1N2D with Yoon Shi Yoon, aka Dong Gu

1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu


So, I can’t get used hearing Yoon Shi Yoon called by his birth name, Dong Gu, which Yoo PD insists on calling him on 1N2D. But, like a good sport, YSY answers to Dong Gu even though he legally changed his name to Yoon Shi Yoon a couple of years ago.

Here’s what the guys are up to these days.

1N2D wrestling match, Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu1N2D with Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu

Lesson #1: Know that anything you say may be recorded and can and will be used against you. Unfortunately, Dong Gu wasn’t privy to this before he um…talked for the record. Here, he is asked to name who he would like to go up against and answers, “Defconn.” His gung-ho can-do Marine spirit must have been talking cuz, Defconn? It’ s mud wrestling time and Yoo PD gives Dong Gu the first team pick. He picks Defconn, but there’s a twist: instead of being his team member, Defconn becomes Dong Gu’s rival. Even though Dong Gu realizes what has happened, it’s too late. To make matters more painful, they play back the interview where, yep, Dong Gu is confident he can take on Defconn.

1N2D wrestling teams, Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu 1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon

When it comes to strength it doesn’t matter what team you’re on as long as Defconn is on that team. Of course it’s a no-brainer: Defconn, Joonyoung and Joon Ho win the King Star Big Match mud wrestling competition. It’s not pretty to watch. The prize? Riding to their destination by car while the losers bike it.

1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon rides bike, Dong Gu 1N2D, Dong Gu, Yoon Shi Yoon

Funny thing is, Dong Gu looks forward to the scenic biking much to the chagrin of his partners-in-losing, Tae Hyun and Jong Min. Somewhere along the way, Dong Gu’s infectious joy of the breeze blowing in his face and positive attitude spills over to the other two and the bicycle built for threesome happily pedal their way to the pension.

1N2D hanok1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon, members dress him, Dong Gu

The location for base camp is a scenic, antique Hanok that has been restored on Jukdo Island, known for its stunning sunsets. It is a special welcome gift for newbie Dong Gu, and all the members are pleased with the accommodations. Dong Gu is introduced to the variety show annoyance of cameras everywhere – including the shower.

1N2D Dong Gu

Even when the others dress Dong Gu to make him look awful, they fail since Dong Gu makes any outfit look good. Like a model.

1N2D, Korean Socks Quiz, Dong Gu1N2D Yoon Shi Yoon, Dong Gu, books

After a rest, it’s time to play a game to get to know Dong Gu. “Does anyone know what Dong Gu’s hobby is?” asks Yoo PD. They discover one of his hobbies is reading to the tune of 20 books and spending $200-300 at used bookstores every month. Defconn wonders out loud if he even works and announces that they won’t be able to beat him in knowledge. It’s time to play the dinner game, “Korean Socks Quiz.” Since the quiz favors Dong Gu, each member gets to use a Dong Gu chance – “Dong Gu is My Fate” – a life line or sorts. He can answer for them, but only once each. Oh, and no phones to look anything up – the staff collects them.

Only the top two will eat dinner. Dong Gu is going to drive Joon Ho crazy with his eternal optimism. For the losers, Dong Gu says it will be a chance to grow closer by sharing the pain of losing and not eating. Joon Ho says he’s tired of sharing pain. Dong Gu has a lot to learn about 1N2D.

1N2D Joonyoung and Dong Gu 1N2D Joonyoung and Dong Gu eat raw fish

Poor Joonyoung, who I have been saying all along is feeling displaced by Dong Gu’s good luck and optimism, is dispirited with this game and practically gives up from the get-go.

First question: Who wrote the lyrics to Seo Taiji and the Boys song, Hayeoga? Joonyoung calls on his life line, Dong Gu, for the answer. Shockingly, Dong Gu guesses the famous poet from the Goryeo Dynasty, Taejong of Joseon. “Correct!” shouts Yoo PD.  Joonyoung is giddy over scoring 1 point thanks to Dong Gu. His mood is greatly improved. Everyone declares Dong Gu a genius. The prize for answering a correct question is a taste of raw fish prepared by a chef on site.

1N2D Tae Hyun and Joon Ho win 1N2D, Dong Gu

The members trip over each other trying to answer the rest of the questions and calling on Dong Gu for help. The last question is,” What two things did Jean Valjean steal from the church?” Although most members think one thing is bread, Dong Gu knows the answer is silver candlesticks and silver plates. Dong Gu wins points for the others but none for himself and, in the end, the two winners are Joon Ho and Tae Hyun who enjoy a seafood feast. The others get the consolation bowl of rice. Even so, Tae Hyun and Joon Ho give the others a chance to answer some impromptu questions for a morsel. Dong Gu, who thinks fast on his feet, butters up Joon Ho and Tae Hyun who gladly share some food with him for the flattery. (Good words cost nothing but have great value.)

1N2D, Dong Gu, Jong Min

The funniest faux pas of the episode is when Dong Gu asks if the song Jong Min sings is a joke. !Shock! It really was a single Jong Min released. Ouch! Without knowing, Dong Gu has ripped Jong Min to shreds just like that.

1N2D Dinner game, fish, Dong Gu 1N2D, Dong Gu tastes the fish

Between bites, Tae Hyun says Dong Gu is a great addition to the team. Joon Ho agrees, and adds that Dong Gu gives the impression that he can sing, is smart and capable, but in reality he is not an expert. Dong Gu chimes in, “I’m mediocre at everything.” Mediocre Dong Gu – it might catch on as his nickname. Dong Gu just rolls with it all and is so happy and optimistic.


Dinner is over an now it’s time for the show’s sleeping game trademark, “Who will get to sleep indoors?” Stay tuned!

What’s your take on Dong Gu as the new member of 1N2D?


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