38 Task Force episode 11 recap kdrama


 Ep 11  

Much is uncovered in this episode that helps us understand who Jung Do is, where he is coming from, and what he is up to. As is often the case, things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes there is more than one way to achieve a desired outcome. That is, if everyone can get to a place to see it that way. Also, perspective matters. A lot. Most of all, I just want our bromance partners to get back together!

38 task force ep 11, Seo In Guk38 task force ep 11, recap, Seo In Guk

Commissioner Ahn and Mayor Chun have been called to meet Pil Gyu for dinner. One other person is sitting at the table when they arrive – it is Woohyung bigwig, Choi Chul Woo. The Mayor sits uncomfortably and asks what CEO Choi wishes to say, but he insists they eat first and talk later. When dinner is over, CEO Choi unceremoniously dismisses Pil Gyu who is surprised and steps out. The atmosphere is awkward. But CEO Choi has things to discuss with the Mayor.

38 task force, ep 11, recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung

He asks why the Mayor didn’t fill him in on the cons going on out of his office. He wonders if Mayor Chun is protecting his daughter, Chun Sung Hee. CEO Choi does not mince words and tells the Mayor that withholding information is betrayal. It is a warning. Things need to be shored up.

38 task force ep 11 recap Seo In Guk38 task force ep 11 recap, Seo In Guk

Jung Do rings the doorbell at the Bang household. When Mrs. Bang appears he introduces himself as Director Kim Kyung Ae’s son. Mrs. Bang is startled and calls her husband.

38 task force episode 11 recap, Seo In Guk38 task force ep 11, Sung Il, Jung Do, Seo In guk

Pil Gyu arrives to find Jung Do waiting for him. He learns that Jung Do is Director Kim’s son and asks if he has chased him down to avenge his mother.  Jung Do is as serious at this moment as we’ve seen him – it is not just his mother’s life he wants to avenge (she worked for Pil Gyu) but his father’s, too (Detective Yang). Jung Do is not big on small talk about the past and says, “Let’s talk business.” He informs Pil Gyu that he and his team took and liquidated his daughter’s antiques. “You lost in a con what you made in a con,” he reminds Pil Gyu. We see the scene of Sung Il informing Min A that the sale of her antiques will handsomely pay for the family’s tax deficit. When she makes the call to her father and hands the phone Sung Il, he tells him that his taxes are paid in full. Pil Gyu laughs, not because he and Jung Do are on the same side as we supposed, but because he is cocky. He tells Jung Do that his connections go deep and high. All he has to do is say the word and his money is back in his hands.

38 task force ep 11 recap, Sooyoung, Seo In Guk 38 task force episode 11 recap, Jung Do's father, Seo In Guk

Jung Do decides to remedy such an undesirable outcome and makes a couple of calls. The first is to Sung Il to tell him that the money won’t go for taxes after all. The second is to Wallet who has a master plan in place that will, in effect, result in the money being returned to the public in, let’s say, an unconventional way. To stop it all, Pil Gyu only has to apologize – something he admittedly has never ever done in his life.

38 task force, Seo in Guk, ep 11 recap kdrama 38 task force, Pil Gyu apologizes to Jung Do ep 11

He has to apologize for making Jung Do’s mother the “fall guy” and go to prison for the pyramid scheme. Clearly Director Kim (his mother) knew nothing about it but Pil Gyu tells her that’s what people like her are for and turns his back as she is hauled off by police. Pil Gyu also has to apologize for Jung Do’s father who was the detective on the case and was framed and arrested for taking bribes in order get the police off the trail. Pil Gyu is indignant and refuses. Jung Do makes a call to Wallet and tells her to “do it in five minutes.”

38 task force episode 11 review, kdrama 38 task force ep 11 review, Seo In Guk

Jung Do gets up to leave and Pil Gyu realizes there is plenty of his money at stake and makes a half-hearted apology to Director Kim and Detective Yang (Jung Do’s parents): “I’m sorry for lying and sending her to prison. I’m sorry for framing Mr. Yang for bribery he didn’t commit and sending him to prison.” Jung Do has the upper hand but an apology from Pil Gyu is hardly enough. He reminds Pil Gyu that they met once before. It was at his father’s trial where an innocent man was sent to prison. His son, Jung Do, pleads to speak to his father. A cold-hearted Jae Sung and an even chillier Pil Gyu stand over him as he sobs into his hands. “Don’t let what happened get to you. That is life. We have to bear it,” is all they say to him. With the tables turned, it is now Jung Do’s turn to say those words to back Pil Gyu. What goes around comes around.

38 task force, ep 11 recap kdrama. Seo In Guk 38 task force, ep 11, money, Seo In Guk

A panicked Pil Gyu falls to his knees and begs Jung Do to forgive him for making his parents suffer. He throws in that he will have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life. Jung Do isn’t moved. Being face to face with the man who deliberately ruined his family and sticking it to him can’t undo the pain or the past. Truth is, Pil Gyu is only sorry because it’s hurting his bank account. With a call to Wallet the money distribution plan is put in action. Pil Gyu loses it and grabs Jung Do by the throat. He can’t contain his anger and outrage at getting a taste of his own medicine.

38 task force episode 11 review, recap, kdrama 38 task force, money raining, ep 11 recap

Wallet and her assistant give the word and from the rooftops all across Seowon City 50 million dollars of Pil Gyu’s money is distributed via air mail. Money may not grow on trees but once in a blue moon it falls from the sky. Those everyday citizens lucky enough to be passing by grab a handful or two. People everywhere watching it on TV can’t believe what they are seeing.

38 task force episode 11 recap, kdrama. Seo In Guk38 task force, episode 11 recap, Seo In Guk

It’s time to wrap this thing up. Jung Do calls Wallet and thanks her for her assistance. She tells him she only followed orders from headquarters. “Will Sung Il be okay?” she asks. He says what was done couldn’t be helped and he will have to be okay with it.

38 task force ep 11 recap, kdrama

With their partnership completed the two of them part ways. “Be well. Get even richer,” he tells her.

38 task force, Jung Do scam, recap, ep 11 38 task force ep 11, Mi Joo, Sung Il, recap, kdrama

Sung Il is frantic that Jung Do has disappeared and calls Hak Joo. No one knows where Jung Do is and they all think the same thing: they’ve all been conned. But then Hak Joo remembers that Wallet has the money, not Jung Do. An upset Sung Il stumbles into the warehouse looking for Jung Do. Everyone else is furious, too, thinking the worst of Jung Do. He and Mi Joo wait at Jung Do’s apartment. Sung Il has downed a few bottles of soju and sits at the counter rubbing his head. It is time for Mi Joo to take off. She, too, put herself on the line and helped Jung Do, she tells him, and he stabbed her in the back. Sung Il is most upset that he can’t face those who have been hurt – Min Sik, Seung Noh, Chang Ho. Mi Soo  puts in a good word for Jung Do; after all, he didn’t keep any of it for himself. In a way, it did go to the people, just not through Sung Il. It gives him something to think about.

38 task force ep recap 11 38 task force recap ep 11, kdrama, Seo in guk

CEO Choi watches the windfall of money on TV and calls Mayor Chun: he wants to talk. He shows up at City Hall which makes Commissioner Ahn nervous. CEO Choi thinks things are getting too complicated and messy. It is time to streamline. Cut out the middleman, so to speak, on both sides.

38 task force ep 11 recap review

For him, that means putting Pil Gyu and his son and daughter behind bars. The Mayor seems unsure but CEO Choi is firm. As he lays out the plan, we see the Bang family being hauled off to jail. CEO Choi has everything on everyone.

38 task force recap ep 11, Seo In Guk 38 task force recap ep 11

For the Mayor’s side, CEO Choi has marked Baek Sung Il from Division One and Commissioner Ahn as the ones to go. They are small middle men in the corruption game that are dispensable. Finally, CEO Choi wants the tax team disbanded. This hits close to home with the Mayor because of course his daughter Sung Hee works there. Also, it is the one division of government that the people respect.

38 task force recap ep 11 Seo In Guk 38 task force ep 11 recap Seo In guk, Sooyoung

But CEO Choi’s personal tax liability is 100 million dollars. He expects the Mayor to protect him. Isn’t what he’s done for the Mayor worth that? (CEO Choi holds enough over the Mayor’s head for extensive tax favors.) The Mayor is thrown off by CEO Choi’s suggestion, but what can he do? He is in too deep to disagree. CEO Choi gives him a year to disband the tax team. Capisce?

38 task force, ep 11 38 task force, ep 11, recap, Seo In Guk, Jung Do

Hak Joo, who is every bit as interested in getting his share of the 50 million that was tossed to the wind, stakes out Wallet’s office. When he spots her, he gives Sung Il a call. Hak Joo has brought “the boys” with him to muscle his way into Wallet’s office. They are met with bodyguards galore under the command of Wallet’s capable assistant. When Hak Joo threatens them it’s all over – for Hak Joo and the boys, that is. But it was all for naught; Wallet is more than happy to meet with Sung Il when he arrives and he is escorted to her office.

38 task force, Sung Il, ep 11 recap, kdrama, Seo In Guk 38 task force ep reveiw, recap 11

Sung Il accuses Wallet of betraying him, but that’s because he doesn’t know the whole story. She steps out of her office and turns on a recorded message for Sung Il to listen to. He is shocked to hear his buddy Deok Bae’s voice and realizes his old friend has played a much more crucial role in all of this than Sung Il imagined. In fact, Deok Bae is tied to Jung Do and has been covering his tail all this time.

38 task force ep 11 recap, Seo In Guk, Jung Do, Sung Il38 task force ep 11

It goes all the way back to when he met with Deok Bae about conning Ma Jin Seok. Back to when they were caught and jailed and Jung Do was rescued. He storms into Deok Bae’s office and demands to know what his relationship with Jung Do is. “Hey, you’re my friend. You’re not Jung Do’s friend. You’re my friend,” Sung Il stutters in disbelief. Deok Bae suggests they talk outside but Sung Il can’t hold it in and throws a punch.

38 task force, police unit 38 recap, ep 1138 task force ep 11 recap, Jung Do

It’s is time to talk it through over drinks at a pojangmacha. Turns out Jung Do’s father, Detective Yang, was Deok Bae mentor. In fact they were a team with Sa Jae Sung back then, and headed up the most successful arrest record in the nation. Detective Yang became distracted and when Deok Bae inquired why, he told him that he was afraid his wife was somehow caught up in an illegal pyramid scheme. With the threesome team on it, they discovered it was a clever scheme devised by Woohyang Group that tricked thousands of unsuspecting people out of millions of dollars.

Deok Bae tells Sung Il that when the investigation got too close, Pil Gyu put the blame on Jung Do’s mother, Director Kim. She was thrown to the wolves by Pil Gyu who set her up as the front person and discarded her when the time came. She went to prison. Then Pil Gyu/Woohyung bought Sa Jae Sung who turned on Jung Do’s father and falsely accused him of taking bribes. Both of Jung Do’s parents were innocent. Jung Do, who had a rookie job in the police division, got caught with Woohyung information by Jae Sung. He made sure to shut up Jung Do and threw him in jail, too. The whole family in prison – does that make sense?  Deok Bae and Sung Il can only shake their heads.

38 task force, ep 11, recap, Seo In Guk, Sung Il 38 task force episode 11 review, recap, seo in guk

When Jung Do was questioned by Jae Sung he played dumb like he didn’t know anything about Woohyung and his parents being scapegoats. But while in prison, Jung Do made connections and, working from the inside, made a plan to use people on the outside that also had a vendetta against Pil Gyu and other Woohyung associates once he got out.

38 task force, Sung Il, episode 11 recap, kdrama. Seo In Guk 38 task force ep 11 recap, kdrama, Seo In Guk

One of those people was Baek Sung Il. Jung Do planned to use him to get to Ma Jin Seok, Pil Gyu and the others. And Deok Bae knew this and helped Jung Do. Sung Il asks if Deok Bae told Jung Do that his moron friend would be a perfect dummy to use and dump the blame on. Deok Bae denies it, but Sung Il reminds him that, now that he thinks about it, Deok Bae was there on the scene connecting him to Jung Do. He made it look unrelated, but the truth is, Deok Bae knew about Jung Do’s plan and helped him from the start, using Sung Il. That phone call to the office, the pressure to join forces with Jung Do – Deok Bae was in on it all along. He knowingly helped Jung Do use Sung Il.

“You’ve got it all wrong,” Deok Bae tells Sung Il. He is upset: didn’t Sung Il want to get back taxes from those jerks? Didn’t he want to avenge his brother-in-law, Min Sik? “Still you shouldn’t have done that. You’re my friend,” Sung Il tells him with heavy thoughts about all that has happened. It’s too much to find out about being used by so many people. Sung Il promises to catch Jung Do.

38 task force ep 11 recap, Seo In guk, Sung Il38 task force recap ep 11, Seo In Guk as Jung Do

CEO Choi is dropped off by his driver late at night. Watching for him from a parked car is Jung Do.


  • Seo In Guk, you are so handsome, gah! So hard to watch anything else on the screen but him.
  • Thank goodness for straightening out twists from past episodes in this episode. But, does the end justify the means? Can Sung Il accept Jung Do’s methodology for a mutually desired outcome? Sung Il was betrayed, used, by Jung Do – that’s no real surprise, Wallet – although she really does seem to go to bat for Sung Il, and most of all, worst of all, his long-time friend, Deok Bae. Can it ever be okay to be used to get the bad guys? That’s what Sung Il has to figure out. I’m not sure how I feel about Doek Bae including Sung Il in Jung Do’s plan. Like Wallet, I’m on Sung Il’s side.
  • Feeling like he’s been treated like a moron, Sung Il may go his own way to get Jung Do and get those pesky back taxes paid off.
  • I feel sorry for Jung Do who has had to live so many years with the anguish and anger over the injustice done to his parents, not to mention his own. As we saw with the apology from Pil Gyu, it doesn’t even register in making amends. How could it? He and the other Woohyung chumps are such despicable excuses for human beings who misuse the little guys like Jung Do’s parents, Min Sik, Chung Ho, and the rest. Getting revenge is better than nothing but it is never enough.
  • I wonder if Jung Do’s mother is still alive as we have only seen him visit his father in prison.
  • We saw very little of Sung Hee in this episode, but the mention of her name by CEO Choi makes me very uneasy.
  • Jung Do seems to be going it alone for the next phase of taking down the top man of Woohyung, CEO Choi. And maybe the Mayor? But the daggers shooting out of Jung Do’s eyes worry me – I hope it doesn’t mean that he will take risks so big that he puts his own life in real danger. Maybe it’ll be Sung Il to the rescue?

7 thoughts on “38 Task Force episode 11 recap kdrama

  1. in a way, tossing the money from the sky is brilliant. Pil Gyu still owes the 50 million in taxes! But disbanding the tax team…? is that even possible? so nobody will ever pay taxes again? Then how does the mayor expect to get paid? I must be missing something here

    Sung He did turn out to be mayors´ daughter. so, is there now any hope for her & Jung Do ever possibly maybe?

    I understand why Sung Il is upset, but as someone older and more experienced, it is now time for HIM to be a mentor and partner to Jung Do, to help him find a truer solution.

    what a corrupt system… almost on the level of city government of Tallinn. (taring down cultural heritage buildings to build offices would complete the equasion)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there superfox, good morning! (on my end anyhoot)
      Money falling from the sky was brilliant! I also look forward to Sung Il at work behind the scenes for Jung Do. After all, it was his idea to set up Min A with the whole antiques thing. Even Wallet was impressed. So we know he knows how to think “con.” The whole chairman in jail throws me off because we don’t know who he is although he is pretty powerful. Or is he? Cuz he’s still in jail himself…All in all this is a really fun kdrama that makes you think. The subtle love line (and I do mean subtle) is nice too. No one is being stupid.


      • I just hope there is a twist. Twitter is going mad with #Squad38 saying how come, no logic. Will Sung Il regret and say something before Jung Do disappears behind bars? Will Sung Hee be the one to expose everything despite his father being involved? I just….any kind of twist is fine. Even something I don´t expect at all.


      • This is the twistiest turniest kdrama ever! I am confident that our unlikely bromance team will come up with a plan – maybe through the elusive chairman? It’s a small world after all, and he seems to know people of both sides. Who is he, anyhoot? More to come in a new recap soon.


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