38 Task Force episode 7 recap kdrama


 Ep 7

38 Task Force ep 7 Seo In Guk 38 Task Force ep 7 recap, Seo In Guk

Ding dong: collections! Sung Il posts repossession stickers all over a car in the lot. When the owner arrives, she notices the stickers on her windows and angrily gets out of the car to rip them off. Jung Do jumps in a drives off. That should cover the tax bill nicely.   

38 task force ep 7, Seo In Guk

Gold, Wallet, Keyboard, and Burner employ various methods and put their unique skills to work to get tax evaders to pay up. Call after call comes into the Taxation Office with reports of taxes being paid up right and left.

38 Task Force episode 7 recap, Seo In Guk

Just like Jung Do promised Sung Il, they collected back taxes from 300 offenders in his division.

38 Task Force episode 6 recap, Seo In Guk38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, Sung Il, Jung Do, Seo In Guk
Jung Do and Sung Il’s bromance is adorable as Jung Do compliments his buddy on his fancy threads, looking all handsome and  official in a suit. The city increases funding for children’s education with the recent flow of tax dollars. It’s enough to make the con team beam with pride

Jung Do says his goodbyes to Ms. Wallet, thanking her for her help. The rest of the team shares a meal at a modest restaurant. The owner is happy that, starting next week, his granddaughter’s books will be paid for with the government boost to education costs. There is an awkward round of thanks from Sung Il to everyone.

Jung Do asks if he should go straight or continue to con people but Sung Il tells him just don’t get caught. With parting words, “Later on, if we meet again, let’s get a drink,” Sung Il and Jung Do go their separate ways.

38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, Sung Il, Seo In Guk

Sung Il’s daughter finds a hungover father asleep on the front steps. He pretends he is on his way to work when his wife comes out. She gives him a hard time for sleeping at the gate; a little lover’s quarrel. Things are the same in Sung Il’s normal life and he returns to work after a few days off.

38 Task Force ep 6 recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung 38 Task Force, ep 7, recap, Seo in Guk

There’s talk at work about all the money that has come in from people who said they were penniless. Sung Il’s division is commended by Commissioner Ahn.  All he has to say to Sung Il is to be sure to wear a suit tomorrow for the Disciplinary Committee. But Sung Hee isn’t at her desk. After hemming and hawing, the team finally tells him about the mess-up over Bang Pil Gyu. Sung Il argues in the hall with Seung Chul; how he could have let this happen? He knows no good will come of this situation and is sorry that Sung Hee had to get involved in the Pil Gyu fiasco.

38 Task Force ep 7, Mayor, Seo In Guk, recap kdrama

Sung Hee stands before Mayor Chun’s desk with her head down. The public statement that Pil Gyu recorded during the raid is playing. It’s a bad situation. Sung Hee takes all the blame and tries to distance Seung Chul and everyone else. The Mayor tells her this is a display of governmental abuse by showing power. It is terrible for PR (not to mention shaking up the delicate kickback structure where is king of the hill). So here’s the deal: if Sung Hee apologizes to Pil Gyu in person and promises something like this will never happen again, the Mayor will dismiss Sung Il’s disciplinary hearing. She agrees. Sung Il’s job is saved.

38 Task Force ep 7, Mayor, Pil Gyu, Seo In Guk 38 Task Force, ep 7 recap

Pil Gyu meets with Commissioner Ahn over dinner. Pil Gyu is dissatisfied with the way things are going. It appears to him that the tax department went after Jin Seok and now they are bothering him. It was one of his officers that conned Jin Seok he tells Commissioner Ahn, and wonders who gave the order: the mayor, or was it him? Commissioner Ahn laughs nervously and denies that anyone in a position went after Pil Gyu. He is very uncomfortable when Pil Gyu mentions what happened six years when Min Sik came after him. After dinner, Commissioner Ahn is on the phone with Mayor Chun recounting the entire discussion and tells him that Pil Gyu thinks they are after him.

The Mayor tells Commissioner Ahn to set up a meeting.

38 Task Force, episode 7 recao, Seo In Guk38 Task Force ep 7 recap

Sung Il and Sung Hee go out together to make some calls. She asks, “Was it you – the person who made everyone on the list pay up?” Sung Il tells her that he is done with the con world and that Jung Do helped him clean up the tax arrears. She mentions that the disciplinary hearing is cancelled – “It’s done; you can keep your job.” She tells him to stay strong and do his job without conning anyone. He asks how she knows that but she brushes it off and tells him to keep doing his job, put fear into the taxpayers, and don’t con.

To allay his concern about her situation, she promises to leave Pil Gyu alone. Sung Il says he’ll be able to do something when he becomes commissioner.

38 Task Force, ep 7, Seo In GUk 38 Task Force, ep 7, recap Seo In Guk

Commissioner Ahn is on his way to meet the informant. He sits down at a café table across from a person in a white hoodie. It’s none other than Jung Do who he thinks is there to tell him how Baek Sung Il got bribed.

Flashback: Jung Do makes a call from jail to (the other) Baek Sung Il in Division One (the real one on chairman’s list). That Baek Sung Il took the call from the informant (Jung Do). When Sung Il from Division One realized he’d been caught, her twisted the story and said it was our Sung Il who was reported for taking a bribe. And that’s how our Sung Il got involved in all this in the first place. It is the curse of sharing the same name.

38 Task Force, ep 7, Seo In Guk, recap

Jung Do laughs and tells Commissioner Ahn it was just a prank. Commissioner Ahn is confused by the rest of the conversation when Jung Do reminds him that he made the call and like a good kid who’s been raised well, he showed up. Commissioner Ahn wants to detain him, but Jung Do says he’ll make a fuss right here in public. He comments over his shoulder as he walks away, “Do you want to end up like Bake Sung Il?”

38 Task Force episode 7 recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung38 task force, bang pil gyu ep 7

The “meeting” Mayor Chun was talking about is a set up just like the one six years ago the framed Min Sik when he got too close to Pil Gyu. Min Sik got too close to Pil Gyu in his enthusiastic rookie efforts to nab the biggest tax offenders. One by one, Pil Gyu’s deep pockets got to The Mayor, Commissioner Ahn, the other Baek Sung Il, and even trickled down to Kang Seung Chul. In return for abandoning Min Sik, they were added to Pil Gyu and WooHyung’s “thank you” list. And although our Baek Sung Il had no idea, he turned his back on Pil Gyu in a way when he remained neutral. Min Sik’s back was against the wall and he took his own life.

This time Sung Hee is the target. She overstepped her bounds into Pil Gyu territory. Like Min Sik, he has marked her as the scapegoat this time. Unlikely tax offender Park Sang Ho – a penniless man who has become a regular fixture at Sung Il’s department who sits and beg for his taxes to be reduced – makes a call to the Taxation Office and asks for Sung Hee. She isn’t available, and Seung Chul takes the call. He is surprised that Sang Ho says he will pay his taxes and to meet him in the subway. Oh, and be sure to bring Sung Hee, he insists. The entire office is stunned at how he can pay when he is destitute. “Wonders never cease,” Seung Chul replies, shaking his head. He tells Chang Ho, sleepy part-timer, to come along.

38 Task Force recap, ep 7, Seo In Guk

Sung Hee gets a call from Seung Chul and says she’ll be right over. With their call errands finished, Sung Il goes his way and she goes hers.

38 Task Force, Sa Jae Sung, Seo In Guk, Jung Do

Jung Do visits slimy Jae Sung in prison. “Did you really take a bribe?” he mocks. “That’s what you said to my father, word for word.” He’s come to fill Jae Sung in on some details: remember when Noh Deok Gi made that call? “I was right there, and made him do it.” Yep, Jung Do was behind that, too. Jae Sung is livid. Rot in prison, Jae Sung. “One down, two to go,” Jung Do says as he leaves. What does he mean by that?

Seung Chul and Chang Ho wait in the subway for Park Sang Ho and Sun Hee. They chat – small talk – about what Chang Ho will do when he finished up his internship. He’s been laying low not wanting to make his co-workers uncomfortable, but when he finishes up he wants to become a policeman. Sung Chul thinks he’s a good kid, someone he hadn’t gotten to know, but is pleased to hear that he has respectable aspirations.

38 Task Force recap, ep 7, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung 38 Task Force, Seo In Guk, ep 7 recap

Park Sang Ho approaches Seung Chul and is clutching a bag. He is nervous and keeps asking for Chun Sang Hee. Seung Chul assures him that she is on her way and tugs at the bag. It’s filled with money. “Where did you get this?” he asks. All Sang Ho can do is repeat that Ms. Chun needs to be there. Chung Ho, who is returning from the restroom, notices someone taking pictures and points it out. The guy runs off with Chung Ho chasing him. Just as Sung Hee walks up the bag rips and money scatters everywhere. It’s chaotic. When Sang Ho sees Sung Hee; he runs and she chases him. It was a set up to make it look like she received bribe money that didn’t play out right.

38 Task FOrce, Seo In Guk, ep 7, recap 38 task Force, Seo in Guk, recap ep 7

Chang Ho, who was literally just along for the ride, tackles the guy taking pictures. As he reaches for the camera, someone hits him hard on the head with a bat.

Park Sang Ho barely escapes onto a subway train just as Sung Hee catches up to him. “I did nothing wrong,” he says to himself. As the train pulls away he says, “I’m sorry.”

Sung Il catches up with everyone at the hospital where Chang Ho lies unconscious. When Sung Il asks what happened, Seung Chul answers, “I think someone was after Sung Hee.” Angry and determined, he asks for Sang Ho’s address. He knows that, just as Min Sik was targeted and framed by Pil Gyu six years ago, Sun Hee is now the target.

38 Task Force recap, ep 7, Seo In Guk and Sooyoung 38 Task Force, ep 7, recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung

On his way, Sung Il gets a call from detective friend, Deok Bae saying that the perpetrator turned himself in. In an odd and unexpected turn of events, Ma Jin Seok (yep, he’s not gone) is now the low life fall guy for Pil Gyu.

38 Task force ep 738 Task Force, episode 7 recap Seo In Guk

Well, actually Pil Gyu’s worthless and incompetent son who was the one that swung the bat at Chung Ho’s head. In exchange for taking the fall for Pil Gyu’s son, Jin Seok will serve a year or so prison stint and be back out again on Pil Gyu’s payroll. After all, he has a family and has to make a living, he tells Sung Il. Such a snake crawling on his belly.

Chung Ho is in the hospital, and sadly, Park Sang Ho’s wife finds him on the floor in the bathroom. He has taken poison and killed himself. It is a sad and solemn gathering at the funeral. Sung Il and the other tax team members pay their respects. Sung Il wonders if what he did made any difference at all.

38 Task Force, ep 7 recap, Seo In Guk 38 task force recap 7 seo in guk

While the funeral takes place, Pil Gyu and WooHyung’s CEO Choi, dine together and discuss the many glorious benefits of business in this great country. They easily dispose of anyone in their way with nary a blink while making a toast over dinner.

38 Task FOrce ep 7, Seung Chul, Sung Il, Seo In Guk38 task force recap

Things are imploding all over the place. When it seems as if things couldn’t get worse, Sung Il gets a call from Seung Chul; he’s out. The higher-up will never stop their corruption and he is finally throwing in the towel. They’ve beat him. He tells Sung Il to stop before it’s too late – doesn’t he get it, they can never win and they’ll die if they keep trying. Stop now and just get his pension.

38 task force recap ep 7 seo in guk 38 task force ep 7, seo in guk, sung il

Jung Do opens the door. It’s Sung Il who looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Jun Do asks if something happened. Sung Il asks him if money really can fix everything. Jung Do is puzzled. Sung Il is fired up and asks if he will help him, there are people he has to take down.


  • We didn’t get to see as much of Jung Do this episode. In order for the kdrama to have enough momentum to carry on, a lot of fill in and side stories had to happen. Sung Hee is in the limelight now as Bang Pil Gyu’s newest target. It must be a father’s deepest disappointment to have to always cover for an incompetent son. Luckily, Pil Gyu has a line of disposable people indebted to him and he uses Jin Seok to clean up after his loser son. Jin Seok is happy to take the fall for the privilege of getting back into Pil Gyu’s good graces (which translates into the only language they speak: money).
  • Like Min Sik six years ago, Sung Hee is only trying to do her job. Her loyalty to Sung Il causes her to make a deal with Mayor Chun who is the biggest offender of all and calls all the shots top down. In exchange for Sung Il’s job and the dismissal of the Disciplinary hearing, she promises to back away from Pil Gyu and to keep it all quiet. Still, Mayor Chun has to appease Pil Gyu who put the pressure on Commissioner Ahn to do something about wayward officers visiting his house. The Mayor has no qualms about setting up Sung Hee to look like she takes a bribe just like he set up Min Sik.  For Kang Seung Chul, it’s déjà vu. This time he throws in the towel; money really can buy anything.
  • Jung Do is pretty street smart, or maybe prison smart is more like it. He sticks it to Sa Jae Sung by telling him that he set up the call from Deok Gi. It’s a “gotcha” moment and seeing Jae Sung reaction is some payback, but getting revenge for his father isn’t over yet. Something about one down, two to go – Jung Do’s personal vendetta isn’t over yet.
  • Too many bad things are happening that can be traced back to the source: Pil Gyu. Protected by money as well as a corrupt system, it looks like he has won. Sung Il, unlikely teddy bear, isn’t going to stand by and watch those he cares about suffer any longer. With determination, he appears at Jung Do’s door with a request: Help me take some bad people down. Sung Il and Jung Do – fight the good fight! Fighting!


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