38 Task Force episode 5 kdrama


 Ep 5

38 Task Force episode 5 recap, Seo In Guk38 Task Force, ep 5, recap Seo In Guk

Jung Do has been hurt and the car is wrecked on the way to meeting Sung Il and Ma Jin Seok. In a fog, his mind goes back to when he met Sung Hee at a telemarketing job. She showed up to interview for a part-time job; he was a employee. Mi Joo was the interviewer. Jung Do asks Mi Joo to get them some tea and then tells Sung Hee, “Don’t work here.” He tells her that he is quitting soon and will find her a better job.  

38 Task Force, ep 5, Seo In Guk38 Task Force, ep 5 recap, Seo In Guk

Jung Do staggers out of the car. Witnesses call an ambulance and when someone tries to help him he tells that person to go help the other driver first. Jung Do manages to grab keys out of the glove compartment, makes his way to yet another “insurance” car he has strategically parked in town, and speeds off to get to Hwaseong before Sung Il and Jin Seok. His head is bleeding. He texts Sung Il: Buy some time.

38 Task Force, pe 5 recap, Seo In Guk38 Task Force ep 5, Sung Il, Seo In GUk

Sung Il is nervous. He tells Jin Seok to pull over so he can use the restroom. He calls his buddy Deok Bae who is happy to send out a stolen car alert on Jin Seok’s license to play for time. Ma Jin Seok is furious at the audacity of the policewoman who pulls him over. Deok Bae arrives on the scene and, as her supervisor, apologizes profusely to Jin Seok for the “misunderstanding” – just as Jung Do drives past. Mini-mission accomplished.

38 Task Force, ep 5, sooyoung 38 Task Force, ep 5, Sung Hee wants to help Sung il

The mood at the government office is heavy. Sung Hee finds out from a co-worker that the date for Sung Il’s disciplinary hearing has been set. Sung Hee appeals to Commissioner Ahn, but he brushes her off, basically telling her to butt out trying to help Sung Il. As she leaves his office, another manager, Kang Noh Seung tells Sung Hee there’s a way to save Sung Il’s job. On the rooftop (where all secrets are revealed) he fills her in on some details from the past. His department was once in charge of Ma Jin Seok’s file. There are other big tax evaders out there who are connected with Ma Jin Seok. If they go after the big money men like Bang Pil Gyu and the CEO of Woohyang Group, Choi Chul Woo, and take them down, it will be such a major victory that Sung Il’s job won’t be on the line any longer.

38 Task Force, ep 5, Seo In Guk, con artist

Wallet visits the chairman’s right hand man, Mr. Kim, in prison. He tells her that he is surprised she pulled out of Jung Do’s land project and wonders if she is afraid. Wallet asks if what he told her about Jung Do saving the chairman’s life is true. “Will you go back and help Jung Do if it’s true?” Not only did he save the chairman’s life, he tells her, he saved it twice. Wallet should reconsider.

38 Task Force ep 5 recap, Seo In Guk 38 Task Force, ep 5, Seo In Guk con artist

Jung Do arrives at Hwaseong City Development. His keen antennae are on high alert. He dresses the part, memorizes the division’s leader’s name (Mr. Kim) and calls for him to move his car (that Jung Do has blocked in). This gets Mr. Kim out of the office so that Jung Do can pose as him. Timing is everything.

38 Task Force, pe 5 recap, Seo In Guk as Jung Do 38 Task Force, episode 5 recap, Seo In Guk

Sung Il and Jin Seok arrive at Hwaseong. At this point, it’s all ad lib. Sung Il and Jung Do have to hope and pray they read each other to pull this off. Jung Do doesn’t miss a beat and acts like Mr. Kim’s supervisor to the staff who are thrown off by his cool, confident demeanor and comments. When Sung Il and Jin Seok walk in Jung Do turns to Sung Il, greets him and asks what took so long. He is sassy and confident and Jin Seok immediately likes him. They drive out to look at the property. Smooth talker Jung Do convinces Jin Seok into investing and suggests he put in four million which, at five times the profit, will net an easy twenty million. Of course the land is really worthless. It is pretty cute how Sung Il plays the pushover. Jin Seok pats himself on the back at how he’s used Mr. Average Sung Il to get in on an insider land deal for big returns.

38 task force ep 5, recap, Seo In guk

But it’s been a tiring day and it’s not over yet. Jung Do is a bit short with Sung Il even though it was no one’s fault that Jin Seok rescheduled the meeting and caused everyone to fly by the seat of their pants.

38 Task Force, ep 5 recap, Seo In Guk, Sooyoung38 Task Force episode 5 recap, Seo In Guk, Jung Do, Sooyoung

Sung Il has to stall Jin Seok some more, however. He asks if they can eat and they stop at a little diner for bean sprout soup. Saying that he is allergic to the bean sprouts, Sung Il meticulously and slowly pulls out the sprouts from the soup. Then, Sung Il bows his head and prays. “I go to church,” he tells Jin Seok, who is going crazy. Jung Do makes a fake delivery phone call to Mrs. Ma Jin Seok in order to find out if she is home. She’s not. The coast is clear for Mi Joo and Keyboard go the house and pose as government safety check personnel. Burner, meanwhile, breaks in to get to Jin Seok’s computer to install the fake the land registration map.

38 Task Force recap 38 Task Force, getting into Ma Jin Seok's house

They almost don’t pull it off and almost get caught– part of the thrill of scamming – but somehow manage to by a hair’s breadth. Sung Il, who is becoming a vital part of the scam team’s success, makes a call to a police station with a “meaty tax fraud tip” that mobilizes a squad to Ma Jin Seok’s house. Confusion and chaos ensue.

38 Task Force recap, episode 5

This allows Jung Do, who is adept at changing hats, so to speak, to show up and basically walk in undetected. He finishes up the file transfer of the fake land map onto Jin Seok’s computer. It’s all in the details.

38 Task Force recap, episode 5 recap 38 Task Force, recap, ep 5

Sung Il, Jung Do, and the others convene, thinking they’ve done well so far. But someone is taking pictures of them. It’s Sa Jae Sung who has been on Jung Do’s tail all the while. “It looks like Jung Do will be going back to prison,” he says. Jae Sung really has it out for Jung Do.

38 Task Force, ep 5 recap, In Guk 38 Task Force recap ep 5

There are so many layers to this scam-o-rama. Time to up the ante. Jung Do wants to raise the cost of the land to Jin Seok from four million to six million – after all, that’s the original target sum. Burner will pose as Mr. Park, the legal representative for the land deal.

38 Task Force episode 5, recap

Mi Joo gets some actor friends to play landowners, simple farmers who just want to hold out and not sell their land (which is the land Jin Seok wants to invest in). Mr. Park introduces Jin Seok to the farmers who just aren’t interested in selling. “It the family weekend farm” they say. One by one, they meet with Jin Seok and won’t sell. He ups the offer by $20, $30, $50. They’re not interested. The more the actor farmers hold out, the more desperate he is to buy. But he can’t throw enough money at them. Jung Do is having so much fun it’s scary. Now Mr. Park tells Jin Seok that the farmers got wind of the land development and really won’t sell. Frantic, Jin Seok offers $100, $132…until the total offer reaches the six million goal. The farmers finally agree to sell and shake on it.

38 task force recap, ep 5 38 Task Force recap 5

Mr. Park (Burner) arranges for the signing of the contract the day after tomorrow. He meets Ma Jin Seok to go over the details. Sa Jae Sung is there at every step watching, taking pictures, tracking down Jung Do’s every move.

38 task force, episode 5 recap, Jung do, Seo In Guk38 task force, ep 5, Sung Il packs his belongings

Sung Il lives in two worlds these days. He gets a text from Sung Hee: Your case has been set for the Disciplinary Committee. At the office, he packs his meager desk belongings in a box. She wants him to wait; nothing’s been decided, but he doesn’t want to meet with Commissioner Ahn. When Sung Hee asks him if he is okay with all this he replies, “It’s become too painful to survive like this.”

38 Task FOrce, ep 5 recap, Noh CHul, SOoyoung

Sung Hee contacts Kang Noh Seung and says she is ready to go through with his plan to save Sung Il’s job.

38 Task Force, ep 5 recap with Seo In Guk 38 Task Force ep 5,

Jung Do’s doorbell rings: it’s Sa Jae Sung. Jung Do asks why he’s here. Jae Sung tells him that Noh Deok Gi reported him. He’s found out everything. Too bad, Jung Do.

38 Task force, recap episode 5 38 task force, Sung il arrested, ep 5 recap

In fact, just before he paid Jung Do a visit, he saw to it that Burner, Keyboard, Gold, and even Sung Il were all arrested. Right now, they’re all in jail, he tells Jung Do. Don’t worry; he will let them out in 48 hours. He only rounded them up to get to Jung Do. There’s no one out there to help him. Now he will wait for Jung Do to meet with Jin Seok and sign the land contract as planned. He will be waiting on the sidelines to arrest him then.

38 task force, recap, episode 5

Jung Do tells Jae Sung that he will go alone and get the contract signed. But don’t expect to catch him, he tells Jae Sung.

38 Task force episode recap, Seo In Guk

He promises to keep running. “Come after me.”


  • It’s really a white-knuckler to see obstacle after obstacle almost trip up the con artists. And still, you have to keep holding your breath until the re-worked-on-the-spot plan works. When it does, you let out a sigh. But this last scene looks about as bad as it gets. I mean, having to watch Sung Il get hauled off to jail in front of his wife, mother, and daughter is so defeating. We’ve been rooting for this good guy who has had to step outside the parameters of the law to see justice carried out. Everything he has worked for is on the line inside. I mean, his government job is at stake because of inside corruption – it’s a lose-lose situation. Now, just when it looked like the outlaw-style plan was a sure thing, slam! Caught. There’s no way talking out of this.
  • I’ve got to hope that when Jung Do says he’ll keep running, he’ll do just that and get away.
  • Sa Jae Sung is so unlikable. What happened between him and Jung Do’s father? I wonder if it was a situation like the one between Sung Il and his co-worker who died; you know, an inside corruption number that ended badly and unfairly.
  • It’s easy to see how the thrill of the life of a con artist might be attractive♥
  • On the other hand, there are always loose ends that can show up later and bite you. Like Noh Deok Gi.
  • I love that Wallet is out there – stepping away for whatever reason she had has left her free to rescue Jung Do. Orders from the prison boss, Chairman Wang, no doubt.
  • How are you liking the chase of 38 Task Force so far?

3 thoughts on “38 Task Force episode 5 kdrama

  1. it is getting so exitiiiiiiing…. there are only murder investigation dramas, tens and hundreds on TV. I have been finding it hard to preserve interest in those. after some time they are the same. this is different, it has a Robin Hood feel, there is the sherif of Nottingham and there are the merry brethren, the right hand man (who´s that for who though?) and I hope I am sensing a reluctant Mariam…. now which one is King John? Hmm

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did you watch Gap Dong with the actor who plays Sa Jae Sung? He sure can give the creepster vibes in those roles. Then again he played the kind, pizza parlor owner in Remember – War of the Son. But I sure don’t like him as the detective cop after Jung Do.


      • um, no, I did not watch Gap Dong, but I even find this guy creepy in his “nice” roles. let´s just hope this Nottingham Sherif will get fooled by our Robin Hood…


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