38 Task Force episode 17 recap ~ special


38 task force ep 17 special recap, sung il, dong seok

We get a fun look behind the scenes of 38 Task Force. As you recall, the story begins by introducing what tax collectors from Seowon City Hall are up against on a daily basis. Search and seizure for delinquent taxes is their daily grind, often met with resistance and disrespect. Sung Il, a mild-mannered, upright government employee won’t play the “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” game and puts his superiors, who count on kickbacks from the corrupt wealthy in exchange for looking the other way, on edge. It seems like Sung Il is swimming upstream in vain.   

38 task force ep 17 special, jung do, seo in guk38 task force ep 17, special recap, ma dong seok

Then he joins forces with genius con artist Jung Do and his oddball team. Together they decide to take money from the wealthy who gained their riches illegally and refuse to pay taxes. They get sweet revenge by conning them out of money and receive satisfaction when they can say, “Act human and do your duty,” and “It’s been paid in full.”

38 Task Force ep 1, Seo In Guk38 Task Force, Seo In Guk, sunglasses

And there you have the plot.

Best scenes (the actors chose their favorite scenes)

38 Task Force ep 1, Sung Il

Ma Dong Seok who plays Sung Il likes the opening scene and jokes that even though the scriptwriter knows he has bad knees he ends up running all over the place. The hours of filming take a toll but he does his best to create realistic, action-filled scenes. He describes his character as someone who, upon finding Min Sik dead in a locked car, holds all his angst inside and becomes a timid man. Thanks for the hard work, Sung Il, we love you as compassionate Dong Seok who works hard to uphold the values he believes in.

38 task force ep 17, favorite scenes, seo in guk 38 task force ep 17, kdrama, seo in guk chase scene

The chase scene was high production with special cameras and a drone. A huge section of road was blocked off and over one hundred cars were used to create a believable and exciting chase. Seo In Guk who plays Yang Jung Do, receives instruction on how to shift gears and make a tight, fast chase. He did the stunts himself and comments that the chase scene is on a huge scale for a drama. Must be hot – he has an ice pack on his head in between shooting scenes.

38 task force ep 17 special, review, seo in guk38 Task Force, ep 8 recap, Seo In Guk, Jung Do

In Guk likes the scene where he plays Cho Hee Joon and gives a speech in dialect. He improvises, “Be rich, be rich!” shouting to get the crowd going. He compliments the writer and director for being very open-minded and giving him room to ad-lib. In Guk got viewer support and love (not just from me) for playing a cool, sly character.

38 task force ep 17 special, seo in guk, recap kdrama38 task force ep 12, police unit 38 recap

Ah, the bromance between Sung Il and Jung Do is the sweetest. Both actors pick the jail scene where they fuss over blankets and end up sharing the fresh one as a favorite scene. Followed by the fight scene at the children’s playground which made viewers laugh so hard. At first, the scene was just a side fight, but it turns into a memorable scene for the actors and the director.

38 task force ep 17, special, kdrama recap, seo in guk38 task force ep 12 recap, Sung Il and Jung Do fight

“We wanted it to look like a fight between two men who are like your next-door neighbors,” says Dong Seok. So funny! Throwing sand, biting nipples, air kicks, tussling, they were so cute!

38 task force ep 17, recap, seo in guk38 task force ep 17 special, recap, in guk

“I was able to learn why other actors enjoy working with Dong Seok so much,” In Guk praises his co-actor. He compliments Dong Seok on his consideration for others and his direction. Dong Seok has an artistic flair and sketches In Guk in a notebook – who knew? When In Guk asks him to draw Mi Joo he is shy and says he can’t draw girls at all and has never done it before^^.

38 task Force, Seo In Guk, ep 6 recap38 Task Force, Jung Do and the triangle scam

Dong Seok thinks of In Guk as his little brother and admits that he is very cute (we all agree),  smart, and talented. It seems that the friendship that develops on screen between Sung Il and Jung Do parallels their real life friendship on the set. “Showcasing their bromance” is how they describe it.

38 task force ep 17 special, seo in guk, ma dong seok

Favorite line: “It has been paid in full.” The first time Sung Il was able to say it was to Ma Jin Suk. Oh Dae Hwan, who plays Jin Suk, gets a complex for being so hated. Seems like people have trouble separating his villainous character from reality. He was teased by the staff that he would have to cover his face on the street after his role. But we all cheered his downfall!

38 task force ep 17 recap, seo in guk38 task force ep 17 recap, review, special, sooyoung

38 task force ep 17 special, sooyoung and dong seok38 task force, special episode 17, ma dong seok

Soo Young says that all the scenes she shot with Dong Seok are memorable. I think she is starstruck working with him. I like how she talks about being attracted to the role because, originally, she was supposed to play a more villain-like part that would backstab the team.  In the end, it was decided that Sung Hee would be righteous. One of the lines that sums up the injustice of the system was when Sung Il says to Sung Hee, “The law is like a bully, it’s weak for the strong and strong for the weak.” It is one of those moments when they wonder if what they are doing is right.

38 task force ep 17, mi joo, seo in guk, recap kdrama 38 task force ep 17, money falling, seo in guk, con artist

Yu Bin plays Mi Joo. Her favorite scene is when Bang Pil Gyu’s family collapses and he begs Jung Do on his knees. But Jung Do says, ‘It’s no fun,” and the money is dumped from the rooftops of Seowon City. How can money falling from the sky not be a memorable scene?

38 task force ep 17, mi joo, jung do, seo in guk

Mi Joo’s favorite line is when she meets Sung Il for the first time and says, “I don’t work with a nobody.”
38 task force ep 17, favorite lines of the actors38 task force ep 17, sung il's favorite line, has been paid in full

Song Ok Suk, who plays No Bang-Sil (Wallet) is charming as she recalls her favorite line, “You have nothing. I’ll supply the ammunition.” She loves the idea of being able to hand over a blank check, something everyone wants to be able to do at least once in real life.

38 task force special episode 17, seo in guk38 task force ep 17 special, seo in guk, dong seok

What a blast these guys have sitting together after a successful drama (OCN’s currently highest rated kdrama in its history). They tease each other and are relieved that their hard work has paid off. Now they can relax. Dong Seok says his character from Bad Guys would look at Sung Il and say, “Who are you?” Dong Seok says that’s why it was hard to play Sung Il, who held back, sometimes. (Stay tuned for more Bad Guys reveals…keep reading!)

38 task force ep 17, backstage, seo in guk, ma dong seok, sooyoung 38 task force ep 17, ma dong seok as sung il

Dong Seok receives pampering and a shoulder massage after being on his feet. He says past injuries caused him to have to have pins in his spine and shoulders. Poor guy, it’s gotta get harder with age!

38 task force ep 17, injury on the set38 task force ep 17, sooyoung falls on her wrist

Gosh, Heo Jae Ho, playing not-so-smart Hak Joo really did get injured on the set, fracturing his ribs and getting a cut on his face from a sugar bottle (made to look like glass) – ouch. Be careful! Soo Young (Sung Hee) fell down on her wrist in one of the fight scenes but avoided serious injury.

38 task force ep 17, behind thes scenes, seo in guk 38 task force ep 17 special, recap, seo in guk

And pitiful Ja Wang in the fake gangster role – I guess there were some pretty realistic slaps and gagging going on. Eww!

38 task force ep 17, birthday on the set, seo in guk

An on the set cake for Kim Byung Choon’s (No Seung) 60th birthday.

38 task force ep 17 special, sung il, seo in guk

Highlight: If you’ve been wondering, like me, what the scene at the end of the drama with Sung Il in prison blue was all about, we now get to find out! Park Woong Cheol showed up. He stopped Sa Jae Sung from stabbing Jung Do. But the character wasn’t Sung Il as we might have supposed, it was an appearance of Park Woong Cheol from Bad Guys – the two meet again. (Ma Dong Seok played Park Woong Cheol.) Clever, nice move by the director Kim Jung Min and writer Han Jung Hoon. Those who were sharp enough to catch that crossover got it – the rest of us are thankful for being filled in on the inside connection!

38 task force ep 17, special, jung do, seo in guk38 task force ep 17, special, recap

“We’ll remember this drama for a long time!” they say. I think the viewers agree. I can’t wait to watch it with my brother.

38 task force ep 17 special jung do, seo in guk38 task force recap ep 11, Seo In Guk as Jung Do

38 task force ep 14 recap kdrama, seo in guk38 task force, ep 10 recap, kdrama, sooyoung, seo in guk

Did you enjoy the special behind-the-scenes episode? Any final thoughts on this exciting crime, revenge, comedy kdrama? I’m voting for Jung Do and Sung Il as best couple!

38 Task Force, Seo In Guk looking good38 Task Force, ep 3, kdrama, Seo In Guk

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10 thoughts on “38 Task Force episode 17 recap ~ special

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  2. I loved the special episode, cause I learned a lot about the making of the drama, the actors, their plights and their likes. Poor Ma Dong Seok and his back and knees! This guy is a friggin terminator. go easier on yourself! Impressed by Seo In Guk doing the car chase stunt himself. That looked very risky.
    actually Oh Dae Hwan did not say he was hated but he expected to be, instead people liked his character and cheered for him by the end, which surrised him. at least the majority of subs I have seen say it like that.
    it was very interesting to see behind the scenes and witness all the hard work the cameramen and even the sound guys did, but especially actors, who were in character no matter how tight and overcrowded the location and microphones at the back of your head and whatnot. talk about concentration.

    My favorite moments from the drama were:
    Mi Joo´s “betrayal” being revealed not a betrayal (the best and the worst, they got me there! They really got me!)
    Sung hee “ad-lib” in the restaurant
    Sung Il and Jung Do bickering in prison & blanket-sharing
    The faces Jung Do was making when Sung Il was pretending to be a cop at Mr. No´s and fell apart completely (um, screencaps of those grimaces? crazy hilarious!)
    Hak Joo coming clean about what he did, and Jung Do apologizing
    the gang attack scene (started laughing again from the reminder here)
    and of course the multi-black-sedan-chase. that´s how you do it.

    Favorite lines:


    • Hi superfox,

      I forgot to mention that the commitment of 2 months of pre-filming for scripts and the 3-4 months for actually filming is quite long, I was surprised. But what a fun bunch of people to spend that much time with – this was one of the better follow-up specials I’ve seen, loved how much love they have for one another.

      btw, did you see Ji Moo on I Can See Your Voice (with Joonyoung as the guest judge, to boot). She was great as Seo In Guk-s Woman ha! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INbtvy_mMsQ


  3. Watching the Special Ep 17 reminded me how much I love this show!!! Awwww!! It really was the Dream Team!

    Hilarious touch to have Evil Director Ahn open the narration! And that throw away remark: “Ah, I hate that man!” Bwahahaha.

    SIG and MDS both worked so hard with the physical scenes – poor Ma Dong Seok looked like he was back in Running Man!
    I loved their cell making up scene, and the playground fight scene too (Ma Dong Seok saying it was harder than fighting zombies, hah!) It’s truly awe-inspiring to see talented actors like SIG and veterans like MDS sincerely complimenting each other’s skills, hard work and personalities! Everyone worked really hard through the hot summer months!

    I would’ve liked to see some bts about the OST making too, since it really notched up the excitement level whenever we heard the victorious themes when another villainous tax evador bit the dust!

    Other comments:
    SIG’s satoori is the sexiest thing.
    I did not expect that aegyo from Bang Pil Gyu (or Oh Dae Hwan – the Ma Jin Seok character).
    Ma Don Seok’s ad lib lines on the phone when he was practicing conning people … too funny!
    “Where are your name?” ?!!!

    Finally, not sure if this image will make it through, but … one for the bromance!

    Liked by 1 person

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