Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 20 finale

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo ep 20 Finale


Yes, that is Hae Soo and Jung together.


The ending? I haven’t read any of the comments yet so here’s my stream of consciousness reaction. Warning: may be hazardous to your k-health! The beautiful scenery and the handsome princes – above all our King So – linger. But I HATED the rushed last episode with enough events and time covered that it could have been a miniseries in itself. ^^Blink^^ – Soo was gone. Whaaa? So missed ever seeing her again? I ended up loving Soo and Jung together the most even though Jung knew to whom Soo’s heart belonged. So had no right to barge in on Jung that way and yet he had every right. Gah! And their daughter – Soo’s and Jung’s – was hidden for years with nary a mention. When So met her five or six years later on chance, he knew who she was even though he didn’t come out and say it.


Ji Mong’s departure was our signal that the total eclipse of the sun was approaching. Then they made us do the big time leap. Okay, Soo is back in the 21st century. I’m waiting. How will she meet So? Ji Mong shows up at her cosmetic booth. Surely So will appear – as a cosmetics model? An investor? A mystery lover? It could be so cool, c’mon time travel, do your stuff!


Then Soo has flashbacks, stumbles, and has to leave the booth. While wandering through the Goryeo cosmetics display she sees pictures of the palace and king. King So appears in her mind. Now! I think he will show up now. But, there’s no So in sight. In Soo’s mind she sees herself with So at the palace. We see a lot of flashback scenes from past episodes as Moon Lovers wraps up. Was it a dream? I think So will walk up behind her – now! More scenes from the palace with So and Soo talking by the pond and then…then….*pop!* It’s over. Just like that. Then end. The untold story of the untold story.


Was Moon Lovers too short or too long? This is not a recap or even well-formed comments. It’s just that I’m sitting here and ML is over. It is one of those kdramas that could have been so much more and that potential kept me watching. All right. It was Lee Joonki that kept me watching, I’ll confess. I will read the hundreds of comments on dramabeans tomorrow. No one ended up happy, but in real Goryeo, they didn’t anyway.

Goryeo BB cream. Who knew?

Are you still reeling from the ending of our beloved Moon Lovers? {{{{and reeling….and reeling…and reeling}}}}}


2 thoughts on “Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 20 finale

  1. They needed another four episodes at least to really tell the story. I really saw how bad editing and too much time on a production ‘screen hands can harm a show. This show is like Cheese in the Trap for me. So much potential yet it managed to fall a bit flat. I still LOVED LJK! What an actor! Maybe one day we’ll get a Director’s cut where someone with a knowledge of story flow can reengineer it.

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