A week’s worth of kdramas – week of January 21-27

Last week I putzed around watching a lot of variety show episodes and fewer kdramas, but this week I made a deliberate effort to watch The Legend of the Blue Sea, catch up with Goblin, and keep up with Missing Nine (which I am recapping), and Defendant.

Saturday, January 21

The Legend of the Blue Sea ep 19

Chi Hyun, no! On all counts, no!


(exchange between Joon Jae and Nam Doo)

“My Joon Jae.”

“So cringe-worthy.”

“Who’s saying who’s cringe-worthy?” Bromance-y.

I love Cheong for being so blunt and mermaid-like.


“If we remember each other we won’t lose our way back.”

I adore Lee Min Ho. His acting is slightly old-fashioned (if that’s the word I’m looking for) and familiar, but endearing. I can’t explain why I burst out crying when he asked Cheong, “If you return to the sea will you b okay? Will you be healthy?” And then when Cheong made her choice and they kissed (mmm) and then…one more episode to go! I am preparing myself for a kdrama sad love ending that goes something like: I must leave so that you can live because I love you so much that I can’t be with you.

Entertainment Weekly ep 1655

This entertainment show features updates and news/interviews of Korea’s celebs.


How sw♥♥t ~ Joonwon and BoA announced as the first celeb couple in 2017 . So cute together!


A fun interview with handsome duo Zo Insung and Jung Woosung for their upcoming movie, “The Kings.”

Sunday January 22

1N2D ep 481


Look, six members!


Welcome back, Jung Joon Young, you look happy to reunite with your buddies. Dong Gu was especially excited to have his friend on the set again. (I thought they were about the same age but Dong Gu is three years older.) Anyway, hail, hail, the gang’s all here~

Monday January 23

Defendant ep 1


Defendant – replacing Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim– is a crime, melodrama that is heavy-duty. Ji Sung plays Prosecutor Park Jung Woo whose last memory is the day of his daughter’s sixth birthday party that he celebrated together with his wife, Eun Hye (played by Yuri from Girls’ Generation). But that was four months ago, and since then he has been in prison for the murder of his wife and daughter. He has absolutely no memory of anything after the birthday party that he thinks was just last night.


I think we’ve found a new villain actor, Uhm Ki Joon. I vaguely recognize him, but I have a feeling he will be memorable in this drama. Uhm Ki Joon plays both roles of twin brothers, Cha Min Ho and Cha Sun Ho; one is killed by the other and identities are intentionally switched.

Kpop Star season 6 ep 10


I’m glad Kimga Minga did well a second time and received praise and encouragement from the judges. However, only one gets cast because they preformed late in the round and the judges ran out of spots. They even asked for the rules to bend but the producers wouldn’t allow it.


Sung Eun (from Texas) continues to wow the judges (and me, too). They tease her that she seems more like she is from a village in Korea than the United States. Her talent is organic and fresh. I’m betting that she will be in the Top 4.

New Journey to the West season 3 ep 3


Ji Won is always up for shows that require little effort (he doesn’t like to expand energy). The kumquat – ha! Rolled down the hole and disappeared, too bad Dong Ho. I think there was a similar mission in Journey to the West season 2 with eggs that had to be hidden, etc. Min-ho is a nice addition to the crew, but he’ll have to get used to the others and their sly antics.


Ahn Jae Hyun just has to walk on the set to shine. He does what he wants and everyone lets him. Like a star.


Doesn’t it look like Kyuhyun is thinking really hard here? (Gonna miss him when he enlists soon.)

Tuesday, January 24

Defendant ep 2

defendant-ep-2-ji-sung defendant-ep-2-ji-sung-kdrama-recap

Prosecutor Park Jung Woo has intangible evidence (the last words that Sun Ho spoke to him), but villains are always a step ahead, at least at the beginning, and Min Ho has connections in high places. Of course, in true kdrama fashion, the mother of the twins knows that it is her son Min Ho and not Sun Ho who stands before her, but she is in the mental hospital and who would take her word for it? That four-month gap, what in the world happened and just how deep are Min Ho’s connections? Ji Sung’s acting is mesmerizing, like in Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret.

Goblin ep 11


Like life isn’t hard enough without past life possibilities and issues to deal with. I really like Sunny in this episode.


I may be late to the party on this thought, but Goblin is a fashion show of cardigans for men.

Mr. Househusband ep 11

“…the lives of men doing housekeeping.”


This show is hilarious with the husbands doing regular stuff like recovering a couch, preparing a children’s party, arranging a baby’s room (Eli from U-KISS), and learning how to bake yakisoba bread at a bakery (Taegyu).


Somehow they make a variety show of it all. Jungtae doesn’t seem like a good fit as a host to me, though.

Wednesday, January 25

Abnormal Summit ep 133


This week’s topics include political speeches, organ donations, scams, and being gullible enough to get scammed repeatedly. Discussions can get feisty, but there is always good humor and respect for others’ opinions (Mark Tetto, Aurelien Loubert, and Guillaume Patry are pictured here). Guest Jong Min has a reputation of getting scammed because he can’t say no to friends’ requests for money. Large sums of money. And he is too trusting. Live and learn, Jong Min. Seems like a good guy with a big heart and a reputation of being a prankster. Congratulations are in order: after being a regular on 1N2D for 10 years, Jong Min won the Grand Prize at the KBS Entertainment Awards in 2016. My personal favorites this round are Oogi (Japan) for his mild mannered responses and Alberto for being such a romantic.

Missing Nine ep 3

(look forward to a recap soon!)

Thursday, January 26

Radio Star ep 511


What a whack guest line-up: Park Wan Ku, Jung Dong Ha, Lee Jae Yoon, Kangnam, and Heyne. It’s a fun episode.

Friday, January 27

Happy Together

Infinite Challenge 515

I always look forward to virtual date night (DN) with my friend in another time zone. We coordinate our Friday nights and watch Infinite Challenge and maybe another k-variety show at the same time in different places. The running commentaries via text is what makes it fun and it’s so nice to know that someone else somewhere gets the crazy, often inexplicable world of the Korean Wave! Another week, another kdrama!

Look forward to The Legend of the Blue Sea final episode comments next week at A Week’s Worth of Kdramas.


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