38 Task Force episode 6 recap kdrama


 Ep 6

38 Task Force, ep 6, Seo In Guk 38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, Seo In GUk

Sa Jae Sung arrests everyone involved in the scam except for Jung Do. “Too bad. You gave me a reason to come after you,” he tells Jung Do and strongly suggests that he stop now before it’s too late. Jung Do says he will get Jin Seok to sign the papers and transfer the money. Jae Sung places the handcuffs on the counter and tells Jung Do to cuff himself when he sees him tomorrow. He walks out.  

Jung Do is frustrated and angry. Plan shift. He calls Jin Seok and tells him that Mr. Park is busy; can he meet today to sign the papers?

38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, Wallet, Jung Do

Wallet has had a change of heart. She finds out that everyone’s been arrested except for Jung Do. She finds out where he is.

Jae Sung anticipates that Jung Do will try to get the papers signed today and is waiting for him. He spots him on the street and sends some of his boys to zero in. Jae Sung follows along in his car making sure Jung Do can’t escape.

38 Task Force episode 6, Seo In GUk38 Task Force recap, ep 6, Seo In Guk

Jung Do sees Jae Sung’s reflection in his phone. He runs for it. The chase is on. Jung Do can keep a pace for a while, but tires out and in a few minutes he is cornered on a side street – police cars blocking him at every angle.

38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, In Guk38 Task Force, ep 6, Seo In Guk as Jung Do

The window of a black car rolls down: Wallet has come to the rescue. Jung Do jumps in and – escapes! Way to go, Wallet! Jung Do sprawls in the back seat too tired to speak, but he gives Wallet the thumbs up. After all, a friend of Chairman Wang’s is a friend of hers. She even brought twin black cars to confuse the police and they manage to lose them.

Jae Sung has used a precinct’s police force to go after a suspect who hasn’t actually committed fraud. It is a misuse of police authority and they don’t take kindly to that. Here’s a simple twist of fate: Arrest Sa Jae Sung pops up on everyone’s phone. He is cuffed and hauled off. Interesting.

38 Task FOrce, ep 6 recap, Sooyoung

Wallet’s assistant springs the others who were jailed. It’s barely a bump in the road for this team.

38 task Force, episode 6 recap, Seo In Guk 38 task force ep 6 recap

Jung Do, posing as Mir. Kim from Hwaseong City Hall, meets Jin Seok. The final papers are signed for the property sale. The money is transferred. Done. But Jin Seok can’t leave well enough alone. He tells Mr. Kim that he wants to cut Sung Il out of the 5% commission he promised him; after all, what did Sung Il really do? Just then, Sung Il walks in. With great pleasure he announces, “Jin Seok. You just got conned, you moron.” He tells him the land he just bought is worth nothing – it is greenbelt land.

38 task force, ep 6 scam, Seo in Guk 38 Task Force ep 6, Jin Seok, Seo In Guk

Jin Seok doesn’t get it until he realizes that Jung Do isn’t Mr. Kim. Jin Seok frantically checks the land map on the computer and begins to realize he really has been – scammed! He is beside himself. First, he calls his office to stop the transfer but it’s too late. He is on his knees begging. How does it feel to be on the low end of a high deal, Ma Jin Seok? “Help me out. This will kill me,” he pleads practically in tears.

38 Task Force ep 6 recap. Seo In Guk 38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung

Burner, Gold, and Keyboard all walk in. As the final insult, Ms. Noh (Wallet) appears. “Is this the one who didn’t pay up?” she asks. Of course, he can’t call the police. Sung Il gets the privilege of telling Jin Seok that now, all his taxes are fully paid up. Jin Seok, Korea thanks you.

38 Task Force, ep 6 recap, con artist, Seo In Guk

Sure enough, the government records show Ma Jin Seok’s account paid up. Amount owed: $0. This is reported to Commissioner Ahn and Supervisor Chun. They should be pleased, but they’re not, crooks that they are.  “Ma Jin Seok, Bang Pil Gyu, Choi Chul Woo. If these three go down, we’ll suffer as well,” Commissioner Ahn tells Supervisor Chun. Kickbacks make for a very nice lifestyle. He says he doesn’t know why Sung Il worked so hard to get Jin Seok.

38 Task Force, episode 6 recap, sooyoung 38 Task Force, ep 6, soooyoung, Seo In Guk

With the information that Kang Noh Seung gave her, Sung Hee organizes the tax team to target Woo Hyang Group, specifically Bang Pil Gyu. It’s a big project to the tune of $50 million unpaid taxes. A co-worker asks why she is going after them; everyone knows it’s a long shot at best to get them to pay. Sung Hee’s answer is direct: to save Baek Sung Il.

The angle is media exposure: the corrupt rich don’t fear seizure stickers on their goods. Rather, bad publicity and exposure of their companies is what they want to avoid. Manager Kang arranges for complete media coverage – national and local channels – to hit Pil Gyu where it hurts.

38 Task Force ep 6 recap, Sooyoung 38 Task Force ep 6, Seo In Guk

Sung Hee leads the shakedown. She reviews the strategy with the team. Mark all valuables with stickers, especially designer handbags, jewelry, and other luxury items. Hold them up to the cameras. Utilize the media to make a point.

When they arrive, a team member climbs a ladder to open the front gate. The police and media storm the house. Someone’s inside, but no one answers the door. They break in. Twenty or thirty cameras are hoisted, ready to film the entire spectacle. Which is exactly what it turns out to be. Bang Pil Gyu calmly waits inside. He has prepared well and left nothing for the government to find. Searching every room and even the locked room with the locked cabinet reveals nothing but a picture of his late father. It’s an embarrassment to the division.

That’s not all: Pil Gyu turns the whole media presence around to his advantage to make a public statement. The reason he didn’t pay taxes, he says as the cameras roll, is that he lost his company because of false accusations. Now he is penniless. This house belongs to his son and he is sorry to his wife that they must live like this. Woohyang Corporation, he continues, was a scapegoat of the last administration and was sacrificed because they refused to bribe officials. Because Woohyang was a $2 billion company, they were targeted and framed even though they were legitimate (he claims). He adds that his company supported 200,000 workers and their families, and although he did his best to protect them and the company, they were ruined by the government. “I am very sorry,” he says directly to the cameras and bows in mock deep remorse for all the public to see. It couldn’t have gone any worse for Sung Hee and her team.

38 Task Force, Pil Gyu, Seo In Sung, ep 6

Pil Gyu asks Sung Hee, “Why did you come? Are you here to collect taxes or put on a show?”  She replies, “I came here to work.” She has been marked.

Comment: Apparently Bang Pil Gyu has hidden the assets of Woohyang Group under his son’s name. With the company reorganized, his son is the face of the company, but Pil Gyu still calls all the shots. Pil Gyu is one step below big wig, Choi Chul Woo. 

38 task Force, episode 6 recap

When Sung Hee returns to the office she finds out that Ma Jin Seok has paid his taxes. She is shocked. In the hallway she runs into Jung Do who has come looking for Sung Il. “You did it, right?” she asks meaning that he and Sung Il conned Jin Seok for the taxes. “You and I are always at odds,” she snaps at him. She is angry because now she can’t save Sung Il’s job. Jung Do doesn’t know anything about the office situation. She explains that the team was going to collect the taxes (by the book) and in exchange, clear Sung Il’s charges of assault and bribery (accusations by Ma Jin Seok that Commissioner Ahn is using to get rid of Sung Il). It looks like it is a done deal that Disciplinary Committee will dismiss him. “Congratulations. We can’t save our chief, now.” She walks off.

38 Task Force, ep 6, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung 38 Task Force, Seo in Guk, episode 6 recap

Sung Il’s family is having a memorial service meal. In the background, the TV news announces the conviction of a police officer for bribes and fraud, the scumbag. Although the eyes are banded, it is none other than Sa Jae Sung. A picture of Min Sik sits on the table: we learn that he was Sung Il’s wife’s brother. There’s a knock at the door. Jung Do drops by and joins them. Sung Il’s wife asks him all sorts of personal questions: is he married? Dating? Flirting? Sung Il tells her to stop. Jung Do tries to lay it on thick with Sung Il’s daughter but she calls him on it: “You’re a con man, aren’t you?” (Doesn’t our In Guk look adorkable with that grin?)

38 task Force, Seo In Guk, ep 6 recap 38 Task Force ep 6 recap, Seo In Guk

Jung Do and Sung Il go out for drinks. Jung Do asks about the memorial service. Sung Il tells him that his brother-in-law, Min Sik, killed himself six years ago. Sung Il tells the story: they were co-workers. There was a report that Min Sik received bribes. Sung Il says he gave him a hard time and should have believed him. He is wracked with guilt that he told him to lay low. “He was thinking of ending his life, I said things like pension.”

Min Sik wanted to take on Woohyung Group. He was a thorn in Choi Chul Woo’s side so he was framed in order to get rid of him. One by one, the higher ups in the division – Commissioner Ahn, Supervisor Bang, and even Kang Noh Seung, abandoned Min Sik for a price. Sung Il told Min Sik not to make waves. “That’s how he passed away.” Jung Do wants to know which higher-up person Pil Gyu called in the tax division office to get rid of Min Sik. Sung Il won’t say who it is. *There was a foreboding scene in top dog Chun Gab Soo’s office. The news reported a threatening hurricane off the coast of Korea. Like the one six years ago, much damage is expected. We can parallel this with the storm in the division six years ago and the potential one on the horizon. In any case, it appears that the most corrupt of all may well be Mayor Chun.  

38 Task Force, ep 6, recap Seo In Guk

Jung Do mentions the Supervisory CoLmittee hearing. Sung Il is mildly optimistic that he will only get suspended. With his clean record, he doesn’t think he’ll be dismissed. Jung Do says, “That’s great. If you can do it. But I don’t think you can.” He tells Sung Il that he has something to give him. But he’s not giving it to him now. What do you have up your sleeve, Jung Do?

38 task Force, Seo In Guk, episode 6 38 task Force, ep 6 recap

Ma Jin Seok is busy eating dirt. He sits with his head down before Pil Gyu and his son, Ho Seok. How much did he lose? Six million dollars? Ho Seok humiliates Jin Seok and makes him hit himself before he lays into him for a pretty bad beating. It is clear that while Ho Seok may be the face of the company, Pil Gyu is the brains and real power behind it. Pil Gyu has little to say other than, “Go back where you belong.” Jin Seok is on his knees begging, pleading. In front of Pil Gyu he is just riffraff. Jin Seok looks very small and pitiful. His carefree corrupt days with Woohyung Group are over.

38 task force, ep 6 recap, Sooyoung, Seo In Guk 38 Task Force, episode 6 recap with Seo In Guk

Sung Il thinks back on the evening: Why did Jung Do stop by? What did he mean when he said he has something to give him? He heads over to the warehouse.

Jung Do and the others are sitting around. He’s told them about Sung Il’s situation and wants to help him out. “People like us, we never cared about the law,’ he says. Didn’t they scam this time to abide by the law, though? And wasn’t it because of Mr. Baek, who somehow found himself among them? In the end, they did something meaningful – a first for all of them in the world of scam. “Wasn’t it fun?” he asks. They all smile and have a soft spot for Sung Il. Jung Do recites the article for which 38 Task Force is named and operates under:  Article 38, Constitution of the Republic of Korea: All citizens shall have the duty to pay taxes under the conditions as prescribed by Act.

“Who is in?” he asks.

38 task force ep 6 recap, scam, Seo In guk 38 task force, scam, Seo in Guk, ep 6

Sung Il shows up. “I’m here.” The walls are covered with pictures. He wonders what’s going on. “These are tax in arrears in your division. We’ll stop your dismissal. Will 300 people’s back taxes do?”

Jung Do’s little gift. Brilliant.


  • Lots of things were wrapped up in the episode only to make way for more capers. This is great; Jung Do has a real soft spot for teddy bear Sung Il. He really feels for the guy – a good cop in a bad division, fighting an uphill battle for justice. Jung Do convinces the con team to take Sung Il’s side in order to save his job and go after the citizens of Seweon, Korea, whose taxes are in arrears. Jung Do can easily do the dirty work on behalf of Sung Il who needs to keep his record clean. No problem: that’s what he and the other conners do best. Their style in Sung Il’s territory. I’m looking for some good results and some exciting action!
  • I love that Wallet stepped out but is back in. I want to know more about her connections with Chairman Wang, and Jung Do’s as well.
  • This is one of those “done right” kdramas, and I thank everyone for that. I don’t see how, with an exciting story line, and In Guk, it can derail.
  • I love how Jung Do wants to do Sung Il’s dirty work for him so as to keep him clean and, in the end, save his job. Such endearing bromance 🙂



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