A week’s worth of kdramas – week of January 14-20

Saturday January 14

WGM (We Got Married) ep 356


I’m growing fonder of Choi Tae Joon, not necessarily because of WGM, but because I like him as a host on Hello, Counselor and he has a role in the new kdrama, Missing Nine. Tae Joon helps Bomi study for her driver’s license. She is positive she will score 95, but to her shock and embarrassment she scores a 59 (inverted numbers, maybe it was a mistake)? I didn’t think anyone could do that poorly; Tae Joon was a gentleman and played down the failure. Poor Bomi.  


Sleepy and Guk Joo are entertaining, although I find myself looking through my fingers hoping that he won’t flop. Really, the best thing that ever happened to Sleepy is appearing on I Live Alone with Guk Joo. She is definitely the energizer of this couple, but Sleepy prepared an event for Guk Joo’s birthday that at least met her expectations and showed some effort on his part. (sigh) Still, is he boyfriend – or should I say husband – material? Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, he did light a whole bunch of candles in a heart shape, played happy birthday on the trombone, and took her to eat. (I can’t remember, but did he have enough money to pay for their meal?) Nah, I’m right.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim ep 20 (final)


Is this the end or is it the beginning? I haven’t seen the prequel episode, yet.

Sunday January 15

New Journey to the West Season 3 ep 1 & 2


Ahn Jae Hyun has made his mark since season 2 (replacing Seung-gi who had military duty) as a regular with Eun Ji Won, Kang Dong Ho, and Lee Su Geun. I love this season’s added guests, Kyuhyun (Super Junior singer and favorite variety host whose military duty begins after this season), and rapper Mino (who was a complete charmer on Infinity Challenge’s Hip Hop x History special).

Monday January 16

Kpop Star season 6 ep 9

kpop-star-season-6-ep-9 boyfriend-thriller-kpop-star-season-6-ep-9

Casting audition episode – each contestant performs and is either cast by JYP, YGE, or Antenna or eliminated. Two-member competitor group Boyfriend was impressive with their Thriller performance.

Tuesday, January 17

Hello, Counselor

A mom or three who only sleeps 1 to 2 hours a day because she tutors until midnight or later? Her older parents (she is an only child) resent that she doesn’t raise her children and her husband who works, too, wishes she would find time for their family. The first thing I thought was that she doesn’t look healthy. I hope she can adjust her imbalanced schedule for everyone’s sake! She got 172 votes. That’s the most I’ve seen in a long, long time.

1N2D ep 480


Joon Young is back, ready to join the 1N2D gang again. But the other members don’t know it yet, and Joon Young has to climb the 5 miles or so up Manbok Peak unless the others mention his name 30 times. Until they do, he has to keep climbing. His name does come up occasionally but it’s not near the 30 times required in order for Joon Young to join them.


It’s like two episodes going on at once: the boys play in the hot springs while Joon Young practically films a hiking documentary. Anyway, I anticipate that he will surprise them in the next episode and our 1N2D group will be together and complete again.

Hip Hop Tribe 2: Game of Thrones ep. 13

hip-hop-tribe-2-game-of-thrones-sniper-ballet hip-hop-tribe-2-samuel-seo

This is a two-part final with two-member teams (one host rapper and one amateur rapper) going up against other teams for elimination and throne domination. An audience of 200 votes to determine the winner of each 2-on-2 competition. Rap and ballet made for an awesome combination (MC Sniper and Park Kwang-sun’s team) but the audience didn’t score them very high. Next week is the final episode with the winner of Game of Thrones.

Wednesday, January 18

Abnormal Summit

Oops, I’m on the run today. I’ll be more generous and give AS some ink next week!

Thursday, January 19

Missing Nine ep 1 and 2


Khyung-ho and Chanyeol, too! Episode 1 is packed with action and a real cliffhanger. Episode 2 actually poses even more questions – check out my recaps!

ep 1 https://cimiart.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/missing-nine-ep-1-recap-kdrama/

ep 2 https://cimiart.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/missing-nine-ep-2-recap-kdrama/

Friday, January 20

Infinite Challenge 514


It’s our weekly virtual DN (date night). Thank goodness for company to watch with because the episode was a crying shame. Once again, we saw IC’s tendency to run really, really cold. I personally don’t get the focus on Jun Ha and the all-out effort so that he can win this year’s Grand Award. Anyhoot, they selected a half-dozen challenges like a Strong Man competition, a trip down the Han River, and some crazy-looking catfish throw-down. I mean, with the great history hip-hop episodes and high quality execution, how can the writers come up with a lame episode of fake award speeches for fake awards? IC why do you do this to me? Just think, Big Bang was featured for their New Year’s episode. What a nosedive.

Duet Song Festival ep 36


I’m crazy for Korean music shows even though I don’t understand the lyrics and the subtitles are often spotty. Still, I just love the showmanship and how the performers immerse themselves in the process and on stage. Duet Song Festival pairs a famous Korean singer with an unknown singer who has submitted a video and has been selected. The teams perform in two consecutive shows for a combined score to determine the winner. The performances are intense, but I am always touched at the graciousness and humility of the performers all around.


I get a thrill when I recognize a song, often an OST from a kdrama, and I was doubly excited when Kim Yuna and Bo Hoon sang Snow Flower, the OST from Sorry, I Love You (one of my all-time favorite kdramas with Ji Sub). It was a fabulous performance.

That’s it for another week. I am behind on Goblin and The Legend of the Blue Sea, but give me a free night and I will catch up. That’s how it’s done in kdramaland! Plus, recapping Missing Nine (or any kdrama) really sucks up time, but it’s fun!


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