough the great, wild outdoors. But having watched him brave the unknown territories in previous LoJ episodes, he has earned the title as Byungman’s trainee. I look forward to Kangnam pulling off his first leadership role in Kota Manado (Indonesia).


The theme  is Let Me Introduce My Friend ~ A new guest crew joins Byungman and Kangnam in friend pairs and team up to face the elements. Comedian Young Chul usually drives me crazy but I did chuckle a time or two with his LOUD presence and silly news updates (on how much he is suffering on LoJ). His friend is fellow comedian Yoon Jung Soo. However, they are already supremely overshadowed by flower boys Infinite’s Sung Yeol and 5urprise’s Gong Myung.


Solbi and Kim Min Seok are the third friends team. Everyone’s first task is a harrowing rappel down a severe cliff to reach their destination or to walk two hours in the pouring rain.

law-of-the-jungle-let-me-introduce-my-friend-ep-1-byungman law-of-the-jungle-kangnam-rappeling-like-a-pro

Byungman leads the way; when his ropes get tangled I am on the edge of my seat as the sheer drop is no joke. Thank goodness he makes it safely. Kangnam follows suit and rappels smoothly without a glitch. I’m impressed, Kangnam! However, the guest members freeze at the thought of ropes and cliffs and choose the two-hour walk down the slippery slope to the river. Sung Yeol is amazing. He puts everything he learned from Byungman from a previous jungle episode to good use. He is alert on the march down and, keeping out a keen eye, spots roots, fruits, and a cute indigenous marsupial called a Cuscus.

The next mission is for each team to build a shelter. There will be a prize for the winning team. We have to wait until next week to find out who the winners are and what the prize is! Sung Yeol and Gong Myung build a shelter away from the water – something Sung Yeol learned from Byungman – and start a fire. Gong Myung is mighty impressed with his hardy, cheerful partner and does whatever he is asked to do with all of his might and focus. I’m voting for SungMyung team, no question. (Byungman and Kangnam are exempt to give the other teams a fair chance of winning.) I am looking forward to more laughs from this group.


Sunday, February 12

Kpop Star season 6, ep 13

kpop-star-season-6-jyp-yge kpop-star-6-ep-13-top-10

Top 10 eliminations continue as the competition gets tougher and more demanding. I was really surprised when Yoo Hui Yeol chose YG Girls over JYP Once as winners in the girls’ group competition. It was an incredible amount of pressure on him (Antenna) to have to choose between the two groups.

kpop-star-6-ep-13 kpop-star-season-6-sung-eun

One of my favorites, Sung Eun, made second place in her round which means she will have to compete again for a spot in the Top 10. Good luck!

Coffee Prince ep 11 & 12


This is my go-to kdrama when I just want to sit back and enjoy every single minute watching Gong Yoo, Lee Sungkyun, and Kim Jae Wook be their handsome selves.

Monday February 13

Defendant 7

defendant-ep-7 defendant-ep-7-kdrama-recap

There is still so much we don’t know about that night when Ji Soo was murdered. Who did it? What was the motive? And most of all, why has Jung Woo lost his memory? I have to admit I am getting a little tired of  how much the memory loss affects the pace of the drama. It is kind of slow. Also, while I really want to like Uhm Hyun Kyung’s acting, I am not moved by her character, Yeon Hee. That might be in part because I don’t find the Min Ho/Sun Ho story line very compelling. I am invested enough, though, to want to find out answers. I am still suspicious of Joon Hyuk, but something tells me his isn’t the murderer. What is he covering up, though? I don’t find his character that interesting, either.

defendant-ep-7-ha-yeon defendant-ep-7-ha-yeon-is-alive

What in the world? Sung Gyoo is in the car with Ha Yeon?! That frustrates me.

Tuesday, February 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ 


kdramas and ice cream cake

High School Rapper ep 1

school-rapper-ep-1 school-rapper-ep-1-jessie

I wanted to check out this new rap audition show that takes place in high schools and gives students a chance to try out their talents in front of some impressive judges, Swings, Mad Clown, and Jessie. You can imagine how starstruck high schoolers would be to have the top rapper stars at their schools. It must feel like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but that comes with pressure, especially at this age. Lots of good tries – some choked and some pulled it off – but you could feel the students’ sincerity.


Mc Cree who already has a name as an upcoming rapper performed. It’s a mad dash to the top ten for hundreds of excited high school students. Fighting! \/

Wednesday, February 15

Boarding House Girls ep 1 (or Guesthouse Daughters)

boarding-house-girls-ep-1-recap boarding-house-girls-ep-1-kdrama

Here’s another new k-variety show that, after watching the first episode, I’m on the fence. It has shades of Roommate – a variety show I absolutely loved and looked forward to every week for two seasons. (They even promoted a third season but suddenly the idea fizzled just like that. Still sad it didn’t happen.) This episode gives us a peek into the show’s set up. There are five actresses and two male comedians who will make up the household. Lee Mi-suk is the oldest and plays the mother in the fictitious family. Her four daughters are from various relationships (you’ll have to watch the show to find out the comedic storyline). Park Son Hong and Lee Su-geun are the male boarders whose roles are not clearly defined thus far. It seems that Koreans love basic games, and this group is no different. Rounds of kai-bai-bo (scissors-rock-paper) and pop bottle top flick races determined winners and losers to get things going. The cast is surprisingly but refreshingly an older one. I’ll give it a fair chance.

 3 Meals a Day Gochang Village ep 5

I promise to catch up on a minicap next week!

Defendant ep 8


Things are getting creepy. Why are so many people involved in Ji Soo and Jung Woo’s lives that there are a number of parties of interest in this murder/kidnapping case? While we can understand now why Jung Woo confessed as the murderer, I am distraught that Ji Soo really did die.

defandant-ep-8-ji-sung-as-jung-woo defendant-ep-8-min-ho-ji-sung

Does Sung Gyoo know that his sister didn’t live (the one who needed the surgery)? And the mistress showing up and Min Ho sleeping with her to make her think he is his brother (her lover). Yuck to that. Then Min Ho lands in the SAME jail cell as Jung Woo for killing the mistress just as Sung Woo memory flashes his face at the scene of Ji Soo’s murder…I dunno. This is overly complicated and murky.

Thursday, February 16

Radio Star ep 514


Today’s guests represent an unusual assortment of professions. The show takes hilarious turns when guests do voice impressions (so popular on k-entertainment shows these days, it is almost a requirement), display other random talents, and dance very badly.


Hyung Wook, a much sought-after dog trainer, reads the hosts’ dogs’ mood from photographs and points out signs of stress in the dogs. His father owned a puppy factory when he was young and it made him want to be good to animals, learn to train them, and teach people how to treat animals well.


Shin Dong (Super Junior) is back from the military. Somehow he can’t shake the rumors that he is married (some rumors even say he has been married twice) when in actuality he is not. Shin Dong hosted many variety and talk shows back when and leaves viewers wondering if he will replace Super Junior member Kyu Hyun who leaves for military duty soon. Is Super Junior even a viable group anymore or have they all pretty much gone their own ways?

Shorry is a rapper who recently appeared as an actor in The Flower in Prison kdrama. He hopes it will bring him more acting opportunities.

radio-star-514-do-not-dance-like-this-at-a-nightclub radio-star-514-sung-il-shorry-doing-impressions

Traditional Korean music singer and performer (pansori) Nam Sang Il has many talents. He made fun of himself and how he was criticized for dancing at a nightclub pansori style. It was cute and funny. Mothers and grandmothers especially like him, he admitted. When the guests have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves like these four characters, it sure makes the hosts’ jobs a lot easier!

 Mr. House Husband ep 13

mr-househusband-ep-13 mr-house-husband-ep-13-eli

After shopping last week for holiday cooking, the members head to Jungtae’s house to prepare a typical Korean holiday meal. These guys, really. While Eli, the newest member of the group, is out running errands, they decide to gang up on him and pull a prank. Jungtae and Taegyu are going to get into an argument that makes everyone uncomfortable. However, it gets away from them and everyone ends up feeling awkward. Poor Eli realized it was all in fun but asked them not to ever do that again. He was shaken.

mr-house-husband-ep-13 mr-house-husband-ep-13-taegyu

Oh my! I have never heard so much complaining about hard work. It was annoying beyond description but if any good came from their holiday cooking experience it was that they realized how much hard work and love their mothers always put into holidays. They feel sorry that they never helped their mothers or wives and vow to be helpful in the future. Jungtae had an emotional moment while reminiscing about his mother who has been gone, now, for some time. As he told of her hard life, he and the other broke down. It was good for these guys to have a reflective moment and considerate thoughts about their dear mothers. Holidays can do that, you know.

Abnormal Summit 135

abnormal-summit-135-remodeled-redecorated abnormal-summit-135-diet

This variety show is celebrating big with a new and improved remodeled set. Nick from Germany commented that it used to feel like they were inside the home of a rich person but now it is more like a political discussion in a conference room. Today’s guests are Wendy and Seul-gi from Red Velvet. As members of a girls’ group they are restricted on what they can eat. Their issue today is, “I want to eat what I want, however much I want. Am I abnormal?”

abnormal-summit-135-macarroons abnormal-summit-135-high-calorie-foods

The topic brought up delicious foods from each country, wild diets that people have tried, celebrity diets, discussion about reasons for dieting including health and/or looks, and examples of extreme dieting measures. Abnormal Summit is one of my favorite k-variety shows.

Friday, February 17

New Journey to the West season 3 ep 6


All I have to say is Min Ho makes such an adorable Bulma. I loved the competition of ordering food and winning character selection according to how fast the restaurant delivered each member’s food.


That would be so much fun to play with my family, but we would have to think of what the prizes would be!

I wonder if Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will be good? I’ll check it out and let you know next week.

So, DN (Date Night – virtual get-together with a friend where we coordinated time zones/different places and watch k-variety together.) We’ve decided to substitute 1N2D this week because IC (Infinite Challenge) announced a seven-week hiatus. We aren’t particularly interested in the fill-in shows they’ve lined up, so tonight we’re watching a joint favorite, 1N2D with face masks, drink of choice, and snacks. What a way to end a long week and start the weekend! \/


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