1N2D with Yoon Shi Yoon, aka Dong Gu, episode 3

1N2D Dong Gu amusement park 1N2D amusement park, ghost house

Who sleeps indoors tonight? Depends on who gets through the haunted house at the amusement park, and only 4 lucky winners will sleep in the comfort of the hotel room. It seems like Dong Gu will be a sure winner as he is practically the only one who isn’t afraid of the occult – a word he uses that throws the others into fits because of his vocabulary.  

1N2D Tae Hyun is scared of ghosts1N2D Joonyoung is scared of ghosts

Tae Hyun and Joonyoung have a real, deep seated fear of ghosts and dread this game. Worst of all, each member has to go into the foreboding spook house alone and come out on the other end to be a winner. Our brightly optimistic member, Dong Gu, volunteers to go first. He breaks the ice and soon each member gives it the ol’ college try albeit not without screams, groans, gasps, and other embarrassing sounds all coming from adults at an amusement park.

1N2D Joonyoung and Gond Du sleep outdoors 1N2D Dong Gu and Joonyoung sleep outdoors

I’m not exactly sure how, but Dong Gu and Joonyoung end up sleeping outdoors while the others head for the warm and inviting beds at the hotel. Part of me suspects that Dong Gu relinquished his turn too easily so as to not appear too greedy on his first night with 1N2D. Add to that the others taking advantage of his politeness. Or, maybe he really did lose because he hasn’t figured out how to position himself among the other members and be comfortable enough to take them down in order to win. Don’t worry, Dong Gu, you’ll get the hang of it . We’re rooting for you to sleep indoors next time!

Joonyoung and Dong Gu get some bonding time as they huddle in the tent. Dong Gu admits he is envious of Joonyoung’s cool and straightforward image. He confesses that he fears he doesn’t deserve the love he has been shown for his role as Tak Gu and feels pressured to improve. But we  love you, don’t be so hard on yourself, Dong Gu. Fighting!

1N2D Dong Gu at the amusement park 1N2D Dong Gu in Joseon costume

I am sorry to say that it is a fail on the part of the Yoo PD and the staff not to have anything interesting for Dong Gu and Joonyoung to do in the morning after sleeping in the amusement park. Plus, there is no morning angel as they had secretly hoped there would be. That leaves early riser Dong Gu to wander around and make his own fun. Can’t you tell how bored he is (*wince* – that pose)? Plus his Joseon costume is meant to scare Joonyoung when he wakes up, but Joonyoung barely yawns over it. Bored to the gourd.

1N2D table tennis, Dong Gu, Yoon Shi Yoon 1N2D Dong Gu plays table tennis for the first time

Morning mission – table tennis. When Yoo PD announces all members will play as a team, only Dong Gu claps, happy all by himself. If they win, they can go home. Lose and get a penalty. Oh no, Dong Gu has never played before and the prospects of winning dwindle rapidly. It doesn’t seem like Dong Gu could be bad at anything, but in this case, even his most optimistic rah-rah can’t overcome a paddle and a ball that won’t connect. The other members are flabbergasted at Dong Gu’s lack of table tennis know-how.  Joon Ha is especially unforgiving and gives Dong Gu a hard time. Dong Gu, the undying optimist, asks the other team members to take care of him and “Please help me grow. If you believe, it will happen.” Now click your heels three times, Dong Gu.

1N2D alpha tak, table tennis, Yoon Shi Yoon1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu, Joonyoung, Defconn

Director Lee Eun Il is a champion computer ping pong player and will be their opponent for today’s match. Relay ping pong begins! But things don’t go well from the start – dropped paddles, missed passes, incomplete returns, balls hit too far – basically it’s a mess. Unrealistic but cheerful Dong Gu shouts out, “Director, I think I can do it!”

1N2D, Dong Gu plays table tennis 1N2D Joon young and Dong Gu

Next, they divide into two teams with kai, bai, boh. (Shhh, no one wants Dong Gu on their team.) It ends being Dong Gu, Joonyoung, and Defconn versus Tae Hyun, Joon Ha, and Jong Min. Three wins and one team goes home with the losers facing whatever 1N2D punishment the staff conjures up. It’s pretty clear who will win; even Dong Gu’s team members ask how he will handle losing. “It’s not over yet!” Dong Gu replies desperately but you can see his smile is a little less bright. With a final score of 3 to 11 the game is over. Joon Ho’s team jeers “Dong Gu, Dong Gu” and dances a fool’s jig to drive him crazy. Poor Joonyoung looks as if he has a black cloud over his head these days. Everyone points out that Joonyoung’s usual good luck is waning since he’s teamed up with Dong Gu. To counteract the teasing Joonyoung says he’s happy and thankful, but comments like those seem unnatural coming from him and no one buys it.

1N2D, hitting bear tee shirt 1N2D, Dongmin records a message with Dong Gu to Lyn

Random Special Delivery! Jong Min receives a fan package from New York. It’s a tee-shirt with a bear getting knocked out – a joke from an earlier episode where Jong Min’s answer to the question, “What do you do if you encounter a bear?” is “Punch him.” What?

1N2D penalty, DOng Gu 1N2D, losers Dong Gu, Defconn, Joonyoung dip in cold pool

Oh yeah, the punishment. Losers have to submerge themselves in a natural spring pool that is freezing cold.

1N2D DOng Gu hits the slate

It’s Dong Gu’s initiation rite. Welcome to 1N2D, Dong Gu!

1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon as tak Gu, Dong Gu

Here’s a flashback scene of Yoon Shi Yoon as hero Tak Gu in King of Baking, Tak Gu. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!



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